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sup dudes this is my brand spanking new professional twitter. i felt it was necessary to keep my design stuff separate from my personal one. 21 Jul 2010 // and i realise that by starting this account off with “sup dudes” i just ruined any professional air it may have had. darn. 21 Jul 2010 // my design/photography inspiration blog: 21 Jul 2010 // just got addicted to Adobe Caslon Bold Italic 22 Jul 2010 // dear tumblr. sort your shit out. 24 Jul 2010 // @gvanmelle if you ever want to keep an eye on mine & Rosina’s graphics3 workbook it can be found here 25 Jul 2010 // @VERBOOMLEFTBANK hey phil! have you ordered blank tshirts yet? im coming in tomorrow to print that last one from last time so could i give 18 Aug 2010 // @ VERBOOMLEFTBANK you my order for blank ones then? i think i only need 4 18 Aug 2010 // GOLD!!! STA Travel are giving away a $1500 travel voucher 19 Aug 2010 // why bother going to semi-permanent when you can just read @ thomaslebas’ tweets from the comfort of your own home. 20 Aug 2010 // i swear that every day i demonstrate why the macbooks magnetic power cord is such a good idea. #clumsy #jussayin 6 Sep 2010 // I know constantly checking the shipment status of my iPod touch won’t make it arrive any faster but that doesn’t mean I won’t try! 13 Sep 2010 // needs a 400 level elective to sign up for next year other than infographics and spatial type. any suggestions? 14 Sep 2010 // can’t wait til I can do design full time instead of having to spend a random 4 hours in the middle of the day dressing mannequins... 15 Sep 2010 // @gvanmelle you’re a bit late Gerbrand that happened on Friday! haha 15 Sep 2010 // if i’ve been tweeting and tumblring since august/september 2008 am i counted as an early adopter? 16 Sep 2010 // THUNDER! 17 Sep 2010 // “Art is the weapon, against life as a symptom. Defend yourself.” judge if you must. 18 Sep 2010 // iPod touch this afternoon! from what i’ve seen so far the HD video camera is surprisingly good. cant wait to test it for myself :D 20 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas sure does. marks put a few tests on youtube and theyre way better than i expected :D 20 Sep 2010 // recommend me some good apps for my new touch :D 20 Sep 2010 // Had my touch for like 8 hours and im already addicted to doodle jump xD 20 Sep 2010 // “it starts with ‘i’ and ends with ‘dentity’” from @gvanmelle in graphics xD 21 Sep 2010 // oh after effects. i missed you. you are so much cooler than all the other creative suite programs. 24 Sep 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise im surprised i even remember how to use it to be honest! haha. tho i have forgotten all the rad shortkeys. grrrr 24 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas if you happen to need any trapcode shiz for your after effects project i just found a full working set i can give you. 24 Sep 2010 // graphics is fun. getting my parents to go thru their photos from the 50s and scan them for me :D 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas copycat? 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas lol. sounds like its driving you a bit nuts 25 Sep 2010 // “I’m like a Mac, I’m un-PC” 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas i dont think your t suits you. lol. you’re not really the italic serif type. 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas awkward..... lol 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas thomas. i know im going to sound really blonde here, but was ai meant to turn my clock forward last night or tonight? 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas i dont know why im asking you really. i just seem to be under the impression that you are the authority on everything. lol 25 Sep 2010 // dramatic much? haha #infographics 25 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas sweeet danke. 25 Sep 2010 // I just became the mayor of Constable St on @foursquare! 28 Sep 2010 // I’m at Constable St. 28 Sep 2010 // I’m at Massey University (Wallace Street, Wellington). 28 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas did you make one for 1D01? cos if you did i didnt see it on the list 28 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas lol. im mayor of constable st. woo! 28 Sep 2010 // @thomaslebas not fair! Yu dont even live on constable! Lol 28 Sep 2010 // please go click vote for my little sister :) 28 Sep 2010 // “hey, you know whats even cooler than a triceratops? every other dinosaur that ever existed!” #theoffice 28 Sep 2010 // the wireless at massey uni reaches surprisingly far. on the #11 bus home from work today my ipod dinged with new mail as we went past uni. 29 Sep 2010 // me + Relient K + next thursday = extreme happiness. literally a dream come true. 29 Sep 2010 // I’m at Massey University (Wallace Street, Wellington). 30 Sep 2010 // I’m at 1D09 - Massey University. d3BoQb 30 Sep 2010 // @gvanmelle i interviewed the director of the first few moccona ads for marketing in 2nd year! he said it was cos they wanted to make it more 30 Sep 2010 // @gvanmelle “exotic” and set in a faraway place to give it a bit more of a fantasy feel. 30 Sep 2010 // @gvanmelle haha i know now! 30 Sep 2010 // I just ousted @thomaslebas as the mayor of 1D09 - Massey University on @foursquare! 1 Oct 2010 // I’m at 1D09 - Massey University. 1 Oct 2010 // render render render! i forgot how much of motion graphics is waiting around for that yellow bar.... 2 Oct 2010 // #thingsthatareannoying i keep pressing shortkeys T and P for text and pen tool but in after effects they mean opacity and position. grrrr 3 Oct 2010 // watch?v=wSRUDnw9uoc <--currently my jam and also relates to my graphics with the media parodies xD 3 Oct 2010 // I just unlocked the “Local” badge on @foursquare! 3 Oct 2010 // I’m at Massey University (Wallace Street, Wellington). http://4sq. com/avW4Mz 3 Oct 2010 // i really wish massey would stop sending me emails about the end of year exhibition. apparently they haven’t realised im not graduating yet.. 4 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas download the first 2 eps of modern family season 2 for me! 4 Oct 2010 // @ RosinaHamilton have you seen season 1 ro? i can bring it for you if you want :) 4 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas thats kay, i can wait 2 weeks and download them at home! hehe. 4 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas shows how much i know about sport. until @josephjpearce’s tweet i thought you were talking about cricket as in the bug xD 4 Oct 2010 // Photo: rainbow infographics! 4 Oct 2010 // Photo: 4 Oct 2010 // @matthewthiessen if you happen to be in Wellington already, come to the menswear store yd on lambton quay between 12 and 3 tomorrow and ill 5 Oct 2010 // @matthewthiessen find you something awesome to wear for the show on thursday! hehe 5 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle better picture for car ad? 6 Oct 2010 // 2am disaster. magic mouse is not so magic. batteries ran out! grrr. had to steal some from the DVD remote :P 6 Oct 2010 // Tonight made me even more determined to get a job connected to the music industry once im finished with uni. Sigh. 7 Oct 2010 // “dont worry they’re gonna get more in next week!” “next week!? thats like, the worst thing you could say to an early adopter!” #modernfamily 8 Oct 2010 // @coupdemain - yay katie!!! 8 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle hey G what do you think of this? does the cut out/sellotaped 50s things still works for the tv setting? 9 Oct 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise woo! i love analytics. my fave part is seeing where viewers are from :) i’ve had a view from Kazakhstan this month! lol 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas yup thats exactly what i was going for! :D im doing a sort of media hijacking thing putting 50s stuff in places where they 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas dont belong. tis fun! :D 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas yeah i remember that! 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas do you actually? cos i do need to photoshop my ad in. but i need to buy a paper anyways so was jus gonna buy a sunday star 2mro 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas s’all good i can just buy one hehe 9 Oct 2010 // got a spark in my head and a storm on the way. 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas touché xD 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas just saw a sky movie preview thingy for 2012 & it made me want to watch it again despite the fact it was crap. have you got it? 9 Oct 2010 // going to be using my travel blog again for this coming trip. follow now if you care for updates :) 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas sweeeet can you give it to me on wednesday? :) 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas COOL!! you could easily make it look like a working app by touching the screen & pretending to be working it? 9 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas looooool 9 Oct 2010 // BRING ON HAND IN WEEK! 10 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas i cannot get enough of the captions on this blog. so amusing xD 10 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas i LITERALLY loled at this one!!! xDDDD 10 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas his expression in the last photo!! bahahahaha there are actually tears in my eyes im laughing too much xDD im so lame 10 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas baby Maru! 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle http:// feedback please? :) really struggling with the website! 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle i think i get you, so sort of make the nz govt website the background with my cut out pieces on top? 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle woo! also, one last question, for presenting them, i was going to show the image, then the image in context, but would it be okay 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle to just show the image in context, like the billboard one i most recently posted on my blog? 11 Oct 2010 // We Are Scientists feels like perfect working-ongraphics-while-it’s-cold-and-raining-outside music. 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle so its okay to present just that image? no need for a close up of the graphic by itself? 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton how bout this ro! Sandra%20Eric%20Cassidy%20playing%20cards%20L.jpg haha 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle sweet. gracias! im also doing a noel leeming ad and briscoes ad just cos their logos are fun to rip off! haha 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton lol i love the grannys facials xD shes stoked to be playing your card game haha 11 Oct 2010 // i fully intend on watching the entire Back To The Future trilogy tonight while I finish my graphics. #favouritemovie(s) 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton @thomaslebas does thomas have a girlfriend!? when did this happen and why did i not know!? lol so out of the loop. haha 11 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas i refuse to believe you! 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle if you happen to be still awake... advice on website developments pleeease? 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton how are you presenting your website ro? im thinking i might present all my stuff on A2 posters, like a scaled down version 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton of our spatial posters. but idk if thats too overboard/massive! eep. 11 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle sorry to be annoying, but instead of showing every page of my website, could i just show the opening one? 11 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton im going with A3 now cos they’re faster to print! haha 11 Oct 2010 // two hand-ins over! bring on infographics 12 Oct 2010 // @gvanmelle where can i find the dropbox on stream? i can’t see it under the GD3 topic. 12 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas want to walk to uni tomorrow morning with me and drop my tshirts off? 12 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas boo! will you be coming to class tho? could you bring them with you? 12 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas schweet would be awesome if you could bring the bag with you! danke thomassss. 12 Oct 2010 // i feel this is relevant to all major project students? 12 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton man Big Image REALLY suck at double sided things... lucky i had lots of bleed on my back image cos its like 2mm off. 13 Oct 2010 // @RosinaHamilton yeah will be okay for postcards cos its not like theres much on the back. i found this sweet $2 laundry bag at the cheap 13 Oct 2010 // @ RosinaHamilton store by yr flat and im totally going to make a net bag for my cards haha. 13 Oct 2010 // is it love or is it vertigo? 13 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas 13 Oct 2010 // eating gummi bears and watching top gear specials back-to-back while doing infographics. #greatnight 13 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas how awesome is this!? 13 Oct 2010 // the future of print media? 13 Oct 2010 // Photo: i am totally and utterly in love with this idea. it incorporates two things i’m passionate about:... 13 Oct 2010 // Photo: “This year I will try not to” by the same dudes who did Identity Guidelines, an ironic look at current... 13 Oct 2010 // i think my hopes of getting honors are dying with my infographics. epic fail. literally. 13 Oct 2010 // Photo: 14 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas looool! xD would be better if it was Maru! 14 Oct 2010 // currently working on a file thats 7200x10100 pixels. god damn you after effects and your 72dpi 15 Oct 2010 // Photo: typographic maps 15 Oct 2010 // yay for my flatmate being admitted to the bar today! congrats jimmy :) 15 Oct 2010 // @nkapica ill be in Barcelona in December! will definitely take a look. thanks :) 15 Oct 2010 // great quote from @thomaslebas - “I’ve had two hours sleep. and I’m high” hmm kay tom your major project will be interesting! haha 15 Oct 2010 // you know you’re a computer nerd when you weigh your external hard drives to see which is the lightest to take overseas 18 Oct 2010 // I’m at Romano Way (Romano way, Grove street, Nelson). 18 Oct 2010 // i hope everyone wore purple today! :) i did, but then, wearing purple is a fairly regular occurrence for me. 20 Oct 2010 // Approximately 30 hours til my epic journey begins. Can. Not. Wait. 21 Oct 2010 // bag is overweight as usual. do i REALLY need to take my 55-200 lens for my nikon....? or will i be fine with just the 18-55 and my fisheye!? 22 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas how often do you use yours? 22 Oct 2010 // @ thomaslebas idk if i’ll be bothered switching it out all the time tho. i cant think of anything ill be talking pics of where i’ll need 22 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas that much zoom.. :S 22 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas well what would you take pics of in europe with that much zoom? lol. i took out some othr stuff and now my bag only weighs 20.9 22 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas so wooo lens gets to go back in anyways xD my hand luggage weighs about 14kg tho but shhh dont tell qantas 22 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas i asked what you would take pics of not what lens you would use! lol 22 Oct 2010 // getting ready to pack up my iMac for the summer. don’t get to use its giant-screened-goodness again til feb! 22 Oct 2010 // tweeting from sydney airport! have not been caught out yet for my overweight hand luggage... touch wood! 23 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas did massey update to cs5 or are you? 27 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas im gonna overhaul my macbook this summer with snow leopard and cs5 methinks. 27 Oct 2010 // Wandering on the river bed in Valencia today i came across a rad interactive city map someone pasted under a bridge. Pics soon! 27 Oct 2010 // @thomaslebas a portfolio i take it? Why is it not on your own domain tho? 27 Oct 2010 // Photo: designersof: 29 Oct 2010 // I’m at Anfiteatro Castrense (Viale Castrense, 33, Roma). 31 Oct 2010 // Ciao from Roma! Saw the Colosseum last night and spent ages just staring at it in wonder. 31 Oct 2010 // Just arrived in london from paris. Have nearly 8Gb of photos from rome/paris... 5 Nov 2010 // I’m at ETSINF UPV. bRUlSN 11 Nov 2010 // Just attended a lecture at a spanish uni. I still have no idea what it was about but i can say for sure that massey lectures are better!! 11 Nov 2010 // Video: amazing. this is probably the most inspiring thing i’ve seen all year. kinetic typography of an... 16 Nov 2010 // I’m at Calle Guardia Civil. 16 Nov 2010 // I’m at McDonald’s El Saler. 19 Nov 2010 // I just became the mayor of Calle Guardia Civil on @foursquare! 21 Nov 2010 // I’m at Calle Guardia Civil. 21 Nov 2010 // @gvanmelle gracias! Loving it so far! 21 Nov 2010 // I just unlocked the “Adventurer” badge on @foursquare! 22 Nov 2010 // I’m at Mcdonald’s (c/ Xativa). http://4sq. com/9MGxSE 22 Nov 2010 // testing out #rockmelt. so far it seems to be like chrome but cooler 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise yeah! my boyfriend went to a conference today and got it. i’ll send you an invite! :) 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise invite sent. let me know what you think of it! 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise i dont know i just filled the request you sent. Ill try again if you need 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise ive sent it as a facebook message :) 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise no probs. Its awesome. Ultimate social networking/rss feed web browser. 23 Nov 2010 // @AmberJeanLouise yeah? I see it as chrome with tabs at the side for push updates :) 23 Nov 2010 // Does anyone want a #rockmelt invite? i have 3 left so just @ reply if you do! its an awesome browser. chrome users will like it. 24 Nov 2010 // I’m at 100 Montaditos (C.C.El Saler, Valencia). 26 Nov 2010 // I’m at C.C El Saler (Autopista del Saler, 16, Valencia). 28 Nov 2010 // just added some more photos to my flickr charliprangley/ 8 Dec 2010 // I’m at Calle Guardia Civil. 10 Dec 2010 // Hey followers help me out. Whats the best museum in barcelona? 26 Dec 2010 // Photo: gorgeous 18 Jan // @smayjay woo! But follow @ xLakeEffectKid as well cos thats what i use most 24 Jan // @megan_wright hi! ive been really inspired by the retro designs on your blog lately. any chance you could recommend some more retro designs 28 Jan // @megan_wright by either yourself or other designers that i could use for further inspiration in that style of design? thanks heaps! 28 Jan // @megan_wright thank you! :) i start my final year of uni in a few weeks, think my work will take a retro turn this year! 28 Jan // At a lecture at UPV. A head guy from google UK talking about smartphones/apps. Massey needs lectures like this! 3 Feb // People complaining about the cost of internet in spain.... THEY HAVE NO IDEA!! im so sick of how behind New Zealand is! 3 Feb // Photo: “Light Mapping: Using a light meter, and converting the readings to percentages of black, I have... 10 Feb // Photo: 11 Feb // Workbook blogs set up and ready to be used... Bring on 4th year! 27 Feb // @thomaslebas and charliprangley222453. original names right? ;) 27 Feb // “there’s more to life than facebook” well said 2 Mar // @coca222494 4 Mar // Currently discovering its really hard to find images that convey characteristics i consider crucial to identity... #453iskillingmealready 6 Mar // 222.453 oh crap....... 6 Mar // @gvanmelle thanks gerbrand. Its just a little daunting at this stage! 7 Mar // Video: Dulux’s “Let’s Colour” campaign. 7 Mar // Seriously considering spending a year at the Marbella Design Academy in Spain after graduation, mostly for the work experience placements. 7 Mar // amazing use of the url bar! 8 Mar // i don’t know why anyone uses anything other than Chrome. synced bookmarks is the handiest thing in the world. 9 Mar // i love the internet. 2 logo requests, 1 business card request & 1 artwork request in the past month. yay for earning a little bit of $$ 9 Mar // the design disease... - well worth a read! 9 Mar // Photo: An interesting experiment by Russell Davies. Having a twitter feed projected next to the TV to... 9 Mar // Photo: Braniff Airline Playing Cards c. 1968 9 Mar // Photo: 9 Mar // Words social media have stolen from us xgf1ptmr4u 9 Mar // @thomaslebas show this to your infographics students lol 9 Mar // @thomaslebas wrong hashtag? lol 9 Mar // Photo: RIG Datadecs “They’re Christmas decorations based on individual social network data. So the size of... http:// 9 Mar // Attempts to give the city of London a logo #coca494 9 Mar // i feel i should be allowed to explore several different options in these first few weeks instead of committing to one. grrr damn you 222.453 9 Mar // seriously, 10 days is not enough time for me to decide what im going to be doing for the next year. i do not like you 453. 9 Mar // really enjoyed Roy’s #coca453 lecture today on the “altermodern.” helped me pinpoint my focus a little more too so yay! 10 Mar // @RosinaEsme Roy talked a lot about links with 381 and the “altermodern” and he said a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about and trying 10 Mar // @RosinaEsme to form coherent thoughts about so it was really helpful for me! :) don’t know if it would have been for yours as much. 10 Mar // University of the Arts London. interesting to see how they handle the identities of their different colleges #coca494 10 Mar // wish i’d had this when i first started uni! RT @coca222494: ‘A Design Education Manifesto (AIGA) via @Processed_id 10 Mar // i love how the Massey Brand Guidelines state that if you don’t have Univers. just use Arial xD #coca494 10 Mar // Video: AMAZING motion infographic from National Geographic. 11 Mar // RT @kidslikethius How amazing is our technology in 2011 that we can watch a natural disaster live as it’s happening? Blows my mind. 11 Mar // workbook for #coca453 12 Mar // @coca222453 ah yes. I’ve had a tumblr since ‘08 so it was the obvious choice for me haha. will set it to tweet updates today. 12 Mar // will this be our future? #coca453 14 Mar // An infographic created by technologist Michell Zappa showing the... #coca453 14 Mar // @thomaslebas woah finally! yays now i can delete the stupid tumblr thing 14 Mar // MP: E Pluribus Magis: How the internet creates a new strain of democracy #coca453 14 Mar // MP: So you still think the internet is free? #coca453 14 Mar // Archer St, a London based film company. I’m not a fan of... K9p5j #coca494 14 Mar // @coca222453 yes! i highly recommend . it took a while to start working for me, but now it’s going great! 15 Mar // very surprised to find an article about Rebecca Black on the 3news website today! 16 Mar // @RosinaEsme i know right. the damn chorus is firmly stuck in my head and won’t leave. SO ANNOYING AND BAD! 16 Mar // @coca222494 very good session! 16 Mar // “We are so frickin’ great!” #coca494 16 Mar // BRILLIANT NEWS! RT @coca222494 ALERT: #coca494 Assignment 1 hand-in moved to week 6! 16 Mar // notes from session with Claire Robinson #coca494 16 Mar // MP: The internet is over #coca453 16 Mar // MP: applications we may all be using soon? #coca453 16 Mar // MP: The state of the internet in 2009 I was planning on making an... #coca453 16 Mar // MP: Interesting facts about Spanish internet users. Just something... #coca453 16 Mar // Sneakily entering a logo competition at UPV (Universitat Politechnica de Valencia) to try win €150... hehe 16 Mar // MP: Predictions for the internet in 2020 Interesting to see where we... #coca453 16 Mar // MP: The World Online Very ugly infographic but some good statistics #coca453 16 Mar // Why does CoCA need a dynamic identity? #coca494 16 Mar // @thomaslebas are you being sarcastic? lol 17 Mar // @thomaslebas okay, just checking! 17 Mar // design school websites #coca494 17 Mar // how fitting is it that I’m downloading ebooks instead of getting them out from the library for my major project on digital citizenship haha 17 Mar // MP: “How, for example, does one’s identity as a citizen relate to other sources of identity—be they...” http:// #coca453 17 Mar // MP: “Globalization only complicates matters further. Certainly, the boundaries of a political community...” #coca453 17 Mar // @markjbradford ooo i like that! 17 Mar // MP: “What does it mean to be a digital citizen? Participation in society online requires regular access...” #coca453 17 Mar // MP: “Five years from now, Google CEO Eric Schmidt envisages the internet to be dominated by the Chinese...” #coca453 17 Mar // the downside to having a tumblr workbook: maintenance. and those darn tumbeasts. 17 Mar // MP: Privacy on social networking sites #coca453 17 Mar // MP: Days And Nights on the Internet: The Impact of a Diffusing Technology #coca453 18 Mar // MP: Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation #coca453 18 Mar // MP: Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation #coca453 18 Mar // @coca222453 something than search a million bits of paper! currently im finding an A1 brainstorm the best tool for organising ideas though. 18 Mar // Listening to Sum 41 and drawing all over an A1 bit of paper stuck to my wall. feels almost like I’m back in first year! haha 18 Mar // @RosinaEsme sounds interesting ro! 18 Mar // MP: clarifying my thoughts #coca453 18 Mar // @coca222453 i’d be lost without it for sure! 18 Mar // MP: An app that facilitates a merging of virtual and physical. The... #coca453 18 Mar // MP: The Digital Citizen - Wired Magazine Dec 1997 http://dlvr. it/Kfr4l #coca453 18 Mar // MP: The New Socialsim - Wired Magazine May 2009 #coca453 18 Mar // Nice identity for Impakt Festival 2009. something i think i want... #coca494 19 Mar // the identity for IDTV interests me because of the concept. four... #coca494 19 Mar // The GEA identity is interesting! The various items of stationery... #coca494 19 Mar // 7 Days of Inspiration has a nice concept. i like that the inside... #coca494 19 Mar // Very cool dynamic identity for Saks Fifth Avenue by Pentagram in... #coca494 19 Mar // MP: Asking the right questions... #coca453 19 Mar // MP: “The internet is arguably the greatest tool since the invention of the printing press to facilitate...” #coca453 19 Mar // currently delving into the complicated world of cyberethics. interesting so far! #coca453 20 Mar // getting some very interesting answers so far... please fill this out! #coca494 22 Mar // MP: The Twitter Revolution #coca453 22 Mar // A book im reading for #coca453 talks about lolcats. Win. 22 Mar // MP: “The atomization of social life in the twentieth century left us so far removed from participatory...” #coca453 22 Mar // Dear central proposition, please appear on my page? it’d be super handy of you. thanks, C. #coca453 23 Mar // consumption vs production... #coca453 breakthrough! 23 Mar // best blog follow for a while goes to some very odd & interesting people live here haha 23 Mar // so @3sport or @TVNZSportNews, why do i not see the F1 on your lineups for Sunday?? Not impressed! 23 Mar // MP: New Brainstorm! Further clarifying my thoughts. Hopefully it is... #coca453 23 Mar // @eclang do you mean you want to make a post on your new blog? just hit text (or photo or whatever you want to post) and in the top right it 23 Mar // @eclang says “post to” so just select the blog you want to post to from the menu. is that what you were meaning? 23 Mar // @thomaslebas @eclang weird, ive never even seen that before. i feel like a bad tumblrite xD 23 Mar // @eclang did you tick the “show a link to this page” button? my theme doesnt support it so i cant test it for you sorry. did you make sure to 23 Mar // @eclang add something onto the end of the url at the top? i just made this one to test it (i had to add the ‘about’) 23 Mar // @eclang it comes up for me! some white square things with colourful edges saying “help” ? 23 Mar // @eclang very strange! but when i click that link it comes up so dont worry i guess? 23 Mar // currently finding it very difficult to do visual research for something that has no physical form... #coca453 23 Mar // @thomaslebas well how would you visualise the internet then? cos i have noooo idea. 23 Mar // @thomaslebas ooooooo thats awesome! thank you flattie :) PS: can you hear my touch ding when you wteet me? xD 23 Mar // @thomaslebas xD i guess thats why they say you should step back from your project every once and a while 23 Mar // MP: Attempting to visualise the internet…. #coca453 23 Mar // MP: “The multitude of books is a great evil. There is no measure of limit to this fever for writing;...” #coca453 24 Mar // First concept #coca494 24 Mar // second concept #coca494 24 Mar // third concept #coca494 24 Mar // MP: Coincidentally, this girls story of interacting online leading... #coca453 24 Mar // @markjbradford will you be giving us any feedback on our CPs before the next class? 24 Mar // @markjbradford awesome! thanks :) 24 Mar // MP: The Bank of Common Knowledge #coca453 26 Mar // MP: The Opte Project #coca453 26 Mar // MP: Visualisation of the Egypt Revolution on twitter. #coca453 26 Mar // MP: I personally, don’t think this definition of the internet... #coca453 26 Mar // @thomaslebas added. New Oxford American Dictionary. can’t find the year tho. 26 Mar // MP: Map of the Internet 2011After wondering what today’s... #coca453 26 Mar // Ringling College of Art And Design interesting, sort of the... #coca494 27 Mar // i really like the bottom pictures. with all the windows in the... #coca494 27 Mar // @thomaslebas lol 27 Mar // @thomaslebas more appropriate xD 27 Mar // I really love the idea behind this typeface Beowolf, especially... #coca494 27 Mar // @markjbradford haven’t had any more emails re: library sessions. should i just turn up tomorrow? 27 Mar // The OCD tendencies in me love this 27 Mar // @markjbradford very interested! thanks. 27 Mar // very nice interior typography #coca494 27 Mar // MP: designersof: Project 3 of Information Design Class: track down... #coca453 27 Mar // picked up some great tips at the library session today. #coca453 28 Mar // MP: Record shops #coca453 28 Mar // had a bit of fun with tilt shift effects this weekend 28 Mar // sticking with the layout from my first draft and trying some... #coca494 28 Mar // switching back to black. In Black, the logo looks VERY different... #coca494 28 Mar // @RosinaEsme haha its photoshop trickery i have to admit :) 28 Mar // @eclang dont worry mine will be sticking with the handheld aesthetic for the most part :) 28 Mar // MP: Amazing. This is a map of 10 million friendships on facebook.... #coca453 28 Mar // MP: Researching Shirky’s theory #coca453 28 Mar // MP: great talk by Dan Pink and great animation accompanying it. A... LgfPY #coca453 28 Mar // MP: an inspiring story of volunteerism #coca453 28 Mar // @RosinaEsme haha sure thing! :) when? id love to hear how your major is going! 28 Mar // working on getting the format of the logo right before applying... http://dlvr. it/Lh4Vy #coca494 28 Mar // @eclang lets just keep each other informed on that one so we can make sure they dont end up the same! haha 28 Mar // now working with the border. remember this concept started from... #coca494 28 Mar // moving on to working on my second concept. testing different... #coca494 28 Mar // MP: community standards for #coca453 28 Mar // revised 3rd concept #coca494 29 Mar // so far the hardest thing seems to

