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L e t u s h a v e n o i ll u s i o n s ; i t c o s t s m o r e t o b e e x c e ll e n t t h a n t o b e m e d i o c r e , b u t t h e


r e w a r d s a r e p r o p o r t i o n a t e ly g r e a t e r , t o o.

Annual Report

S ta n l e y M a r c u s B o a r d C h a i r 1 9 4 7 - 1 9 4 9, D a ll a s S y m p h o n y O r c h e s t r a

2 OO 9

dallas sym p I 214.871.4079 M orton H. Meyerson Symphony Center Schlegel Administrativ e Suites 2301 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201 The Dallas Symphony Foundation thanks the following creative companies for their in-kind donations that made this brochure possible:

R UC K E R & CO . , G e o f K e r n P h o t o gra p h y, T h e Ca m p b e l l A g e n c y, C o l o rMark Pri n t i n g Š2010 Dallas Symphony Foundation. All rights reserved.

Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News

This translated into remark ably expressive u n a n i m i t y a n d taut, crisp ensemble playing

The orchestra’s own Tony Romo has arrived. Editorial, The Dallas Morning News

…the boldly exposed solos for trumpet, cello and horn showed striking expertise… Wayne Lee Gay, The Dallas Morning News

Not from the Berlin Philharmonic, not from the Chicago Symphony, will you Andrew Schast, First Violin

y e a r s w i t h t h e D S O.

DSO are my golden

Deborah Baron, Piccolo

hear a more electrifying Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony than that delivered by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News

Tom Leppert, Dallas Mayor

J a a p’s t i m e w i t h t h e

Matt Erikson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

I love my job and am grateful for it every day.

I want to applaud everyone involved for taking this step to ensure the Dallas Symphony is a world - class institution long into the future.

…climaxes were splendidly sonorous, and there were eloquent solos…

W h e n y o u s u p p o r t t h e Da l l a s Symp h o n y O r ch e s t ra , y o u s u p p o r t m o r e t h a n j u s t a s e a s o n o f e x t r a o r d i n a r y m u s i c. You shape the next generation of Da l l a s Symph o n y m u s i c i a n s t h r o u g h i n n o v a t i v e e d u c a t i o n a l p r o g r a m s. Yo u b r i n g o n e o f A m e r i c a’s g r e a t e s t musical and architectural halls t o l i f e . Yo u s e c u r e D a l l a s’ p o s i t i o n a s a n i n t e r n a t i o n a l c u l t u r a l c e n t e r. Yo u f o r g e u n p r e c e d e n t e d c o l l a b o r a t i o n s w i t h g u e s t p e r f o r m e r s. A n d y o u s h a r e your joy of classical music with the w orld t h r o u g h t o u r s , b r o a d c a s t s a n d r e c o r d i n g s. We b e l i e v e y o u r g e n e r o s i t y p r o d u c e s

After [an] extraordinary performance, the audience was up on its feet, treating [ van Zweden] to a prolonged ovation. Dallas chose well.

t r u l y a m a z i n g r e s u l t s.

John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

It was a performance that lingered long in the memory. [The] solo work of many of the orchestra’s principal

You feel the energy change direction much like driving a race car; harnessed

players was a great dividend.

torque, horsepower with impetus.

Olin Chism, KERA

Gary Levinson, Senior Associate Concertmaster

(Front Cover) The Concertmaster Chair was funded by Michael L. Rosenberg in 1996, honoring violinist Emanuel Borok, who has played with the orchestra since 1985.

DEAR Da l l a s S ym p h o n y

Friends and


P RE S I D EN T ’ s M E S S A G E

Your Dallas Symphony Foundation

We also have made a major bequest in our wills

has had another very successful year despite the

to that same endowed fund. This approach to

worst financial crisis since the Depression.

giving provides current pleasure in knowing what

We are so fortunate that Will Green has been our financial manager for over 20 years. The Foundation will have recovered all or most of

your fund is financing, as well as satisfaction in knowing that your larger bequest in your will is in place to finance the future.

its value by the time of our next report for the

You may wish to discuss this approach to

end of 2010. That is a really outstanding result.

endowment giving or another one designed

I only wish that all of us had done that well.

to satisfy your specific wishes with Christopher

Now is truly a perfect time for all of us who

Minnes, the symphony’s Director of Endowment and Planned Giving. His phone

love the Dallas Symphony to increase our contribution to the Symphony Foundation. The

number is 214.871.4079.

method that Norma and I have been using

All of us who are working to make our Dallas

is to make a contribution each year to both the

Symphony financially sound appreciate your

annual fund and to our endowed Fund for

support. Thank you for all you have done and

New Music, which is held in the Foundation.

will do for our Dallas Symphony.

