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ASOS was founded in the year 2000 by Nick Robertson, a British entrepreneur.

Robertson had a dream to deliver celebrity style hot off the catwalk.

This dream has evolved to create a complex fashion system, much bigger than Robertson could ever have imagined.

Fuelled by the evolution of technology, ASOS has spread virally

connecting every corner of the globe.

The traditional store is fading fast,

unable to compete with range and convenience.

The ASOS marketplace allows for individuality in their mass produced system, providing individuals and boutiques the opportunity to sell to a global community.

It seems like a bizarre concept,

however ASOS receives a good return,

through an

increased customer base and fair commission.

Fashion finder is another feature of the ASOS Fashion system. Fashion Finder compliments the ASOS fashion system. It provides individuals with the opportunity to express their unique style, on a global catwalk.

Individuals begin as a rookie

and can progress to a style icon.

Style icons are the queens of ASOS, providing invaluable inspiration to ASOS and individuals.

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