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The New World Order Agenda And The War On Mexico - 1983 + 2002 Update

There is a war going on in Latin America, not the kind of shooting war indulged in by the Queen of England, which took the Malvinas from Argentina, ad which resulted in the shameful subordination of American interests to those of the British, but an equally deadly war, an unremitting economic war. After all, a shooting war is an extension of an economic war, or as Clausewitz said: “War is a continuation of politics by other means.” Economic war is as violent as military war; there is no such thing as non-violence. Reaction to being blocked by so-called non-violent means, leads to active resistance, and if continued it will end in violence. The "they" to whom 1 shall be referring throughout this report are the Black Nobility of Europe, particularly from Genoa and Venice, who are connected by marriage to the old families of Mexico and the U.S.A. The old nobility of Europe dates back for five centuries, and I will be mentioning family names in due course. The "aristocrats" have immense power based on their huge fortunes. They have always ownedthe major wealth in Europe, wealth which is so great that one would have difficulty in counting the extent of their fortunes. Prince Johannes von Thurn un Taxis, to name an old German feudal family name, is so wealthy that David Rockefeller and J. Paul Getty appear only moderately rich by comparison. Incidentally a large slice of the von Thurn und Taxis fortune is invested inland and agriculture in Brazil and Mexico so as to loot their natural resources. The Black Nobility, as I shall refer to them collectively, is located mainly in Genoa, Venice, London and Germany. They have long felt threatened by the rapid rise in the world's population; a population they say is consuming too much of, and there by depleting too rapidly, the remaining natural resources of the world. This has become an ideafixe, an obsession. About eight years ago, they gave the order to the Club of Rome and the CFR to draw up a contingency plan to rectify the situation. The Club of Rome is an oversight body charged with supervising the various conspiratorial bodies around the world, including the CFR and the Trilaterals. Aurellio Peccei formed the Club of Rome out of top NATO personnel in 1966-1968. For three decades, Peccei was the chief operating officer and executive for the Agnelli family owners of FIAT motor company of Milan, Italy before he was shunted off to serve as head of the conspiratorial Club of Rome. Peccei has several times expressed the idea in speech and in writing that “man is the enemy of planet earth.” The Club of Rome is funded by the German Marshall Fund, headed by David Rockefeller. The Bilderbergs are outer-core members of the Fund. The Club of Rome works closely with the Mont Pelerin Society and the Bank of International Settlement, the private banker's bank in Basle, run by Fritz Leutwiller; head of the Swiss National Bank. It is the BIS, which has been trying for over 50 years to rob the United States of its sovereignty over its financial and monetary affairs. The Club's personnel are all Tavistock trained. Tavistock Institute is the "mother" of all brainwashing research centers, commonly called "think-tanks." Stanford Research, the Rand Corporation, Esalen Institute, the Hudson Institute, the Wharton School (which dispensed economic misinformation to President Reagan) and the Heritage Foundation are a few of the organizations which take their cue from Tavistock. It was the Heritage Foundat ion that provided President Reagan with 3000 pages of "recommendations" when he took office, as well providing most of the senior staff for his administration. President Reagan put most of Heritage's recommendations into action; something he never discovered was a very bad mistake, perhaps even a fatal mistake. Esalen Institute is the "think tank" which was heavily involved with the infamous MK Ultra LSD Project that Stanford ran for 20 years! You might care to know that this infamous "experiment" was conducted following the discovery of LSD by Hoffman La Roche. This was followed by the crazy rock-music cult, which in turn was promoted by the Schizophrenia Program of the Northern Jurisdiction of/he Scottish Rite in the United States. This organization funded Dr. John Hopper of the Evergreen Associates on Human Behavior, who examined John Hinckley and who testified on Hinckley's behalf in court. Their personnel also cooperated with Prince Phillip's phony World Wild Life Fund. The Duke of Kent, a cousin of Elizabeth Guelph, is the head of the Scottish Rite Freemason movement, which Italian magistrates said was behind the murder of Roberto Calvi of the Banco Ambrosiano. The organizations and institutions 1 have mentioned are products of the original conspiracy committee, the Royal

