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How did you attract/address your audience?



On my front cover I decided to stick to fairly colloquial I have used a variety of fonts that I have used to appeal to my pieces of language so my audience wouldn’t be audience. There was the main house style font from the alienated and put off from purchasing my magazine at masthead of Amplify which I used to avoid any distraction away the newsstand. Through the use of colloquial language from my main image whilst conveying the content. I used a 3D I also created the tone that my demographic could rely black and white font for Poppy Scarlet to imply a sense of an on, although I did avoid using slang to prevent creating upcoming trend which was seen as important during the early a too relaxed ambience. I used language so it would be surveys. The contrast is very high therefore making it bold and relatively informal but I still wanted to keep an standing out thus reflecting my audience and drawing them in to element of formality which would imply to my purchase the magazine. I also used a worn eroded typography audience that the magazine is a luxury and that they for unplugged to emphasise the ‘nitty gritty’ and truth of the will enjoy reading it as well as get their money’s worth article which is what my demographic is interested in. By due to the language conveying a professional tone. emphasising the worn down parts of Poppy Scarlet through Through the use of language I have attracted my typography my audience are interested in the truth so by audience to the magazine front cover to perceive it as implicating Contents this it attracts them to purchase my magazine. a luxury without alienating the target audience. I have kept the cover lines short to heighten the impact andDuring my research and planning I looked at possible articles drum the article into the viewer’s mind so they wouldthat would be perfect for my music magazine. My cover lines understand the content quickly and easily before theirinclude an article about what’s trending in music which is Return attention span drifts away from the cover. I have usedof the Vinyl this trend is current and reflects the attitudes of the buzz word “win” which carries positivebeing ‘stylish’ that were conveyed within my surveys. I also connotations to reflect upon the reader or viewer andincluded current affairs that were happening within alternative their attitude at the time, by using the buzz word themusic at that current time, as seen on the cover line tis’ the viewer will feel good and like they are in with theseason for festivals which was current to January 2014, by chance of winning, thus getting more from theinvolving current events the viewer will be attracted due to the magazine than the information and entertainment,implication that they will be informed of everything they need overall this buzz word introduces possibilities of newto know that is current and that will keep them up to date on experiences and products that my demographic, asthe latest. Another cover line that I used to attract the audience was Places to be; venues which I used on the cover as I found seen in my surveys, wouldn’t be able to afford. that within people there is an adventurous streak who like to travel so by having this cover line it implicates that this magazine will give my demographic a sense of adventure. As I said before I included Win which would infer positive connotations of possible opportunities inferring that the viewer would get more than what they paid for.



Overall I have used three images on the front cover butBy using a layout that isn’t simplistic but busy I have represented have merged them into one. The two opacity imagesmy genre. By reflecting the alternative genre within the design I convey and represent the artist’s split personalities andwill therefore attract the fans of this genre, which are my therefore make the audience want to find out thesedemographic. I avoided a simplistic design as it didn’t reflect my different sides to her, thus attracting them to purchasegenre so when placed on the newsstand it could be my magazine. The use of a mid-shot for the main imagemisinterpreted for another genre which could lead to a loss in brings the artist close up adding a personal feel to thesale and anger from not just my own demographic but others cover that is honest which is also portrayed through thetoo therefore giving Amplify a bad reputation. use of direct contact between the artist and the lens which is felt as a connection between the artist and the viewer, this connection implies a total open and honest interview which attracts the audience as this is what they desire, an interview that hasn’t been changed or is lies as my readers want to know the truth as this is the core purpose of my magazine and the one thing the audience wanted within my surveys; a magazine that would keep them up to trend like their desire to remain within style in fashion.



As on my front cover I have kept my language fairly I have used the same font as the front cover to stick to the colloquial to keep the tone informal and have used house style but to attract the audience I have changed the Standard English to keep a sense of formality to keep colour and size to draw attention to certain parts, so for the luxury feel without alienating my audience and example I enlarged the featured articles font as well as making therefore addressing them appropriately. Like the the colour white. This created a high contrast between the front cover I kept the titles and captions short to picture and the image therefore drawing the attention to this convey the content of the article quick and fluently so article which is most likely to appeal to my audience. I the audience would be addressed professionally but emphasised the word Win due to the positive energy that it swiftly therefore heightening their satisfaction with reflects upon my audience. The only other font I have used was the magazine. I have used one abbreviation of merch the 3D Poppy Scarlet typography to give a sense of variety but which would be understood by my demographic and also to attract my audience to this article, by repeating this font reader so thus making the magazine equal to that of itImages gives the sense that this is her logo and typography which will the reader therefore preventing them from feeling be noticed by three her fans who on will my fit within my page demographic and I have used images contents to attract my alienated from the magazine. I used alliteration in be attracted to purchasing my magazine. audience to the high content and the sense that they will be Behind Bastille and the Bad Blood tour and in Talentgetting more than what they would expect for the price. The first Show Stars; from uniforms to Universal I usedimage is of Poppy Scarlet who is turning away from the camera alliteration to add a sense of fluency and feel like itlaughing. I used this shot to imply a relaxed and open attitude rolls off the tongue therefore attracting the audiencewhich would reflect upon an honest article therefore implicating to this article. I also repeated the word win from theto my audience that the article will include everything they need front cover to emphasise the feel of possibleto know without being edited by the editor or by the artist’s opportunities and this magazine giving more thanpublicist. The use of her laughing also brings up the question of anything else. Through the use of the rhetoricalwhat is she laughing at, this would mean the audience feeling question did you miss something I keep my audienceintrigued and wanting to find out more, thus drawing them in to in suspense wanting them to keep reading tothe article. The second image is a girl playing a live gig which complete the speech pair and find out the answer. Thedirectly relates to the article so by using an image here it attracts repetition of Amplify yourself is inclusive so thereforethem due to it being eye catching; this is also the same for the includes the audience and makes them feel a part offinal image. In two of the images there is a motif of guitars which the magazine which therefore attracts them andrelates directly to the alternative genre, therefore encouraging encourages them to be an active audience rather thanthe audience to read these articles due to this strong relation to passive, this interaction makes the reader feel moretheir favourite genre. than being just a reader and actually a key part of the magazine