be getting the text to stand... #coca494 29 Mar // the faded dots make the name stand out more. not sure which of... #coca494 29 Mar // @thomaslebas yep gotham works. gracias! 29 Mar // @coca222494 okay! thanks for feedback 29 Mar // a blog for the tv show Community keeps liking the posts on my MP research blog tagged with community...they must not be reading the posts xD 29 Mar // @thomaslebas touché xD 29 Mar // sweet! Just saw in the Sunday Star Times a pic of Webber and Vettel at the F1 testing i went to in VLC :D #formula1 #iwasthereforthat! 29 Mar // the first concept in situ. i think i do prefer the corner pieces... #coca494 30 Mar // Inspiration from Studio Dumbar #coca494 30 Mar // @RosinaEsme sounds good! man are you feeling totally glad right now that you’re only doing one elective? haha 30 Mar // MP: how all these words I’ve been playing with fit... #coca453 30 Mar // MP: google images #coca453 30 Mar // MP: looking at how people behave online made me think of my... #coca453 30 Mar // MP: Jason Calacanis on Internet Pollution and how to stop... #coca453 30 Mar // first complete draft of abstract written. yay! 30 Mar // Wim Crouwel. nice cropping. http:// #coca494 30 Mar // Shinnoske Inc. / Shinnoske Sugisaki nice use of line weight http://dlvr.t/LvhzY #coca494 30 Mar // Wolfgang Weingart – Typographic Process #coca494 30 Mar // feeling a little lost with this one! went a bit nuts with some... #coca494 30 Mar // these are getting slightly better… the bottom one looks... #coca494 30 Mar // The Creative C identity system. I think this one is working... #coca494 30 Mar // In searching google images for examples of Weingart’s... #coca494 31 Mar // 6 hours of stocktake at Babystar. all i can see is barcodes. this does not bode well for my 494 logo development. 31 Mar // MP: interesting tweet from the author of the E Pluribus Magis... M2LBZ #coca453 31 Mar // just got word a new social network in spain thats going to try be a better version of myspace... sounds interesting. i just wish my spanish 31 Mar // was better so i could read more about it! my basic tourist spanish is no good here... haha 31 Mar // developing the frame idea #coca494 31 Mar // aaand further development #coca494 31 Mar // @coca222494 phew! Thats good to hear. And yes youre right re. target thing, will work on that today. 31 Mar // MP: “Trolling is also unacceptable & we recognize that a lot of you trolls don’t even realize...” #coca453 1 Apr // MP: Is Facebook making you depressed? #coca453 1 Apr // @eclang i use :) its pretty good cos you can tell it to add hashtags 1 Apr // @eclang no probs! 1 Apr // coolest band promo I’ve seen in a while. an internet wide scavenger hunt. “scratch&win” on images 1 Apr // making the frame look more like photo corners than a target & the text is still giving me... M7Xdk #coca494 1 Apr // @thomaslebas luls. good one google. 1 Apr // @coca222494 darn. i don’t know what to do with it! any suggestions? what about it isnt working? 2 Apr // @coca453 not sure what tone to write the BAR in... first person? or more like an essay? 2 Apr // @ eclang good reference. thanks! 3 Apr // La primera regla del club de la tipografia es no hacer posters sobre el club de la tipografia 3 Apr // @RosinaEsme boo it seems i wont be available to lunch this week sorry. having to basically restart my 494 so mondays gonna be hectic. :( 3 Apr // @RosinaEsme ill be okay :) just realised tonight that what ive been doing doesnt really make any sense so its back to the drawing board! 3 Apr // @RosinaEsme shall we catch up next monday instead? 3 Apr // @RosinaEsme thanks ro! :) and good luck for your abstract presentation on monday! 3 Apr // I already had this image above in my inspiration folder and... #coca494 3 Apr // @thomaslebas very cool. thanks! 3 Apr // I feel like I’m just going in circles now! In desperate need of some guidance. I think i... http://dlvr. it/MKDmf #coca494 3 Apr // @coca222494 i don’t feel like I am refining tho. I know what I want the logo to do on the building. I want it to be used as a cut out much 3 Apr // @coca222494 like or the shadow play in this so I know I need a logo that will make nice shapes. 3 Apr // @coca222494 The central idea behind this one is confidence, claiming our territory so to speak. Like a proud stamp on a piece of work saying 3 Apr // @coca222494 “we did this!” but maybe thats too complicated to get across. argh i dont know anymore! 3 Apr // @coca222494 i thought confidence and pride were values? or are they just not showing through in my logo? so sorry for all the questions! 3 Apr // @coca222494 do you mean the same logo needs to fit with different values as well? im starting to think i dont understand the brief... 3 Apr // @coca222494 who knows. maybe i am? I feel like I no longer have any idea what i’m doing. will just try to have 3 complete logos for wed. 3 Apr // revised 3rd concept development #coca494 3 Apr // I attempted to get away from the squares for a bit, I imagine this as a sticker slapped on top of... #coca494 3 Apr // A chellenge with this method is finding a colour for the frame that will work on anything‚... #coca494 4 Apr // came across this student’s work for branding their... #coca494 4 Apr // @pagannemoore thanks! handy reference :) 4 Apr // @eclang love the changing quote wall idea! it could maybe turn into a general “inspiration wall” with new projects etc as well. 4 Apr // MP: Poet meets graphic artist meets type designer, and the... #coca453 4 Apr // the logo at a slightly busier time. trying out different fonts and colours trying to decide what... #coca494 4 Apr // I decided to try hand drawing the logo as a way of bringing more personality to it. (in case you... #coca494 4 Apr // hand drawn or straight vector? place your votes now. 5 Apr // @eclang haha good to know! thanks. 5 Apr // @eclang i like this concept! can imagine the colours looking very cool as an installation, sort of like this 5 Apr // @thomaslebas speaking of street art, i wanted to steal the space invader by the flat in VLC but decided that would be rude xD 5 Apr //@thomaslebas i honestly dont think i ever took a pic of it! weird. i guess cos i walked past it every day haha 5 Apr // @thomaslebas will get a pic next time xD 5 Apr // @RosinaEsme more like through the wall xD 5 Apr // @RosinaEsme do you mind if i use one of the pics of you holding up your work to demonstrate a logo for 494? 5 Apr // black or white!?!? I think I‚Äôm leaning more towards white simply because it seems more... #coca494 5 Apr // @eclang i dont actually have a physical workbook at all. so i don’t know sorry! but i would guess that it doesnt matter cos you’ve got your 5 Apr // @ eclang blog as the tidy up to date one? 5 Apr // @eclang ugh this week has been a disaster for mine really. i’ll just be happy if i get it all done in time! haha 5 Apr // @eclang yeah my abstract presentation is tomorrow too so life is stressful atm!! haha 5 Apr // @eclang yup! cant wait! :D 5 Apr // @thomaslebas mine is still new? :S 6 Apr // day of busy-ness is over! someone remind me not to work a 30 hour week before the next hand-in kay? 6 Apr // @RosinaEsme my abstract presentation was yesterday :) went okay i think. 7 Apr // MP: wow! a digital meets real world art installation‚... #coca453 7 Apr // there go my plans for moving to europe next year? darn unemployment rates. 7 Apr // @coca222453 heard some students talking yesterday about doing ISTD, will everyone be told about that at some point? 7 Apr // “In the digital age, don’t forget to use your digits!”-Lynda Barry 7 Apr // How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me) some great advice! 7 Apr // @thomaslebas i love the “omg...why?” xD 8 Apr // the best thing about having a unique name is you can pretty much guarantee it as a username for any website xD 8 Apr // theres got to be one bright side to having “Prangley” as a last name right!? 8 Apr // final concept 2 #coca494 8 Apr // final concept 3 http:// #coca494 8 Apr // some frame inspiration from the Starn twins I especially love... #coca494 8 Apr // use of 3D frames #coca494 8 Apr // MP: some thoughts... #coca453 8 Apr // MP: Austin Kleon’s How to steal like an artist has been a... #coca453 8 Apr // MP: The real life social network #coca453 8 Apr // @eclang i’m not sure what you mean by “public” all blogs on tumblr are public, unless you set one up to be accessed only by password. 8 Apr // @eclang yup i can see it! :) the reason tumblr is awesome is cos you can have lots of blogs under one account. i have 15! haha. 8 Apr // the thing i love about #coca453 is that if you spend all day thinking & researching, you’re bound to have a (cont) http:// 8 Apr // @eclang did you send one that looked like “”? thats the mistake a lot of people make! tumblr is odd lol 8 Apr // @josephjpearce interesting! Thanks. 8 Apr // @josephjpearce i agree. it was gross like that when we moved in. grrrrr. 9 Apr // bought 20 records from Real Groovy today. so sad they’re closing :( 9 Apr // Photo #coca494 9 Apr // MP: The composition of my social networks. After looking through the... #coca453 9 Apr // @ Markjbradford thanks for suggesting i read Macrowikinomics! just managed to get a copy of it this week. its great so far! 10 Apr // watching the F1 through a written commentary feed on my touch. #desperate haha 10 Apr // cool positive/negative play. i can imagine the corners of my... #coca494 10 Apr // @eclang mark has those stamps! haha 10 Apr // @eclang yup he does! theyre awesome. he used them on our abstracts haha. 10 Apr // RT @oltonn: Google Maps won’t be free anymore: Ads + request limits are coming. Good that we have our own nice OSM t ... 10 Apr // Photo #coca494 11 Apr // RT @fastcodesign: When it comes down to it, branding is just about these three simple words: 11 Apr // MP: very relevant for this digital era. #coca453 11 Apr // just had a major “OMG YES!” moment #coca453 now to try rewrite my abstract to make it fit.... 11 Apr // Apparently right this second at UPV there is a conference about crowd-sourcing going on. Wish i was there! The google one i went to was rad. 11 Apr // I like the way type and image interact in these two pieces. #coca494 11 Apr // my screenprinting chemicals arrived :D gonna be a fun study break. 13 Apr // @eclang 13 Apr // Aren’t New Zealand’s stupidly expensive capped internet plans enough of a hinderance to piracy already?? we do not need this law. 13 Apr // @thomaslebas any suggestions on what fonts these are?/similar ones? 13 Apr // @thomaslebas danke :) 13 Apr // just doing some general inspiration research into nice... #coca494 13 Apr // NUARs branding by Underline Studios love the idea of peeling back layers. especially in the top... NKwht #coca494 13 Apr // @thomaslebas what t? 13 Apr // some awesome spatial typography by Chris Tozer for XYZ Love the playfulness of this image.... #coca494 13 Apr // type installation work by Stefan Bruggemann #coca494 13 Apr // @thomaslebas trade gothic isn’t right. not tall and skinny enough. can you send me heroic? 13 Apr // @thomaslebas kk. any other tall skinny typefaces you can suggest? does trade gothic have a light condensed? not in my font files if there is 13 Apr // @thomaslebas ultra light condensed may be as close as i’ll get me thinks. going to go look through my type specimen book lol 13 Apr // @thomaslebas yeah. nothing is tall enough!! lol 13 Apr // anti piracy laws won’t stop me. i get my pirated movies and tv shows sent to me from Spain, where internet is unlimited. ha! #blackout 13 Apr // @thomaslebas do you follow frazer? apparently theres a protest going on right now. 13 Apr // @thomaslebas WHY DO WE HAVE TO LIVE SO FAR AWAY FROM PARLIMENT!? grrrrr 13 Apr // @thomaslebas wont load 13 Apr // @ thomaslebas ugh. lol. 13 Apr // This bill is just putting NZ even further behind the rest of the world. they all need to read Macrowikinomics. 13 Apr // NZ needs a pirate party. I’d vote for them xD 13 Apr // interesting that giving value back was mentioned... #blackoutnz #coca453 13 Apr // - are my slight OCD tendencies for organising by colour and love for old technology apparent at all? haha 15 Apr // midnight. drinking lemon tea and getting designs ready to screenprint. #thisisthelife 17 Apr // @eclang congratulations! :D it’s a pretty awesome feeling to make money from your art right? :) 17 Apr // @eclang haha awesome! that rules. im hoping sales from my next tshirt line will cover my screenprinting costs lol 18 Apr // MP: “What I’m trying to say is‚ there are a million-bajillion people on this planet (that’s just an...” #coca453 18 Apr // MP: Power of Networks #coca453 18 Apr // focussing in on my central idea #coca494 18 Apr // some more inspiration #coca494 18 Apr // @mattstawski you’re directing the new ATL video? AWESOME. your Weightless video was a huge inspiration to me :) 19 Apr // i do not understand why every month there are at least a few hits on my blog from people searching “old nokia phones”.... 19 Apr // have also had hits from Hungary and Serbia this month. weird... 19 Apr // @thomaslebas pretty sure when i get married ill have to stream it live so all my friends can be there xD 21 Apr // @thomaslebas well i guess that means i’ll have to invite you to it then? haha. you can be one of my bridesmaids. a bridesman...? 23 Apr // MP: “The internet was supposed to [‚Ķhelp] artists go around the big record labels and around the studios...” #coca453 23 Apr // MP: PirateBox¬†is a self-contained mobile communication and file... #coca453 23 Apr // MP: How Trolls Work #coca453 23 Apr // MP: Nourishing Nostalgia #coca453 24 Apr // MP: 29 semi-productive things to do online when avoiding real work #coca453 24 Apr // Did a little experiment based on this sort of anamorphic type: My hopes were that the cropped... #coca494 25 Apr // an example of how it could work in vector form. #coca494 25 Apr // an example of how the shapes created by look at different... PbvDT #coca494 25 Apr // oh After Effects, how I missed you and your random quitting in the middle of rendering. not. 25 Apr // the central idea #coca494 25 Apr // MP: thats-not-even-real: The post your physical music collection competition over on what(the hub for... #coca453 25 Apr // while I had After effects open I thought I’d try out another idea too. What i was trying to... #coca494 25 Apr // MP: Kickstarter #coca453 26 Apr // MP: Wikipedia http://dlvr. it/PlBrL #coca453 26 Apr // MP: Kiva #coca453 26 Apr // MP: Interested¬†in the overlap of digital and physical experiences,... #coca453 26 Apr // @thomaslebas but you’re all the way in the next room..... lol 27 Apr // @coca222453 think i found the 2011 briefs and none seem to fit my project unfortunately. 27 Apr // @thomaslebas seriously thinking about going to get chocolate spread soon.. want to take a walk to the supermarket? 27 Apr // Some more experiments with the morphing letters. when all letters are done the effect is... #coca494 27 Apr // going to document every single thing i do on the internet for a week. beware, you are about to find out what an extreme nerd i am! #coca453 27 Apr // @thomaslebas thanks. will check it out. 27 Apr // @ coca222453 currently developing one. i think a lack of system has been why my auto-ethnography hasn’t yielded any results so far. 27 Apr // @coca222453 woah! i suddenly feel very very unprepared :S 27 Apr // nicholasscimeca: Wow, this is a clever use of lighting and... http:// #coca494 27 Apr // this is totally future @thomaslebas with his future wife. 27 Apr // edgina: Graphical House - University of the West of Scotland |... #coca494 27 Apr // @markjbradford any chance of some quick feedback on where my is heading?mainly on the central idea&approaches im taking 27 Apr // @echarlottesmind @thomaslebas can we move it to spain? lol 28 Apr // MP: autoethnography #coca453 28 Apr // MP: Household Use of Information and Communication Technology: 2009 #coca453 28 Apr // MP: New Zealand’s Voice Call Volumes Still Lag International Norms #coca453 28 Apr // it’s always good when you discover a media release by statistics NZ that backs up your hunch... :) 28 Apr // MP: As one young college student famously said in a focus group, if news is important to me it... #coca453 28 Apr // MP: Internet Service Provider Survey: June 2010 #coca453 28 Apr // MP: http:// #coca453 28 Apr // some slightly shocking maths... #coca453 28 Apr // MP: The broadband cap is a human rights issue. capping it stunts progress #coca453 28 Apr // MP: Why aren’t there more unlimited broadband plans in Australia? #coca453 28 Apr // MP: What am I doing? #coca453 28 Apr // only 42 minutes of this autoethnography day to go. thank god. i swear it is the most time consuming thing i have ever done! 28 Apr // MP: Glocalisation #coca453 28 Apr // MP: from Cyberimperialism?: global relations in the new electronic... #coca453 28 Apr // MP: Understanding glocalisation #coca453 28 Apr // some more logo inspiration #coca494 29 Apr // royal wedding aside, i am loving all these scenes of London on TV :) this time next year i’ll be getting ready to move there after grad! 29 Apr // MP: 24 hours of autoethnography #coca453 29 Apr // @thomaslebas i bet it wasn’t as far as when me and samme accidentally walked to the Vatican xD 30 Apr // @coca222453 thanks! will check it out. i was honestly SO surprised at how much i learnt from it. not sure what do do with the info yet tho. 30 Apr // Photo #coca494 30 Apr // MP: One thing I’ve been having trouble with in this project is visual precedents. The few i have... #coca453 30 Apr // A voice-activated interactive video projection by 1024... #coca494 30 Apr // MP: My country, my pride. #coca453 1 May // MP: National Pride #coca453 1 May // @thomaslebas 1 May // even if i have a google search result page open, i still search by typing in the address bar. #why? #chrome 1 May // MP: World War II Posters http://dlvr. it/QGW0S #coca453 1 May // Telstra better fix this slow internet soon. i need my internet connection to keep up with my fast paced surfing style. grrrr. 1 May // MP: WWIII Propaganda Posters by Brian Winfield¬† A set that has been a favourite of mine for a while (it... http:// #coca453 1 May // Welcome to the new New Zealand #coca494 1 May // MP: New Zealanders near top in national pride survey #coca453 2 May // Osama Bin Laden is dead!! history in the making so why is tv1 showing a cooking show!?!? 2 May // RT @dtapscott: RT @kjhealy: First Donald Trump and now Osama Bin Laden? If I were on Obama’s shit list I’d be pretty fucking worried thi ... 2 May // MP: New Zealand National Pride #coca453 2 May // MP: is it irony that while I was researching the quality of New... #coca453 2 May // Obama is a brilliant public speaker. 2 May // @thomaslebas catch up tom that news happened hours ago!! xD 2 May // @thomaslebas i guess that means your students were focussing on their type not checking twitter! lol 2 May // @thomaslebas sweet and sour chicken stir fry! :) will be commencing cooking at 6. 2 May // @thomaslebas not like in my motion graphics class when MJ died xD 2 May // designersof: 51 Styles of Helvetica Neue Fabian Steidl -... http:// #coca494 2 May // edgina: Graphical House - Canterbury School of Architecture -... #coca494 2 May // MP: Be A Tidy Kiwi / Keep New Zealand Beautiful #coca453 2 May // @markjbradford makes me so mad! &it’s what i’ve been saying from the beginning: the law is for protecting US intellectual property, not ours 2 May // @markjbradford as in NZers being apathetic or others feeling apathetic towards us? 2 May // @markjbradford i wonder what that apathy will mean for the election later this year. 2 May // @TelstraClearNZ please sort this out!! 2 May // MP: Our internet speed a few nights ago: not great. but not too bad either. and our internet speed... #coca453 2 May // @thomaslebas you have that too? 3 May // @ thomaslebas same. sigh. 3 May // feel like I’ve come to a bit of a standstill with #coca494 over this break! any advice will be appreciated @coca222494 3 May // leaving the wispy C’s behind for a bit to go back to this... #coca494 3 May // @thomaslebas the anamorphic type you mean? i think so too. but im sad cos i 3 May // @thomaslebas sorry, i meant these ones (using radio waves in AE): 3 May // @thomaslebas yeah thats a good point. currently just making vectors out of a few before i let the idea go completely... lol 3 May // “When a new law contradicts the Bill of Rights it better have an extremely good reason... & protecting the entertainment industry isn’t one” 3 May // before leaving this idea behind i just wanted to try making the... #coca494 3 May // MP: 13 reasons the copyright act is bad for you #coca453 3 May // @markjbradford hi mark did you get my email re: agideas broadcast? 3 May // Ag ideas broadcast was excellent. The technology may not have been the best but was still a great opportunity. 4 May // trying a different typeface to work out what gives better... #coca494 4 May // both my workblogs now have a comments feature so feel free to go nuts critiquing and 4 May // though i dont seem to be getting email notifications for the comments at the moment.... hopefully that will be fixed soon. 4 May // So fairgo’s description of filesharing is just torrenting. Can anyone enlighten me as to what definition the law is using?? 4 May // MP: a cartoonists idea of how to control internet pollution #coca453 5 May // Using the logo as a mask. currently just using a picture of the... #coca494 6 May // @thomaslebas starting to look a bit more creative? and look colour! haha. 6 May // @thomaslebas looks pretty rad when its moving! will export a vid soon. 6 May // @thomaslebas nawh cuuute 6 May // Moving colour logo Trying to get some colour into the logo but... #coca494 6 May // And i think it still works in black and white too, as obviously it will need to appear in just... #coca494 6 May // wow the new Unitec ads are actually pretty good. they tell you way more about the uni than the new Massey ads do. theyre just as cheesy tho! 6 May // MP: definitions #coca453 6 May // @thomaslebas what’d i do!? 6 May // @thomaslebas so, i didn’t do anything wrong? lol 6 May // @thomaslebas lol. i shall watch my step! 6 May // The new identity for OCAD University¬†incorporates a frame that... #coca494 6 May // MP: Projects, not campaigns #coca453 6 May // @AmberJeanLouise kay, shall try layering. thanks! :) 6 May // @AmberJeanLouise sweet shall try it out! thanks 6 May // i have to cut about 600 words out of my background analysis report somehow... then cut out another 700 for it to go on my poster. ARGH! 6 May // hey #coca494 students. some of you had 3D renderings of the building. did you make them yourselves or find them somewhere? 6 May // 4 weeks til the end of semester 1. how did that happen!? 6 May // more anamorphic type examples #coca494 6 May // somehow, when working with After Effects, even a 27” screen is not enough! 6 May // @thomaslebas come see colours thing if you want. warning: it looks horrible lol 6 May // @ AmberJeanLouise wondering if you can help me... in the 3rd video down, what effect did you use to get that motion? to 6 May // @amberjeanlouise have the previous frames layered like that? 6 May // An interactive brand identity for Great Ormond St Hospital by... #coca494 6 May // @markjbradford quick question, should I put my autoethnography in my background analysis report? or just in the design synthesis? 7 May // getting some very handy responses so far. if everyone could answer these 5 simple questions i would be very grateful! 7 May // @CarlyHitchcock thanks for the retweet :) 7 May // @thomaslebas probably. lol 7 May // so I woke up to find a 15yr old posted my work with a link back to her tumblr and it has over 400 notes. should i be flattered or annoyed? 7 May // internet, you have let me down today :( but, lesson learnt. from now on EVERYTHING will be watermarked. ugh. makes things so ugly tho! 8 May // wow. the description of my type (Archer Hairline) was so accurately me! scary. RT @nkapica: ‚Äî what type are you? 8 May // first attempt at finding some mix between the wispy C’s... #coca494 8 May // some stills showing static versions of the last video. can’t decide yet if i like it or not.... #coca494 8 May // RT @thomaslebas: TEDxWGTN would be nice. 8 May // race time! i admit, I’ve had a soft spot for Vettel since he cried over the mic when he won last year xD #f1 8 May // since i don’t have sky, or any friends into f1 to go watch at a bar with, this is how i’m watching the Turkish race #f1 8 May // further experiments. a blur helps a little maybe.. still not the... #coca494 8 May // trying with a different font, a light weight slab serif. It... #coca494 8 May // Just received a BTTF Delorean Hot Wheels car in the mail. Be jealous. 8 May // MP: visualising my auto-ethnographic research&connections between... #coca453 9 May // MP: visualising my auto-ethnographic research - my activity on the... #coca453 9 May // @ coca222494 thanks! 9 May // MP: Evaluating the quality of my blog so far this year. Continuing... #coca453 9 May // MP: Evaluating the content of my blog so far this year A breakdown... #coca453 9 May // @echarlottesmind there will still be a frame but it won’t be that “corners” shape. I decided that something that rigid and structured didn’t 10 May // @echarlottesmind fit with the CoCA values. it was a little bit hard to make it versatile enough sadly. 10 May // @nkapica I’m an archer hairline. You’ve met me! :) 10 May // my role as graphic designer for Babystar officially starts this week with a magazine ad, animated gifs and a newsletter. woo! 10 May // @nkapica yup! theres so many “which type are you” web apps, but this one is by far the best and most accurate I’ve ever done. 10 May // @coca222494 yay! 10 May // The thing I am liking about this direction is that the endless... #coca494 10 May // Experimenting with using the shapes created by the anamorphic type as frames, like in my original... #coca494 10 May // Photo #coca494 11 May // very interesting design for Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. I... #coca494 11 May // back to being a B student. sigh. haven’t got one of them for years. at least it was only worth 30% 11 May // @ AmberJeanLouise yeah? thats good to hear!! ive got A- for both my other electives so was hoping to keep that (or higher) going. hopefully 11 May // @AmberJeanLouise this B doesn’t screw that up too much :S 11 May // i feel flu-like symptoms starting... come on immune system! you only have to hang in there 3 more weeks! #youcandoit 11 May // @echarlottesmind awesome! thanks! 11 May // @RosinaEsme haha why thank you ro! x 11 May // @echarlottesmind all awesome links! thanks heaps! 11 May // edgina: Hello Labyrinth RLTmD #coca494 11 May // @thomaslebas nice. 11 May // Music recommendation of the day: Elliot Minor’s self titled album. released in 2008 but still so amazing. #britishmusicftw 12 May // “Art isn’t a puzzle, it’s more like an ‘in joke’ that no one has to be in on with you” Patrick Stump 12 May // MP: Results from my News Online survey¬†(click thru pic for hi... #coca453 12 May // @thomaslebas you got that from Mark’s blog right? lol 12 May // ugh my works website manager is “best used on IE or Firefox” GET WITH THE TIMES! chrome is where it’s at. 12 May // feel like I’m getting a small taste of the “real world” with my new job. even tho its just email newsletters & web banners, its pretty fun! 12 May // oh yes and an ad to go in AgTrader... never had Farmers as a target audience before... haha 12 May // @AmberJeanLouise good to know!! 12 May // Great training evening at @icebreakernz with free wine and delicious gourmet pizza :P 12 May // Internet (ab)users. #possibletitle? 12 May // @photojojo @fractureme this one! because the giraffe appears to be drunkenly licking a rock.... haha 12 May // favourite word of the day: Fauxtography. love it! as read in this article 12 May // MP: Internet licence test #coca453 12 May // MP: Webonauts Internet Academy RWk38 #coca453 12 May // VLC is the most beautiful place on earth. old buildings and palm trees = perfection 13 May // @markjbradford any news yet on whether we have to do the timeline or not? 13 May // getting a little sick of all the emails from stream today.... 13 May // @GarethMP YES!! I’ve been on a “payement holiday” after not opting out soon enough, but if I could use it to pay off my loan I would 13 May // @GarethMP definitely start paying into it again. 100% sure. 13 May // MP: this is what my internet looks like. The sites I visit directly... #coca453 13 May // amazing shapes! The four sides of the structure permit to... #coca494 13 May // A more understated placement of the text. At first I tried it in a frame, so the frame and text are... RZVRh #coca494 13 May // @coca222453 yes you’re right. I’ve been struggling with context, that darn target. but seeing the examples from last year have helped. 14 May // Started reading @dtapscott’s Grown Up Digital on my lunch break today. SO GLAD I DID. has given my #coca453 a clearer focus already. 14 May // OMG! i won the @fractureme and @photojojo contest! can’t WAIT to get some of my Europe pictures fractured!!! thanks guys :D 14 May // I can thank this silly giraffe for winning that contest :) 14 May // @ justaddoil that is exactly why i haven’t told my imac I’m replacing it with a macbook next year... haha 14 May // attempting to write my brief. this is darn tricky :S 14 May // am I the only one who wishes command+F could be used on physical books? #netgenforlife 14 May // @ echarlottesmind you read my mind! haha. onto my 5th cup for the day xD 14 May // Was talking about this very clever installation to Charlie in class on Wednesday. Inside the Arc de... #coca494 15 May // BAR cut down to 309 words. that’ll do!! yusssss. 15 May // @thomaslebas its been there a while hasnt it? 16 May // @thomaslebas true true. 16 May // Nescafe Mocha sachet with a pinch of cinnamon. yum! #whoneedsstarbucks 16 May // @echarlottesmind lucky! my room only gets morning sun. 16 May // really struggling with the writing of my design synthesis :S “no correct style of writing” makes it so hard! #coca453 16 May // @echarlottesmind 16 May // @CarlyHitchcock agreed! 16 May // Awesome project: 16 May // @thomaslebas using it to

