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Leeds Arts  University   BA  (Hons)  ILLUSTRATION   LAUIL603  Extended  Practice  



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Statement of  Intent    


Charlotte Bowie  



Rationale This year I will make work for briefs which suit my practice as I do not want to make the same mistakes as last year, where I allowed competition briefs to slow down the development of my practice. I will only choose live/competition briefs which I feel are relevant and useful to the growth of my portfolio and practice. During this module I want to develop my collage skills as this is something I began to do last year. I will do this through self-directed briefs and ‘editions’. As well as this I want to combine collage with printing techniques such as monoprint and screenprint. This will allow my technical skills at printing to grow but also to explore the combination of these techniques and processes in more detail. In addition to this I want to continue from work I made for Applied Illustration last year by creating more editorial illustrations. I want to use monoprint again as I think this was successful last year, and combine it with collage. I want to work with a collective of other illustration students to promote our work and sell it at print fairs. I think this will be a good introduction into life after university and how we can promote and sell our own work.

Themes  /  Subjects   •   Nature - continuing from summer sketchbook work, looking at plants and flowers. Explored through sketchbook and printing - editions. •   Editorials – Choosing articles that I am interested in, focusing on articles about art and design. •   Music – Working towards competition briefs that are focused on music such as Secret 7” and the 27 Club. Products  /  Methods  of  Distribution   •   Editorial illustrations for print and digital distribution, creating GIFs as well. •   Retail – creating work to sell at print fairs/online shop. •   Book cover design. •   Exhibitions, poster design Practical  Skills  /  Media  /  Formats   •   Collage - Using my sketchbook to play around with different ideas and compositions, being experimental and playful. •   Printing - Growing my technical skills as well as experimenting with combining different print techniques and collage. Monoprint and screenprint. •   Photoshop – putting work together and editing it digitally.

Brief 1:  Self  Directed  Flower  Series  

Deadline 17/05/18  

Rationale: A  self  directed  project  that  I  can  use  to  explore  printing  and  collaging  processes.  Inspired   by  flowers  throughout  the  year  this  project  is  a  long  term  exploration  of  their  colour  and   form.  This  project  will  grow  my  technical  skills  at  printing  whilst  also  allowing  me  to   produce  work  that  I  can  sell  at  print  fairs  and  online.  The  project  does  not  have  a   specific  end  point  and  will  continue  after  the  module  ends.   Brief  2:  Self  directed  Boxing  Prints  and  Collages  



Rationale: A  self  directed  project  which  explores  found  imagery  of  boxers  through  sketchbooks,   prints  and  GIFs.  This  project  is  an  opportunity  to  experiment  and  be  playful  with  combing   collage,  monoprint  and  screenprint.  The  project  culminates  in  a  small  screenprinted   zine.  

Brief 3:  Penguin  Student  Design  Award  

Deadline 06/03/18   Rationale:  To  create  a  book  cover  for  Animal  Farm.  I  chose  to  do  this  brief  as  I  wanted  to  learn  from   mistakes  made  in  second  year  on  compromising  my  designs  to  fit  with  existing  work.  An   opportunity  to  improve  design  skills.  

Brief 4:  Hookworms  Poster  



Rationale: Another  opportunity  to  improve  design  skills,  combining  image  and  text  into  one  poster.    

Brief 5:  Dog  Park  Zine  



Rationale: A  quick  turn  around  brief  to  create  work  to  submit  to  a  zine.  Using  a  combination  of  print   and  collage.  

Brief 6:  Editorial  Illustrations  



Rationale: To  create  a  set  of  editorial  illustrations  using  collage  and  print  processes.  This  brief   allows  for  a  clear  application  of  my  work,  which  could  be  distributed  online  or  in  print.   Creating  a  mix  of  still  images  and  GIFs  is  relevant  to  the  current  editorial  illustration   industry.   Brief  7:  Secret  7”  



Rationale: Creating  a  7x7”  illustration  to  go  with  a  song,  if  chosen  to  be  featured  in  an  exhibition  and   then  sold.  Using  papercut  collage  to  visually  represent  the  song.  

Brief 8:  27  Club  Exhibition  



Rationale: A  quick  turn  around  brief  to  produce  a  collage  for  an  exhibition  on  the  lives  and  music  of   the  27  club.  

Updated Statement  
Updated Statement