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TYPE / / Session Two.

From the task set over the week to identify your given typeface we then had to think about what brand would work well if it were (in my case) Tahoma. I listed its attributes, thought about what kind of typeface it was, i.e. friendly / / confidernt / / approachable etc. From this I thought about what kind of brands had this feel. I came up with Nokia. I think it is a considered and informed choice that reflects the brand through its key characteristics.

We then had to come up with a brand that was the total opposite of what Tahoma represented. My thought process was something seen as decorative and delecate. My initial idea was to go for something quite feminine like laura ashley, however, my mind then went towards food. I thought that Green & Blacks logo is very decorative.

Next we were asked to organise / / decide on the visual heirarchy of a Yellow pages ad information document. This proved much more difficult than it initially appeared.

This is how it went. My first attempt was horrendous. I don’t think it could have gone much worse than that. Because the dimensions of the ad are so small you have to take into consideration what pointsize the text is going to be for the viewer to be able to comfortably read it. This meant no smaller than 7pt, which then meant that there was less space to play around with. My first mistake was that I chose the exact wrong typeface for the information. You can see above that 7pt in one typeface is much different to 7pt in another. This wasted a lot of space, and as we know, space generally = quality. This looked busy and poorly designed. The second isn’t much better, however, there is so much more space around the text, allowing the ad to breathe. I will have some more attempts to see what I can come up with. I need to remember the heirarchy of information and explore ways in which it can be exploited in such a small scale. Look into Bold / / Italic / / different typefaces etc.

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