Honestly, I have no idea what a digital citizen is. a person on the internet? :) @austinkleon

A digital citizen? All I can think of is the game Second Life @attiapete

I have no idea. Never heard that term. @espiekermann

Unfortunately, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have too much of a definition for this term - please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hold it against me! @feltron

I hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thought about it until you asked. @hnauheimer

mean this. does that make more sense? 16 May // @thomaslebas do you think i need to include that definition on the poster somewhere to make it clearer? :S 16 May // @thomaslebas hopefully! haha 16 May // @RosinaEsme WHAT THE WHAT!? is the chicken mccheese b I have it somewhere, the following is the definition of abuse I am meaning in... #coca453 16 May // @echarlottesmind just been focussing on major really! will hopefully do some more 494 tomorrow tho. 16 May // All content is on my poster... but it looks far too full. darn. 16

This is mostly where I, @charliprangley, use Twitter

back???? 16 May // @RosinaEsme O.M.G. i have been waiting YEARS for this!! #itslamehowexcitediam 16 May // @thomaslebas if that is the reason they’re doing this then 16 May // @RosinaEsme mine too! haha. most likely more than one of them. let’s just be honest. lol 16 May // MP: Just so 6 May // @RosinaEsme haha i don’t think intellectual is the right word... but crap could describe it!! lol 16 May // tylerelizabeth: 1967 Vignelli poster for Knoll International I... #coca494 16 May // @echarlottesmind really?? awesome how’d you find that out? 17 May //

Where do I start?

² Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Tweet: 24 Aug 2011,

@FutureBoy ¹

¹ Twitter More Robust Than It May Seem by Chris Taylor. 2011,

No other service, not even Facebook, gives the impression of immersing you in a global conversation, a fact that becomes abundantly clear any time there is a natural disaster, revolution or major sporting event.

@echarlottesmind haha awesome. good find :) 17 May //

MP: first complete draft of poster. finally got everything to..

@melmelwall thanks! worried its a bit boring tho. :S gonna

MP: some more poster developments. thomaslebas thoughts? 17 May //

MP: ‘final’ poster layout for now, until class tomorrow.... ht

@coca222494 did students last year draw their own render

@coca222453 any quick comments on my abstract http://t

@echarlottesmind only if your tutor organised for you to ha MP: Abstract #coca453 17 May //

@GarethMP I may just take you up on that! will work out so

@GarethMP could you possibly give me some examples of t

Twitter is more than 140 characters.

@echarlottesmind you think? i just felt that one looked too

@GarethMP gosh. for a public figure his tweets are atrociou

@echarlottesmind it does! and i think looking at last years e

@coca222453 hi! i am not sure why you are laughing! xD 17

@echarlottesmind sorry if my blog post was to blame! haha

@coca222453 Figures 4 & 5 were my “sketches”. I don’t rea

@coca222453 darn. i’m really struggling with this concept o

@coca222453 weren’t intended as concepts, just part of exp

@coca222453 okay. will hopefully have something more so @coca222453 your comment. 17 May @coca222453 thanks :) 17 May //

That awkward moment when you can’t sleep because your b


@coca222494 theres just a few angles they use that i haven

@RosinaEsme and then you’re like, if im awake i should pr

Enter TreatMe’s draw to win an iPad :)

the identity as a frame #coca494 18 M

@thomaslebas looks like we were beaten to the planking at @thomaslebas see the @cocamassey twitter 18 May //

@walkingkiwi maybe you haven’t paired your twitter with i

@walkingkiwi very weird. silly tumblr :S you could always s @thomaslebas betterrr? 18 May //

@thomaslebas wait just realised the sub heading needs to m @thomaslebas crit crit crit 18 May //

MP: updated poster. #coca453 18 May

@walkingkiwi mine was really easy cos no other target audi

@walkingkiwi they’re the group that has “grown up digital”

@walkingkiwi hmmm i think narrowing it further will depe

How would YOU define a digital citizen? My own definition is here http://bit. ly/pU0Awp #digitalcitizen #coca454 @charliprangley – 30 Jul

@walkingkiwi feel like designing for? 18 May //

@walkingkiwi but when you think about it, my group is pre @walkingkiwi sounds like a good plan :) 18 May // @thomaslebas om nom nom nom. 18 May // @thomaslebas ta daaa 18 May //

@thomaslebas gonna print full size b/w just to check but i t @thomaslebas thanks for yr help :) 18 May // @walkingkiwi nope big picture :) 18 May // @walkingkiwi haha i know the feeling! 18 May //

MP: final for now. getting it printed bright and early tomorr

To Aro and back BEFORE 10am?? not used to being up and return flights to LDN for $1899?? don’t tempt me STA......

I use Twitter to communicate with friends, get real-time news, express my thoughts & opinions, source interesting content and follow interesting people.

What do you consider the definition of a digital citizen to be? @charliprangley wants to know for a school project. Help appreciated! @JoeFernandez – 2 Aug

MP: New York Times Editor Is a Horrible Troll Who Doesn @pagannemoore printing problems? :S 19 May // @pagannemoore boo not fair! 19 May //

MP: Are You Rude Online? 19 May //

@pagannemoore awh thanks :) when i put it up the plant w

@pagannemoore just digital as i understand it. has to be up

@pagannemoore thats what i’m doing now! haha 19 May //

@coca222453 just checking, our final design proposal is jus

@echarlottesmind well it was my understanding that every

@echarlottesmind but i’m not sure if we have to sorry. 19 M

@echarlottesmind it is only formative remember so if its wr

@coca222494 it’s okay I worked out they got them from the

was inspired to write a new post. curious for your personal thoughts on: What is a Digital Citizen? @VenessaMiemis – 7 Oct

@RosinaEsme i thought grad wasn’t til next week? 20 May

submitted my design research proposal. yays! now to kick s

woo got a bunch of new design projects for BabyStar. seriou RT @wolfcat: I think every NZ tweeter should at 6pm May

attempting to pick a colour scheme.. help!

But what more can it@melmelwall do? And what it may have been removed but i put the file an more can I do with it? @melmelwall folder on stream. no idea how to export stills

still looking for more colour advice. got some very handy co

anyone have any ideas why the bucket fountain water was red today? there was a 3 news camera by it. 21 May //

.. #coca453 17 May //

@walkingkiwi i replied to yr comment, did you not get an email? sometimes disqus is silly like that. look here :) 21 May //

a keep playing with it but at least I’ve got that to fall back on. 17 May //

further colour scheme developments #coca494 21 May //

2 #coca453 17 May //

people who have been to Melbourne: any recommendations on a good place for a group of 6 to stay? 21 May // new favourite blog for inspiration: :) 22 May //

ttp:// #coca453 17 May //

it was about this time 2 years ago I was watching the Globetrotters. one of the most incredible & entertaining things I’ve ever seen. :) 22 May //

rings of the building? 17 May //

@walkingkiwi no problem :) 22 May // & poster design would be great :) 17 May //

MP: topherchris: Dark matter in internet parlance I think of dark... 22 May //

ave class. we’re having class for a poster crit before printing :) 17 May //

RT @MarkK_H: RT if you think that your government doesn’t act in the publics interest. You are not alone. 22 May // @echarlottesmind i think thicker string might be better. i love the idea, but at the moment it looks a little like hair to me.. :S 23 May //

some questions and get back to you next week. thanks! :) 17 May //

that? 17 May // cluttered, not enough negative space. 17 May //

@coca222494 sure :) 23 May // i have NO idea how google confused “opensuse distortion screensaver” with “lobster ravioli sauce” what the what?? 23 May // i had a good look at all the posters today. can’t wait to see what everyone produces next semester! #coca453 23 May //

us! who do you think his pollution affects? 17 May //

@echarlottesmind by noon today. 23 May //

examples throws me off cos it seems like their type is a lot smaller. 17 May //

$1 Kaffee Eis vouchers! om nom nom nom 23 May //

7 May //

@echarlottesmind ah right. I already took mine down yesterday :) 24 May //

a 17 May //

updated the video file with the correct colours. the warmer... #coca494 24 May //

ally know what else to include. but will talk to you about it tomorrow. 17 May //

man its harder than I expected it would be to compile all my #coca494 work in a presentation... eep! 24 May //

of starting to answer the brief at the same time as presenting it! i guess they 17 May //

and in greyscale, as obviously sometimes it will be necessary... #coca494 24 May //

plorations in my design synthesis. 17 May //

@thomaslebas pretttty sure the hollywood sign is not in las vegas tom xD 24 May //

olid for week 12! not sure if you’ll get an email notification or not but i replied to 17 May // //

@thomaslebas kay. well that means your new york reference makes no sense lol. theres a replica of statue of liberty in vegas too. i think. 24 May // @thomaslebas kay so you think we should copy and have our own statue? lol. its still copying. we need something totally new thats totally 24 May // @thomaslebas wellington, and totally new zealand! :) giant statue doesnt say NZ to me. but maybe thats just me. 24 May //

brain refuses to stop thinking about major project. #lifeofadesignstudent 17 May //

@thomaslebas yes but the image you linked to showed giant statue people too. so i thought thats the type of statue you were referring too. 24 May //

nt seen on stream. Like of the gallery area for example. Maybe im just blind! Haha 17 May //

@thomaslebas idk. i guess giant anything just doesn’t seem kiwi to me. 24 May //

robably be working... But bed is too comfy! Lol 17 May //

@thomaslebas i was meaning giant as in the scale of that picture you posted. 24 May //

yw 17 May //

@thomaslebas kk wasn’t clear. but i gets it nao. 24 May //

May //

t massey thing xD where else could we do it..... hmm..... 18 May //

@thomaslebas ps have you seen these? i love the polar bear with the cone on his head xDDDD 24 May // @thomaslebas om nom nom nachos!! i was hoping thats what you were gonna make cos thats what i was feeling like xD done :) 24 May // I am really happy with how the logo looks when large, but have noticed that when it is small, the... #coca494 24 May //

it yet? 18 May //

massey logo could also be included in the large format logo if... #coca494 24 May //

set up auto posts using :) 18 May //

Trying to add in the name of the building that I came up with a while ago. When I came up with the... #coca494 24 May // @thomaslebas tooom do you know how to actually put something in sketchup? 24 May //

move hold up 18 May //

@thomaslebas anything. an image. to put it in the environment. 24 May // hey sketch up, why are you so difficult and unintuitive!? 24 May //

y //

Sketchup is apparently my worst enemy. So these are some attempts to show my sculpture in... #coca494 24 May //

ience made sense! haha. im targeting the Net Generation (13-33 year olds) because 18 May //

projecting onto buildings #coca494 24 May //

” and most internet users are from that generation. 18 May //

@thomaslebas how do you even do that?? cos i need to do that for my 494 24 May //

end on the design direction you take/vice versa. is there any particular group you 18 May //

as stoked to run into Matty Whitwell (aka the most creative person i’ve ever met) on my way home from uni. cheered me up immensely :) 24 May // @thomaslebas ahh kk i didn’t know that. so if i place a video just like i would place a picture... itd play in acrobat? 24 May //

etty big because it’s worldwide! haha 18 May //

@thomaslebas definitely xD 24 May // @coca222453 have we got class next week? so we can make changes then talk to you again before hand in? 25 May // bloody studylink earning threshold. it confuses me that the system encourages me NOT to work. 25 May // the projection inside the foyer. the control for it is in the... #coca494 25 May //

think i’ll stick with that one. 18 May //

@melmelwall no problem! so handy for getting the right angles a? mines coming along okay, lots of work to do still tho!! eep! 25 May // planning for an AKL christmas this year :DD last time i’ll get to see the family for a while so gotta make it count! 25 May // Thanks to a suggestion from Charlie today I’m trying out how the identity looks using the... #coca494 25 May // @thomaslebas yup theres enough in there :) rent goes out tomorrow night & my rent goes in tonight so thatll leave $198 spare in the account. 25 May //

row... #coca453 18 May //

nd about that early! poster is all finished and hung tho :) 18 May // 18 May //

n’t Understand the Modern World 18 May //

the corporate identity #coca494 25 May // @coca222494 would love some opinions on colour pretty please 26 May // decided to give it a try in the primary Massey colours.... #coca494 26 May // this morning i spent a weeks pay on a ticket to a music festival #smartchoices #notactuallybeingsarcastic 26 May // i am totally kicking #coca494’s butt today. solid plan in place and all my “rules” figured out 26 May // my external - internal scale #coca494 26 May //


@thomaslebas *pat pat* 26 May //

was covering it a little but perhaps someone moved it haha 19 May //

reversed logo. considering writing in my brand guidelines that... #coca494 26 May //

ploaded to stream by 4pm tomorrow. 19 May //

two colour versions. uses tints of the 3 colours. at 100%, 60%... #coca494 26 May //


the logo with the Maori translation #coca494 26 May //

st a digital hand in on stream right? 19 May //

identity with the building name. This is what will be projected... #coca494 26 May //

ything on the poster was a summary of our written proposal, so all mine are. 19 May //

way way waaaay too many screencaps... 26 May //

May //

@coca222494 replied here please read :) 26 May //

rong they’ll tell you and you can fix it up for week 12 :) 19 May //

@melmelwall the Massey Brand Guidelines on stream 26 May //

e sketch up file that Tom showed me. :) 20 May //

@melmelwall it doesn’t really look like an attachment like all the other pdfs do does it? very odd. 27 May //

y //

it’s a We Are Scientists kind of day. check out their hilarious music video making fun of their own song xD 27 May //

some 494 butt. 20 May //

listening to my major project feedback. every time i hear my voice on a recording i feel like i should never speak again >.< 27 May //

usly the best part time job I’ve ever had. :) 20 May //

so glad i recorded my #coca453 feedback session. just listened to it and got all inspired again. 27 May //

21 NZT suddenly tweet OMG... #rapture 20 May //

perhaps a brighter version of the Massey colours? one this one which is Massey blue, the secondary... #coca494 27 May //

QwrV #coca494 21 May //

@echarlottesmind you need a motivation theme song! haha 27 May //

nd the program on student shared in a zip called 494. but i found it in the 494 21 May //

@melmelwall thanks i think i do too. yay for an idea! i want to see! :) 27 May //

s from sketch up tho so i’ve just been taking screen shots 21 May //

Flights booked! hey Melbourne, see you in 4 months time. 27 May //

omments so far. thanks guys :) 21 May //

@henrycooke hi there fellow Massey student. just felt like introducing myself :) i’m Charli, 4th year graphics major 27 May //



Will anyone else be interested?

Worried that I look like a spammer

@DanielPink Hi Daniel! wonder if you could help with my design research project by answering this: how would you define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 3 Aug

@charliprangley – 30 Jul

@joelcomm and was wondering, if you have a spare moment, how would you define a digital citizen? my definition is here @charliprangley – 30 Jul

@kevinrose Hi Kevin! I’m a uni student (& one of your female Diggnation fans!) doing a project on digital (cont) http:// @charliprangley – 31 Jul

@KnowledgeOnt hi! I’m currently doing a design school project on digital citizenship and would be really (cont) @charliprangley – 31 Jul

@gravity7 hi adrian, did you get my email? @joefernandez told me to get in touch with you because you may be (cont) @charliprangley – 2 Aug

@chuckhemann really enjoyed your ‘digital citizen’ blog post. how would YOU define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 3 Aug

@dtapscott I’m currently doing a project on digital citizenship and both Macrowikinomics and Grown Up Digital (cont) http:// @charliprangley – 3 Aug

@adw_tweets Macrowikinomics was a huge inspiration for my current design research project on digital (cont) c52r2e @charliprangley – 3 Aug

@wethink wondering if you could help with my design research project by answering this: how would you define a digital citizen? :) @charliprangley – 3 Aug

@charliprangley – 3 Aug

@charliprangley – 8 Oct

@garyvee Hi Gary! how would you define a digital citizen? I’m collecting opinions for a university project and (cont) @charliprangley – 8 Oct

@GarethMP Hi Gareth, I’m collecting opinions for a uni project & wonder if you can tell me how you would define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@rubes1403 Hi Ruby! Im doing a uni project that focusses on Twitter&would love to get your opinion, how would you define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 8 Oct

@fastcodesign hi! I was wondering if you guys could help me out! I’m a final year BDes (Hons) student currently (cont) @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@DaveSumter Hi! Im doing a project on digital citizenship& as an internet entrepreneur, I was wondering how you’d define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 8 Oct

@austinkleon Hi Austin! How To Steal Like An Artist has a been a big inspiration to me for my design research (cont) @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@parislemon Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me how you would define a digital citizen? (it’s for a university project) @charliprangley – 8 Oct

@sankywashere while you’re waiting, feel like helping me out with a uni design research project? :) How would YOU define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@mwesch Hi Mike, I’m a BDes (Hons) student currently doing a design research project on digital citizenship. (cont) @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@Pablo70 Hi! I’m a big fan of GrupoConway’s work :) I’m currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Design (cont) @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@bs Hi Britt! I’m currently doing a final year university project that is focussed on Twitter and digital (cont) @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@espiekermann Erik, could tell me how you would define a digital citizen? I’m collecting opinions for a final year design research project. @charliprangley – 5 Aug

@GrahamHill Hi Graham! wondering if you’d help me out with an Honors assignment by answering this: how would you define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 6 Oct

@sarahcuda Hi Sarah, I was wondering if you could help with my uni project by telling me how you would define a digital citizen? :) @charliprangley – 8 Oct

@FutureBoy Hi Chris! have been reading a few of your tech articles lately on CNN and on Mashable and was (cont) dhgevj @charliprangley – 9 Oct

@petecashmore Hi Pete! I’m collecting opinions from people in the tech world for a uni project, how would you define a digital citizen? :) @charliprangley – 9 Oct

@charlie_white Hi Charlie! I’m collecting opinions from tech writers for a uni project & was wondering if you (cont) dhgkbe @charliprangley – 9 Oct

@jack hi! I’m currently doing a uni project that focusses on twitter & was hoping you could tell me how you would define a digital citizen? @charliprangley – 9 Oct

People were more likely to respond when I contacted them via email

@joelcomm Hi Joel, i just finished reading Twitter Power! am currently doing a uni project on digital citizenship, with a focus on twitter,

@owenthomas Hi Owen, I’m doing a design research project on digital citizenship and I really enjoyed your post (cont)

@PaulFennemore Hi Paul, i’m a design student currently working on a project that looks at the concept of digital (cont)

I’ve been thinking about this ever since you mentioned it on Twitter last week - and I still have no answer! I realized that I have no solid definition of what a Citizen is, so I had to start there. As best as I’ve been able to think it through so far, I think a Citizen is someone who has respect for the world and community around him or her - whether referring to how they interact with other people or with the physical world around them. Online, I think this echoes your thoughts about etiquette and being of good character. To go a bit beyond content curation, I think a citizen is someone who takes an active interest in improving their community - by sharing information, and also by helping others. I once heard a quote, but I’m not sure who said it: “Lift as you climb.” The idea that as the conditions of your life improve (professional, financial, knowledge, etc.) you endeavor to I only disagree with you somewhat on your first point in that I don’t personally think being a digital citizen means being active in multiple space. Certainly being aware of different spaces but I think many people tend to be really active in just one or two spaces - the ones where they feel they can have the most impact (and also get the most benefit; can’t a A couple of ideas I’ve wrestled with: anonymity and social norms. What is socially acceptable, and who defines it? Music torrents are a great example of this; it’s accepted that a good number of otherwise law-abiding citizens have also torrented music and movies. Just like making mix tapes was once widely accepted, but still not legal. How does that sort of activity figure in? Can you be a citizen, but be nameless? My first thought was no, but then I realized I know a lot of people who do good thing (online and offline), but who try to maintain their privacy with pseudonyms, etc. Anonymity used to be much easier 10+ years ago, now many people comfortably share their information online - or share it without realizing it. But wha Any ways, thanks for putting out a really thought-provoking question! @charliprangley honestly, I have no idea what a digital citizen is. a person on the internet? :) Hi. Sure I’d be glad to help. I think a digital citizen is someone who is willing to use the power of the internet and the social media to help, contribute and aid the wider community, on various scales. The recent British riots have shone an almost grey light over social media, and almost cast out any positives. The last week has proven to me that Digital Citizenship is something that is I hope that was of some help.... Leon

Sorry for the delay. Argh. Everything is so busy at the moment. So, how would I define a digital citizen? It’s an interesting question. Obviously in relation to the advances we are seeing in technology but more so in that it suggests there are two types of citizens; one that is digital and one that isn’t. I’m not sure it’s as clean cut as that though. While most of us have a choice when it comes to whether or not we embrace the digital age, others are required to em If I was to define a ‘digital citizen’ I suppose it would be someone who is not only aware of advances in technology but someone who seeks them out, with the intention of integrating them into their lives. On the other hand you could argue that being a digital citizen is not a choice at all, but rather a position that is defined by geography and economics. My Is that what you are looking for? Let me know if you need more info. Hope that helps. Cheers CD @charliprangley Depends wildly but mostly someone who consumes, shares or creates content online.