S i n c e r e l y,

DonA LD J. Stone Pr esident Dallas S y m p h o n y F o u n d a t i o n B o a r d

You bring the

dallas symphony to the

world. Under the inspired leadership of Music Director Jaap van Zweden, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has exhilarated music lovers the world over. This season, the DSO was in residence at the prestigious Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. Its electrifying performances were met with rave reviews and ranked with those of the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra, the other two orchestras in residence. In 2011, the Dallas Symphony will perform at Carnegie Hall. And the DSO is planning a tour of European music capitals for the 2012-2013 season. This is yet another example of your remarkable generosity. When you have a symphony this good, it’s something you want to share with others.

Louise W. and Edmund J. Kahn endowed the Music Directorship in 1989, held by Jaap van Zweden since 2008. The Hart International Touring Fund, The Eugene McDermott Touring Fund, and the Fannie and Stephen S. Kahn Orchestra Travel Fund ensure the Orchestra’s ability to perform for audiences in the U.S. and around the world.

B e c a u s e o f y o u,

inspiration reached

new heights. Last year, 60,000 North Texas children embarked on a lifelong journey of music and learning because of you. The DSO Kids and Studio DSO programs and websites have engaged thousands of young people with educational games, master classes, music and more. The North Texas Young Composers Project provided encouragement and opportunities for high school and college composers from throughout the region. And the Dallas Symphony welcomed more than 30,000 elementary students to its award-winning Youth Concerts. Thanks to your kindness, our future is in good hands.

Our programs recognize talented young musicians, like 19-year-old pianist Kyle Orth, winner of the 8th-annual Lynn Harrell Concerto Competition. The Rita Sue and Alan Gold Fund for the Lynn Harrell Competition provides an opportunity for promising music students to compete for prestigious scholarships and performance opportunities.


sET THE STAGE for ovation-worthy

PERFORMANCES. Renowned as one of the great buildings for music in the world, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is I. M. Pei’s architectural jewel at the heart of the 70-acre Dallas Arts District. Your generosity supported its many world-class facilities, including the acoustically acclaimed Eugene McDermott Concert Hall. Now every crescendo, glissando and diminuendo inspires an impassioned bravo.

Diane and Hal Brierley established the Principal Trumpet Chair in 1995, held by Ryan Anthony since 2008.

Yo u p u t t h e


reach. Tens of thousands of music lovers around the world experienced the Dallas Symphony in the comfort of their homes through live radio broadcasts and world-renowned recordings. This year, the orchestra released Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 and Capriccio italien on the DSOLive! recording label. Recorded in January and May 2009, this moving performance received rave reviews.

Nancy and John Penson established the Principal Oboe Chair in 1995, held by Erin Hannigan since 2007. They also established the Nancy P. and John G. Penson DSO Recording Fund in 2009. Joy and Ron Mankoff endowed the Principal Flute Chair in 1998, held by Jean Larson Garver since 1971. Howard Rachofsky sponsored the Principal Horn Chair in 1995, occupied by Gregory Hustis since 1976.


ELEVATE the talents

of youth. Thanks to donors, our nationally acclaimed Young Strings program helped more than 200 African-American and Latino children achieve their dream of becoming accomplished musicians last year. As a stunning example of the program’s success, every single Young Strings graduate has gone on to college, most with full or partial scholarships, often earning principal chairs in their college orchestras. Many continue to lead lives filled with music. Take Catalina Aguirre, who performs with the Las Colinas Symphony and directs orchestras for Dallas ISD. Or Guadalupe Vargas, who conducts both the orchestra and the mariachi programs at the Arts Magnet Middle School. For helping our youth aspire to greatness, we applaud you.

(Clockwise from bottom left) Aakash Patel, Richmond Green, Bobby Gonzalez, and Chanel Flowers are four of more than 200 outstanding students this season from Dallas who received professional string instruction. The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund for Young Strings and the Philip R. Jonsson Endowed Fund for Young Strings support this nationally recognized program.

