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n a world concerned with the virtual, augmented reality of online platforms, we wanted to provide an exciting in-store experience to rival the ease of online shopping. Through the use of cutting edge technology, loyalty schemes and innovative retail spaces, we hope to provide a physical shopping experience that encompasses all of the benefits of shopping online. Our aim is to encourage in-store purchases for

Liberty London. As a heritage brand and iconic British store, the physical retail experience is a fundamental aspect, which should prove innovative and personal in order to encourage consumer loyalty. We aim to merge the online and offline worlds through innovative technological methods including: geo-fencing, i-beacons, interactive tables, fingerprint payments and a ‘wishlist’ element that


uses recognition technology. We also hope to improve consumer loyalty by introducing after-purchase rewards. This will include a personalised birthday scheme, ‘Secret Saturday’ app, biannual in-store events and the invitation to cultural-related brand activity based on the individual consumers purchase history. Written by Abbie Spencer-Lane

Liberty London report  
Liberty London report