You know, I’m not sure I’d use the phrase ‘digital citizen’, because there is no place called digital to be a citizen of. What I’d say instead is that connected users have a range of choices about positive effects of their behaviors, and that there is a spectrum from pure consumption (I only watch YouTube, and communicate with no one) to in-group communic Kefeya movement in Egypt.) The higher up that stack, the more the behavior approaches that of citizenship, which is to say that of someone whose participation helps hold society together as a public good, rather than simply as a market participant. -c @charliprangley i have no idea. Never heard that term. Unfortunately, I dont have too much of a definition of this term - please don’t hold it against me! Best, Nicholas. @charliprangley everyone who is alive In 2012 @charliprangley sure but not soon I would think of anyone creating content on the web as a digital citizen. You should really chat with Adrian Chan (@gravity7) he is one of the most intense thinkers on this topic I know. Thanks! Joe

A digital citizen is one who understands he or she can change the world using the interconnected tools. We often forget that centuries have gone by with most humans have no access to the means to broadcast their ideas, goals, or discontents. Those days are irrevocably over and the sooner we realize the power we have - however limited it may seem on th

Thanks for the kind words. I will give your question some thought and answer within a day or so. We just bought a new Mac so both our home computers (wife and I) are at the Mac store. Can you give me more of a sense of the angle/theme of your work? Imo, one can be a digital citizen in one sense by simply utilizing digital tools. The technology itself isn’t inherently good, evil, or otherwise. Do you have a working definition of what a digital citizen could/should look like? Best of luck on your work, JCH Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. Got caught up with work stuff. I read your definition and understood it, but I think where you’ll get a lot more mileage is defining what makes up a “good character” and how someone can curate “content they think is interesting and worth sharing.” I put quotes around these two things because my definition of ‘good character’ and yours could be completely different. Likewise, typicall So if you hone in on those two ideas - character and content, I think you’d do a great service of defining the actions someone takes to be an active online/digital citizen versus inactive. Or, if they have standards for how they create/share content (thinking here of traditional journalists who research their sources, work to be objective, etc) they could be deem Klout, in one way, would be a measure if someone is an active citizen--they create enough content and it’s retweeted so it proves they’re active. It may not be ‘good’ in the sense that I may not think Justin Bieber worthy of a 100 Klout score. But lots of folks like him, and I can’t/shouldn’t deny them their right to their preferences. I think you could measure netiquette, however. It would be really hard, but how often does a person RT as a thank you for past RT’s from that person? How often/quickly do you respond to comments made on your blog? Etc. Another topic along these lines, and it’s a big one, is the notion of anonymity online. Most people feel it’s bad digital citizenry to remain anonymous as you don’t have any real/perceived stakes in what you say. You could be anyone just having a lark and making fun of people. Pseudonyms are a little better, as a person’s identity is attached to that pseudo Hope some of this helps and happy to clarify as needed. Best of luck and thanks again for getting in touch, JCH @charliprangley This may sound simplistic but we’re all digital citizens A digital citizen, huh? Well, I would define a digital citizen as one who shares their opinions openly via whatever medium they so choose, but also (and more importantly) defends that ability to share. Freedom of speech is just as important online as it is in print or any other public space. Let me know if you want me to dive a little deeper—I fear getting too long-winded. Good luck! B @charliprangley finally getting back to you... this pretty well captures my thoughts on digital citizenship:

Sorry for the delay. Lollapalooza! I would define a digital citizen as someone who uses the internet to the full extent of its abilities. To a digital citizen - the internet is the most powerful tool in life. When the internet is down, life is down. Digital citizens are constantly connected to the internet by mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc. If you find yourself checking intstagram, twitter, tu Does this help at all? I first have to be honest and say that I haven’t thought all that much about the concept of digital citizenship! But I guess one of the things I was trying to express in that piece, and which may be relevant to your work, is that “internet user” seems to imply some act that you go and do — use the internet — and then stop and get on with the “rest of your life”. Whereas it seems clear that where we’re headed, for good or ill, is actually towards a situation where “being online” is an intrinsic part of daily existence, happening simultaneously with face-to-face interactions, and whether or not we happen to be looking at a screen at any given time. So in a sense I suppose that expresses one facet of “digital citizenship” — that we live *in* this rather than dipping into it every so often. The other nuance of the word “citizenship”, I guess, is the idea that it’s important to look at who has the power and the responsibility in this new always-online world. It clearly has huge democratic potential, but also huge potential for being co-opted and harnessed by big business and/or non-democratic governments, so “digital citizen” also implies to me a situation in which everyone who’s existing online-all-the-time also has a say in the way that this unfolds, rather than being mere *subjects* of Google and Facebook etc! I hope that helps — and the best of luck with your project. Oliver Glad to hear my essay was inspirational! I’d start with the definition of a citizen. That can mean a lot of things, from a mere inhabitant of a geographical region or political entity, to someone who is actively engaged, a participant in the governance and development of the body politic to which they belong. So who’s a digital citizen? It could be someone who’s merely online and present: someone who has the rights and responsibilities that accrue to everyone naturally. Or it could refer to someone who is an active participant in the digital world, someone who cares about the digital future and wants to have a voice in its direction. - Owen Thanks for your note. I’d define and digital citizen as a producer rather than simply a passive consumer. I’m thinking about Clay Shirky and his theory about LOL cats. I’d go a step further and say that a digital citizen is actually a purposeful producer too. Instead of simply creating for the sake of creation, a digital citizen makes things with inherent value. I think that online citizenship is a refined meritocracy and requires that individuals create real value in order to be heard. That said, I think that groups can create that ideas. I hope that helps. paddy

one of my colleagues on this Future of Money project i worked on last year has just put together a cool video you might enjoy - It Becomes Public - hmm... obviously an internet user and a digital citizen are completely different things. for one thing, the internet is a communication device - it’s just pipes. how a person’s sense of personal and group identity changes, how culture shifts, how they choose to communicate and the corresponding intentions behind those interactions, is something else. from my personal experience, i see the web as a virtual sandbox where boundaries can dissolve, where we can find safe spaces to experiment, play, and explore who we are as human individuals and as a collective. it tears down the boundaries between us - there are no national borders, no age, no race, no institutions, no religion. (sure.... those things are i but just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s not real. i am connected to people around the planet, and i feel a closer bond and resonance and affiliation with them because of the values we have discovered that we share, the aspirations we have in common, and perhaps the vision we have for a more integrated kind of global society - than i do with my neig so i guess that is my brief thought about digital citizenship, if you want to call it that. it’s about building real tribes and relationships anywhere and with anyone on the planet. it’s based on trust, values, and choice, not a rule that is imposed by a government, religious dogma, or anyone else who would try and tell me what i should believe in or with whom i hope that’s useful -v

@charliprangley A digital citizen is someone who engages, communicates and participates in society through utilising digital technology. Obviously the degree to which one participates varies greatly – this inevitable determines whether we are classified as active or passive digital citizens. I believe that emerging generations are by default digital citizens, th older generations have tend to done). Your research sounds like it’s in a similar place to mine! Good luck with it, it’s so interesting! @charliprangley any person participating in the use of information technology I had never heard the term ‘digital citizen’ until you mentioned it in class last semester. What it means to me (in an uninformed manner) is: - Ones online presence/identity - This may be good, bad, ugly, mean, shy - just as a citizen in real life can be. - It is one online presence/identity in whatever form they want to present oneself (twitter, facebook, tumblr, flickr etc). - I imagine that one person could have several online citizenships - there is no one stopping you from acting as several different people on twitter for instance. - I am a digital citizen in that I exist online via twitter, facebook... - My mum is not a digital citizen as she doesn’t use a computer :) Hope that is helpful. Yes - I think there is a difference. An internet user is someone who does not have an online identity. They use email and e-commerce, perhaps have facebook page and may send the odd tweet but their digital world is not a united presence. Their digital presence is not an identity it is merely a disconnected presence. :) An individual using technology to improve not only themselves but also the whole of society @joefernandez @charliprangley @joefernandez a digital citizen? all I can think of is second life... I think a digital citizen has a deeper understanding of communication and etiquette on the web. Regular users are more consumer rather than contributers. I feel that a “digital citizen” has a greater responsibility to try and put thought into what the put on the internet because people will be reading/interacting with what they create. I am an IT Coordinator in a private school and will be teaching my first IT class this year. Creating effective and responsible internet users is one of my top 5 goals for the year. I would love to hear how your project comes along @joefernandez @charliprangley Citizenship is a bundle of rights and duties: access to knowledge/commuinication and ethical behaviour among them @VenessaMiemis someone with an internet connection @Venessa Miemis Anybody who uses symbols (i.e. everybody).

A digital citizen is one who understands he or she can change the world using the interconnected tools. We often forget that centuries have gone by with most humans have no access to the means to broadcast their ideas, goals, or discontents. Those days are irrevocably over and the sooner we realize the power we have - however limited it may seem on th

Thanks for the question. I haven’t thought about it until you asked. Would you say that a digital citizen is the same as a digital native? What’s the difference? I am not sure whether I like any of the two expressions because they are more dividing than building bridges. And I don’t think there is a clear cut between those who feel more convenient in the virtu As an HR specialist, I’d rather talk about virtual knowledge, skills and attitudes. Or about awareness. Maybe awareness is what truly distinguishes people - awareness on what virtual technologies add to what is out there in the world. So, maybe a digital citizen is aware about the potential and risks of virtual technologies.

I think digital citizenship is an interesting, yet extremely complex concept. To me, it is an attitude towards the life we are living today especially regarding the concept of national boundaries and they way in which we see ourselves. I don’t believe it would be feasible to get rid of national borders - simply from the perspective of legislation, this would be hig foreign to us any more. And thus it removes much of a need for national boundaries on an individual’s emotional level. We don’t have to protect ourselves from the unknown any more by dividing us into national stereotypes - we are becoming voluntary inhabitants of countries instead of automatic representants of a nation, unless we wish to do otherwise. It I think as soon as you start putting bits of yourself online, you’ve become a digital citizen. Once you start adding to the internet, and not just taking from it, then you are a political actor in that space. Does that make sense?

“User” is often the term we use to describe someone who is addicted to something. A citizen is someone who is a member of a community, often with attendant rights and responsibilities. The fundamental challenge we face is to create social media which empower rights and responsibilities of community members. If you read the terms of service of Faceb to give them the chance to hook users without investing their own capital. Giving away free addictive stuff is nothing new. Let’s follow the development of the Diaspora open source social network community to see if they can transcend this destructive model and enable more people to assert their digital citizenship.

o improve the lives of those around you. I think this is pretty key among digital citizens. always be altruistic!).

at if was to swing back the other way? Spotted this related article on Mashable this morning:

alive and kicking, with many people offering their knowledge and understandings of certain situations. In no means was all of the solid information I brought just down to me, it was down to the people on twitter following me aswell. So all of these people should and could be classed as model digital citizens.

mbrace it to remain relevant in their professions. And some people are finding themselves less relevant due to advances of technology. y mother, for example, is not an early adopter. She doesn’t seek out new technology or innovation but due to her geographic location (a modern city), her job, (administration), and her passion (travel) she is exposed to, and benefits from, advances in technology. While not actively choosing to, she has become a digital citizen due to all these factors.

cation (where my participation makes life better for my group, but not for anyone outside that circle) to publicly available resources (if I edit Wikipedia, or commit to open source or design projects I’m exporting value) all the way to people who try to coordinate group action using these tools (Patients Like Me, the

he individual level - on the aggregate we are a force to reckoned with and on par with the church, democracy, and nationalism as a change agent.

ly everyone thinks their content is interesting and worth sharing, which is why they share it. med active online/digital citizens.

onym. But unless you’re a reporter who will be killed to speak out, or perhaps a young person needing help when you’re gay and terrified of people finding out before you can get help, I’m not a fan of anonymity. I think it’s bad citizenship to not leave your name and stand up for what you say. But that’s not a universal thought.

umblr or facebook while on the toilet - you are a digital citizen. You can spot a regular internet user from a mile away. They have 30+ emails in their inbox from months ago and watching them use a mouse or google something is embarrassing...

@charliprangley how did you map your twitter interactions? @coca222454 – 11 Sep

@coca222454 by looking at the locations of everyone i replied to and everyone who replied to me and putting them on a world map.

value simply through interaction and united pursuit of a collective goal (Egypt). And I also believe that the online world is not a perfect meritocracy in the sense that, while you still have a greater chance of being heard if you do something of value online, it still takes a great deal of luck, persistence, and raw foot work to achieve mass reach with your

@charliprangley – 11 Sep

influencing the personalities and characteristics of the people we are interacting with, but there’s a chance to step back and put those things aside, and see what it feels like if we just allow our minds to connect to each other without judgment.) ghbors on my street. i should form solidarity.

hey are being raised and educated in a world that relies heavily on digital technology, and where technology is thoroughly integrated into their very existence. Being a digital citizen will inevitably become harder and harder to avoid. I think it now comes down to how we best manage our digital participation, rather than finding avenues to avoid it (as many

he individual level - on the aggregate we are a force to reckoned with and on par with the church, democracy, and nationalism as a change agent.

80 people contacted. 27 direct responses. 9 indirect responses

I’m amazed at how much I’m learning – and not just from books or essays

ual world than others. Which brings me to the next point - is the virtual world separate from the rest, or is it a part of the “real world”?

ghly unrealistic, even utopian (at least for a long time, until mankind has become much wiser than we are now). However I believe that the internet helps us overcome stereotypes by giving us an opportunity to really connect with people from all sorts of different cultural backgrounds. It takes away the fear of the unknown, because nothing needs to be t’s up to us.

book or Google+ or Twitter you’ll see that these social media fall short for exactly this reason; namely, that they treat the members of their community as “users” and strip them of most of their rights. Consider how a drug dealer makes money; drugs are the medium and the users are the product - drug dealers often “front” drugs to smaller dealers in order

@henrycooke i figured! :) 27 May // COCA merging into AUAHA. not 100% sure what i think about this... #coca494 27 May // auaha in anamorphic type looks quite different to CoCA because of the lack of curved letterforms.... #coca494 27 May // the anamorphic AUAHA applied to the building. I think i really like the idea of this being... #coca494 27 May // MP: Twitter stats in 2010 some interesting statistics, most relevant... 28 May // MP: Muting pollution http://dlvr. it/TH4wC 28 May // MP: how can google cope with Twitter pollution? 28 May // MP: if social media were a high school... 28 May // MP: twitter user statistics 28 May // I made a pinhole lens :) 29 May // been working on some visuals to show my gallery idea. this time instead of a projection it is a... #coca494 29 May // @coca222453 you’re right. for the visuals of the gallery i should use a still more from the internal end of the scale i think. 29 May // @coca222494 you always say that!! haha. what do you think about my use of the building name? 29 May // @coca222494 fiiiiine! haha. 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(jus switching up the languages lol) 30 May // @thomaslebas whats yr massey email? 30 May // to push the concept of the outside building projections further... #coca494 30 May // @coca222453 it was in an article i read online so i may just have to go back thru my browser history! 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RT @xCarCrashHearts Those people who fail to credit things they blog have clearly had no experience within a higher academic community 2 Jun // possible video project lined up for the break for a British band. yay motion graphics! 2 Jun // woah this silly video i made for 2nd year animation back in ‘08 has over 6,300 views! xD 2 Jun // MP: why a reluctant user joined twitter 2 Jun // MP: playing with some visuals for my new focus on twitter users. 2 Jun // MP: and another one. i wanted to work with classic sayings that we... 2 Jun // @thomaslebas @smayjay haha he probably doesn’t even remember saying that xDD 2 Jun // @thomaslebas i’m prettttyyyy sure you were joking thomas xDD 2 Jun // 21 notes in the first ten minutes glad i put my name within the design this time! 2 Jun // when my work is on i feel like a proud mum watching it get liked and reblogged xD 2 Jun // @thomaslebas woo! now we just need NZs internet to catch up! 3 Jun // major project is all submitted! woo! now to get on with whats been piling up in my inbox for work. 3 Jun // RT @LainLee3Design: Dear clients, before seeking out a creative professional, decide if what you want is their creativity or just their ... 3 Jun // @mewithyou ooo thats yours? i like it! 3 Jun // think i’m going to ask work if redesigning this document can be my next project :S 3 Jun // impulse bought a new hard drive today. cos theres no such thing as too much storage space... 4 Jun // @pagannemoore saw this & thought of yr major project JGRcI3M :) 5 Jun // my mission for today is to learn how to make a custom tumblr theme. anyone done it before and have tips for me? 6 Jun // @thomaslebas done 6 Jun // @thomaslebas copied from my hard drive to the portable just fine. can’t you just open it from the hard drive? 6 Jun // @thomaslebas odd. could it be cos my portable doesn’t have enough power to complete it or something? bring in an external. 6 Jun // productive day! you can’t even tell that my website is actually a tumblr anymore. check it. 6 Jun // homepage and contact page still need work, and haven’t uploaded any of my latest projects yet. but at least the coding is done! 6 Jun // a devout PC user gets access to a mac for a fornight. his opinions make for a quick interesting read :) 7 Jun // just when i realised my portfolio was missing a good publication piece, work needs me to make one. :D gonna give it my best! 7 Jun // @thomaslebas huh? oh do you mean my twitter icon? i did that yesterday haha 7 Jun // @thomaslebas it’s Archer cos that type quiz said it was “me” and i agree with it xD 7 Jun // @thomaslebas *thumbs up with abed noise* 7 Jun // @thomaslebas was it you who asked me a few days ago how much my .com’s were from godaddy? 2 for $30 for 3 years. if it wasnt you, sorry! 7 Jun // @thomaslebas yup was a new years special thing. 7 Jun // the awesome moment when kids say they think your designs will be sold at Warped Tour one day&that they can’t wait for the next collection :) 7 Jun // @mewithyou i have attempted to use it on many occasions, but have found it pretty darn useless 7 Jun // if all music was as cheap as @thewombats EPs i would never download illegally. thanks dudes for making great music affordable :) 8 Jun // currently picking out which photos i’m going to get printed as my prize in the @photojojo & @fractureme contest :D 8 Jun // currently cursing the fact that i can’t go to @wellington_lux because i have to work both days that weekend. grrrrr. 10 Jun // MP: What the heck are we doing on Twitter? #coca454 10 Jun // MP: The Do Not Tweet List #coca454 10 Jun // i can’t decide if it’s lazy or not that i just baked cookies because i didn’t want to walk to the supermarket to buy some... 10 Jun // $83.70 for 2 singlets, a long sleeve top and pair of gloves from Icebreaker merino. not bad. not bad at all. 10 Jun // can’t believe #nzntm is the 3rd trending topic WORLDWIDE!tho i definitely wish our country was being tweeted about for a different reason xD 10 Jun // @echarlottesmind which one is she? 10 Jun // @echarlottesmind oh rad i liked her! 10 Jun // maaajor protests going on in VLC these days (PS i climbed to the top of that bell tower :) 10 Jun // @Wellington_Lux awesome :) I’m sure i will make it to that! 12 Jun // i learnt the basics of html #whenihadamyspace. so, so nerdy. 12 Jun // cost of iphone 4 on NZ apple store: $1123. cost of iphone 4 in NZD on US apple store:

summer? 15 Jun // @thomaslebas very true. get a night job! haha 15 Jun // @thomaslebas trace over this...? 15 Jun // @thomaslebas by trace over i meant draw over top with a pen tool btw, not auto trace lol 15 Jun // @thomaslebas well you are just far too fussy then 15 Jun // @thomaslebas niceee 15 Jun // this makes me happy! RT @dtapscott: Has Facebook Peaked? 15 Jun // cool. NZ Couriers don’t accept cellphone calls on their 0800, & don’t offer an alternative number. in this day and age that is unacceptable. 15 Jun // took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and did some shooting at mount vic & the waterfront 16 Jun // @henrycooke i agree!! what’s up with that!? 17 Jun // was there a fire at Massey last night? my sister saw fire engines. 17 Jun // @thomaslebas she only saw going past on the bus but said it was either block 1 or industrial. 17 Jun // @thomaslebas im jus telling you what she told me 17 Jun // @thomaslebas weird.. I have never heard of WorldNet or Kinect.... :S 18 Jun // @thomaslebas cos $99 for unlimited is damn good compared to what we pay now!! lol 18 Jun // @thomaslebas still. our net cost that much last month and we can’t even download stuff! 18 Jun // @thomaslebas you can get 120GB for the same price, not on the managed speed. 18 Jun // apparently met an All Black today. he looked a little confused that i didn’t recognise him. sorry, I didn’t grow up with NZs rugby culture. 19 Jun // and in case anyone wonders where i DID grow up: it was this little itty bitty country no rugby there. 19 Jun // @coca222454 when will we know class times for next semester? 19 Jun // did you know there is a blog dedicated to pictures of people wearing my brand? well. now you know. haha 19 Jun // today someone tried to use my card to book a trip around France. i kind of wish it has been me. 21 Jun // @thomaslebas thats what laptops are for lol 21 Jun // the F1 is in my future hometown this weekend! excited. :) #valencia 22 Jun // @RosinaEsme omg congrats!! 24 Jun // most amazing F1 location ever? i think so 24 Jun // @ coca222454 awesome. thanks!! 24 Jun // @RosinaEsme i got A- so not amazing. but meh, i think its what i deserved. 24 Jun // @RosinaEsme thanks dear. im more pleased with my image and identity mark. got an A :DDD 24 Jun // back in Wellington after a wonderful week in

Jul // yusss just finally got into google+ love it. now can everyone please switch and quit facebook forever so i never have to use it again? 3 Jul // i like the fact that, unlike facebook, the red notification bubble disappears as soon as i click on it #googleplus 3 Jul // @henrycooke party all goddamn night. 4 Jul // @CarlyHitchcock it’s looking good! what are you using to build it? 4 Jul // @CarlyHitchcock ooo okay thanks! my website is currently a heavily edited tumblr but im looking into other options. 4 Jul // @CarlyHitchcock thanks i’ll look into it :) 4 Jul // if any of my wgtn followers have kids, theres gonna be a huge Mountain Buggy demo day at Babystar on Sat & im doing the facepainting xD 5 Jul // there is also talk of an All Black attending but don’t know if that’s been confirmed yet... 5 Jul // @thomaslebas me and my boss were upstairs in a meeting in our rickety building and it was freaky D: 5 Jul // @henrycooke i bet you mine is better than yours. class Wednesday afternoon. haha. gotta love 4th year! 5 Jul // Interesting. @kevinrose calls G+ “tumblr for adults” 7 Jul // Anyone in Auckland looking for drum lessons? check out my girl Liz at Fluent Beats 7 Jul // @henrycooke it’s CTRL+tab haha 8 Jul // @henrycooke also, command+tab is one of my favourites in OSX: switching between apps. 8 Jul // @henrycooke yes very. cos usually with mac you switch ctrl for command but i guess its cos command+tab was already taken with app switching. 8 Jul // I think I need stronger glasses.. my screen isn’t look as HD as it used to... xD 8 Jul // MP: 10 reasons why I’m dumping Facebook for Twitter #coca454 8 Jul // MP: What’s your personal brand? #coca454 8 Jul // I love that Zuckerberg has a G+ xD maybe even HE thinks it’s better!! haha 8 Jul // I can’t believe it’s been nearly 5 months since I left Spain. I also can’t believe that I STILL crave Montaditos. 8 Jul // wow @kevinrose has forwarded his website to his G+ profile. when one of the biggest names in tech commits and (cont) 9 Jul // @coca222454 I do have one. Currently still deciding how it fits into my social networking. I’d

