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ollowing on from Liberty’s marketing relation to the cultural calendar, we aim to promote four seasonal event periods per year, specifically aimed at Liberty loyalty members. Over a short time period, each department will hold a specific event to their most frequent customers. After observing the treatment of loyal customers through a tallied observation of primary research, we are fully aware that Liberty aims to be able to consistently inform their members of new products specifically catered to themselves. Therefore, the seasonal events will be tailored towards their loyalty members, adding another exclusive element to the loyalty scheme in the hope that it will gain an increase in member numbers. Clients will be invited to a particular ‘department event’ based on their purchase history. Even though these events are very exclusive, it is always important to gain

more interest so each invitee receives a plus one and the option to request for more tickets if desired. Therefore, the events will be more socially-orientated and the client is more likely to attend having been given the option to have a plus one. Expecting around 200 visitors for each departments event, we want them to be as exciting and enticing as possible, incorporating elements of the cultural calendar to generate theme ideas. For example, aside from a competition to win Wimbledon tickets, the sportswear department could hold a British sports themed drinks event (see figure 22). Having collaborated with Nike, the two brands could collaborate on the event management, generating more press coverage. Brand ambassadors, celebrities, bloggers and press will be invited to each event in order to gain widespread brand recognition and a potential increase in store visits from a range of different target markets.


Furthermore, an event specifically catered to the beauty department could invite clients to teach themselves how to apply the cosmetics and beauty products via Perch interactive tables (see figure 23). This process is effective in engaging the client in an interactive way. It is personalized to the client and an efficient way to learn about the products. We predict in the current moment of technology trends and serge’s, that customers will be interested in trying out this new advanced technology which will boost numbers. The purposes of these events are really to keep important clients in the know of new products and gain some new ones. It is a way of keeping the store a stimulating modern atmosphere and boosting sales of new products. Enticing the perfect Liberty shopper into the store whilst creating a buzz. Written by Taymina Cabrita

Liberty London report  
Liberty London report