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Love and marriage


Love To love A love affair Loving To fall / be head over heels in love with Love at first sight To fall for To be sweet on To be mad/crazy/nuts about To care for Romance Romantic Passion Passionate Lust / desire

To strongly like someone A relationship Expressing adoration Really in love with someone You immediately fall in love on the first sight To have a crush / become infatuated with To really like someone To be fond of someone To hold dear A love affair Feelings or ideas about love Strong emotion, affection Sensual Want, longing

Young love Infatuation

A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction To be filled with a wild and inexperienced feeling of love for a person To be in love with a person A crush

To be infatuated with To have a crush on Puppy love

Engagement To propose To be / get engaged Fiancé /fiancée

a proposal

To ask for a marriage Promised to be married Person to who one is engaged to

Profound love (often non-sexual) Devotion Devoted to To adore Adoration Adoring To worship

Commitment, loyalty, deep strong love Very loving or loyal to love greatly Great love Showing great love Hold a high regard

Affectionate words love Darling Dear Precious Minion Sweetheart/sweetie Honey

“Pet names”

Showing love To kiss To snog To spoon To pet To neck To embrace

To touch with the lips to show affection To kiss and cuddle To embrace, to caress To embrace To touch lovingly To hug

Love and marriage


To make out To hug To caress To cuddle To hold hands

Engage in sexual foreplay or intercourse To embrace A loving touch To hold someone closely Handjes houden

Attraction Attractive To be attractive to Charming Mesmerizing To tempt Tempting To appeal to Sex appeal Desirability To seduce To chat up sb To make a pass at To flirt with Pick-up line

Charming, pleasing to the eye or mind Find someone charming Delightful, pleasing To hypnotize, to spellbind To charm, to captivate Alluring, inviting Find a person attractive Physical attractiveness


Charm, enchantment To tempt To flirt with sb, pick-up line To make a move To chat up sb A conversation opener

Romantic relationships To date with sb To have a date To see sb To go out with To go with To go steady People Girlfriend/boyfriend Partner Lover Mistress



To date someone exclusively

Having sexual relationship To go steady

Marriage To marry To get married Civil marriage Registry office Matrimony Arranged marriage

Performed by the government Place where a civil marriage take place Legal term for marriage arranged by someone other than those being married

Marital status unmarried Single Bachelor , Bachelorette Spinster Married Separated Divorced Widowed

Not married No partner Unmarried Older unmarried person(oude vrijster) You’ve split up “ Husband/wife died


Widow / widower

Love and marriage The partner is death

Divorce To get divorced To get a divorce Divorcee Alimony Maintenance allowance

To split up with your partner “ Someone who’s divorced Money paid in support of a former spouse Money paid for the children

Wedding White wedding Church wedding Bride (bride)groom Best man Maid of honour Bridesmaid The newly weds Honeymoon Dowry

Traditional, formal wedding Take place in church Bruid Bruidegom Getuige Bruidsmeisje “ Just got married (first year after marriage) First vacation when you take as married couple Money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage Married partner Formal term for husband & wife

Husband / wife Spouse Out of wedlock Illegitimate child Bastard Liefdeskind Love child Misbegotten “ baseborn Spurious “ Unlawful Natural “ Grounds for divorce Incompatibility onverenigbaar Cruelty brutality Adultery Extramarital affair (overspel) To have an affair “ To drift apart Uit elkaar groeien To split up To break up To make up To get back together Proverbs Love is blind You don’t see the other person’s flaws (mistakes) Absence makes the heart grow fonder The lach of sth, increase the desire for it Out of sight, out of mind Sth is easly forgotten when it’s out our sight There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in love You act foolish when you’re in love Never have regrets, follow your heart Who, being loved, is poor If you’re loved, you’re a rich man


Love and marriage

Idioms We get on well with each other We don’t get on He/she gests on my nerves We get on like a house on fire We are like chalk and cheese We are like two peas in the pod We have fallen out We have made up I take after my father We hit off immediately We are soul mates Our relationship has turned sour. I think we’ll split up

Super Romance Vocabulary Prodigal: redeemed (schandelijke) Disgrace: bad reputation, state of shame Outrageous: scandalous Resents: To hold a grudge, to be angry Tender: Kind and loving Smoldering: hidden Gaze: stare, A steady, fixed look. Strait-laced: cultured/ sophisticated Pitfalls: traps Elusive: mysterious Solitude: aloneness Dodging: to escape, to avoid Dashing: handsome fiery: passionate urges: desires Rein: constrain (intomen) Strays: abandoned a hike: a walk trapped: To be stuck curvy: curves securing: to look for, get a… cleanse: to clear Lush: closely together

We have a friendly relationship We don’t have a friendly relationship I find him/her irritating We have a lot in common and really enjoy each other’s company We are completely different We are really alike We have had a argument We had an argument but now we are friend again I have his personality or features We like each other the moment we met We feel close to each other in spirit and understand each other deeply Our relationship gas become bad. I think we’ll separate

Mating game turns into testing time Conduction: to operate Fidelity: faithfulness Sleuth: detective Wired-up: get a microphone The bait: sth for luring sb (aas) Amounts: to add up to Entrapment: trap Boasting: to brag (opscheppen) Conquests: success Parting: a farewell, goodbye Super Romance VocabularyParagon: outstanding example Virtue: good things To ditch: to leave behind To secure: to get/to obtain Stunning: beautiful Lagoon: lake of salt water seperated from the sea by rocks or sand Gradually: more and more


Lush: closely together

Love and marriage Disgrace: schande

Literature: Final Exam Fiddled: to move restlessly (prutsen) deliberately: on purpose Grainy: poor quality, rough envy: jalousy Blurry: hazy (wazig) a testee: smn who’s being tested Atrocious: awful, horrible tinged: colored Flaws: imperfection resounding: loud Folder: envelope Incriminating: convicting Looker: beauty To withdraw: to pull out of Involuntary: automatic, not on purpose Gasp: to struggle, to take sudden quick breaths To scoop up: to gather (oprapen, bijeen rapen) Initial: primary , in the beginning Reluctance: hesitation, doubt Convention: conference To instigate: to initiate, to provoke(uitlokken) To tuck: To put away

Small World by David Lodge Clerk: a person employed, as in an office, to perform general office tasks Repetitive: dull, boring Tear out: detach Seat allocation: distribution of seats To allocate: assign To bear: to carry a burden, to endure Brunt: burden ( een last) Hitches: problems, difficulties Alleviate: to relieve, to lessen Assessment: evaluation Monotonous: all the same Boredom: fatigue Dull: uninteresting, boring Inconvenient: annoying Stealth: secrectly Arranging: planning Firmly: deeply Axis: imaginary line round which a turning object spins(een as) Counter: workbench, desk Slack: slow To despise: to detest To devour: to consume Greedy: desiring

Love and marriage


Haste: hurry devoid of: without Slack: calm, slow To do your bit:to help Not for lack of: not for absence of sth To keep sb sweet: to please BUSINESS

proposition: offer that can be accepted or rejected Proposal: well-developed plan


proposition:changes in the law that are brought to public to vote on Proposal: asking sb to marry you

Speed dating vocabulary see list you’ve received + boredom: something very boring tête à tête: a date the Brinks cabinet : a kind of bar love child-Supremes tenementslum: een huurkazerne scorned: geminacht torn: gescheurd contemplating: nadenken