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Nelson, which i mostly spent in the garage screenprinting. lots of fun :) 2 Jul // also, you don’t realise how damp the cold of Wellington is until you leave it. ugh. id rather snow and dry cold please! 2 Jul // @coca222454 thanks! ready to throw myself into major project now :) 3

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save! one summers pay got me my last trip :) and id have nearly enough for another one right now if i hadnt had to 15 Jun // @thomaslebas pay back that darn overdraft. 15 Jun // @thomaslebas eep! tis okay. you can doo eeeeet. save for the rest of the year then travel over

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$794. RIDICULOUS! 14 Jun // RT @markhoppus In hell, no one can quite remember the password to get online. 14 Jun // @thomaslebas is it time for you to do some travel then tom? :D go oooon buy a ticket to germany you know you want to! 15 Jun // @thomaslebas lol. just

love for it to (cont) 9 Jul // @coca222454 tho saying that, google WANTS it to be my public face: Google Charlotte Prangley and its the first result. 9 Jul // currently finding the most interesting part of G+ profiles the “Places I have lived” map. proud to have mine spread across 2 continents! xD 9 Jul // @coca222454 I’ll send you an invite! just let me know what email address you want me to send it to. 10 Jul // Okay. so. I currently have a Plan A, B and C for after graduation. but all of them involve spending northern hemisphere summer in VLC. 10 Jul // what a disaster day at work! had a powercut that lasted about a second but knocked out all our servers, eftpos & internet for the whole day! 11 Jul // @henrycooke maybe he’s new. cos the video ipod is called the ipod classic now so perhaps that what he knows it as. 11 Jul // I love when suppliers respond quickly to my requests for hi-res logos. got a few slowing everything down right now tho grrr 11 Jul // @GarethMP nooooo! internet here is far too expensive already :( 12 Jul // @henrycooke Tumblr has literally helped make one of my dreams come true, so i think Tumblr will always be my favourite. just. lol. 12 Jul // seriously. every single month someone arrives at my blog from searching “old nokia phones” i do not understand! 12 Jul // @GarethMP i agree. especially after spending time overseas and experiencing superfast, uncapped plans! 12 Jul // learnt something new today. my eyes cant handle reading white text on black so if yrs can’t either, use ctrl+option+command+8 :) 13 Jul // @markjbradford finally found time to go pick up my marksheets today. very useful feedback. thanks! 13 Jul // MP: Picked up my mark sheet today so I could read my feedback from... #coca454 13 Jul // MP: The Ten Twitter Commandments #coca454 13 Jul // MP: a rather long, but accurate Twitter tip... ZzrFW #coca454 13 Jul // MP: 5 prominent news events that broke on Twitter #coca454 13 Jul // MP: Twitter rules/guidelines/advice #coca454 13 Jul // just cleaned out my wallet and found tickets from the Benimaclet metro station :,) i miss that rad lil neighbourhood like crazy! 13 Jul // @pagannemoore awesome. thanks for the link! :) 13 Jul // @pagannemoore dont worry i copy pasted and it worked :) 13 Jul // MP: Sonique Bar: Don’t drink and tweet/post/text #coca454 13 Jul // MP: 222453soulitary: / CLAY SHIRKY We systematically overestimate the value of access to information... #coca454 13 Jul // i wish more info was given about @bestawards at my uni. tho perhaps I’ve just never been told about it cos my work’s never been good enough! 14 Jul // @bestawards I’m in my last year at Massey. :) for some reason I was under the impression you had to have support from a tutor to enter. 14 Jul // @aempotter i know quite a few Massey students do enter. but i don’t know if they were approached by tutors or if it was self-driven? :S 14 Jul // @bestawards a talk would have been wonderful! I just have no idea what sort of standard, or even what sort of projects are expected really. 14 Jul // @aempotter @bestawards so we can enter without tutor support? i didn’t know that until just now!! i suppose that (cont) 14 Jul // @bestawards that’s good to know! thanks :) 14 Jul // @bestawards sorry one more quick question, just looking over the entry process and wondering, if I’ve got a (cont) 14 Jul // @coca222454 I’ve just never heard anything about it before from Massey. Only second hand from other students. (cont) 14 Jul // think I’m going to have to give my boss a limit of projects they can give me each week if I want to have any hope of doing well at #coca454! 14 Jul // @ coca222454 got an email today at 12:30 saying “we need you to do a newsletter to go out today!” argh!! 14 Jul // @coca222454 also, i love that you said Twitter was compulsory in that message! can we get together a list of (cont) 14 Jul // @coca222454 awesome will check out your list 14 Jul // @coca222454 week 1 of semester 2? 14 Jul // who wants to take bets on how many packets of gummi bears I will have consumed by the end of this semester? (they’re my ~stress snack haha) 14 Jul // @coca222454 awesome! looking forward to hearing about everything :) 14 Jul // @coca222454 i approve of that list name. 14 Jul // MP: designersof: 3 Days Following‚Äî- After following... #coca454 14 Jul // @coca222454 YES! 16 Jul // MP: You are what you Tweet #coca454 16 Jul // decided tonight that I am going to attend Campus Party in VLC next year. cos it looks so fun and productive! :D 16 Jul // @coca222454 argh pressure! lol 18 Jul // MP: I am extremely inspired by this kinetic typography series... #coca454 18 Jul // minor freakout over seeing the #coca454 handin date is up on stream. this feels far too real and soon! eep!! 19 Jul // MP: The most up-to-date Twitter stats infographic I’ve managed... #coca454 19 Jul // MP: Think I just found the perfect infographic to explain why I am... #coca454 19 Jul // @walkingkiwi haha mines doing that a little bit too! it’s strange, it feels like it’s alive sometimes! haha 19 Jul // MP: New Zealand citizen, British citizen, digital citizen. and proud... #coca454 19 Jul // @walkingkiwi haha yes i think it is the awkward early teenage years for my project too at the moment. 19 Jul // MP: I like the inclusion of good character as a... #coca454 19 Jul //n the awkward moment when you are 22 and realise you just listened to a Simple Plan song 5 times in a row. #shame #relivingmyyouth 19 Jul // MP: Personal Identity Guidelines I have always loved the work of... #coca454 19 Jul // MP: This year I will try not to Another piece by Christopher Doyle,... bkymc #coca454 19 Jul // MP: Digital ---> Physical #coca454 20 Jul // How has Google+ changed Facebook or Twitter habits? cast your vote. #coca454 20 Jul // if anyone was interested in checking out Google+ after Mark mentioned it in class, let me know cos I have invites :) #coca454 20 Jul // @walkingkiwi haha don’t worry I have lots I think! whats your email? 20 Jul // @walkingkiwi there we go, invite sent! 20 Jul // Just installed analytics onto my workblog. I’m going to guess that most hits will come from NZ, directed from Twitter. 20 Jul // cool so Lion is only available as a download? It’s times like these when I cannot stand living in NZ with it’s stupid capped internet. grrr. 20 Jul // interesting! RT @lina003: Yo, design nerds. Check out the @foursquare brandbook: #4sq #design #identity 21 Jul // perfect friday jam (I’m not usually a fan of remixes but this one is awesome &is the theme song of Friday Night Dinner) 22 Jul // @shanesnow hi! I am a 4th year design student at Massey University in Wellington, NZ and am currently doing a (cont) 22 Jul // MP: Klout #coca454 22 Jul // MP: Tips to improve your Klout score #coca454 22 Jul // Feeling pretty rad that ive shot a wedding in the exact location of the #nzntm butterfly creek shoot ;) 22 Jul // Just found a chocolate bar on the arm of the couch. Finders keepers @thomaslebas ? :P 22 Jul // @coca222454 agreed. you can view stats without signing up if you wish tho. just go to i guess the signing up is for 22 Jul // @coca222454 if you want to keep track of your Klout over time... like analytics in a way i guess. 22 Jul // @coca222454 @juliakmac @melmelwall sure thing guys just message me your email addresses :) 22 Jul // MP: Twistori gets a little closer to the emotion I am after. It... #coca454 22 Jul // MP: We Feel Fine¬†is another Twitter visualiser that captures... #coca454 22 Jul // @thomaslebas yes i decided to be nice and leave it for you. lol. hi btw. not getting up cos im all warm in my blanket xD 22 Jul // MP: Things Our Friends Have Written on the Internet 2008 is a... #coca454 22 Jul // MP: Why our way of thinking about the internet needs to change #coca454 22 Jul // MP: From the community standards page, which provides... #coca454 22 Jul // @coca222454 @juliakmac i think basically what we’ll have to to is all add each other to a circle and start sharing! im finding it hard to 23 Jul // @coca222454 @juliakmac think what to share tho.. because everything is on my tumblr so i feel like I’d be repeating myself. perhaps we could 23 Jul // @coca222454 @juliakmac use G+ to share ideas/thoughts to see what others think of them? (eg if it gets a +1 or comments) im unsure! 23 Jul // @JuliaKmac @coca222454 i think i might use G+ for random thoughts/musings on my major project, so as not to clog everyones twitter stream. 23 Jul // @thomaslebas you don’t have that set to backup automatically? 23 Jul // MP: 8 ways to ruin your online reputation #coca454 23 Jul // MP: An insider’s guide to social media etiquette #coca454 23 Jul // MP: Photo #coca454 23 Jul // MP: What does it mean to be a digital citizen? #coca454 23 Jul // @coca222454 yes the hangout feature could definitely be useful. perhaps in the break, when we wont have class, (cont) 23 Jul // MP: Network Rebellion. series by Place. View the rest in the series... #coca454 23 Jul // @walkingkiwi first, set up a Disqus account and profile for your blog here http:// then go to (cont) 23 Jul // @walkingkiwi yup I see a comments box! just did a test comment for you. hopefully youll get an email. 23 Jul // @walkingkiwi you have to be in a specific post to see the comments box, if that makes sense. 23 Jul // @walkingkiwi sweet! :) 23 Jul // MP: #coca454 24 Jul // @pagannemoore i agree! i feel left out because I don’t own one haha 24 Jul // @markjbradford emailed tenfive. unsure if I’ve done it right! but I’m sure you’ll let me know if its wrong haha 24 Jul // the last time i was this cold was way more fun... 24 Jul // @amysept @Crowdbooster I’m very interested! currently doing a project on tweet quality and would love to check it out :) 24 Jul // @melmelwall i would love to be able to see please :) charliprangley[at] 25 Jul // Today at work someone mistook me for the mother of a 6 month old baby. granted i was holding said baby... but it was still darn scary! 25 Jul // @thomaslebas she was pretty darn cute. and cuddly. (sounds like im describing a soft toy lol) 25 Jul // MP: Looking at posters designed to encourage British citizens to... #coca454 25 Jul // wow. seriously considering getting an iPhone while the US dollar is so low... or do i wait for next gen... help me! 26 Jul // seriously. cheap. US store price in NZD: $745. NZ store price: $1123..... 26 Jul // MP: Online Commenting: The Age of Rage #coca454 26 Jul // MP: The results of my test. I let the bot run wild... #coca454 27 Jul // MP: Got into the beta of Crowdbooster¬†thanks to @amysept So I have... #coca454 27 Jul // @LaPeregrina I’m currently doing a university project on digital citizenship. I’m curious, what is your definition of a digital citizen? 27 Jul // MP: Klout #coca454 28 Jul // MP: The Newspaper Club On Wednesday I mentioned to Mark that I... #coca454 28 Jul // MP: more from the Newspaper Club Flickr pool source links: 1, 2, 3,... #coca454 28 Jul // scary. as of the end of August my sole income will be from design work, and LNK :S time to start applying for part time jobs! 28 Jul // @LaPeregrina definitely twitter 28 Jul // awesome new music video from OK GO love the type made of feet! 28 Jul // @coca222454 awesome!! 28 Jul // @flowingdata i got the theme song stuck in my head the other day and was sad for my generation when no one recognised it when i hummed it... 28 Jul // wow finally got my @Crowdbooster account set up and am amazed at the insight it gives me! looking forward to keeping an eye on my tweets. 30 Jul // How would YOU define a digital citizen? my own definition is here #digitalcitizen #coca454 30 Jul // MP: How do YOU define a digital citizen? #coca454 30 Jul // MP: On being a good digital citizen #coca454 30 Jul // searching apple discussions for a solution to my iMac’s problem and getting a little worried that the hard drive may die any day now... :S 30 Jul // hard drive status: Failing. oh crap. 30 Jul // @thomaslebas I AGREE! tho I guess it’s my own stupid fault for not looking there sooner. eg: on a week day when it can be sorted... grrrr 30 Jul // The awkward moment when @thomaslebas’ bedroom is tidier than yours... haha 30 Jul // @joelcomm Hi Joel, i just finished reading Twitter Power! am currently doing a uni project on digital citizenship, with a focus on twitter, 30 Jul // @joelcomm and was wondering, if you have a spare moment, how would you define a digital citizen? my definition is here 30 Jul // @coca222454 yep. so annoying! have to send my imac away. luckily i still have my old macbook tho, so my major will not suffer! 30 Jul // My entry for the @photojojo #pjchallenge cos sharing is caring :) 30 Jul // Today I learnt that that my favorite genre of music is sometimes known by those in it as ‘odd pop.’ perfect! 31 Jul // @kevinrose Hi Kevin! I’m a uni student (& one of your female Diggnation fans!) doing a project on digital (cont) 31 Jul // @KnowledgeOnt hi! I’m currently doing a design school project on digital citizenship and would be really (cont) 31 Jul // @LaPeregrina actually, you can help. I’m doing a design school project on digital citizenship, how would YOU define a digital citizen? 31 Jul // hi followers, please answer this for my major project: how would you define a ‘digital citizen’? #coca454 31 Jul // @xCarCrashHearts very cool! :) can you define “participating” a little more? what level of participation do you (cont) 31 Jul // @xCarCrashHearts yes that definitely makes sense. one more question sorry.. what does participation involve? 31 Jul // @xCarCrashHearts thanks shazz thats super helpful! :) rawr. 31 Jul // @xCarCrashHearts i know right. it’s consuming my life right now cos it’s so interesting! 31 Jul // @chantelle_f_ thanks for the response! what is your major centered on? :)1 Aug // the awesome moment when your boyfriend’s mum uses Google+ haha. such a tech family! (seriously, cant even count how many ipods they own) 1 Aug // the ultimate chill song that i listen to when I’m stressed #music 1 Aug // @alicelmurray have you read Cognitive Surplus by @cshirky? a must-read for the power of collaboration and crowdsourcing. very inspiring :) 1 Aug // MP: Interesting. Crowdbooster is proving to be a rather useful tweet... #coca454 1 Aug // @chantelle_f_ sounds interesting!! mine is sort of about our online personal branding too in that I’m looking to (cont) 1 Aug // @thomaslebas gracias 1 Aug // @chantelle_f_ it’s a very good book so I’m sure it will! my study break aim was to gain an understanding of my (cont) 1 Aug //

It seems clear that where we’re headed, for good or ill, is actually towards a situation where “being online” is an intrinsic part of daily existence, happening simultaneously with face-to-face interactions, and whether or not we happen to be looking at a screen at any given time. @oliverburkeman


Is the virtual world separate from the rest, or is it a part of the “real world”?

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s not real. @VenessaMiemis

“Real world” should not be used as the opposite to “digital world” as it does imply that things that take place online are not real.


“Internet user” seems to imply some act that you go and do – use the internet – and then stop and get on with the “rest of your life”. @oliverburkeman

0000 – 0100

0100 – 0200

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0300 – 0400

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1100 – 1200

1200 – 1300

1300 – 1400

Jul 2010

Aug 2010

Sep 2010

Oct 2010

Digital citizens are constantly connected to the internet. @nicholasscimeca

“online-all-the-time” @oliverburkeman

We live in this rather than dipping into it every so often. @oliverburkeman

If you use the internet every day - it makes you part of the culture.

1500 – 1600

1600 – 1700

1700 – 1800

1800 – 1900

1900 – 2000

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2300 – 0000

I truly am “online all the time”

1400 – 1500

My tweets per hour


Nov 2010

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Jul 2011

Obviously an internet user and a digital citizen are

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Userâ&#x20AC;? is often the term we use to describe someone

A digital citizen is someone who engages,

completely different things.

who is addicted to something. A citizen is someone

communicates and participates in society through


who is a member of a community, often with

utilising digital technology. Obviously the degree to

attendant rights and responsibilities.

which one participates varies greatly â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this inevitably


determines whether we are classified as active or

You can spot a regular internet user from a mile away.

passive digital citizens.

They have 30+ emails in their inbox from months ago and watching them use a mouse or google something

A digital citizen is someone who is an active

is embarrassing...

participant in the digital world.




Mar 2011

Apr 2011

May 2011

I see the web as a virtual sandbox where boundaries can dissolve. @VennessaMiemis

Aug 2011

Sep 2011


Someone who is not only aware of advances in technology but someone who seeks them out, with the intention of integrating them into their lives. @Chris_J_Doyle

I started this project in March 2011. It is interesting to see how much more involved I have gotten, and how many people around the world I have had conversations with as it has progressed.

life is down.


powerful tool in life. When the internet is down,

one way

To a digital citizen, the internet is the most

Global locations of the users I interacted with month by month from July 2010 (when I first created my account) to September 2011

My Twitter feed feels more alive

This is where @MattEales tweets


do me a favour? if you see this then you are on twitter right now, so please snap a quick pic of your screen/surroundings for my project? @charliprangley – 14 Oct


I think you are participating, at least passively, the

I don’t personally think being a digital citizen means

minute you open your browser.

being active in multiple spaces. I thank many people


tend to be really active in just one or two spaces - the ones where they feel they can have the most impact (and also get the most benefit; can’t always be altruistic!) @amysept


While our physical Twitter space is localised and limited by the distance we can move, the virtual Twitter space allows us to be a part of the lives of people all over the world every day.




in Europe?

game titles. @ScepticTank - 4 Aug

for the theme “Architecture”! http://j.


@thomaslebas- 2 Aug @photojojo- 5 Aug

@Twitter - 3 Aug @charliprangley You’re welcome!

@KnowledgeOnt - 3 Aug @charliprangley There’s more about Missing cat, Day 2: Held off on “Lost Cat”

why it’s important to foster digital skills posters yesterday because of heavy rain.

and address the digital divide on our site Will post today. Had hoped she might appear overnight.

@KnowledgeOnt - 3 Aug @amysept - 5 Aug

Conversations held on twitter over a fortnight

Type + graphic inspiration from 16/8bit

@austinkleon Hi Austin! How To Steal Like An Artist has a been a big inspiration to me for my design research (cont) 5 Aug //

yesterday’s Photojojo Twitter challenge

@fastcodesign hi! I was wondering if you guys could help me out! I’m a final year BDes (Hons) student currently (cont) 5 Aug //

Congrats @charliprangley -- you won

@GarethMP Hi Gareth, I’m collecting opinions for a uni project & wonder if you can tell me how you would define a digital citizen? 5 Aug //

@RosinaEsme - 4 Aug

@ScepticTank haha im on a deadline so won’t be leaving the house today to take photos sorry! good night :) 5 Aug //

Yeah charli!! Awesome photo!!

@ScepticTank you too :) 5 Aug //

RosinaEsme: @charliprangley @Photojojo

@ScepticTank yes you should definitely get on flickr! i find it to be the best place for photo sharing and collating. 5 Aug //


@ScepticTank think to take photos... haha 5 Aug //

@KnowledgeOnt - 3 Aug

@ScepticTank deal! haha theresa few pics of the wellington waterfront on my flickr :) its funny, cos i live here i dont 5 Aug //

digital world.

Twitter this week.

@ScepticTank photography work. (confession: i love shooting weddings haha) 4 Aug //

@KnowledgeOnt - 3 Aug There shouldn’t be any @charliprangley

@ScepticTank awh thanks! i’m actually in my final year of a bachelor of design, so hopefully as a graphic designer, but i do freelance 4 Aug //

to reliable digital information resources.

@ScepticTank ideally Valencia, but failing that, London as I am half british. :) 4 Aug //

believe that everyone should have access

@ScepticTank i agree! i’m originally from the south island actually. im moving to europe next year and will definitely miss this place! 4 Aug //

@charliprangley No, there isn’t. At KO, we

@ScepticTank oh really? awesome! did you get to see much of the country? or just auckland? 4 Aug //

@chuckhemann- 3 Aug

@RosinaEsme thanks ro! 4 Aug //

TITLESCREAM - my new design blog.

@ScepticTank oh wow so beautiful! I like that the water is rippled tho, cos it makes it look like a painting! :) 4 Aug //

@rosinaesme- 2 Aug

Today I woke up to find my work featured on the @Photojojo tumblr! i am honored :) 4 Aug //


@ScepticTank thank you! :) those buildings are my favourite place in the world. 4 Aug //

consumes, shares or creates content

@Photojojo oh wow thank you so much!!! :D 4 Aug //

@charliprangley mostly someone who

MP: Clay Shirky on Twitter and the social media revolution #coca454 4 Aug //

barriers to participating in the wider

that you’ll be upgraded to New

@amysept oh I’m so sorry to hear that! :( fingers crossed she turns up soon! 4 Aug //

Twitter, we want to let you know

MP: The Sage Handbook of Grounded Theory #coca454 4 Aug //

happened to your mac?

MP: Identifying and eliminating trolls. I really like the term... #coca454 4 Aug //

goodbye to your bestest of friends?! What

MP: lakeeffectkid: This is a really nice little piece with a great... #coca454 4 Aug //

@charliprangley why are you saying

a shop assistant today genuinely thought my sister & I were twins. not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing for me cos shes only 19...? 4 Aug //

you need a haircut.

@faceplacething @photojojo thank you! i had to wait for a perfectly still night to get the reflections :) 4 Aug //

That awkward moment when you realise

MP: edgina: On the 101110010th Day‚ by Jeremy Bingham #coca454 4 Aug //

@cameronaskin - 3 Aug

My entry for the @photojojo #pjchallenge my favourite architecture in the world! 4 Aug //

@chantelle_f_ - 1 Aug

@coca222454 just got a great reply from shirky! :D (and felt the need to tell you) 3 Aug //

project, I can’t wait to see it! :-)

@owenthomas Hi Owen, I’m doing a design research project on digital citizenship and I really enjoyed your post (cont) 3 Aug //

can’t wait to read it. Good luck with your

@KnowledgeOnt thanks for the link! with my project I’m aiming to convince regular internet users to become (cont) 3 Aug //

@KnowledgeOnt great response. thank you! :) 3 Aug //

@DanielPink Hi Daniel! wonder if you could help with my design research project by answering this: how would you define a digital citizen? 3 Aug //

If you’re currently using Old

@wethink wondering if you could help with my design research project by answering this: how would you define a digital citizen? :) 3 Aug //

@adw_tweets Macrowikinomics was a huge inspiration for my current design research project on digital (cont) 3 Aug //

@KnowledgeOnt interesting! :) so in your opinion is there a difference between a regular internet user and a digital citizen? 3 Aug //

@dtapscott I’m currently doing a project on digital citizenship and both Macrowikinomics and Grown Up Digital (cont) 3 Aug //

music recommendation: Nena Daconte awesome spanish pop-rock that is so damn catchy, even if you don’t understand it! 3 Aug //

wow i have so much spare desk space now! #tryingtothinkpositive 3 Aug //

@cameronaskin nice one cam! (btw, remember me, your next door neighbour from Wainui St? haha) 3 Aug //

@chuckhemann awesome. im collecting definitions for a university project at the moment. what would you say the (cont) 3 Aug //

@chuckhemann really enjoyed your ‘digital citizen’ blog post. how would YOU define a digital citizen? 3 Aug //

@MattyEales jealous! 3 Aug //

or maybe there is and i just don’t know it? only the 2nd day without my desktop and im ready to kill this laptop! 2 Aug //

there needs to be a way to sync settings on CS5 so that, like Chrome, no matter way computer you use, the settings are always the same. 2 Aug //

@twitter i don’t know why anyone is still using old twitter when new twitter is so much better! 2 Aug //

@gravity7 hi adrian, did you get my email? @joefernandez told me to get in touch with you because you may be (cont) 2 Aug //

@thomaslebas disguise. you’re doin it wrong. 2 Aug //

@thomaslebas i’ve been in that awkward moment since like 2008 lol 2 Aug //

MP: photojojo: fbFaces is a room wallpapered from floor to ceiling... #coca454 2 Aug //

that awkward moment when you accidentally stroke your desk cos you forgot your magic mouse wasn’t there anymore... #idiot 2 Aug //

@RosinaEsme its hard drive was failing. was making strange whirring noises and freezing all the time :( 15 business days without it!!!! 2 Aug //

iMac all backed up (and back up checked on macbook). now time to pack it up and say goodbye for a while :( 1 Aug //

@chantelle_f_ & to you. looking forward to following it!& if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off, email me :) 1 Aug // @charliprangley Oh thats great to hear! I @charliprangley Sure, email me at owen

at dailydot dot com.

@owenthomas - 3 Aug

@charliprangley AWESOME!

@coca222454- 4 Aug

@charliprangley We only visited&we miss

it! :)We love the mountains and lakes in

South,bit like Austria.Where ru moving to


@charliprangley This may sound

simplistic, but we’re all digital citizens.