Institute for International Affairs, which opened its branch office in the USA in 1919 under the name of the Council for Foreign Relations. Notables who played a big role in firmly entrenching the Black Nobility's anti-human policies in the body politic of the U.S. were Arnold Toynbee, historian; H.G. Wells, author and cultist; Aldous Huxley, author, drug experimenter, cultist and philosopher; and Bertrand Russell, drug experimenter, philosopher and high-priest of the "peace" movement in Europe. Another name not to be overlooked was that of Alaister Crowley, one of the most evil cultists this world has ever known, and the founder of the Isis-Orsiris Order of the Golden Dawn, a cull dedicated to drug proliferation through rock groups, which was set up by introducing the decadent Beatles to an unsuspecting world. Perhaps now you will understand why it is that so many of the "best" (the hideous worst) groups all come from England. They are turned out by the cult, like a sausage factory turns out sausages! Motive is a problem, when one begins to attempt to explain the conspiracy (a vast subject) as motive is well disguised for obvious reasons. When people are unable to see the "why", the motive, they will tend to discount altogether the conspiracy as a far-fetched theory, and thereby react in exactly the manner in which they are profiled to react. Briefly described, the motive of the Black Nobility-Aristocrats and their attendant organizations is to keep all power and natural resources of the earth in their hands, so that they may continue to enjoy the unbridled power and privileges they have enjoyed for the past 500 years. They say it is their sovereign right, since they are “Olympians,” an idea which as 1 said dates back 4000 years to the cult of Dionysus. Peccei was told to begin a program for returning the world to feudalism, in which Olympians would rule with absolute power. Having decided on a course of action, it was set in motion by the Global 2000 Report, a massive genocidal plan which called for the death of 2.5 billion people by the year 2000, and "Project 80" a 26-volume report by the CFR which explains what the world will be like by the year 2000. Immediate steps to be taken were: * Reduce the world's population. * Stop all technological progress in all developing countries. * Create what is called a Post Industrial Society by ending industrial growth in developed and undeveloped nations alike. The CFR "Project 80" states that if money and resources are kept in short supply, nations will not be able to grow strong enough to be independent of aristocratic control of them, such as is carried out under the guise of "foreign aid" which I dealt with in an earlier paper. They took as their example the history of the American colonists and the war of the American Revolution, the only war the British lost in a long string of wars that resulted in shucking off the yoke of the Black Nobility and the British aristocracy. So the Club of Rome gave David Stockman and Paul Volcker its orders; dismantle and destroy the American economy, so that a state of zero-growth could come into being. While Americans looked on, not comprehending what was happening, Volcker raised interest rates to a level the modern mafia —the aristocrats had decided upon at their meeting in Washington D.C. in December 1980. David Stockman made it impossible for Americans to invest in their own country in accordance with the dictated policy of the Mont Pelerin Society. Nuclear power was sabotaged, space technology halted, the housing industry crippled, and the auto and steel industries smashed. The "Davignon Plan" was put into effect to ruin steel production worldwide, starting in the U.S. The plan was named after French aristocrat Vicomte Etienne Davignon, a member of the Black Nobility. It was accomplished with the help of Lane Kirkland, AFL-CIO labor leader, the Club of Rome member, and part owner of the "Jerusalem Post" an Israeli newspaper. Kirkland told steel workers that imported steel is the cause of lay-offs, and he called on them to donate $2.8 billion of their wages and benefits to the steel companies on the strength of a non-binding memoranda from the steel companies that it invest the money in modernizing the old 1900-style steel plants, while fully aware that the death " of the U.S. steel industry was a fact of life. The steel workers are still crying over lost jobs and looking for an upturn in the economy, which will get them rehired. They do not know that theirs is a lost cause. Volcker's assassination of the U.S. economy in 1980 set the stage for an onslaught against all developing countries in Africa and Latin America. The first shots in the war on Mexico came with the economic assault on Argentina as a prelude to downing Mexico. On February 2nd, 1981, using Banco Ambrosiano as its vehicle (the bank was later involved in an international scandal when its chief operating officer was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London, where he had gone to seek protection by the Scottish Rite brotherhood to which he belonged

— an act which cost him his life in a ritual murder), a wave of capital flight was carried out against Argentina. Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz devalued the peso, 2600 to the U.S. dollar. As I have explained, the real motive is always hidden; this action is no exception. The measure was announced as "anti-inflationary" when its real purpose and effect was to give large chunks of Argentina to the Black Nobility at bargain prices. It also caused some 32 financial institutions to go into liquidation, and prepared the softening-up of the ground for the Malvinas attack which would follow. The parasite Bank America, a British-run institute with close connections to the Italian Black Nobility, offered to buy up Banco International, the Argentine bank. The screws on the Argentine were tightened to stem its flow of capital into industry, especially in the country's advanced nuclear power program, which it was exporting to a number of countries, notably Mexico and Brazil. The nuclear power potential is one, which is hated by the Black Nobility as they see in it a means whereby countries