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To begin the journey of Williamsburg, walking through the quiet streets, we recognized a wide range of graffiti and art. Similar to areas like Brick Lane and Camden in London, it’s clear the locals are crawling with creativity. Seems most artists here hold a signature style, with some images being moving, inspiring and controversial. I feel this area will be ideal to open a urban, quirky clothing brand/store, due to its surroundings. It’s clear this area attracts the art and cultural, who are willing to express themselves in many ways.

In the past few years, vintage fashion is becoming more and more popular, sadly making it less of a novelty. However one store, which brings many bloggers and fashion-lovers from all over the country, is Beacons Closet. More like a thrift store, this is filled with vintage and secondhand modern clothing, letting a variety of style preferences able to find what suits them. The future of using thrift shops is increasingly popular, due to more people willing to pay to have one off pieces rather than mainstream garments off the high street. The store, colour coordinated, had a simple merchandising of sections, making it a pleasurable shopping experience.

Street Style is one of the most influential elements in the fashion industry today. With the constant surroundings of creativity, the locals show that through with they’re own street style and attitude. The vibrant colours in the cold weather, popped out on the streets of Williamsburg, a complete opposite to the usual winter trends. With the constant own individual expression, this area is ideal on grabbing some inspirational style, ideal for innovative magazines and marketing. With the area, the attraction of street style, and the locals fashion choices, this shows a urban clothing brand will have huge benefit launching here in Williamsburg.

I HATE PERFUME is one of the many innovative galleries in Williamsburg. Inspired by the taxigoers of the New York, christopher brosius created this gallery, which has attracted hundreds from all around the world. This exclusive gallery, is different to others, containing scents from almost everything, such as soil, tobacco, and food. Walking around, was refreshing to see and experience, showing that art cannot just be visual but can capture a crowd through other senses. With the gallery, scents are able to be brought at a price from $80-$140. This is a whole new concept I haven’t came across before, which I feel can be progress to something more. For perfumer fans, it can be extended to innovative products sold online, to gain awareness for the instalment. Additionally, due to its huge interest, it can expand to be a global gallery, travelling to hotspots, letting everyone experience the brand.


Williamsburg - Trend Report  

Brief Trend Report on Williamsburg, New York.