@KnowledgeOnt - 3 Aug

@charliprangley All of it.Loved N Island

but really loved S Island,esp Lake

Wanaka.Sadly only1night in Weltn.U live

in a stunning country

@Photojojo @charliprangley Definitely a

@Sceptic Tank - 4 Aug

winner, beautiful shot. Nice work! @charliprangley I can see why. This is my @ScepticTank - 4 Aug fave place in the world,In Austrian Alps. Not quite as still water as yours! :) yfrog.


@ScepticTank - 4 Aug @charliprangley Thanks :)Wish I cld

paint like that!Just seen you’re from

Wellington,my bro in law lives in

Auckland-we visited NZ&loved it

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

@charliprangley @photojojo This is a

nice shot. Most impressed

@faceplacething - 4 Aug

just do that:)

@alicelmurray - 9 Aug

@charliprangley nope not yet

@alicelmurray - 9 Aug

@charliprangley glad to hear it! maybe the

for your research, too? :) @charliprangley hey havent heard the having long as name and short in email.

@austinkleon - 6 Aug classes are in room by office- im guessing Shows both sides of you perhaps? Which

its the same times as the last individual do you identify with most?

sessions? @walkingkiwi - 10 Aug

@sankywashere - 5 Aug

@charliprangley i have no idea. Never @charliprangley Nothing wrong with

@walkingkiwi - 12 Aug

@alicelmurray - 9 Aug

@austinkleon - 6 Aug @charliprangley Is this a business card

for your t-shirt company or graphic design

in general?

@markjbradford can’t quite make out these notes. can understand the “which methods” one but not the other two. help?:) 13 Aug //

check my following list. @charliprangley yeah figure everyone will

@benterrett hi Ben. I sent you an email regarding a uni project on digital citizenship. just wondering if you got it or should I resend? :) 12 Aug //

@melmelwall - 9 Aug

MP: Created a Wordle from the responses I have so far. (Thanks... #coca454 12 Aug //

@walkingkiwi awesome! i’m going to try it with my responses! 12 Aug //

we would have heard

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

MP: something interesting I‚ve noticed is that when you google digital citizenship, most of the... #coca454 12 Aug //

my thoughts on digital citizenship:

MP: looking at the language... #coca454 12 Aug //

instead of our normal class time? Thought

some local pics4u&send

got another hard drive in the mail today. take that copyright law! 12 Aug //

to you ... this pretty well captures

just had a shock when my weather widget said 24 degrees. then i realised it was still set to VLC haha 11 Aug //

individual times by the office this time

badgering translate to NZ!)Will pick out

@techin5 yes that is what we have decided as well! 11 Aug //

@charliprangley finally getting back

@techin5 they’re actually coming up pretty equal! 11 Aug //

been badgering me4ages!(please let

staying up late having a Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro debate with @MarkK_H cos thats just the sort of nerdy couple we are xD 11 Aug //

@charliprangley not sure. feel free to

MP: Twitter uses the Verified badge to establish the authenticity of... #coca454 11 Aug //

fact I didn’t know what it was is significant

@shesathinker 11 Aug //

@ScepticTank - 8 Aug

so England is having to deal with rioting, and NZ is worrying about the price of a rugby shirt.... #puttingthingsinperspective 11 Aug //

zoikes!)Bmth sunset,I’ll pick some more

@thomaslebas @ScepticTank Charli it is! 10 Aug //

@charliprangley 1 b4 sleep(2am here-

@walkingkiwi Charli tho so perhaps I’ll stick with that for now. 10 Aug //

interesting view of Wellington when I

@walkingkiwi i kind of feel like Charli is my kiwi side and Charlotte is my british side xD i tend to automatically introduce myself as 10 Aug //

website :)

@walkingkiwi my email and website are both charliprangley so wonder if it would be weird for me to use Charlotte. 10 Aug //

@charliprangley Must get on Flickr,mates

@walkingkiwi graphic design in general. i have a job interview on Friday and feel like my current cards are’t up to scratch! 10 Aug //

you’ve been a busy bee with ur blogs& new

on my business card, do i call myself Charli or Charlotte. i like the way Charlotte looks, but my web/email uses Charli. dilemma! opinions? 10 Aug //

be forgiven for missing it as it looks like

@melmelwall yeah they’re in 10A63 :) and we’re assuming we go by our last individual times. 9 Aug //

@charliprangley can certainly

@alicelmurray cool i shall stop worrying then! haha 9 Aug //

@echarlottesmind - 6 Aug

@alicelmurray so you didn’t get an email about interim yet either? 9 Aug //

@charliprangley :) Looking4ward to an

@alicelmurray that makes sense. i guess if we all just turn up at the last times it will work out :) 9 Aug //

a site domain? Please please please

has anyone from my #coca454 class had any emails yet this week? wondering if mine have been lost in cyberspace... :S 9 Aug //

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

@markjbradford i haven’t had an email yet about class tomorrow. are the individual times just the same as last week? 9 Aug //

thanks! How cheap is cheap and whats

the festival i was going to in Aus end of sept has been cancelled. do i still go then? or try change flights & go in uni hols instead? :S 9 Aug //

@charliprangley @thomaslebas Haha

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

@ScepticTank yes I have! life is incredibly busy atm actually its a bit crazy! hows things with you? 8 Aug //

prize winner!

ScepticTank just saw this tweet sorry. lovely pics!! :) 8 Aug //

mornin! anyone know how/where to get/purchase

MP: What Traveling Around the World Looks Like in 1... #coca454 8 Aug //

@thomaslebas @charliprangley Does

wow my webstore has had 110 unique visitors in less than 24 hours! crazy!!! 8 Aug //

out 2mrw.Pleasure2meet u btw!:) Nite/

@jspurg yay!! :D 7 Aug //

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

launched my website/webstore/new collection tonight and am already getting good feedback stoked :) 7 Aug //

@espiekermann no problem. the fact that you haven’t heard it is still useful for my research! thanks for responding. :) 7 Aug //

Aqui no tengo futuro. Learning Spanish by watching subtitled episodes of The Office. #likeaboss 7 Aug //

@austinkleon - 5 Aug

@echarlottesmind i would just like to add that godaddy has never been anything but awesome for me. lol 6 Aug //

citizen is. a person on the internet?

@echarlottesmind i dunno like USD12/year or something for a new one? i didnt buy mine new from godaddy but i renewed thru them. 6 Aug //

Honestly, I have no idea what a digital

@echarlottesmind @thomaslebas mine are from godaddy cos theyre awesomely cheap. but tom will say he hates godaddy xD 6 Aug //

MP: 1991: Who we were and Who we need to be #coca454 6 Aug //

Waiting at Gatwick for the off to #csvegas

MP: Can you be a citizen, but be nameless? #coca454 6 Aug //

@ScepticTank - 4 Aug

@thomaslebas gah! need instructions for cyberduck again now that im having to put it on macbook. 6 Aug //

Njoy ur day I’m off2zzzz

@mwesch thanks! a very interesting post. has given me a lot to think about! 6 Aug //

wake up-No pressure,just8hrs to go! :)

@austinkleon great. thanks Austin :) 6 Aug //

@austinkleon yes exactly! :) is there anyone you follow that you can suggest i also ask? 6 Aug //

@chantelle_f_ have you seen this? I think it would relate to your project as well :) 6 Aug //

@austinkleon thanks. i’m just collecting opinions at the moment so that helps :) FYI my favourite thing from (cont) 6 Aug //

@espiekermann Erik, could tell me how you would define a digital citizen? I’m collecting opinions for a final year design research project. 6 Aug //

@AmySept thank you so much for the comment on my workblog. amazingly helpful!! and your point about can you be a (cont) 6 Aug //

once again wishing there was one more day in the week! i only have one more day off before class and far too much to do! 5 Aug //

@bs Hi Britt! I’m currently doing a final year university project that is focussed on Twitter and digital (cont) 5 Aug //

@Pablo70 Hi! I’m a big fan of GrupoConway’s work :) I’m currently in my last year of a Bachelor of Design (cont) 5 Aug //

@mwesch Hi Mike, I’m a BDes (Hons) student currently doing a design research project on digital citizenship. (cont) 5 Aug //

@sankywashere while you’re waiting, feel like helping me out with a uni design research project? :) How would YOU define a digital citizen? 5 Aug //

@charliprangley No disrespect to London

but I’d go for Valencia!!;) Is it4work as a

photographer?Should be by the looks of ur

the link?

@charliprangley Wld love to see a @echarlottesmind - 6 Aug

shot of Wellington,I’ll send a shot of

Bournemouth when the darks gone2bed!-

prob not a fair exchange tho!

@charliprangley I’m excited. I’ll make

LNK big in cali!

@jspurg - 7 Aug @charliprangley @alicelmurray are the

@mwesch - 6 Aug

@charliprangley charli.

@thomaslebas - 10 Aug

@charliprangley @MarkK_H Lol that’s an

interesting convo to have. Who will win?

@techin5 - 11 Aug

#coca454 Exciting! Word cloud from 2864

words from my ‘rubbish thoughts’ survey

in 5 seconds! #save

@charliprangley Hm depends on which

model I guess! Based on

out guide 13-inch goes to Air, otherwise it

goes to MBP!

@techin5 - 11 Aug

@walkingkiwi - 10 Aug

heard that term

@espiekermann - 7 Aug Anyone have Matthias’s email please??

@thomaslebas @markjbradford @


@shesathinker - 11 Aug


I am connected to people around the planet, and I feel a closer bond and resonance and affiliation with them because of the values we have discovered that we share, the aspirations we have in common, and perhaps the vision we have for a more integrated kind of global society - than i do with my neighbors on my street. @VenessaMiemis

¹ Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey Still Can’t define What Twitter Is. 2011,

Twitter is an enabler of conversations.

@walkingkiwi ah

MP: Active citize

MP: Colonisatio

MP: A way to inc



Obligatory â&#x20AC;&#x153;Omg

@henrycooke no

@henrycooke ah

This is the last sn got my first real

MP: twtrland htt

MP: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Facebook i

@thomaslebas o

MP: Responsibil MP: Be a digital

MP: twtrland pr

wondering if it w


@chantelle_f_ y

@thomaslebas ju

@walkingkiwi @

@thomaslebas b

@thomaslebas th

@thomaslebas s

@thomaslebas fa




@coca222454 th

@coca222454 un

exhausted. too m

the snow disrupt

Come with us no the one day off i

MP: The 2009 F

MP: The 2010 Fe

@chantelle_f_ e


How many slide

@shesathinker s

@thomaslebas w

@thomaslebas g

@alicelmurray y

@walkingkiwi go

@coca222454 ex

@coca222454 ag

@coca222454 i t

eagerly looking o

@walkingkiwi ex

@walkingkiwi th

something I just

@coca222454 pe


never before hav

celebrating havin

so the G+ tab i ju


@walkingkiwi lo

@walkingkiwi th


@thomaslebas k

@thomaslebas d

@thomaslebas y

@thomaslebas y

yusss orders com @MelissaPeaks

@coca222454 aw

@coca222454 in

@coca222454 re


h of course! thanks 13 Aug //

enship #coca454 13 Aug //

on #coca454 13 Aug // MP: “Pursuing digital citizenship” #coca454 13 Aug //

corporate my “badge” idea? #coca454 13 Aug //

d thanks. Was reading about situational maps today but not sure i really understand. Perhaps next session you can go over w/me? 13 Aug //

d great :) 13 Aug //

g SNOW!” tweet. but seriously, this is some weird weather. 14 Aug //

ofair! where do you live? here in Newtown its slush as soon as it hits. 14 Aug //

hh jealous! 14 Aug //

now I experienced...(in Oxford) wonder if it could ever get like this here?? 14 Aug // world spatial typography project today at work! I have to create a signage system for the Tawa store. 14 Aug //

tp:// #coca454 14 Aug //

is a fad, while Twitter is infrastructure” #coca454 14 Aug //

oh man why did i click on that it hurt my eyes! lol 14 Aug //

lities of a digital citizen #coca454 14 Aug // citizen, not a digital tourist #coca454 14 Aug //

rofiles of people who have replied to me #coca454 14 Aug //

would be inappropriate to use a fellow student being “shamed” off Twitter as an example of the power of Twitter... :S 15 Aug //

d tom just got home and told me that when you guys were talking about my fellow classmate’s Twitter (cont) 15 Aug //

yes! wish I got screencaps of his tweets when I was watching it begin the other night! 15 Aug //

ust realised i am partly to blame cos i pointed you to their convo xDD oops! haha 15 Aug //

@chantelle_f_ haha perhaps! 15 Aug // @thomaslebas im being an investigative journalist... lol 15 Aug //

by lurking replies 15 Aug //

hat’s the plan! I just contacted @BaldCondensed and he has provided me with screenshots of the entire event. 15 Aug //

seriously tho, should i be presenting this on Thursday? it’s going to be all kinds of awkward... haha. but its so amazing how 15 Aug //

ar one little thoughtless tweet has spread!! if i take an ~unbiased view, do you think it’s okay? 15 Aug // @thomaslebas have. just wanted your opinion! lol 15 Aug //

d sounds like a good idea. 15 Aug //

d I contacted another user involved (Yves Peters, a friend of Jonathan Hoefler) and he was able to send me screencaps :) 15 Aug //

d that is a very very nice word. could be a perfect fit for what I am doing too. thanks! 15 Aug //

hats what I am doing :) very interesting to see the spread! am also keeping my eye out for blog posts written about it. 15 Aug //

nsure how to gather offline materials :S any suggestions? 15 Aug //

much snow excitement. too many MP ideas. too much time spent organising work’s cold warehouse. not enough time in the day. 15 Aug //

ted my work today because we were so excited it distracted us xD 16 Aug //

ow on a journey through time and space... 16 Aug // decide to get up and go to the supermarket at 9am, I get hailed on! that’ll teach me for trying to be organised! 16 Aug //

Feltron report is very interesting for me because it is... #coca454 17 Aug //

eltron report documents the life of the designers... #coca454 17 Aug //

extremely fascinating! 17 Aug //

entals My flat is so cold that im currently wearing 2 tops and 3 jerseys, and I’m wrapped in a blanket. @GarethMP 17 Aug //

es is everyone else’s presentation? unsure if I’m going overboard or not doing enough! 17 Aug //

sounds like your interim went well!! congrats :) mines tomorrow. eep! 17 Aug //

when are you going to berlin? :D 17 Aug //

go over in June when I go! I’ll probs be flying into Germany cos London will be hella expensive with Olympics. 17 Aug //

yes that does. thanks! 17 Aug //

ood to know cos mines about that too. thanks! :) 17 Aug //

xcellent link. thanks! 18 Aug //

greed! I think the students I interact with most on twitter are actually from other classes. 18 Aug //

think the problem is that some still see Twitter as just a “social network” whereas it is a LOT more than that. 18 Aug //

out my window every time I hear someone come down the drive hoping itll be a courier with my iMac! 18 Aug //

xactly my reason for the change! trying to follow in the footsteps of the people who have responded to me. 18 Aug //

he only ones of me i have on this laptop are the ones taken for my webstore haha. may change the pic when i get my imac back! 18 Aug //

t realised: I joined Twitter about 6 months before I joined Facebook. perhaps that’s why i’m so biased on the matter! 19 Aug //

erhaps a little of both, because I do have a very strong dislike for Facebook. 19 Aug //

! happy! 19 Aug //

ve I appreciated the mac startup sound so much :) and the crazy “welcome” video that auto plays. 19 Aug //

ng my imac back by buying the new Wombats EP on itunes and listening to it loud! 19 Aug //

ust got from the Mac App store has a facebook like button at the bottom... whats up with that?? :S 19 Aug //

d mark, i know you wanted final brief’s today, but would you mind if I waited to get feedback on my (cont) 19 Aug //

ovely picture! do you mind if I collect your change as an example of someone thinking more about digital citizenship? :) 19 Aug //

hat’s great to hear :) 19 Aug //

g haha great! send me an email and we can talk linernotekids[at]gmail[dot]com 19 Aug //

know when you were doing that Bin Laden graphic and needed the exact time of a tweet? did you ever work it out? cos in case you 20 Aug //

didn’t and want to know for future knowledge, Inspect element shows the exact timestamp :) 20 Aug //

yeah right click on the date and go to Inspect element. in chrome. unsure about other browsers. 20 Aug //

yup! chrome ftw. 20 Aug //

ming through on my webstore :) 20 Aug // Welcome to Twitter cuz! gorgeous photo :) 20 Aug //

wesome. tom made me into a pixel person earlier this year hehe 21 Aug //

nteresting! haven’t come across the word denizen yet! for my project a pixel profile is the opposite of what I am going for in 21 Aug //

elation to the aesthetics for a digital citizen. pixels dont inspire the emotional connection I’m after. 21 Aug //

ck damn you got me excited! but I won’t be in that part of the world til after it’s over :( 21 Aug //

file from a filehosting site, how does the NZ Copyright law distinguish if its copyrighted material or not? @GarethMP 21 Aug //



because I just downloaded a file a friend hosted for me instead of sending in an email, how is anyone to know it wasn’t illegal? :S 21 Aug // Getting “You’ve made a sale!” emails from @Storenvy makes all the hours i spent setting up my webstore over the holidays worth it :) 21 Aug //

dear tumblr. sort your shit out.

DKMahant exactly! worried because I don’t want to be chased down for something totally legal... 21 Aug //

@charliprangley – 24 Jul 2010

9:30pm and only just finished catching up on admin-type things. sometimes I think i need an assistant. haha. or just more time in the day! 21 Aug //

got my first proper graphic design position today. awesome! but scary! but I can’t wait to get started! :) real

I just unlocked the “Adventurer” badge on @ foursquare! apRQOh

life begins now! 22 Aug //

@charliprangley – 11 Nov 2010

@coca222454 yes. no doubt things will pile up again when I’m at work tomorrow tho! 21 Aug // @CarlyHitchcock will just have to aim to go to the one in 4 years time! haha 21 Aug //

too many exclamation marks! 22 Aug // @thomaslebas what the hell was that a burp?? lol 22 Aug // @coca222454 I just got a job! so things may be a little hectic with my project for the next few weeks while i (cont) 22 Aug // @coca222454 BDT (Mitsubishi Electric) i’m still unsure about the impact myself... but I’m a hard worker by nature so I think I’ll be fine. 22 Aug // The awkward moment when you have no idea what country your boyfriend is currently in. haha 22 Aug // @shesathinker it’s called postscript i think? 22 Aug // @shesathinker i think you go to export as a pdf and select postscript as the file type. then open in preview and save as pdf. you can only 22 Aug // @shesathinker do it at uni. 22 Aug // @thomaslebas you’re doing dinner tonight right? cos you have soccer tomorrow? can’t remember if i imagined that convo or not! xD 22 Aug // @thomaslebas done 22 Aug // @thomaslebas de nada 22 Aug // @MattEales i think he was meaning that your twitter experience is made by the people you follow so if you are (cont) 22 Aug // @MattEales oh okay. gotcha. it’s so interesting how different people have such different experiences! because I (cont) 22 Aug // @MattEales very true. i agree about it being a place to vent too tho. that fits with how Twitter has changed (cont) 22 Aug // @megan_wright same here! my favourite fictional couple of all time. 23 Aug // RT @imAnton: Facebook makes you hate people you actually know. Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met. 23 Aug // @coca222454 i love that i can wake up and scroll through my feed and get the basic gist of what happened

I’m at Calle Guardia Civil.

was rugby invented by a gay retard @charliprangley – 10 Dec 2010

one more thing. this is how you get around NZ’s filesharing law kids ;D @charliprangley – 1 June

@harryluxton retweeted @nazigold – 30 Sep

without (cont) 23 Aug // @chantelle_f_ oh my god scary! and 10pm isn’t even that late D: 23 Aug // @chantelle_f_ definitely sounds like a good idea. 23 Aug // MP: Could quake shake Twitter loyalty? #coca454 23 Aug // MP: Photo #coca454 23 Aug // @MattEales and also, alarmingly, a very large number of the twitter population uses it purely to tweet to/ about Justin Beiber xD 23 Aug // @coca222454 I think there is a difference between demographic of users and demographic of noisemakers tho! 23 Aug // Qantas has incredibly annoying hold music. Or maybe I just find it annoying cos its the same music as in their inflight safety video. 24 Aug // what a weird situation. i thought i’d have to pay money to change my flight, but turns out by changing, qantas owes ME money. WEIRD 24 Aug // @thomaslebas jdownloader 24 Aug // @thomaslebas or 24 Aug //

@harryluxton by RT’ing @nazigold “was rugby invented by a gay retard” = you think the comment is funny > i’m blocking you @cocs222454 - 30 Sep

MP: This is a really beautiful K. A strange statement to make, yes,... #coca454 24 Aug @thomaslebas can we please get a pet hedgehog? i promise i’ll take care of it! 24 Aug // @shanesnow Happy Birthday :) 24 Aug // NOT happy with @metlinkwgtn tonight! Reading cinema stop should have live departures. waited 40mins &had no idea when our bus was scheduled. 25 Aug //

699 one way to London on RBA!! but only for travel in October this year. grrrr. 29 Aug //

be careful what you (re)tweet!! apologies to anyone offended from one of my RT’s, I’m not trying to offend anybody. #coca454

5:30am starts are not my friend. im SO not used to being this exhausted at only 9:30pm! BUT my job is still

@harryluxton - 30 Sep

i am IN LOVE with my new job. seriously. all these years at uni are gonna be worth it if this is what the real world is like. SO AMAZING! 26 Aug // @coca222454 i think the best part will be working with printers on big jobs. learning so much already! 26 Aug // @markjbradford very interesting. the situation is no different but our attention to it and reactions to it are very different, i feel. 27 Aug //

Who else bought cupcakes today for SPCA cupcake day? Why wouldn’t you!You get to support charity by eating yummy cupcakes!! om nom nom 29 Aug // Damn fog conditions! Flight delayed an hour. 30 Aug // RT @austinkleon: The web is our medium. *Everyone* should learn code. 30 Aug // Spent today editing Training Manuals in indd files set up by the previous designer. They didn’t use paragraph styles or master pages. ARGH! 30 Aug // MP: xcarcrashhearts: the sad truth. #coca454 30 Aug // @RosinaEsme hey ro! I’m gonna give turps transferring a try tomorrow. did you have a tute you followed? any tips for me? :) 31 Aug // @RosinaEsme haha thats okay! I’m gonna do it the dirty DIY way haha. home in nelson and dad found me some huge rolls of newsprint. gonna 31 Aug // @RosinaEsme have a play tomorrow! :D 31 Aug // @RosinaEsme awesome! will see how using a roller goes but i may take you up on that! thanks heaps :) 31 Aug // I got a letter from Google. it seems so odd to receive a letter from them that I’m still trying to decide if its legit or not... 31 Aug // @thomaslebas yeah for adwords. is that what yours was? legit or no? 31 Aug // @thomaslebas sweet. i might take them up on it then for LNK. tis weird seeing the logo in print xD 31 Aug //

@harryluxton haha i learnt that lesson myself. Context is hard to grasp over a simple 140 characters @MattEales - 30 Sep

¹Twitter Advice For Entrepreneurs by Tyron Bache. 2011,

amazing so it’s worth it. 29 Aug //

You’re only as good as your last tweet. This may sound simplistic but we’re all digital citizens @KnowledgeOnt

“Think before you tweet”

I disagree. someone with an internet INo would think one is ofa anyone digital citizen by default. connection creating content on the Digital citizenship is@jazzman91 a status you can web as a digital citizen. never stop pursuing. @joefernandez

Bad tweets from me and others


RT @charliprangley MP: “Facebook is a fad, while Twitter is infrastructure” dlvr. it/g8Ty5 #coca454

RT @charliprangley MP: if social media were a high school... @JuliaKMac – 28 May

@coca222454 – 14 Aug

RT @charliprangley MP: Clay Shirky on Twitter and the social media revolution #coca454 RT @charliprangley currently cursing the fact that i can’t go to @wellington_lux because i have to work both days that weekend. grrrrr.

RT @charliprangley @asferens did you see one of your pieces was posted on WeirdInWellington? post/993531554…

@coca222454 – 4 Aug

@coca222454 – 7 Sep

@Wellington_Lux – 9 Jun

RT @charliprangley MP: The Daily Dot produced this word cloud by analysing tweets... #coca454

RT @charliprangley @ coca222454 whoops sorry i forgot my tenfive this week!!

@coca222454 – 3 Sep

@harryluxton – 26 Sep

RT @charliprangley MP: The Sage Handbook of Grounded Theory #coca454 @coca222454 – 4 Aug

RT @charliprangley i gotta say, now is when it shows that any #coca454 students who don’t use twitter are really missing out! @coca222454 – 16 Sep

RT @charliprangley @coca222454 argh stress! @alicelmurray – 31 Aug

RT @charliprangley situational mapping is turning out to be the most useful thing I’ve done all holidays! learning lots about my empirical materials :) @coca222454 – 6 Sep

A digital citizen has standards for how they create/share content (thinking here of traditional journalists who research their sources, work to be objective etc.) @johnchavens

RT @charliprangley learnt something new today. my eyes cant handle reading white text on black so if yrs can’t either, use ctrl+option+command+8 :) @melmelwall – 12 Jul

Does generosity frighten us? Are we intimidated by kindness? Why? @owenthomas – 21 Sep

RT @charliprangley Obligatory “Omg SNOW!” tweet. but seriously, this is some weird weather. @hellomisspotter – 13 Aug

@owenthomas i think sometime it intimidates us because it puts pressure on to reciprocate @charliprangley – 21 Sep

RT @charliprangley seriously. every single month someone arrives at my blog from searching “old nokia phones” i do not understand! @markjbradford – 11 Jul

RT @charliprangley i think sometime it intimidates us because it puts pressure on to reciprocate @owenthomas – 21 Sep

RT @charliprangley can’t believe #coca494 is over! this semester has gone so fast. @cocamassey – 31 May

spot on! RT @charliprangley: @markjbradford the people who say that obviously haven’t tried it, or they’re following the wrong people! @markjbradford – 11 Jul

RT @charliprangley “it starts with ‘i’ and ends with ‘dentity’” from @gvanmelle in graphics xD @thomaslebas – 21 Sep 2010

@coca222453 – 10 Mar

When someone retweets you, it means they found value in your tweet, enough to want to share it with their followers.