can leap into the 21 st Century, and become independent. Aurelio Peccei set the ball rolling by denouncing the U.S. space program, and demanded an end to it. Almost overnight a well-financed, well-orchestrated anti-nuclear movement was launched, using the entire spectrum of both the left and the right. The program of "protest" was run by Stanford, Rand and Esalen. It climaxed with the deliberate sabotage of the Three Mile Island nuclear facility. The event described as an "accident" (how does a valve which is crucial to the operation get welded closed?) received massive T .V. and media coverage for over a year. The war on nuclear energy is only part of the Club of Rome's overall strategy to destroy the industrial capabilities of all nations. And it continued with the downfall of the Shah, who dared to use nuclear energy as a means of getting his country into the 21 st Century as an industrially developed society. The job of crushing the Shah fell to Bernard Lewis and Richard Faulk of Princeton University, and the plan was prepared by the Aspen Institute of Colorado, a "think-tank" which favors restoration of the monarchy in the US. Through the special channel of the Heritage Foundation, Mrs. Thatcher was able to attack the Malvinas, using Haig as a go between to "negotiate" a settlement, while war preparations were completed in Britain. Haig, the man who knew about Watergate, was subsequently fired by President Reagan for carrying on secret dealings with the British behind the back of the President, and for secret arrangements he made with Sharon, that gave him the green light to invade Lebanon. Unfortunately President Reagan allowed Haig to "resign" when he ought to have publicly fired him in disgrace. The countries I have mentioned weren't the only ones under fire for nuclear power plant plans. Indira Ghandi came to the US to plead for help, but she was sent away empty handed, and Robert Strange McNamara, the man who disarmed the US and involved the US in a no-win "meat grinder war" in Vietnam, revoked a $250 million loan from the World Bank granted to India to develop the program. McNamara, as reward for rendering America's defenses inoperable by canceling the ABM program was given a job as head of the World Bank. In our society, perfidy is rewarded and integrity is punished. A very important development was missed by outsiders (non-intelligence people) concerning the Malvinas war. For the first time NATO forces were deployed "out of area" or out of theatre. It was done to convince Third World countries who didn't pay their loans back, that in the future they could expect to be attacked by NATO forces. With the Malvinas war over, the attack on Mexico was revved up. In May of 1982, a second devaluation of the Mexican peso was demanded by the International Monetary Fund and the BIS (a private banker's bank and a hang-over from the Treaty of Versailles). There was absolutely no economic justificat ion for this stab in the back of the Mexican economy, an act of treason, to set (he stage for the death of Mexico as a nation state. Mexico was the most credit-worthy of all Latin American countries because of its natural resources and potential for growth. Its advanced nuclear program, imported from Argentina, guaranteed it a place among the industrial nations by the year 2000. But the conspirators singled Mexico out for exactly these reasons, and a determined effort was launched overseas to discredit Mexico's capabilities and its institutions. (Let me explain that the British have been at war with Mexico through their front organization, the Morgan Guarantee and Trust, ever since Benito Juarez threw off their yoke. It was the British who placed Maximillian on the Mexican "throne".) Mexico was marked for destruction of its industrial capability, stripping of its assets, and then turned over to drug production and the tourist industry. Mexican newspapers joined in the campaign to undermine their country by calling for a shutdown of its new ports, ports which are vital to its economic development, on the grounds that stringent economic cutbacks were called for. The Mexican government wasn't in a position to rebut such rubbish, as most of its economists were trained by Tavistock's Wharton School; an establishment run by Milton Friedman, the darling of the Club of

Rome and Mont Pelerin. They could be counted on to hew the Club's line. The PR1 party joined in the process of undermining confidence in Mexico by saying that it believed the country had outstripped its capabilities, a blatant falsehood. They advocated that Mexico abandon all economic plans, which was tantamount to aborting its flight to industrial progress while still on the runway. Mexico's sound and feasible plans never got a chance to take off. In June 1982, Robert Andersen's Aspen Institute sent its hatchet men to "Iranianize" Mexico, just as they had done in Iran, and about this time the plug was pulled on the showpiece of Mexico's national development, the Alfa Group of Monterey. Word quickly spread through the private sector banks; anything orientated to tourism and drugs would survive, all others to the wall! Following the Alfa Group's demise, the Mexican economy went into reverse; from a growth rate of 8 percent annually, to zero growth for 1982. The GenevaLondon-Venice conspiracy was working. Armand Hammer was dispatched to Mexico to see if he could begin the asset-stripping program by getting his hands on the national oil company PEMEX. In this he was supported by Augustin Legoretta of Banamex, the