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Portfolio Charlotte Ho Product Designer

Hello! I am Charlotte Ho, currently pursuing a diploma in Product Design and Innovation at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. My passion in design and crafts began in primary school, and it has grown even more since then. I hope to allow people to enjoy their life to the fullest through Product Design. Aside from that, I love to experiment new mediums and give life to old, undesirable items. This portfolio encompasses my work through the years. Enjoy!

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+65 9072 5342

2015-Present Ngee Ann Polytechnic 2012-2016 Beatty Secondary School 2006-2012 Methodist Girls’ School

Knowledge Design Thinking Process Product Ergonomics Material Processes and Properties Manufacturing Properties Computer Aided Design - Creo 2 Parametric, Rhinoceros and Keyshot Skills Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Prototyping Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Product Sketching Mediums Corrugated Cardboard Blue Modelling Foam Softwood Textiles Felt Wire work Henna Water colour Pen and Pencil work

Contents 1. Major Projects 2. Branding and Logo 3. Graphic Design 4. Prototyping 5. Modelling with CAD 6. Product Sketches

Upcycling Projects 7. Personal Exploration 8. Competitions 9. Awards and Certificates 10.

Charlotte Ho | Product Designer

1. Major Projects Charmiere | Feto. | Tuan Yuan | Solace

Process Charmiere was designed to target women in the high end luxury market. As such, femininity and extravagance were the focus of this design. Roman Typeface Beauty and Class

Flowers and Coral Youth and Femininity

Marble and Gold Grandeur and Glamour


Laser-Cut Detail Various notes in a perfume

Final Design


/fetus/ (n.) an unborn human more than eight weeks after conception. Prior to this stage, it is referred to as an embryo.

Process Feto was designed to blend in with Marc Newson’s established form language. As such, research was done to analyse the various factors that were iconic to Marc Newson alone and Feto was named after Marc Newson’s iconic chair, Embryo. 1. Organic, Flowy forms

2. Vibrant Colours

3. ‘Function follows Form’


4. Unconventional use of materials

Process Prototyping

Final Design

Charlotte Ho | Product Designer

Process Tuan Yuan is a lunch box designed to bring the feeling of a family reunion. However, with Singapore’s fast-paced society, it is uncommon to dine away from our families and eating together becomes a thing of the past. Tessellations challenge the status quo. Together, you form a big picture. Separated, you hold a piece of the big picture. Sketches

Process Prototyping

The prototype above was compact, but its capacity was not large enough for a working adult.

The next prototype (above) was larger and featured a handle for comfortable eating. However, only a small number of people would hold up their lunch boxes while eating, hence the handle was removed as seen in the final prototype (below).

Final Design




Charlotte Ho | Product Designer


Designed to bring out the child in everyone, Solace brings back the fondest memories of our childhood at the playground.

Process As a child, I loved playing on swings. I cherished the peace and solitude the most, which could only be felt at night. Solace was designed to bring the feeling of peace and being at-ease into the home, so that this feeling could be felt, come rain or shine. These were considerations put in place when designing Solace, aside from the aesthetic aspect. 1. Ergonomics and Comfort Seat width, height, recline angle.

2. Safety and Stability Seat was designed to encourage low swinging.

3. Easy Assembly and Transportation Especially in spaceconstraint flats.


4. Easy Maintenance In an outdoor environment.

Process Mock-Ups and Prototypes

Final Design

Final Design

2. Branding, Logo and Identity

Current Affairs Club As the Head of Publicity in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Current Affairs Club (CAC), it was my job to uplift the name and identity of the club. Hence with little presence and identity CAC had in Ngee Ann, I designed the CAC logo, promotional stickers, and club T-shirt, as well as creating and managing our own Instagram page.

Club Logo The lines depict how interconnected the world is, and how contemporary issues would ultimately affect everyone.

Club Stickers Distributed to members during Open House and Induction Day

Club T-shirts These were designed for the Executive Committee of CAC (left) and the Annual Camp (right).

CAC Instagram @np_cac

3. Graphic Design -

Current Affairs Club This is the official Instagram page of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Current Affairs Club, managed by my team and I. Below are posters designed to capture the attention of existing and potential members, aside from relaying essential information about our upcoming events.

CAC Instagram @np_cac

National Police Cadet Corps In 2017, Beatty Secondary School’s National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) unit introduced their first Inter-Unit Competition, Sherlocke. As a Cadet Inspector, I was tasked to design infographics which were attractive yet informative about the four aspects of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI).

These were the infographics displayed on the day of the event. The event gained positive responses, and we showcased the event during the annual Work Plan Seminar (WPS) held in the Home Team Academy (HTA). The poster (bottom right) sums up the entire event and was displayed at the booth.

4. Prototyping

Prototypes 1.

Prototype from one of the earlier ideas of Solace, this depicts aluminum bent into a knot.


A 1:1 scale toothbrush made from Sculpey clay.


A 1:2 scale of a Canon film camera. Its lens work like the real one, with the use of two mirrors.


Prototype from one of the earlier ideas of Solace, it casts an intricate shadow under light.

5. Modelling with CAD

3D Models

6. Product Sketches

Sketches and Renderings

Sketches and Renderings

7. Upcycling Projects

Upcycled Creations


Laced-up Crop Top



Safety-Pin Bag Accessory

Hand sewn Denim Bag


Shorts with Ribbon Pockets


Hand sewn Portable Charger Pouch


Dream-catcher Bracelet

Upcycled Creations 7.

Denim Charm Bracelet


Drawstring Pouch

Hand sewn Pencilcase


Hand dyed OmbrĂŠ Jeans


Miniature Hoodie


8. Personal Exploration


9. Competitions

Entries Here are some of the competitions I have participated in between 2016 to 2017.

NP Glints

Merchandise Design Competition 2017


Sticker Design Competition Singapore Edition 2016


The Big Heart Shoe Competition 2017

10. Awards and Certificates

Awards Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship AY 17/18 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Scholarship AY 16/17 Ngee Ann Polytechnic Semester Prizes Most Outstanding Performance for Level 2.1, April 2017 Semester Directors’ List for excellent academic performance for Level 2.1, April 2017 Semester Best performance in Business & Project Management Best performance in Product Aesthetics & Ergonomics 1 Distinction for the Overseas Immersion Experience Most Outstanding Performance for Level 1.1, October 2016 Semester Directors’ List for excellent academic performance for Level 1.1, October 2016 Semester Best performance in Applied Mathematics 2 Best performance in Manufacturing Processes Best performance in Innovation Toolkit Best performance in Applied Mathematics 1 Distinction in History & Principles Of Design

Connect with me at +65 9072 5342 @char.hy @char.hy

Charlotte Ho | Product Designer

Portfolio | Charlotte Ho (Product Designer)  

This is my professional portfolio. Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me.

Portfolio | Charlotte Ho (Product Designer)  

This is my professional portfolio. Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me.