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Charlotte Bridge

Evaluation 1. What future trend have you chosen for your final photo-shoot? My choice of future trend was Boho Nomad, a simplistic yet elegant and fun trend which dips back into the 70s. My choices of garments were natural and fun for example the Bardot white top and the flared orange patterned pants looked very hippy and also the khaki trousers and pastel pink lace blouse contrasted beautifully together. Also the makeup look I chose for my model was natural yet still dressy and the hair I left brushed and natural with a slight wave in it. I enjoyed preparing my model and re-evaluating my ideas about how I wanted her to look.

2. Who is your target consumer group? My targeted consumer audience is for a more affluent and sophisticated audience. I targeted them by using simple black and white colours and complex language and images for my targeted audience group.

3. What magazine have you chosen and why? The magazine I have chosen is TOPSHOP. Topshop is well known for its edgy, boho collections and is constantly bringing out new lines and more innovated looks. Topshop isn’t all too serious unlike other magazines so I wanted to create a fun and cool look for my front cover using vivid colours. 4. What planning and preparation did you do? The research I did for my magazine was going onto the WGSN website and looking through all the future fashion trends and picking which one I like the most, after that I made mood boards on them to see what colours of makeup, hair and background sets I liked the most. I also did a call sheet which basically explained the details of my shoot. 5. How successful was the delivery of my shoot.

Charlotte Bridge

My shoot was very successful with the help of planning however more choices of clothes would have been more substantial .