Mexican bank. Many of Latin America's leaders were intimidated by what was going on in Mexico, and Brazil bowed to the loan-shark part of the old nobility-mafia operation, (the IMF. Only Royo of Panama went public in denouncing the IMF, but his head rolled, and he was replaced by ex-Citibank employee Colonel Parades. This was done to warn all Latin leaders to obey and submit or get kicked out of office. Faced with the possibility of a "debtors cartel" (the debt bomb), which Mario Guzman Galarza, the economist, wrote an article about for the newspaper "El Dia," the lender banks began to take notice of such a move as a possibility. The newspaper "Excelsior" disclosed on July 4 th that t he Wharton School's so-called "experts" had met secretly in Philadelphia and recommended that Mexico receive "shock treatment." Lawrence Klein, a spokesman for Wharton, said that "Mexico will have to pay the Iran price if it tries to develop its oil resources and grow too fast." What Mexico's enemies hoped to gain by making such a statement was to frighten the Mexican government into abandoning its development plans, and substitute instead the austerity program mapped out for it by the IMF-B1S gangsters, who knew that stringent austerity measure would arouse deep unrest and perhaps lead to a civil war; something the British particularly found highly desirable. In June 1982, the Aspen Institute released a 100-page report, which dealt with how to destroy nationstates, much hated by the feudal lords. Aspen's Harlan Cleveland made what I consider to be an amazing statement: “The evidence is now overwhelming that every nation state is now overreaching itself, and is beyond its depth; national governments are too concerned about uplifting their population's living standard and industrial development.” There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. Governments who concern themselves with helping their people to obtain a better life through industrial development programs would henceforth be punished. Cleveland laid out his ideas for action needed to bring such countries into line as mere suppliers of labor and natural resources for the Olympians. He said that Latin America must be enmeshed in endless wars over territory, and that past conflicts over territory must be fully described, listing such territory (no doubt to inflame national pride) and a halt must be called to all technology and nuclear programs. The Steering Committee for Aspen contains some rather interesting names; Viron Vakey, CFR member; John Gallagher who it is alleged played an important role in the Mexican student uprising in 1968, along with CIA case-officer for Mexico, the renegade Philip Agee (Agee is now working for Fidel Castro, but remains closely linked to the Club of Rome, exactly as Kirn Philby is still linked to British intelligence, although a General in the Soviet KGB — the Club knows no national boundaries!) and William Moodey of the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation Fund. Now you know where Aspen is coming from! It was Cleveland who said that there is place in the world for a supra-national body, one which is stronger than the U.N.; in other words, a One-World Government. The powerful weapon of a debtor’s cartel was blunted when Kissinger defused the idea by professing a "reasonable" approach to the matter of international debt. Of course Kissinger wasn't doing this out of compassion for the Third World countries, but rather to gain time for the IMF to get into place for the kill. The failure of the Latin American Economic Council, an advisory body to meet in July of 1982, left the door wide open for the British to move in and knock off each Latin American country one by one, and separate them from Mexico. One of my sources, chairman of a bank in London, told me that the City of London's main concern was that Mexico might form a debtor’s cartel, and refuse to pay unless loans were renegotiated and interest rates scaled down. "But," he said, "The Latin’s don't like each other, so there will be no

cartel." The next salvo in the war on Mexico was fired in June 1982, when Mexico's creditor-banks forced a halt to the country's nuclear energy program. The government announced that due to financial problems, the next phase of the 2400 MW of nuclear energy was cancelled. Without the necessary funds, the Laguna Verde nuclear plant slated to come on line with 1300 MW in 1985 was set back for at least two years. The carefully drawn National Energy Plan for Mexico, which called for 20,000 MW from nuclear plants by the year 2000, was now in shambles. It had a devastating effect upon the already shaky nuclear industry in America as it was supposed to. General Electric, Westinghouse and Combustion Engineering lost a total of $2 billion dollars in exports because of the cancelled programs, dealing a savage blow to the American worker and the industry. British Petroleum and Philbro, two of the Black Nobility's companies with strong connections to the British Royal Family, were undermining Mexico's economy where it could least withstand it, the oil industry. A deal was struck with Khomeini to market Iranian oil at heavily discounted prices, causing oil prices to tumble. We must remember that the British, through the BBC (an arm of their intelligence) played a major role in destabilizing Iran. It was the BBC who prepared Khomeini's cassette tapes for broadcasting in Iran, and it was the BBC that covered every minor incident of rioting against the Shah, which it then televised around the