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Hello, I am Charlotte! Since young, I would make the things I wish I had. This sparked my interest in design, and it has only grown stronger since then. As a designer, I aim to relive our best memories and recreate the special moments that define us by creating products that resonate with my users. Education

Jan 2016 - May 2019 Product Design and Innovation in Ngee Ann Polytechnic Jan 2012 - Dec 2015 Beatty Secondary School

Expertise Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Rhinoceros 5.0 Creo 2.0 Parametric


Mar 2018 - Apr 2018 Intern | SUPERSTRUCTURE SG PTE LTD Mar 2017 , Mar 2018 Cadet Inspector | Beatty NPCC Sherlocke Feb 2017 - Apr 2018 Publicity Head | Current Affairs Club Feb 2016 - July 2016 Ticket Salesperson | The Art Science Museum Nov 2015 Market Researcher | Cruger Haus

Exposure and Enrichment

May 2018 Singapore Our Home S75 Forum May 2018 5th Singapore Sustainability Symposium (S3) by NTU Dec 2017 PeaceJam Conference at NUS Nov 2017 S Rajaratnam Lecture Mar 2017 Overseas Immersion Experience (OIE) in China Mar 2017 SingaPlural Design Ambassador Feb 2017 - Mar 2017 8th Innovation Camp in Malaysia Oct 2016 The Christieara Programme (TCP) Induction Camp Jan 2016 - Mar 2016 Ngee Ann Preparatory Programme (NPP)



Reliving fond memories in the comfort of your home.

Won 3rd Prize for the Cellini Collaboration Competition Finalist for LaunchPad Asia

Learnt the basics of weaving from the locals in Lombok, Indonesia, from cutting raw bamboo strips to weaving fundamental techniques.

Below are works done by myself during a weaving workshop with Djalin.


Increased Seat Dimensions. To subtly hint users to lean back and relax


Increased Back Recline Angle. Encourages users to swing low


Unconventional Weaving Technique. For an element of exclusivity


Rattan and Coated Metal. Outdoor durability and strength

Awards Ceremony at Cellini’s showroom in Tampines.

Cardboard Chair

Crafting comfortable and beautiful furniture with limited resources.

Uses friction to hold together precise slots and criss-crossin one another. Although we were only given 3 piece of cardboard, no adhesives were used in this project.

with ng

Above are anthropometric data collected for both genders.

Curved Corners Reduces stress concentration points.

Curved Corners For comfort. Also provides a handle.

Flushed Ribs For comfort and aesthetics.

Curved Corners Reduces fraying.

Curved Corners For comfort. Also add aesthetical value.

Connected Ribs Supports shear load at the most susceptible area.


Facilitating navigation while giving a lasting impression of the company.

Corrugated Wall Signage

Parapet Signage

Floor Plan Diagram


Bringing the essence of our fragrance to you.



Pink and Coral hues. Youth and Femininity


Fresh-Cut Flowers. Authenticity


Marble and Gold. Grandeur and Glamour


Laser-Cut Layering Detail. Various notes in a perfume

Presented on a bed of roses.

Includes a note specially written for the chosen fragrance.

Contains a hidden element of surprise.


Capturing the fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigations.

Fingerprint Analysis

A summary of CSI

Blood Stai

in Analysis

DNA Analysis

A summary of the event

Self-Explored DIY Crafts

Illustrations and Sketches

Other Achievements NYAA Silver Overseas Immersion Experience, Tianjin

Awards and Achievements Competition Achievements CCA Achievements Scholarships LaunchPad Asia Finalist Silver CCA Award at present Scholarship Holder for AY 16/17 Cellini Design Award Cadet Inspector | NPCC Scholarship Holder for AY 17/18 Top 6 for the NPGlints Head of Publicity | Current Affairs Design a Merchandise Club Competition Peer Support Leader | Beatty Secondary Head of Administration | NPCC Squad Mentor | NPCC

Module Distinctions Product Aesthetics and Ergonomics 2 Materials and Design Applications 2 Overseas Immersion Experience History & Principles of Design

Best-In-Module Awards Semester Awards Business & Project Management Most Outstanding Performance, Product Aesthetics & April Semester, Oct 17/18 Ergonomics 1 Second Most Outstanding Applied Mathematics 2 Performance, Manufacturing Processes October Semester, May 16/17 Innovation Toolkit Applied Mathematics 1

Thank you for reading Get to know me :) +65 9072 5342 @char.hy @char.hy blk 23 sin ming road #05-29 singapore 570023

Industrial Design Portfolio - Charlotte Ho  
Industrial Design Portfolio - Charlotte Ho