Y ou

ENDOWED the best seats

in the house. We applaud the generous donors who endowed these Orchestra chairs: Louise W. and Edmund J. Kahn Music Directorship Dolores G. and Lawrence S. Barzune, M.D. Principal Guest Conductor Dot and Paul Mason Principal Pops Conductor’s Podium Michael L. Rosenberg Concertmaster Chair Fanchon and Howard Hallam Senior Associate Concertmaster Chair Barbara K. and Seymour R. Thum Principal Second Violin Chair Hortense and Lawrence S. Pollock Principal Viola Chair Fannie and Stephen S. Kahn Principal Violoncello Chair Anonymously Endowed Principal Bass Chair Joy and Ronald Mankoff Principal Flute Chair Nancy P. and John G. Penson Principal Oboe Chair Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas May, Jr. Principal Clarinet Chair Irene H. Wadel and Robert I. Atha, Jr. Principal Bassoon Chair Howard E. Rachofsky Principal Horn Chair Diane and Hal Brierley Principal Trumpet Chair Dot and Paul Mason Principal Tuba Chair Dr. Eugene and Charlotte Bonelli Principal Timpani Chair Margie and William H. Seay Principal Percussion Chair The Lay Family Resident Organist and Curator Chair Dallas Symphony Orchestra League/Élan Circle/Innovators Staff Keyboardist Chair

Fanchon and Howard Hallam endowed the Senior Associate Concertmaster Chair in 1998, occupied by violinist Gary Levinson since 2001.

T h e D a l l a s S y m p h o n y Fo u nd a t i o n


keep o u r Fo u n d a t i o n



DIRECTORS. The Foundation Board is responsible for managing the Endowment portfolio with specific recommendations from the Investment Committee. The committee recommends long-term investment policies and implements the approved policy through recognized investment firms.

Donald J. Stone President Howard Hallam Vice President Howard E. Rachofsky Vice President Cece Smith Vice President Gregg Ballew, Dolores Barzune, Eric Bennett, Harold M. Brierley, Peter D. Brundage, Richard Freling, Jerry Fullinwider, Ronald J. Gafford, Amy Groff, Scott W. Hancock, Arthur Hollingsworth, VJ Horgan, Dana Johnson, Philip R. Jonsson, Yon Y. Jorden, Harry J. Martin, Mrs. Eugene McDermott, Nancy Penson, Roy G. Popham, Charles Price, Stanley A. Rabin, William L. Schilling, Vincent Spiziri, Jr., Liz Williams and Billie Ida Williamson Ex Officio Directors Douglas W. Adams, William L. Green, P. Michael McCullough and Christopher Minnes Investment Committee William L. Green Treasurer Gregg Ballew, Eric Bennett, Arthur Hollingsworth, VJ Horgan, Dana Johnson, Howard E. Rachofsky, Cece Smith and Donald J. Stone.

EN D O W M EN T S T A T U S RE P O R T 2 0 0 9

The assets of the Foundation were

using a diversified combination of traditional and

$93.5 million at December 31, excluding the

alternative investment approaches to protect and

separately managed $6.4 million Kahn

grow the assets that donors have generously given

endowment. Total invested assets showed a

to the Foundation over the years in support

25% return based on year-end market values.

of the Symphony Association. As a result, for the

The investment focus of the Foundation has long been to outperform equity markets over a market cycle in order to produce a return that allowed a reasonable annual distribution to the Symphony

decade as a whole, the cumulative return on the invested assets of the Foundation was a positive 40% versus a negative 9% for the S&P 500, the long-term benchmark of the Endowment Fund.

Association, while at the same time retaining capital

The current investment focus remains intact. While

for future compounded growth. This historically

the lessons learned in volatile markets are many

has been accomplished by outperforming during

and sometimes painful, the key to success is to make

negative market periods and being competitive

forward-looking decisions from a position of

in positive market periods.

strength. It is firmly believed that the current diversified

The decade ending in 2009 was marked by bouts of volatility in both stocks and bonds on a global scale. During this period, the Board of the Foundation remained consistent in its investment policy,

investment pool of the Foundation has the potential of providing the combination of cash flow and growth that the Foundation requires to fulfill its current and future commitments to the Association.