world. So through price-cutting, a blow was delivered to the soft underside of Mexico's economy. President Portillo was anxious that his successor, Miguel de la Madrid carry on the nuclear program, even in the face of all opposition, but this was dealt a set-back, when on June 10th, finance minister Herzog announced that bidding for the second stage of nuclear construction was suspended, and the unopened bids were being returned to the bidders. The campaign of anti- nuclear slander run by the Club of Rome had taken only 3 months to work! In the U.S., British stooge George Shultz who got his orders from the Queen via Dennis Weatherstone of Morgan Guarantee (Weatherstone flies the Union Jack over his office in Wall Street), met with the conspirators at the decadent, homosexually oriented Bohemian Grove Club near San Francisco, and announced his plans to cut lending to Third World countries. It was euphemistically called "Global Agreement for Risk Analysis" and what it did was shut-off lending to Latin America. Then in Baltimore, on July 18-22, the architect of the "meat grinder war" in Vietnam, and the destroyer of the ABM system, Robert Strange McNamara addressed a distinguished gathering of One-Worlders at the 25th anniversary celebration dinner of the Society for International Development, an outfit run by the SIS division of British intelligence. McNamara said that a world central bank would henceforth exercise control over all Third World lending. The theme of his address, which he called "The Global Village", was strictly old Malthusian lies and Club of Rome propaganda for zero growth. One thing one can say for McNamara, he has always consistently served his masters at the expense of his country. His speech was simply a rehash of the Project 80 CFR trash, and the Global 2000 Report, the genocide blueprint to eliminate 2.5 billion people by the year 2000.The war on Mexico entered a new phase on July 25 th 1982, with the airing of ABC's television program, "Mexico, Times of Crisis." ABC told its audience that an Iranian-type revolution was quite likely to hit Mexico, and that Mexico would not escape the population war going on in Central America. ABC continued its slander of Mexico on July 29 th with a segment on Mexico in the "20-20" television program. It maligned the former head of the Mexican Security Police Nasser Haro saying, "He would have been happy in Nazi Germany" and accused him of having no feeling for justice. One needs to know a little bit about the structure of ABC in order to discover that it is a tool of the Club of Rome and the City of London run from the top down by the Kennedy-Meyer-Lansky organized crime bureau. Represented on the board is Schroeder Bank, Lazard Freres, and Morgan Guarant ee, which 1 mentioned earlier, has conducted warfare against Mexico since 1920. The appearance of U.S. Ambassador of Mexico John Gavin shows that we no longer have any control over the State Department. Gavin should have been fired by President Reagan for his inflammatory remarks about a friendly country. (He wasn't.) Mexican newspapers "Excelsior" and "El Sol" hit back with protests and the

leading columnist for "El Sol" responded by saying "Iran can hardly be compared to Mexico. We don't suffer from Ayatollahs." He then drew attention to ABC's board of directors, correctly identifying them as investigators and promoters of the genocidal "Global 2000 Report." However, what he failed to realize is that while Mexico doesn't have an Ayatollah, the decadent evil men who hale Mexico may very well have such a type of person in training. The British groomed Khomeini for 10 years before he was unleashed on Iran; Khomeini was no overnight revolutionary. The Mexican government took the offensive by introducing a two-tier exchange rate on August 5th, and shutting down trading in dollars on August 13 th 1982. It took this action after receiving intelligence reports of $2 billion flight capital, which was in progress, which was launched by the City of London acting through private sector Mexican banks. These events followed a search for $500 million needed to service the country's loans, but it was fruitless. Finance Minister Herzog returned from a tour of lending circles in Europe empty-handed. The fix was in, no more money for Mexico! One should take a look at some of the people who are involved in Mexico's problems from inside the country, particularly the directors of the Mexican branch of the Mont Pelerin group, Gaston Tamayo and Augustin Vasquez. Mont Pelerin was set up inside Mexico by the noble families connected with the Black Nobility of Venice and Genoa to choke off investment in industry, based on the discredited theories of its founder, Frederich von Hayek of the Vienna School, linked to the darling of the Club of Rome, Milton Friedman. In my opinion these two Mexican citizens supported those who wished to see Mexico go to the wall, and although positive proof is lacking, nevertheless, the finger of suspicion points to the Mont Pelerin people as the organizers of flight capital, which brought an immediate price hike in essential consumer commodities. In a speech which he delivered to the Mexican nation on August 17 th President Lopez Portillo stated: “We are gaining time while things happen abroad. We have to win a lot of time against the evil pincers, which are destroying our raw materials price levels, while it is also raising interest rates. No country, including the developed ones, is without problems . . . there is war, there is recession.