Contents Layout The use of content on this page is vital due to its purpose. I looked at possible articles during research I have continued to use a busy and chaotic layout that implies a and planning to ensure that they would be current compact magazine whilst reflecting the alternative genre. I also enough that my audience would be attracted to them. kept a sense of organised chaos through the use of certain I emphasised the same articles as the cover lines to colours at certain places which would assist my reader in implicate that these were the featured articles. I split navigating around the magazine ensuring that they would be the features and regulars into two columns so this attracted again to the magazine which is vital as I would need to would be clear to my audience that there are a lot of keep my audience attracted repeatedly to this magazine, so I features which would reflect their individuality need to keep the continuation of elements whilst assisting the therefore persuading them to read them as they reader so their experience is enjoyable. would be able to relate to these articles.



For my double page spread language is extremely Like on the front cover and contents page I have kept the font important as it contains what my audience is wanting. fairly I simple and sans serif to attract my audience to the kept both sides of the interview very informal to prevent contemporary and modern side to the magazine but I have used any alienation. I even included replies from the interview a serif font for the main body text to assist the reader as serif to implicate this informality, for example my interviewer font is much easier to read than sans serif, therefore making says Amen to that in response to what my artist has said, their experience more fluent and making them attracted to this creates a verisimilitude effect that assists the flow of purchasing Amplify in the future. I also repeated the 3D Poppy the article as if the audience were there during this Scarlet font to implicate the audience that this is the featured conversation, thus removing the barrier that magazines article and to attract my audience to this article. have between the artist and the reader and attracting Images them to read Amplify’s articles in the future. I have used short and bold declaratives within my pull quotes and title I used one image on my double page spread to remove the to reflect the personality of the artist which would chaotic tone and reduce it down to reflect the nature of the emphasise and attract my audience to the honesty of the article as open and honest, this tone is also present in the article. The content of the pull quotes also bring up content a of the image as my artist is on the floor leaving her quite personal side to the artist such as love in I have a crush vulnerable but the direct eye contact implies that her personality which is usually an area that is questioned by fans so this remains. This vulnerability and honesty attracts the audience as pull quote instantly attracts the audience to the article as the article appears to contain all the information they need there is an implication that all their questions will be which hasn’t been altered. answered if they read the article. In the title the audienceContent expect an expletive but is replaced with the word fuss which imprints upon their mind and could cause myAside from the interview I have included ways for my audience to get reader to use it and then attract their friends to read theactively involved such as #wedontgiveafuss, this interaction with the magazine allows my audience to be active and feel a part of my magazine. magazine so therefore is attracted due to the involvement that they don’t often get with magazines.


Overall my drafts have changed dramatically from the start of the project to the end. This change has been to attract audiences and in response to feedback from hot seating and focus groups.

The first hot seating exercise, involving just my front cover, informed me that my cover lines didn’t stand out enough and that I needed to address this, the hot seating didn’t understand the implication of the private and top secret stamp. I learnt that my audience were attracted to the two opacity images so I kept them. In my focus group I found that the price and month detracted from the masthead, the cover lines fight with the motif on the t-shirt, also didn’t understand the implication of the top secret stamp and commented that they would be more drawn to the front cover if there was an opportunity to win. On the contents page my focus group said that they found that it was very busy but then understood that this reflects the genre so works, liked how all the features were attached to an image and couldn’t recognise the CD image behind. Finally for the double page spread my focus group disliked the huge change in style due to pink hair, liked the expectation of an expletive and liked the shade of pink as it appeals to the males as well as the females. From this focus group I learnt that my demographic are attracted to continuity and fluency so I changed the colour scheme and layout of the front cover and contents page to fit with this, I also altered other parts that my focus group and hot seating commented on in order to attract them to my magazine. My final focus group was held online, with final drafts, on Facebook where the following comments were made; Front Cover •

“everything looks a bit squished but that’s your style of magazine so that’s fine”

“looks full but not overly busy”

“I really like it and wouldn’t change anything”

Contents Page •

“make the picture on Venues to be bigger so the content is more obvious”

“one side of the page looks more busy than the other”

“the Poppy Scarlet image is too goofy”

“I like the continuation of fonts/colours”

Double Page Spread •

“the colours look drastically different to the contents page”

“the simpler double page spread balances out the busy front cover and contents page”

“the page numbers are too big”

“I like how the image goes across both pages”

I then altered these points in order to create new drafts that would appeal to my target audience Another way I have attracted my audience is by looking at the psychographics and to what kind of content that my audience would be attracted to, as well as remembering the ‘four needs’ theory by Blumler and Katz and the different ways my audience will interpret and use my magazine that wouldn’t just be for entertainment. Overall I feel that I have successfully appealed and attracted my audience from following their advice and guidance

How did i attract my audience  
How did i attract my audience