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Figure 8. Selfridges Click and Collect

Figure 7. HTC One Skatepark

Available to anyone, the park opened seven days a week for six weeks and had no entry charge. The skatepark was a success in that it attracted over six thousand visitors in the first four weeks. Similarly, Liberty could perhaps incorporate a more unique yet traditionally British scheme to draw in a younger consumer market segment. Furthermore, Selfridges integrates modern technology into the retail environment, for example the ‘Jeanius Bar’ in the store’s Denim Studio. A digitally-enhanced table that displays the entire range of Denim merchandise aside from look books and fitting guides (LS:N Global, 2013). Aside from in-store activity, November 2013’s introduction of a drive-thru Click-and-Collect service (see figure 8) continued to merge the brand’s online presence and consumer engagement within the store (Thompson, 2013). Offering thirty minutes free parking for shoppers collecting orders increased the opportunity for impulse purchases, a factor that all retail brands must consider. 19

Written by Rachel Eades

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Liberty London report