� Portillo went on to tell his countrymen that billions of dollars had been pulled out of the economy in a few days, which if allowed to continue, would have drained Mexico's dollar reserves in a few weeks. The "evil pincers" referred to by the President included representatives of the Catholic Church, and even a Cardinal in neighboring Brazil came out in support of the "pincers", calling for an end to nuclear power, industrial development, population control and preservation of local cultures, such as the primitive Indian beliefs. The man I refer to was Cardinal Evarisio Arns, an outspoken ally of the Club of Rome. He never fails to violently attack nuclear energy as a source of "evil" and he is openly in favor of a return to 14 th Century feudalism. Forces inside America continued to work against Mexico, and we should look at the utter hypocrisy of the U.S. Senate. When Senator Steven Syms introduced his resolution reaffirming the Monroe Doctrine as a warning of Cuban and Soviet expansion in the hemisphere it passed easily. This was August 15 th. Yet the same resolution, which the good Senator introduced to top the British in their dirty war against Argentina, which Senator Syms brought to a vote in April 1982, was defeated by two votes. The attempt to enforce the Monroe Doctrine against the British was sabotaged by the State Department's withdrawal of its support for the measure, which it later explained was due to a "foul-up". Senator Jesse Helms who alone voiced strong anger at the British action in the Malvinas said the so-called "foul-up" was merely a convenient way of covering up the complicity of Haig, who allowed the British to plan and carry out their operation, and supply them with what they needed. Senator Helms alone had the courage to denounce the criminal conspiracy entered into by Haig and the British. If anyone doubts what I have been saying for years, namely that the British direct every aspect and minutest detail of American foreign policy, then let him place the Malvinas affair under a microscope and see how the royal Queen and her servants ran around dishing out orders for the U.S. to follow. How could our military have given active support to British aggression, like refueling Vulcan bombers in mid-flight, a facility without which the planes would not have been able to reach their targets and return to Britain without landing in America. Haig, the State Department, and the Queen's hirelings spat upon the grave of President Monroe and John Quincy Adams, in a most disgraceful and despicable episode, which will forever besmirch the pages of American history. Senator Helms declared: "As we now reflect upon the so-called mediation which followed (Haig's pathetic phony shuttle service) is not the intention of the State Department to take sides in this dispute all too clear?" Still fearful of a debtors cartel which Mexico might form, Volcker called a meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank in Washington D.C. and leading western central banks, which was

held in secret on August 19 th and 20th in order to frame a response to President Portillo's action in staunching the hemorrhage of capital flight from his country. Notice how little time was lost in getting together the strike-force. Portillo announced his defensive measures on August 13 th and it took only six days for Volcker to react. The outcome of Volcker's deliberations was a strategy designed to deflect Mexico from forming a debtor’s cartel. A loan of $1.5 billion dollars was granted, and the U.S. prepaid oil and agriculture credits amounting to $2 billion. Mexico got the $500 million to service its debt, and it was agreed to roll over the principal for a further 90 days. The war entered a 90-day truce period. Several newspapers in Europe raised the question of a debtor’s cartel, the so-called "debt-bomb", notably "Le Monde," the influential left-leaning Paris newspaper, which in an article on August 18 th suggested, that if Mexico, Argentina and Brazil combined, their individual weakness could be turned into strength. Other newspapers said much the same thing, but unfortunately for Mexico, Brazil and Argentina had already shown signs of weakening in the face of IMF threats, so a golden opportunity to drop the "debt bomb" and refuse to pay anything until rescheduling and downward adjustment in interest rates was agreed to, was lost. Failure to act may yet cost the Latin American countries their independent sovereignty, as the enemies of republican nation states are determined to impose stringent austerity measures, which may result in riots and governments being forced out of office in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. Update 2002: This is exactly what happened in Argentina. I must remind you that this is a real war. The forces of the feudal aristocracy are in deadly earnest about returning the world to the Dark Ages. The Club of Rome and its sister organizations are still flushed with success from their savage attack on Iran, which is being used as an example of what can be achieved. When John Quincy Adams helped to draft the Monroe Doctrine, it was because he was thoroughly familiar with the foul ugly network of underground secret societies, and he denounced them as "irrational." I do not mean to include the unknowing Freemason, who is in the Blue Degree, but rather those who sit in the highest seats of Masonic power, and other people like the Trinity College crowd, A. J. Balfour, the Reverend Adolphus Woodward, Dr. Wynn Westcott of the super-secret Quator Coronati