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Charlie Troll‘s is a pseudonym. A name represents so much things and hangs up again us with so much unverifiable elements that it seems essential to me to build a universe on a virgin basis: a name which doesn’t hang up again with any thing, no person.

My official name is Charlène Bonnardeaux. I was born one September 28th, 1992 in Saint-Ghislain (Belgium) and lives today in the area of Mons. I have made studies of Stylism / Model Making since now two years at the High School Francisco Ferrer in the town of Brussels, and if all this happened well I will start my VAT 3 in 2013. I impassion myself for all the artistic fields, in particular for photography and the computer graphics. And appreciates the capillary madnesses such as asymmetrical colorings mild nutters or cuts.

I am a chameleon who doesn’t hide very well…


Personal drawings

Drawings of observation

Drawings with graphic interventions


Accesories crĂŠations

Carnivorous beret

Nice but malicious tie

The very large green bag

The sweater dinosaur

Autumn Winter 12-13

Graphisme for Fashion

Footwear for children

Autumn Winter 12-13



For all the photos of my creations, I thank Viktor Van Dallen For all the remainder, I thank my entourage for always encouraging myself. And I thank you you, small viewer to look at my work.

Charlie Troll's - Portfolio 2012  

This my virtual portfolio. If you want contact me, please send a mail at: I looking for a vocation training course in...

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