“A s a r e s u l t , f o r t h e d e c a d e a s a w h o l e , t h e c u m u l a t i v e return on the invested assets of the Foundation was a p o s i t i v e 4 0 % v e r s u s a n e g a t i v e 9 % f o r t h e S & P 50 0, t h e l o n g - t e r m b e n c h m a r k o f t h e E n d o w m e n t F u n d.� Will Green

D r. W i l l i a m L . G r e e n h a s b e e n a p r o - b o n o advisor to the Foundation Board on investment s t ra t e g y s i n c e 19 8 2 . T h e F o u n d a t i o n r e l i e s o n Will and his broad netw ork of industry relationships d e v e l o p e d o v e r 30 - p l u s y e a r s m a n a g i n g f o u n d a t i o n , e m p l o y e e b e n e f i t , a n d a l t e r n a t i v e i n v e s t m e n t a s s e t s. Will and his wife, Dianne, have been donors t o t h e D a l l a s S y m p h o n y s i n c e 1983. A f o r m e r manager for the pension fund and foundation a s s e t s o f Te x a s I n s t ru m e n t s, h e c u r r e n t l y i s a p r i n c i p a l a n d ch i e f in v e st m e n t o f f i c e r o f Fe d e ra l S t r e e t Pa r t n e r s , a n i n v e s t m e n t f i r m i n S t a m f o r d, C o n n e c t i c u t . Â H e i s a l s o a b o a r d m e m b e r o f t h e Ge n e ra l B o a r d o f Pe n s i o n a n d He a l t h B e n e f i t s o f t h e U n i t e d M e t h o d i s t C h u r c h.

S i n c e r e l y,

wi ll green t reas ure r D allas Symphony Foundation

Dallas Symphony Foundation

D a l l a s S y m p h o n y F ou n d a t i o n

Asset Allocation


as of December 2009

$ 4 . 3 m i l l i o n wa s d i s t ri b u t e d f o r t h e y e ar e n d i n g May 3 1 , 2 0 0 9











Our m em b e rs

take the dso to

lofty heights. Our Hans Kreissig Legacy Society members’ love for the Dallas Symphony is truly boundless. That’s because more than 130 legacy donors have designated gifts to the symphony in perpetuity through wills or estate plans. We would like to thank the 25 new members who joined the society in 2009. Your remarkable generosity serves as a brilliant coda to a life well played. Like all our donors, the DSO’s founder and first conductor left us a priceless legacy. Hans Kreissig was born in Germany in 1856. After studying in London, Kreissig arrived in Dallas in 1884. In 1900, he formed the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, which he conducted until 1912.

A family tradition of support by the Pollock family for over 50 years honored Hortense D. and Lawrence S. Pollock in 1998 for the Principal Viola Chair, occupied by Ellen Rose, who joined the DSO in 1980.

I learn something new from Jaap

The Eugene McDermott Concert Hall is world-renowned for its acoustical

at every rehearsal. Working with

excellence. Margie and William H. Seay endowed the Principal

him is a dream come true.

Not many stories of instant rapport between a conductor and an orchestra match the quick courtship of Mr. van Zweden and the Dallas Symphony. Anthony Tommasini, The Dallas Morning News

conduct anything, anywhere. Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun-Times

[Van Zweden] made Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony crackle with electricity…and

Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News

the DSO responded with virtuoso playing and impressive solos. There wasn’t a dull measure to be heard. Olin Chism, KERA

Jaap m a n a g e s t o b r i n g s u ch a h i g h a m o u n t o f e n e r g y t o r e h e a r s a l s . It’s l i k e a c o n c e r t p e r f o r m a n c e e v e r y d a y. Ellen Rose, Principal Viola

[The] van Zweden era is going to be a knockout.

I would go to hear van Zweden

Matt Erikson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

with the DSO has to be heard to be believed.

Barbara Sudweeks, Associate Principal Viola

What van Zweden has done in only one season

Percussion Chair in 2000, occupied by Douglas Howard since 1975.

Wayne Lee Gay, The Dallas Morning News

Gary Levinson, Senior Associate Concertmaster

showed striking expertise…

that are equally compelling.

for trumpet, cello and horn

completely different ideas

…the boldly exposed solos

Every performance yields

Dallas Symphony Orchestra 2009 Annual Report  
Dallas Symphony Orchestra 2009 Annual Report  

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