Lodge. And in America, people like Haig, Elliot Richardson, Robert McNamara (members of the Lucifer Trust, or as it has been renamed, the Lucis Trust). No, I do not speak of the deluded, decent and easily misled Masons or others who believe that they have joined a philanthropic society. If the poor deluded souls only knew what goes on in the dank underground vaults in the darkest corner of the Quator Coronati Lodge, they would flee the "Square" immediately. Adams knew all about the evil which produced people like Annie Besant, and Sir Charles Warren, the Chief of Police in London at the time of the cult murders of Jack the Ripper, (Warren was the man who "failed" to find the murderer); as well as those who today carry out the work of the underground sewer brigade. Professor Allibone and Kauffman, now involved in the explosive Dome of the Rock issue which may yet burst forth into the worst religious warfare ever known to man, if they and the evil men in Jerusalem and America get their way! Another man in the same category, George Shultz headed the U.S. delegation to Williamsburg, and lead the attack on Mexico and all Third World nations. As I wrote these notes on March 23 rd 1983, Williamsburg had not yet surfaced in the U.S. press. The game plan to give control to a world central bank is as follows: The IMF-BIS will pull the plug on a Latin American country; my guess is it will be Venezuela. The resulting "crisis" will be blown all out of proportion, and the U.S. delegation led by Shultz will propose a "crisis management" organization, which in order to function properly, every nation, including the U.S. will be called upon to surrender their national sovereignty to a private bank, the B.I.S. James Baker III and George Shultz pressured the President for 3 months to accept the principle of surrender. They would surely make the great patriot Louis T. McFadden go into open opposition if he were alive today. If nations are foolish enough to fall in with these planned ideas, they will pay a high price through the harsh austerity measures which the BIS plans to impose on them. We must not lose sight of the fact that the BIS is an instrument of the Club of Rome, and the whole plan is to stop industrial production, cut it back to zero growth, and starve as many people to death as possible. Any plan, which comes out of Williamsburg, is not intended to help nations but to destroy their industrial capabilities, shut down nuclear energy and return them to the Dark Ages.

The Pope knew all about these plans, which is why he went to Central America, now in the grip of what ABC let slip as a "population war" i.e. designed to kill off as many people as possible. The Pope told the people to resist the plans of the devil. Because the Pope made a commitment to oppose the plans of the Club, it has twice tried to assassinate him. The chain of command which stretches back from Agci (who was paid 3 million DM for his work) goes right back to the Black Nobility. Space does not permit me to digress into that ugly story now, but it will be the subject of an up-coming report. In preparation for Williamsburg, the secret IMF staff report was made public. It said, that Mexico's financing requirements were "unsustainable", a blatant lie. Clearly the IMF does not want to fulfill its mandate, which is to help countries; in the case of Mexico it wishes to do the opposite, destroy Mexico so that its assets may be stripped. The agreement made by Volcker, the $1.5 billion dollar loan must be viewed against that backdrop. The loan did not really benefit the people of Mexico, it was granted only as a stalling tactic. Who was orchestrating the war on Mexico? It was the man who has already destabilized and impoverished large areas of the world, Heinz Stern, also known as Henry Kissinger. Kissinger has been an agent for the British ever since they picked him up and got him a job as a driver-interpreter for Fritz Kraemer, while serving in the U.S. Army Occupation in post-war Germany. Kissinger received training at Tavistock and Wilton Park, the "James Bond" school of the British Special Intelligence Service. Kissinger's policies unleashed death, terror and anguish in Vietnam, Rhodesia, Angola, Poland, and Central America, as well as Iran and Lebanon. It is quite likely he is involved in the Dome of the Rock Mosque plot along with millionaire Terry Reisenhuver's Temple Mount Foundation, the Heritage Foundation Round Table, and Hal Lindsay. I don't know this for sure, but everything points to it. Once he took over the Mexican case, the dice was loaded against the country; in the same manner in which Rhodesia's goose was cooked the minute Kissinger was put in charge of its case. Rhodesia was emptied of people who could have developed it into an industrial nation-state. Left to run the country for Lonrho is the ignorant Mugabe who protects the London Rhodesia Mining Company for Tiny Rowland and the Queen. Thereafter, Rhodesia became simply a country to be looted of its natural resources for and on behalf of the British Royal Family and the Black Nobility of Europe. That is what is planned for Mexico, which is slated to become a pool of cheap labor with natural resources for looting. Industry will die, as will nuclear energy. What is allowed to remain will be drug-oriented tourist industry, and that is all! We have witnessed the formula of those feudal lords, a formula which is delivering the nation of Pakistan into their hands. Alt Bhutto was judicially murdered by Zia ul Haq, because like the Shah, he dared to