RT @charliprangley wish i’d had this when i first started uni! RT @coca222494: ‘A Design Education Manifesto (AIGA) via @ Processed_id

The reach of my tweets that have been retweeted

I feel like I’m making people think

10 Aug 110 folllowers

28 Jul 90 folllowers

The users who follow me

The majority of my followers are not responding.

20 Sep 126 folllowers

They think I am worth following

24 Aug 120 folllowers


simply a passive consumer. (...) Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d go a step further


and say that a digital citizen is actually a purposeful producer too. Instead of simply creating for the sake of creation, a digital citizen makes things with inherent value. @paddyharrington

I see being followed as being rewarded for good content

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d define a digital citizen as a producer rather than

Your value is defined by your followers, and the followers of your followers. @Scobleizer has huge influence in the tech industry, and people he follows are now following me: worthy by association?

Regular users are more consumers rather than

Follower growth from July to October and notable new followers

14 Sep 117 folllowers

21 Oct 136 followers

8 Oct 131 followers



Profile pictures and bios of the people who responded â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 78% use a picture of themselves, 59% use their real name as their username

The way you portray yourself can increase (or decrease) the value of your tweets

Interesting that some of these people gave me very insightful responses, yet you wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t expect this from their bios.

We live in a world in which identity and recognition are not givens. They must be achieved. @mwesch

I like to think that I act online exactly how I do in real life, but is that a good thing?

Can you be a citizen, but be nameless? My first

I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bad citizenship to not leave your name and

An internet user is someone who does not have an

thought was no, but then I realised I know a lot of

stand up for what you say.

online identity. They use email and ecommerce,

people who do good things (online and offline),


perhaps have a Facebook page and may send the odd

but who try to maintain their privacy with

tweet but their digital world is not a united presence.

pseudonyms, etc.

Their digital presence is not an identity it is merely a


disconnected presence. @walkingkiwi

I just unfollowed all logo’s... trying to keep it personal here ;) @wimrampen - 13 Oct

@charliprangley Nice profile pic change. Nice to see a face. Good digital citizen behaviour... ? @walkingkiwi – 18 Aug

@walkingkiwi exactly my reason for the change! trying to follow in the footsteps of the people who have responded to me. @charliprangley – 19 Aug

@charliprangley I found a photo of my face :) I am taking more responsibility for my digital citizenship @walkingkiwi – 20 Aug

@walkingkiwi – 19 Aug

@walkingkiwi lovely picture! do you mind if I collect your change as an example of someone thinking more about digital citizenship? :) @charliprangley – 20 Aug

@charliprangley Of course you can... I am learning from you :) @walkingkiwi – 20 Aug

@walkingkiwi that’s great to hear :) @charliprangley – 20 Aug

During this project I changed my profile picture when I found out that it is good practice to use a photo of yourself.

@charliprangley Good idea. I too need a picture of my face need to take one :)

int. yay for making things! 1 Sep //

but got back into it this morning :) 1 Sep //

less... can you remember what mixture (cont) 2 Sep //

back? apparently i was trying to make it way too complicated xD 2 Sep //

ck out their flickr group my favourite is the 2 Sep // taking online rules and applying them to print. 2 Sep //

donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t we! 2 Sep // row... 2 Sep //

n making screens etc. yay for the LNK webstore! 3 Sep //

tp:// #coca454 3 Sep //

w better places than Twitter.â&#x20AC;? #coca454 3 Sep //

co/J6z3rIT #coca454 3 Sep //

a454 3 Sep //

ll Oct 25 right? 3 Sep //

ek 13 remember :) 3 Sep //

D neither of us know haha 4 Sep // work today. and all next week. boo! but also yay money lol 4 Sep //

etime, tv show on my 150gb. 4 Sep //

? 5 Sep //

rry. i saw a gorgeous sample from them last week that used Chicago 5 Sep //

king out tho? and have you tried dpod? theyre the other printer 5 Sep //

he way with the free wifi. #timemanagement heck yes. 5 Sep //

se them at work. 5 Sep //

thout my glasses for 10 days while new lenses are fitted!?!? D: 5 Sep //

.co/zzRrarw #coca454 5 Sep //

alk around with a bag on his head. 6 Sep // holidays! learning lots about my empirical materials :) 6 Sep //

aggy and crashes programs after its been on for a while and needs 6 Sep //

story of my journey. expect a blog post all about it later :) 6 Sep //

haps the world is getting smaller BECAUSE Twitter is growing :) 6 Sep //

cal ---> digital #coca454 6 Sep //

ttp:// and I laughed all over again. #lovenoelfielding 6 Sep //

Sep //



1. Twitter is for everyone. A person in any profession can help his or her career if he or she utilizes it correctly.

51. Don’t announce when you’ve unfollowed someone. Egos run ra

2. Only follow your friends if they have something you want to hear. Facebook is for friendships.

52. Don’t obsess about missing something in your timeline. Obses

3. For the rest of eternity, no one is going to believe you if you said you were hacked, even if you were. Sorry.

53. See a tweet with content that you’d like to check out later? Ma later. 4. Please don’t link your Foursquare and Twitter accounts. Your Twitter followers signed up for your Twitter content, not the fact that you just became the mayor of Starbucks. 54. Avoid using underscores and long, jumbled number sequences 5. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your Twitter account. Developing a strong following takes time and effort. 55. Don’t RT something with comment that is better suited for an 6. Always credit your source if you find content worth sharing. Think like a journalist when you’re passing along quality info. 56. Stop tweeting how much your Twitter account is valued at. Th 7. Don’t ask to be followed. Twitter is a meritocracy. Earn it. 57. Don’t tweet about something amazing you just saw without inc 8. Don’t tweet out inspirational quotes unless that’s the purpose of your account. By now everyone has heard “Carpe Diem, seize the day.” -Horace 58. People don’t care what you’re doing, they care what you’re see 9. Don’t tweet that you are bored. Now I am too. 59. If you are going to tweet a long quote, use Twitlonger. Don’t co 10. If you follow someone, don’t be offended if they don’t follow you back. Not everyone plays for “Team Followback.” Earn their follow from strong, periodic @replies if you feel that you have something to offer. 60. Short tweets stand out. Try saying something poignant in 50 c 11. Don’t be tempted by the speed of Twitter. Take a breath before each tweet and ask, “If I was a follower, would I want to read this?” If not, delete it. 61. If you’re a journalist, take it easy on the pre-promotion. Readi 12. Unless you are a pro athlete, don’t tell me that you are at the gym. I get it, you work out. 62. Don’t go too long without checking your @mentions. Twitter is 13. Proofread your tweets. The amount of typos in 140 characters is mind blowing. 63. Just because this isn’t face-to-face communication doesn’t me 14. Find your Twitter niche, but don’t be afraid to branch out a little. Most followers enjoy a little variety every now and then. 64. Only change your Twitter handle if you’re absolutely convinced 15. Quantity of tweets is fine as long as it’s quality. I average more than 40 tweets a day. background/avatar/bio if you’re looking to switch things up.

I think a digital citizen has a deeper understanding of communication and etiquette on the web.

16. Unless you are 14 years old, don’t make your account private. No strangers will want to request to follow you.

65. Don’t give your followers a play-by-play or box score of a sport

17. Do not use a default Twitter background. Instead, use an image or photo that complements your interests or personality.

66. Go easy on the Instagrams. Yes, your iPhone takes pretty good

18. Follow Friday’s are perhaps the emptiest tweets on all of Twitter, unless you tell me why they deserve my follow.

67. Show your gratitude when a company goes above and beyond

19. Want to give your recommendation more oomph? Do it on Tuesday; nobody is expecting it.

68. When mentioning a person or brand, use their Twitter handle i

20. Just because you are getting slammed doesn’t mean you should blame Twitter. Learn to absorb the hate and get a thicker skin, it’s useful in life.

69. Unless replying to a specific Tweet, don’t start your entry with

21. If you’re RTing (retweeting) someone with comment, it’s OK to shorten up their original tweet in order to keep it under 140. Just don’t alter the original person’s 70. If including intended amessage. photo with your message, make sure it is crisp a 22. Don’t harbor on the fact that you lost one follower. Rejoice in the fact that you gained two.

71. All photos should have the correct orientation, don’t make som

23. Athletes & celebs blame Twitter when “sharing” goes wrong. It’s not the sharing of information that’s the issue, it’s what you share.

72. If you have 200,000 followers and you follow no one, you aren

24. Never ask for a RT (Retweet) for your birthday (or for any reason).

73. Don’t always use Twitter’s “Retweet” button. If you find somet

25. Never fulfill a birthday RT request.

74. Get hate-tweets? It probably means you’re doing something rig

26. Your avatar should intrigue/humor viewers. Change it up. But whatever you do, no animated GIFs! (Graphics Interchange Format)

75. Following athletes/celebrities is usually pointless. Twitter is ab timeline.

27. Make good use of your Twitter bio space. “Mother, Sister, Daughter, Lover of Life” does absolutely nothing to spark someone’s interest.

76. Run a company? Don’t have your employees sign the tweets w 28. Don’t get offended if someone unfollows you. Instead, use it as a learning experience. Perhaps your tweets need some tweaking. Everyone is entitled to a trial run before purchasing your product. 77. Have a good tweet at 3:17AM? If you’re not the first to tweet t 29. People love screengrabs. Those that are experts at capturing the perfect TV shot (like @bubbaprog and @jose3030) do well on Twitter. 78. Use a real location in your bio, not a state of mind or somethin 30. Know when something has reached a critical mass. Look around to see if your entire timeline has tweeted the same quote. Hold back. 79. Have 3 good tweets to send out that aren’t time sensitive? Sch 31. Know why people follow you. If you’re a foodie, don’t send 20 Florida Marlins tweets on a single night. 80. Network! Twitter allows you to connect with just about anyone 32. Instead of complaining about spam bots offering you free iPads, take 3 seconds and report them as spam. Help solve the problem. 81. Don’t plainly RT someone; add your touch to the tweet - even 33. Check out your followers. If someone’s bio looks interesting, follow them. @JosephChristie 82. Choosing a new Twitter name? Again, keep it short. Do the talk 34. Go through who you’re following every few months. Weed out the bad, the non-existent & those you feel don’t suit your interests. 83. When someone visits your account, your tweets are your resum 35. If you get retweeted, don’t automatically expect new followers. People evaluate your feed before following, so it’s not an automatic process. 84. Stop forming your tweets as hypothetical letters to inanimate o 36. Twitter Search may be the most valuable search engine on the Internet. Use it. 85. If you have a critical mass of followers, use amount of retweet 37. Always put your comment before the RT. Commenting after the original tweet makes it difficult to distinguish your comment from the original. 86. Keep the smiley faces & CAPS to a bare minimum. I’m sure yo 38. Twitter is the ultimate on-the-go tool. Find an app you can tweet most comfortably with & learn the heck out of it. 87. Funny tweets speak for themselves. There’s no need to add “lo 39. Don’t tweet and drive. Unless you are very good at it. 88. Stay away from song lyrics, even if it describes your mood per 40. Twitter isn’t a Monday to Friday site. It flows straight through the weekend. 89. Don’t overdo it with the #hashtags. A few key words is fine, bu 41. Don’t ask your followers what’s going on with a certain topic. Follow the right people & use Twitter’s search box. 90. If any athlete/celebrity ever says anything good, it will be retw 42. Double-check your links to make sure they work prior to tweeting. If you do happen to screw up a tweet, don’t follow up with a “Whoops, here’s the correct link” tweet. Just remove the old and tweet the new. 91. Don’t be afraid to follow, and tweet out, strangers. There are s 43. Have a friend who bashes the fact that you’re on Twitter? Log them in for a week & show them how it works. In no other walk of life have people bashed something so fervently that they haven’t tried. 92. Never RT a list of Follow Friday’s that someone included you i 44. Friend didn’t adhere to Tip 43? People who don’t use Twitter don’t get it. They’ll mock you, but it’s their loss. Keep doing your thing. 93. If you’re with a group of people who also happen to have Twitt 45. Want to partake in a funny movie-related trending topic? Tweet one, not ten. 94. If you’re using Twitter primarily via text, you’re selling yourself 46. Good follow partaking in #AnnoyingHashtag? Some Twitter apps have a temporary “Hide” or “Mute” feature. (Your secret is safe with me.) smart-phone. 47. Often referred to as a “Master Tweet,” never, ever RT yourself.

95. If you experience Twitter writer’s block, just take a break. You

48. When sharing a link, try to add a little flavor to it. Your followers want content from a person, not a robot.

96. Get people who surround you on a daily basis on Twitter. Belie

49. Ask your followers for good accounts to follow. Twitter can suggest everyone they want to, but the best follows will come from your followers.

97. Don’t tweet during important life occasions. Savor the momen

50. Create lists to sort your interests. It will come in handy when you want a specific group’s most recent tweets.

98. Klout Score > Follower Count. Check out and see w

ampant enough on Twitter, so just quietly unfollow and move on.

ss about furthering the dialogue.

any Twitter apps have an “E-mail Tweet” option. Maximize efficiency by using your inbox as your personal “to-do” list. Also, “Favorite” a tweet for

s in your Twitter handle. People should be able to recite your handle from memory. @reply or DM. Wasting your followers’ time is a no-no.

he only thing your account is worth at that point is an unfollow.

cluding a pic. That’s the ultimate Twitter tease right there.


ontinue a quote through three tweets. It becomes very fragmented since most people are following a lot of people.

characters. It has a great chance of getting RT’d.

ing that you are going to be on in Grand Rapids is annoying. Now if you say something good after you’re done in Grand Rapids, tweet it out.

sn’t a one-way street and you should take in valuable feedback.

Be nice. (The world is a small town)

ean you should disrespect people. There are real humans behind the computers.

d that it will be a smart move in the long haul (i.e., fewer characters, easier to remember, etc.). Your handle becomes your identity. Change your

@austinkleon¹ ting event. If they are interested, they are watching.

d pics and there’s an app to age them. It doesn’t make you a professional photographer. for you. If you are impressed, let your followers know.

if they use the service.

Best of luck and thanks again for getting in touch.

h an @mention because only those who follow that person / brand will see it (unless that is your intention). @johnchavens

and represents the subject matter correctly.

meone rotate their head when you could take the time to rotate the photo.

n’t getting the full Twitter experience. Twitter isn’t a megaphone, it’s a telephone.

I would love to hear how your project comes along. @JosephChristie

thing worth retweeting, use “RT” & get the credit you deserve for finding it.

ght. Chances are the hater has less than 200 followers anyway.

Thanks for putting out a really thought provoking question!

bout good tweets; not hearing an NBA star say, “What’s good, fellas?!” Make a list if you want to follow them, but don’t invite them into your @amysept

with their personal signature. Followers don’t care & you’re just wasting characters. Unless it’s “BO” on the White House feed.

the Vancouver riot kissing couple, hold on to it. Chances are you’ll get more eyeballs at 10:00AM.

I hope that helps — and the best of luck with your project.

ng pretentious like “On the move.”


hedule them at different times (you can use platforms like Tap 11) so each one gets the proper attention.

e. Reach out... You’d be surprised how quickly you can hit it off. if it’s just a word or two.

king in your bio (i.e. @JoeSmithWCQR should be @JoeSmith).

me. Fill it up with @mentions and you’re missing out on potential new followers.

I hope that was of some help. @leonpiers

Let me know if you need more info. Hope that helps.

@chris_j_doyle objects. “Dear Sun: I am very hot today. Shine away. Sincerely, Me.” This was creative about a year ago.

ts and mentions on certain topics to gauge what’s generally hot and what’s generally not.

Good luck!

ou’re happy, but you’re not that HAPPY.


weeted quickly.

smart people outside of your circle of friends.

in. If you’re really that excited about it, mark it as a Favorite and spare your followers.


Hope that’s useful. @venessaMiemis

Good luck with it, it’s so interesting!

ter, refrain from going on a tweet-tagging spree. Instead, take a picture and tag your friends on Facebook. @chantelle_f_

f short. Depending on your notifications setup, you’ll be either bombarded or behind. Also, good luck fixing errant tweets. It’s time to invest in a

don’t have a daily quota to meet, so there’s no need to force it. Your followers will be pleased with consistent, quality content.

eve me, it’s a marriage tip too.

nt; Twitter will be there for you when it’s all done.

where you rank.

¹ How To Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. 2011,

ut the run-on sentence hash tag has been done.

I hope that helps.

It’s nice to be nice. These responses put a smile on my face.


Background:The 100 Twitter Rules to Live By by Darren Rovell. 2011,

ol” in a retweet.

2nd and 3rd year kids talking about investing in purchasing typefaces...Hilarious. I downloaded the whole hoefler foundry free..All families

@H_FJ “@MattyEales: talking about investing in purchasing typefaces... Hilarious. I downloaded the whole hoefler foundry free..All familes” @klimtypefoundry – 14 Aug

@klimtypefoundry @H_FJ Hope this helps... qyVEHc

@MattyEales - 10 Aug

@dominicphilcox – 14 Aug

@MattyEales if you use a font in your work that you do not own, that is in breach of copyright. ask our local @ klimtypefoundry @nkapica

@MattyEales — just because you have a copy does not mean you have a license to use it — have you heard about copyright?

@klimtypefoundry hope you got a screenshot of that—he protected his account since that post

@thomaslebas – 13 Aug

@BaldCondensed @H_FJ @ klimtypefoundry He deleted some tweets and protected his account in the meantime. @kupfers – 14 Aug

@thejackamo – 14 Aug

@nkapica – 13 Aug

@nkapica Of coarse ive heard about copywright, im GenY we breach copywright daily. I also know how to work around it without getting caught

@nkapica Also id rather spend my money elsewhere when i have the skills to find downloads for files i need.

@thomaslebas like ive said i know and understandbhow copywright works so i dont know how many more people need to tell me

Investing in you is hilarious @MattyEales: “...Investing in purchasing typefaces... Hilarious. I downloaded the whole hoefler foundry free.”

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

@TypographyCop – 14 Aug

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

@thomaslebas also i made a self moral rule not to pirate local nz talent. So Klim isnt on my list @MattyEales – 13 Aug

@TypographyCop haha

@MattyEales then why is it ‘hilarious’ that 2nd and 3rd years are talking about purchasing licenses?

@MattyEales – 14 Aug

@thomaslebas – 13 Aug

Twitter cops on patrol...

@nkapica – 13 Aug

@MattyEales – 14 Aug

@nkapica is your problem with pirating typefaces? Or piracy in general. Musicans, Actors, and Authors all work for a living as well...

@nkapica yet they seem to survive. Its the 21st century, piracy happens and the world hasnt stopped spinning

@thomaslebas because when you hear about them bitching about having no money to pay rent, ourchasing typefaces seems rather superfluous

I didnt know so many people took tweets so seriously @MattyEales – 14 Aug

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

@MattyEales – 13 Aug

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” just dont admit that shit online @MattyEales – 14 Aug

My adobe suite is pirated... So my typefoundry fits right in. You dont need money to be creative. Id take skills over legal software anyday @MattyEales – 13 Aug

@MattyEales Dude, you are so retarded, bragging about stealing fonts and Adobe CS. We can still make screenshots of our Twitter history..

@MattyEales Problem is you can be tracked down. I wouldn’t mess with @H_FJ. They’re serious about stealing their wares (and rightly so).

@BaldCondensed – 14 Aug

@BaldCondensed – 14 Aug

Tracking the spread of a foolish tweet. The incident appeared on the timelines of 60 different account from at least 10 different countries and possibly reached up to 394,976 people.

@MattyEales — cw1vc4h —Type designers are just like you and have to work for a living — or do you give your work away for free?


@espiekermann @hello_juliana


@MattyEales Your bragging about being a common thief has me a little puzzled. You call yourself a creative? @BaldCondensed – 14 Aug

@H_FJ I managed to pick up a whole bag of Helvetica Neue in the London riots and looting last week.


@CoffeeRobot – 15 Aug @SpunOutOriginal


@espiekermann @H_FJ They are. He was just an overachiever. @TypographyCop – 15 Aug


fyi #coca454 RT @ espiekermann: @H_FJ I wish all thieves were that stupid



@MattyEales This is so wrong. I’d like to see how you would react if someone stole your means of making a living.

@coca222454 – 15 Aug @tw_top_1zajo6m

@H_FJ I wish all thieves were that stupid

@BaldCondensed – 14 Aug

@espiekermann – 15 Aug

@H_FJ , we like it. Bit of integrity. Moral fibre; fibre is good, not just in our line of work it seems!


@Tsurei_sumifu @redtype @RoCer @cocamassey

@WeftABit – 15 Aug

Scumbag RT @MattyEales: Talking about investing in purchasing typefaces. Hilarious. I downloaded the whole Hoefler foundry free. All familes




@BaldCondensed – 14 Aug

@dustinwilson @NezKnez

@H_FJ link? @Daveoflynn – 15 Aug

@H_FJ quick question, will there ever be a student pricing on typefaces? I want to use your beautiful faces legally.


@H_FJ But there’s no mechanism to prevent a shamed user from deleting and then setting up a new (reputation-free) account.

@mike_mill89 – 15 Aug

@MattyEales You have a lot of nerve calling people reacting to your admission of pure and simple theft “Twitter cops”. @BaldCondensed – 14 Aug



@gguschke – 15 Aug

@redletter @ACSprungle


@H_FJ nemo auditur propriam turpitudinem allegans... @fadebiaye – 15 Aug

Amazing: a guy proudly admits to stealing fonts, and within 24 hours he’s shamed off of Twitter altogether. #thesocialcontract

@H_FJ the grand theft typo was short-lived, indeed :-)


@fadebiaye – 15 Aug




@H_FJ – 15 Aug



The discussion of the issue raised some good points, including student pricing for fonts, and the piracy culture that exists today; the fact that many Twitter users probably have stolen @H_FJ fonts, but @MattyEales is the one who admitted it.

@coca222454 – 15 Aug


You never know who will see your tweets, or how far they will spread. In this incident the community felt that what @MattyEales had admitted to was unethical, so they did their best to make the copyright holder aware of his actions.

fyi #coca454 RT @H_FJ: Amazing: a guy proudly admits to stealing fonts, and within 24 hours he’s shamed of… (cont)

@H_FJ the funny thing is, like in real life, probably 90% of the people calling him out do something similar themselves. #hypocrisy @xavez – 15 Aug

@dkabage @tw_top_1z142ez





@H_FJ I’d say that a boastful thief doesn’t remain a thief for very much longer. @colinmford – 15 Aug

Good job internet. RT @H_FJ: Amazing: a guy proudly admits to stealing fonts, and within 24 hours he’s shamed off of Twitter altogether.

@nkapica this is one of your students called out: twitter. com/h_fj/status/10…

@TypographyCop – 15 Aug

@klimtypefoundry – 15 Aug


@Gaynoir @nkapica




wondering if it would be inappropriate to use a fellow student being “shamed” off Twitter as an example of the power of Twitter... :S @charliprangley – 15 Aug

@charliprangley Fits perfectly with my project also!! @chantelle_f_ – 15 Aug

@chantelle_f_ @charliprangley Maybe he did it especially for your projects?! That would be a good explanation for such stupidity :) @walkingkiwi – 15 Aug



@coca222454 @charliprangley @walkingkiwi anyone know of an online tool where 2 ppl can work on the same document ??does it exist?

@coca222454 @chantelle_f_ @charliprangley @walkingkiwi Not too good with Twitter but here goes, feedback welcome! ...

@alicelmurray – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@coca222454 @charliprangley @walkingkiwi anything with more visual tool? google docs mainly good for text - need something like illustrator

@walkingkiwi Agreed!

ALERT: regular #coca454 twitter check in happening every night between 9-9:30pm from tomorrow ...

i gotta say, now is when it shows that any #coca454 students who don’t use twitter are really missing out!

@acbennie love the grainy imagery!

@coca222454 – 18 Sep

@charliprangley – 19 Sep

MP: some visual inspiration! :) #coca454

a thought re the #coca454 twitter check 9-9:30pm > consider introducing a second hashtag to filter dialogue i.e. #coca454 #IN ^mb

can someone tell me where #coca454454 is going to be happening on sunday?

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@coca222454 – 19 Sep

@walkingkiwi sounds like a good plan!

@coca222454 definitely want to. the only images i have are peoples profile pictures but i’m sure i can still do (cont) d7v8hs

@alicelmurray @charliprangley @walkingkiwi google docs.

