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Charlotte Exley Spring /Summer 2012 Trend Book

Pure White

1) Crisp White As the white trend is big there is a clear difference. Firstly Crisp White reflects a more structured look with a tailored edge. With Shirts and box shapes playing a main feature. Motivations and Attitudes: • Power

1.1) Delicate White

Delicate White is a more feminine look. Lace and sheer fabric give it a softer touch and added embroidery adds to the detailed look. Motivations and Attitudes: • Purity • Simple

• Intellectual taste • To stand out using cut and shape rather than the print • Show quality

• Show that you do not take yourself too seriously • Can still make an impact using detail rather than colour • Show quality and attention to detail

• Show respect • To use as an alter ego – white may be a pure colour but may not reflect the truth • Versatile

• Appear to be more angelic • For practical use to keep cool Brands associated with this look are:

Louis Vuitton

Giambattista Valli

Stella McCartney


Brands associated with this look are:

50’s Revival

1) ‘Conservative’ Casual

Brands associated with this look are:

‘Conservative’ Casual reflects the crop top and skirt/short combination trend. This was seen as ‘Conservative’ in the 1950’s and was mainly used as beach wear. The modern take on the look sees models looking provactive and now people consider this look too risky for casual wear.

Motivations and attitudes: • Stand out • Be unique • Break from the norm

• Juxtapose 50’s style


• Confident



• Do not take themselves too seriously

Nina Ricci


Proenza Schouler


Miley Cyrus

Katy Perry

Celebrities seen in this trend are pictured below. These celebrities have increased the awareness of the trend by wearing it on red carpets and in music videos.

1.1) Vintage Print

Brands and Personalities associated with this look are:

Print’s were popular in the 1950’s and of course they have been renewed. The prints in trend are more brighter and bolder to give more of an impact.

Motivations and attitudes: • Playful/Fun

Carolina Herrera

Christopher Kane

Jess Wright

Taylor Swift

Daisy Lowe

Celebrities seen in this trend are pictured below. These celebrities have increased the awareness of the trend by wearing it at festivals and out on the street. The last picture shows how the Dolce and Gabbana print has been reproduced and even people from The Only Way Is Essex are wearing it!


• Subtle way to have fun


• Daring

Matthew Williamson

• Highlight knowledge of fashion and era’s


• Intellectual taste – not provocative

1.2) Sophisticated Silhouette

Brands and Personalities associated with this look are:

Sophisticated Silhouette was made famous in the 1950’s for the fitted dresses which showed off the feminine figure. These classic styles have been revamped but clearly use the original style.

Motivations and attitudes: • Show feminine side • Classic lady style

Kate Middleton

Victoria Beckham

Christina Hendricks


Celebrities seen in this trend are pictured below. These celebrities and royals have increased the awareness of the trend by wearing it at public events and at fashion shows.


• Subtle sexy way to show off figure in a non provocative way

Zac Posen

• Shows a sense of innocence

Oscar De La Renta

• Feel/act/relate to youth

Nanette Lepore

Jonathan Saunders

• Nostalgic

Origin Of the Trend

This summer trend has originated from the 1950’s with the main focus being around the 1950’s American lifestyle. This was an affluent era as cars and new clothing trends really started to evolve. The stereotypical view of this is everyone driving Pink Cadillac’s and glamorous housewives. Although this was apparent the 1950’s unleashed daring new trends into the world and women became freer in what they were wearing. With all the icons in the 50’s such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn braving the new ‘crop top’ it soon became a norm for society.

The revival of the 50’s styles have maybe been influenced by the Queens Jubilee as she was crowned in 1952 and this has caused people to look back at the era.

1950’s America

1950’s Britain

To give me a further understanding of what was popular in the 1950’s I rummaged through my Grandma’s photo album to see what she wore throughout the decade. The shapes, styles and prints seen in these pictures such as the bustier/crop tops, fitted dresses, shorts and the flared skirts have been reintroduced in this summer’s trends.

This trend has been featured widely in magazines, newspapers and on the internet. I have seen several articles talking about the trend and even showing reference to the original 1950’s style. The first spread I saw was in Vogue Italia’s March Issue called ‘Forever Glamour’. These photographs taken by Solve Sundsbo incorporate everything stereotypical about the 1950’s.

Harper’s Bazzar have also done a spread called ‘The heat is on’ showcasing Spring/ Summer collections that are insprired by the 1950’s. This was featured in the June 2012 issue.

These pictures are from the Americana Manhasset Spring 2012 Lookbook which feature Karlie Kloss. Again, some of the images portray the 1950’s sterotypes.

In the Telegraph magazine there was an article dedicated to 50’s style crop tops. They had referenced celebrities, designer’s collections and film stars of the 1950’s on how they have been influenced by the trend.

Telegraph Magazine August 2012

This trend has been written widespread across all medias. There has been features in newspapers, magazines and online. Writers have branded the trend with words relating to a ‘glamourous lifestyle’. Here is words which have been popular amongst the media.










Telegraph Fashion Trend Report: Top of the Crops Be it with a ‘50s style flared skirt, or atop a peasant style maxi, the way to wear your top this season is short, short, short. From ruched bandeaus at Prada to structured longline bras at Nina Ricci, this is the season to get your abs into shape.

Vogue: Vintage Americana Trend Report: DESIGNERS have shrugged off recession gloom with dreams of a more affluent era: Fifties USA. Think glossy leathers buffed to a Cadillac sheen - skirts got the wet-look treatment at Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler, while Valentino’slipstick red coat conjured classic car glamour. Prim plaids, from pastel checks to classic tablecloth ginghams, brought a prim and preppy air to Jil Sander and Rochas, while Prada’s muscle-car print is the motif to covet. For those who can - a bare midriff will show off those cheerleaders abs. But bare in mind, a mere glimpse is enough. Finally, the only accessory you need to complete your look is a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses for a perfect hit of retro Americana.

Harpers Bazaar June 2012

1950’s Trend on the High Street I took these pictures myself whilst out shopping. All of these styles have been completely copied from the S/S runways.

1950’s Style in the Street

The Chilli Pepper print was a main aspect of the D&G S/S collection.

Primark - Skirt Debenhams - Dress

Primark - Shorts

New Look - Bralet Primark - Shorts This car print was used heavily within Prada’s Collection.

These two images are people that I found wearing 50’s trends. They are both wearing 50’s style silhouette dresses which also feature striking prints.

Charlotte Exley

Trend - S/S 12  
Trend - S/S 12