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray hmm not that i’ve used sorry! @thomaslebas might know of one?

@coca222454 hmmm not sure how I feel about that... but its an interesting idea, i’ll definitely give it a try!

@walkingkiwi hey i like the designs with the colour hiddenits nice how you can see a bit so would cause intrigue to pull it open,also

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi haha not sure how that would fit. any tweets in that rubbish? lol. thinking it could work to include some of my workspace, but

@walkingkiwi maybe on finer detail you don’t need the WHY as if this is left blank ppl will want to go to find out WHY. just some thoughts:)

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi totally untouched (eg: leaving all the mess) as a contrast between me communicating all over the world from this little space.

@coca222454 @charliprangley @walkingkiwi great thanks will have a look if any suit

@alicelmurray @charliprangley @walkingkiwi

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi I started this ages but didn’t continue to use it, have uploaded these images to it though :) brookemajorproject.tumblr. com @fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@charliprangley Thankyou! Yeah I think this is going to be a much better project now — makes much more sense! (cont)

CONTRI SHARE @alicelmurray @ charliprangley @walkingkiwi digitalresearchtools.pbworks. com/w/page/1780166… @coca222454 – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi posted a comment :) @charliprangley – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray @walkingkiwi and agreed with Alice on the “why”

@BalyGaudin good luck tomorrow.

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke undersea ‘bubble world’ working MUCH better ...

@fisherbrooke i like the change to rebranding pools in schools rather than a pool in general. like the cute wee (cont) d7til1

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

this is an interesting point ... if you don’t use sea creatures, then what could you use? RT @walkingkiwi: @fi… (cont)

@walkingkiwi yeah i think they just shouldnt be so meticulous, and luckily the type is big enough that i think (cont) d7tjsu

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@acbennie much more interesting! keep it ‘poetic’ ... avoid overcooking ... let the text-image relationships work for themselves.

@JuliaKmac hmm have you tried anything with colour on colour? even if its just a cream? not so sure about the (cont)

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley nice inspiration ... yes, consider weaving imagery! #coca454

@walkingkiwi @fisherbrooke the idea i get from it is “taking to it like a fish to water” (or whatever the saying is! haha)

@coca222454 – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley images can be ... computer, hands, screen, human, newspaper ... open up options more (in/out of screen) #coca454 @coca222454 – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac oooh cool. well in that case i think most of those colours will have that richness added to them by cream stock :)

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi will def give it a go! dont think i want to do close up of my eyes/hands tho as im a little too self conscious for that! haha @charliprangley – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi and yes i realise how strange it is that i’m fine with including all my tweets(my thoughts) but not pictures of myself! haha @charliprangley – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi Once the children enter the marquee I want them to feel like they are in a special/secret, almost (cont) @fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@alicelmurray – 22 Sep

@charliprangley A big tent type thing they keep the pool in whilst it is at each school! @fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi Cool thats a good idea, I have a few words but yeah def will add some more that relate to ‘secret’ idea #coca454 @fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@charliprangley They already have it! I’m going to use it to display the environmental graphics, sorry should (cont)

@walkingkiwi good idea. i shall do that thanks :)

@fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley Yip I was thinking of having challenges for children to do inside the pool since the whole idea (cont) @fisherbrooke – 22 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley sure. thinking context ... @coca222454 – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke what’s the marquee?

@fisherbrooke oh cool. is that something you’re doing or something they already do that your rebranding?

@coca222454 – 23 Sep

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@chantelle_f_ wow so much work!! awesome! is there a need for more “quieter” pages to break up the stream of huge type maybe? @charliprangley – 22 Sep

#coca454 #IN

@charliprangley – 22 Sep

@charliprangley @walkingkiwi interesting! lots of ‘ways’ to introduce YOU/YOUR WORLD into project without having to show YOURSELF #coca454

Playing with ways of telling the story. At the moment not sure of format still..moved away from book atm #coca454

Oh my god SO MANY #coca454 updates!! Where do I start! And here’s what i’ve been working on.. Looking at everyone’s now!

@walkingkiwi @coca222454 yip il be round...i’m having a mare again trying a new varied approach for window vs giveaways

@acbennie – 22 Sep

@chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@chantelle_f_ the mail out is long gone haha, have been playing with the book idea for a while to tell the story (cont)

@charliprangley Yes that makes sense. I think once i have all the content sorted I can work on the pacing etc. Thanks charli!

@walkingkiwi I just ha a quick squiz..they’re looking great!!

@acbennie – 22 Sep

@chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@acbennie Oh that looks exciting! Very sensual! Why have you moved away from the book? Are you still looking at (cont)

@charliprangley yea im the same...can’t handle dungeons!unsure.yea its the big room! I can’t come though unfortunately

@chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi Too large do you think? I’m unsure of it at this stage. Images are a bit provocative, and the swearing is a bit naughty!

@alicelmurray @coca222454 @charliprangley @walkingkiwi another agree...that would make people want to find out

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@charliprangley 1D01 I think.

@coca222454 I’d be keen for tweetback 9pm tonight on my poster process if people are keen :) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke #coca454 One query I have - why did you decide on sea creatures for indoor swimming pool branding? @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac It must be mare day, I feel I am battling with my posters but don’t want to give up on the ‘fold’ idea just yet. Speak tonight :) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@coca222454 9PM check in. Prepping for colour tests tomorrow morn. majorprojectbalygaudin.… #coca222454 #IN @BalyGaudin – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac I think more than one colour could be interesting to explore - you could still have a dominant colo… (cont) deck. ly/~4lmnO

@walkingkiwi Yep! It sounds like its gonna be a good session. See you then. @BalyGaudin – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac Thanks! I need to really push them and do some testers to see how they react in the wind etc @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke #coca454 I see - that is a fun idea - you might need some exciting words that help express this?

@coca222454 Thnks MB. Unsure about how the ply is going to work w. the laser. May have to commit to MDF, which seems to hold colour better..

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@BalyGaudin – 22 Sep

#coca222454 I’d be keen for tweetback on my poster process if people are keen :) Thanks!

@chantelle_f_ Bringing in the large text is good! The images are really interesting too!

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke Certainly needs rebranding!

http://jkmajor.tumblr. com/ I’m trying colour—any combo’s that say ‘upmarket’ but lots of personality? Any suggestions?not working so far #coca454

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@acbennie #coca454 I am loving the imagery - posters (huge?)?

@alicelmurray Thanks Alice - I’ll keep on going - I’ll bring what I get up to along on Sunday for team discussion :)

@chantelle_f_ Can you print some of them out for tomorrow?

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@charliprangley yes still intending to print on cream but i think i should explore more than one colour but don’t want to over-complicate

@charliprangley Excting! Thanks :)

@acbennie Three stages (i.e. sequential) of a poster campaign #coca454

IBUTE @walkingkiwi Yes I think I might try and get them printed first thing in the morn. Hard to see the micro detail online. @chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

@acbennie Oops! It’s amazing to see how much everyone’s projects have progressed since interim! @chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

Eeek! Everyone back up your files NOW! Just had a bit of a scare! #coca454 @chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@charliprangley oooh - nice idea - leaving the WHY blank :) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@charliprangley Great feedback - thanks - I think I need to experiment with slightly messier folds just to see what it brings :) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@fisherbrooke Hard to really see your image - do you have an online blog?

@charliprangley I think it would be interesting seeing part of you engaging with computer screen - your eyes..… (cont) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@charliprangley close up photos could be interesting that is what you are doing - I think :) - looking in detail at digi citizen @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@JuliaKmac @alicelmurray @ charliprangley HAT-TRICK on leaving ‘Why’ blank. Thanks target audience :)

@charliprangley the closer you go the less recognizable it could become? Give it all a go. Bring your camera on Sunday perhaps...

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@BalyGaudin Yay for getting your hands dirty! Are you coming along on Sunday to #coca454454? @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

@charliprangley Thanks - I’ll try to be a little more untidy :) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

Feedback request from Brooke RT @coca454 @fisherbrooke: @walkingkiwi I started this ages ago and haven’t use… (cont) @walkingkiwi – 22 Sep

We held #coca454 check #IN’s each night from 9-9:30pm. Twitter was the perfect space for group communication and feedback so we could all help each other out.

@chantelle_f_ – 22 Sep

HELP CARE earthquake! #nyc @shanesnow – 23 Aug

thanks, earthquake. like i needed ANOTHER excuse to eff around on twitter all day or read articles about seismology @jessicahische – 23 Aug

holy cow! earthquake! @jessicahische – 23 Aug

the epicentre of the earthquake was the NDP party of Canada @paddyharrington – 23 Aug

RT @beep It’s times like this I wish I’d chosen a more apocalypse compatible profession. Like a guy who makes sheep or however farming works @jessicahische – 23 Aug

@FractureMe – 23 Aug

Fast work by @jkornblum and @jordan327, using @storify helped us get out the community’s reaction to earthquake: news/eastern-s... @owenthomas – 23 Aug

Tweets that appeared on my timeline on the day of the August 23rd Virginia quake.

Hoping that all our friends from VA to NYC are safe after the #earthquake

Within a minute of today’s #earthquake there were more than 40,000 earthquake related tweets @twitter - 23 Aug

And, we hit about 5,500 Tweets per second (TPS). For context, this TPS is more than Osama Bin Laden’s death & on par w/ the Japanese quake. @twitter - 23 Aug talked to my brother @happypete in Virginia. Sounds like everyone’s fine. @owenthomas – 23 Aug

RT @danielpunkass For everybody in NYC who thinks they now know “what an earthquake feels like,” that was more like an earth-caress @rael – 23 Aug

RT @OprahReadsNews EARTHQUAKES FOR EVVVVe eerrryyyyOOOOnnnneeeeee!!! New York gets an earthquake. DC gets an earthquake. Virginia gets an earthquake...

I love how passers-by keep video-bombing Wolf Blitzer on CNN. One guy smiled and waved his arms before walking away. #earthquake

To analyze Twitter visually for breaking news like this quake, editor-hacker @grobertson built a wordcloud tool dailydot. com/news/east-coas...

Are Tweets faster than seismic waves? We can’t speak to speed of seismic waves, but a Tweet can reach your followers in less than a second

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@twitter – 23 Aug

RT @laureninspace @ owenthomas change of plans. Going to debunk “leaning Washington monument” rumour.

Pics or it didn’t happen. interpid @dailydot reporter @laureninspace discovers Washington Monument is not tilting. S1RYTYnE

for Washinton Monument, erect is correct. @laureninspace debunks rumors that obelisk is askew. via @dailydot

@newageamazon – 23 Aug

Sending @laureninspace to the Pentagon to cover the scene for the @dailydot. #earthquake @owenthomas – 23 Aug

RT @Criterion To grant this earthquake proper reverence we’re giving away a copy of the one and only ARMAGEDDON: @owenthomas – 23 Aug

My world has been pretty UNrocked in the last half hour how about you? #Earthquake

RT @AndyJenksNBC12 Approaching Mineral on Rte. sign of damage thus far. Then again, it’s rural countryside.

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@amysept – 23 Aug

@paddyharrington – 23 Aug

I think @AndyJenksNBC12 is the closest journalist ti the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia. He reports no visible damage so far.

Seeing as my primary client is in NYC looks like I have the day off ;-)

In the event of an earthquake, don’t forget to check Twitter. Wolf Blitzer stays in the building. #earthquake instagr. am/p/LE1hQ @owenthomas – 23 Aug


@owenthomas – 23 Aug

@gravity7 – 23 Aug

“Tweets began pouring in from D.C. nearly thirty seconds before we felt the quake at our headquarters in New York City.”

The DC quake was still a Twitter moment–but some folks, like @thatdrew, are reconsidering their 140-character loyalty. dailydot. com/news/google-pl... @owenthomas – 23 Aug

@jack – 23 Aug

It was interesting to see how the different people I follow reacted to the earthquake, after the initial shock, some made jokes and were blasé, while others (mainly @owenthomas) kept their followers informed with retweets and news

RT @grist Photo of devestation from the East Coast earthquake:

Just spoke to several store workers in Cabot Circus who are being sent home early so police can secure town/prevent disorder #bristol #riots

RT yeah just rode through, all calm there too @ creationstepper Bedminster very quiet. Rumour mill in full effect. Dont believe the hype.

Going to get the train back to Filton now to charge phone and eat, we still have ppl around bristol, and will be sharing info continuously.

Stokes Croft: Crowds are gathering but seem rather docile, stokes croft usually fills this time of night anyway. #bristol #riots

Already dispersed the same rumour once today about a fire at hartcliffe Morrisons but it seems to have popped up again, info...?

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Just to confirm, we have @ bristolriots tweeters in filton,, easton, eastville, st.pauls, stokes croft and cabot, all calm #riots

Heading back from Hartcliffe to town now via bedminster, no sign of these rumoured crowds on any of the main streets....

Rumoured Primark Fire: Only a rumour no need to worry! Centre is still calm!

A big thankyou to all my friends both personal and on here in helping keep everyone updated, I’ma rest my legs and fly back into town soon

RT @dhphotography @BristolRiots heavier police presence at Cabot now. But nothing else. All very chilled :) #Bristol

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

I need someone who can keep me updated on Fishponds through out the night. As i keep saying only verifiable news please.

Going to check out these sirens in Filton. Will update soon. #bristol #riots.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

I’d like to say again thanks again all, but to a select few, Im a 21yr old with a bike and a smart phone not superman, trying my best here..

Anyone worried about rioting in kingswood please follow @pete_teamBT very reliable source @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Henbury/Southmead: All clear

Hartcliffe update: Streets seem far from volatile, morrisons is fine.

@HollyBah Waiting for info on cribbs, will let you know as soon as i know anything for sure.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

There is an air of anxiety here in stokes croft but no closed roads no hostility everyone I’m speaking to seems very-anti #bristol #riots :) @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@mfcrocker Everything we tweet will be exactly what’s happening regarding the mood/actions on the street, no folk-lore here! @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Just riding through Bedmo to Hartcliffe to check if theres any substance to the rumours there, will confirm/quash anything in 15mins or so @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Hartcliffe update: Streets seem far from volatile, morrisons is fine. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Are there any Bristolians in kingswood who would like to keep us updated with only CONFIRMED news. Will need phonecall or photo evidence.

Filton Update: No truth in large crowds at McDonalds, Just a few kids hanging out, nothing out of the norm. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Cribb Causeway: All clear. @bobberface We have a tweeter down there ( and all is clear on Church Rd. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@Pete_TeamBT Thanks mate, Means alot! If you could try and send photos, even if its a ghost town just so I can keep everything verified! @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Just rode back to town via wells road, no sign of any disturbance aside from the lactic acid build up in my thighs. Going to chill in centre @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Kingswood Update: All is well, standard Tuesday evening.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@dr_evil_xx I myself am on bike and I am staying in touch via text with a few friends dotted around bristol. And you lovely people here. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Tell your friends to follow @ BristolRiots for VERIFIED, Un-Exaggerated info on how to stay safe in the city tonight. #bristol #riots

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Pucklechurch: No riot related fire just a farmer having a routine bonfire, once again, not out of character for said area.

IM @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Follow @BristolRiots for Verified, Un-Exaggerated news throughout the night, anyone with verified info keep us posted #bristol #riots

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Patchway: I can strongly confirm there is no disturbances in patchway, my nan lives there, if there was, ohhhhh I would know. haha

There seems to be no upset anywhere as of yet, I’m trying to get info on these old market disturbance rumours @bristolriots – 10 Aug

RT @Kate_About_Town @BristolRiots no sirens in old Market, an ambulance left depot on the other side of roundabout. No more left since. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

I’m about 5 minutes from home now guys and I’m going to relax for an hour or so, keep me updated with verified info! #bristol #riots

Kingswood: Once again the kingswood disturbance rumours are folly. All is well for the time being.

Hartcliffe: Again, No fire at Morrisons.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Gossip on upset at B&Q Filton: All is well, in both sainsburys and B&Q.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

RT @ajjmcd @BristolRiots cycled home Cabot Circus to West St./Stanley St., Bedminster. No crowds, regular traffic; will tweet you if we see anything.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Is there anyone in Hartcliffe who could DM me their phone number so I can keep updated with only VERIFIED news. Need to get back to town.

RT @S0nicH @DoctorRad @BristolRiots Didn’t see anything on the way home from Shabby Wood, despite rumours of “unrest” on the M32.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Park St/College Green: Had several texts and tweets, evrything is nrmal up there aside frm the obvious hgher police presence #riots #bristol

RT @ajjmcd @BristolRiots Normal activity on West St./ Stanley St. - no abnormal noises, stores/take aways are open, buses running, sun setting. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Filton Avenue: I’ve just going down the hill frm uwe to retail park/McDonald’s at the top end, not hearing anything. Will let you all know. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

RT @SophiaCook @BristolRiots all quiet on Gloucester road outside the Prom @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Need verified info of Kingswood disturbances please. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Kingswood: Again, Again all clear. But I will continue to check and confirm any reports as best as possible. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Avon/Somerset police have confirmed that everywhere is riot-free, Citywide. I’ma go rest for a bit before heading into town. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Pucklechurch: Need info on fire there, word on the street is it’s just a farmer having a fire, will confirm shortly.

Stokes Croft: All still calm, quiet. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Filton: All clear at retail park @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Someone who is willing to use the power of the

I think a citizen is someone who takes an active

An individual using technology to improve not only

internet and social media to help, contribute and aid

interest in improving their community - by sharing

themselves but also the whole of society

the wider community, on various scales.

information, and also by helping other. i once heard



a quote, but I’m not sure who said it: “lift as you climb.” @amysept

Tweets from @bristolriots over 24 hours

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Good news, all seems calm RT @cabotcircus Some of our retailers will be closing early today, the majority are currently open #bristol #riots

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Feet up on the sofa for the time being, legs aching, and as my mother used to say, ive been in and out like a yo-yo today, going town later

For everyone that thinks I’m still out I can confirm I’m at home now, feet up, mustve spent a good 6-7 hours out and about today though

Few youths being arrested or searched outside prince of wales.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Still all calm in general though, no signs of any escalation either

3 mins ago @rupertevelyn Avon & Somerset police have just told me it is very quiet on their patch so far this evening. Nothing to report

St.Pauls - Can anyone give me any information of the situation/vibe/how heavily the streets are populated at current?

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Town centre: Hearing news of a few things happening, I am trying my best to source solid info, doesn’t seem major at the moment though.

Rt @Pankybits @BristolRiots lots of small groups of kids in St Pauls, many on bikes. Looking for trouble. Police very proactive with dispersement..

Just got home, managed to get some milk and coffee. Believe me you wouldn’t be getting nothing out of me tomorrow without a morning brew.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Town Centre: BBC are now reporting town is clear. Few mates out in Gloucester road also saying it’s calm and the mood is fine.

Fishponds: Confirmed that there is no disturbance/fire outside Lidls

Winding down with a lovely cuppa now! Hows everyone feeling? Alot less anxious than yesterday I hope! http://

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Helictoper flying back over my house, heading towards helipad. That’s a good sign surely.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

The recent British riots have shone an almost grey light over social media, and almost cast out any positives. The last week has proven to me that Digital Citizenship is something that is alive and kicking, with many people offering their knowledge and understandings of certain situations. @leonpiers

VALUE MPROVE Temple Meads: Rumours of disturbances to trains in TM due to trouble in Bedminster. Untrue. @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Cabot: Police patrolling heavily but no sign of disturbances, although a few talks of a dispersed group. Keep it up Bristol, Love your city! @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@MikeWare94 im trying not to tweet out any talks of chaos, just trying to find out behind the scenes as not to spread rumours further

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Just recieved a text from a good fried/viable source about disturbance, large gang kids of and police in cabot, brothers gonna drive me down @bristolriots – 10 Aug

Broadmead and cabot clear, few groups of youths, going to st.pauls now

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Going to sleep now, thank you all very much, tell your friends to follow @bristolriots for more confirmed riot info tomorrow #bristol #riots @bristolriots – 10 Aug

RT @KirstyGardener Two 17-year-olds charged with criminal damage and one for assaulting a police officer during unrest in Bristol. #ukriots @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Stokes croft quiet @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Thanks again! many people walking from town to various parts of Bristol! Will keep you updated for the next few hours #bristol #riots

Town was so well policed, if any does happen cant see it escalating

St.pauls, not a nice vibe. Currently waiting for police to let us past.

RT @mlusmore All quiet on bristols streets. Police stopping everyone for a chat/search. #Bristol #riots @bristolriots – 10 Aug

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

Instead of simply creating for the sake of creation, a

I would define a digital citizen as someone who uses

digital citizen makes things with inherent value.

the internet to the full extent of its abilities.



Leon Piers’ (of @BristolRiots) Twitter use served to keep residents calm by debunking rumours and giving regular updates, a very admirable use of Twitter.

@bristolriots – 10 Aug

TOGE You know, I’m not sure I’d use the phrase ‘digital

or commit to open source or design projects I’m

citizen’, because there is no place called digital to be

exporting value) all the way to people who try to

a citizen of. What I’d say instead is that connected

coordinate group action using these tools.

users have a range of choices about positive effects of their behaviors, and that there is a spectrum

The higher up that stack, the more the behavior

from pure consumption (I only watch YouTube, and

approaches that of citizenship, which is to say that

communicate with no one) to in-group communication

of someone whose participation helps hold society

(where my participation makes life better for my

together as a public good, rather than simply as a

group, but not for anyone outside that circle) to

market participant.

publicly available resources (if I edit Wikipedia,


ETHER This is not something you can do on your own



A digital citizen is one who understands he or she can change the world using the interconnected tools. @JohnBiggs

The internet is more than just pixels, bytes and data


The sooner we realize the power we have - however limited it may seem on the individual level - on the aggregate we are a force to reckoned with and on par with the church, democracy, and nationalism as a change agent. @JohnBiggs

A digital citizen is someone who cares about the digital future and wants to have a voice in its direction. @owenthomas

We made Twitter what it is today and the way we use it will continue to define it.

The technology itself isn’t inherently good, evil or otherwise. @johnchavens

The internet is a communication device - it’s just

Freedom of speech is just as important online as it is

It’s about building real tribes and relationships

pipes. How a person’s sense of personal and group

in print or any other public space.

anywhere and with anyone on the planet. it’s based on

identity changes, how culture shifts, how they choose


trust, values, and choice, not a rule that is imposed

to communicate and the corresponding intentions

by a government, religious dogma, or anyone else who

behind those interactions, is something else.

would try and tell me what i should believe in or with


whom i should form solidarity. @VenessaMiemis


We govern ourselves

Who has the power and responsibility in this new

I think that online citizenship is a refined meritocracy

always-online world? It clearly has huge democratic

and requires that individuals create real value in order

potential, but also huge potential for being co-opted

to be heard. (...) I also believe that the online world is

and harnessed by big business and/or non-democratic

not a perfect meritocracy in the sense that, while you

governments, so â&#x20AC;&#x153;digital citizenâ&#x20AC;? also implies to me a

still have a greater chance of being heard if you do

situation in which everyone whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s existing online-all-

something of value online, it still takes a great deal of

the-time also has a say in the way that this unfolds,

luck, persistence, and raw foot work to achieve mass

rather than being mere *subjects* of Google and

reach with your ideas.

Facebook etc!



Digital citizenship is something that is alive and kicking. @leonpiers

SUMMARY The boundaries between the physical and

Pursuing digital citizenship has allowed me

virtual worlds are disappearing and the

to connect with like-minded individuals from

internet is becoming an intrinsic part of our

all over the world, and has made my Twitter

daily lives¹. This has already forced us to

experience richer than ever before.

reevaluate the way we define many concepts, such as friendship and communication, and I

Twitter started as a tool for telling your friends

believe the concept of citizenship also needs

where you were from moment to moment

to be redefined for this digital age.

but has been transformed by us, its users, into much more: “a real-time map to the

“Active citizenship” is the philosophy that

geography of the mind,”² a place for meeting

citizens should work towards the betterment

and discussion, and a place to both provide

of their community to improve life for all

and source information and breaking news.

Twitter users acted as digital citizens, could

achieved if Twitter users acted as digital

we harness that potential? Twitter users are


altogether averaging around 200 million tweets per day, and though Twitter users only

In order to explore the idea of redefining

make up 14.6% of all internet users, they

this concept, and the possibilities of digital

are more likely than average internet users to

citizenship, I set out on a journey on Twitter,

create content and participate online in other

collecting opinions from other users by asking

spaces.4 The results of these users working

them how they would define a digital citizen,

together and pursuing digital citizenship

and taking a close look at my Twitter use.

could be very powerful.

Why Do We Follow Companies On Twitter? by ExactTarget. 2010,

become a digital citizen? What could be


has barely reached 1% of its potential.³ If ³ Twitter More Robust Than It May Seem by Chris Taylor. 2011,

According to CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter

What does it take for an internet user to

² Why Online Communities Are redefining The Concept Of Local by Owen Thomas. 2011,

internet (and, more specifically, Twitter)?

¹ SXSW 2011: The Internet Is Over by Oliver Burkeman. 2011,

citizens. Is it possible to translate this to the

Unlike citizenship in the physical world, where the status is generally attained then held for life, digital citizenship is an ongoing process: something one must constantly strive for.

How would you define a digital citizen? Share your thoughts at

Pursuing Digital Citizenship  

A journey on Twitter