establish nuclear power as an energy source for his country. Now Pakistan is run by CFR stooge General Zia ul Haq as the biggest supplier of raw drugs in the world. Recently, when Attorney General William French Smith went on a fact-finding mission to Pakistan to see the drug trade first hand he scuttled off soon after arriving in Pakistan, because ul Haq told him it was not possible to guarantee his security! Kissinger has long-standing ties to ex-President Miguel Aleman, who now runs the Mexican dope and prostitution business. Aleman has friends in high places, notably the Banco de Mexico. It is the Aleman crowd, which is clamoring for IMF intervention, when all the time they are the people who organized the capital flight attack on Mexico. Aleman was created by Kissinger and the Black Nobility. It was Aleman who opposed Mexico's industrialization plans set in motion by Lazaro Cardenas when he nationalized the Mexican oil industry in 1938. There is nothing to account for the war on Mexico, other than the paranoid desire expressed by the Black Nobility to return the world to the Dark Ages. Not only Mexico, but also every single developing nation with potential for industrial growth and nuclear energy is on their "hit list." Following the intensifying of the war of words, other nations began to believe that Mexico was in dire straits, and once the theme was established outside the country, it was then fed to the people of Mexico also. The Mexican people began to accept as truth the propaganda coming in from abroad. The private sector banks let it be known, that they had expressed alarm to the government. Stories were spread about another devaluation of the peso. In America, Kuhn-Loeb, Brown Brothers Harriman and the International Institute of Economics all joined in the "get Mexico" chorus. Fred C. Bergsten, the well-known expert on irate wars was involved through the I.O.E., which I mentioned. Kissinger paid a visit to Mexico with his traveling companion David Rockefeller. The press challenged his role in destabilizing the country, and some even attacked him personally. Demonstrators paraded outside Citibank in Mexico City carrying placards and photos of Kissinger. The largest circulation newspaper, "La Prensa" said on August 27 th that the posters carried by the demonstrators "noted

that Kissinger is a homosexual and that (he photos on the placards showed Kissinger embracing some young boys.") Kissinger did not sue "La Prensa" nor take any action against a number of other newspapers, which said much the same thing. Then on September 1 st 1982, Portillo nationalized the Mexican Banks. The outgoing president of Banco de Mexico was not informed of the decision in advance, and like the Black Nobility and the aristocrats, he was taken by surprise. There should he no doubt that Portillo acted within the laws of Mexico in order to stop the outflow of capital, which by this time had reached the staggering figure of $22 billion. Had he failed to stem the tide, the whole of Mexico's $90 billion debt would have collapsed, and precipitated a worldwide panic crisis. Portillo's action was not socialism; it was an act of survival. No President in his right mind would have nationalized the banks had they been doing their job of investing in agriculture and industry, instead of speculating in property in Houston and New York. The action to deprive Mexico of the money it needed to carry out its carefully laid plan to industrialize the nation (the function of the Mont Pelerin Society) was aimed at overturning the 12 category priority list of industrial equipment Mexico needed for making the goods which would qualify it as an industrial nation. The 12-category plan, if allowed to succeed, would have generated employment for thousands of out of work Americans, as well as helping to reduce our t rade deficit by earning export credits. Addressing the Mexican people in his State of the Union message, Portillo included the following: "Mexico is ours -- they will never loot us again." The "they" he was referring to are the same ones I referred to, the old Mexican families with ties to the Black Nobility, the Club of Rome, the lunatics who are striving to usher in a return to feudalism, I urge every patriotic Mexican and American to obtain a copy of the speech and read it. Mexico, just like America, has its disloyal elements, people and agencies who are in the pay of the conspirators. One such person is Pedro Conde of the Bankers Association. Conde is a mouthpiece for London, Genoa and Venice, so he did their bidding, criticizing Portillo's action in nationalizing the Mexican banks, calling it "violence against private enterprise." Inside Mexico, the Catholic Church stood at the crossroads; it spearheaded debate following the nationalizing of the banks. Some Catholic bishops even went as far as t o use the press to criticize the government; others supported Portillo's action. The church is now divided, not so much between right-left, but between over growth versus no-growth. The bishops who support the government believe they are on scriptural sound ground based on the command by God to multiply and be fruitful, and subdue the earth as contained in the book of Genesis. One bishop, who supported "Iraniamzing" Mexico, was Bishop Bella Ruiz, who called for a national day of prayer to stop socialism from coming to Mexico! The Mexican Episcopal Conference issued a pastoral letter in which it severely criticized monetaized economic "evil" politics, naming Milton Friedman, darling of the Club of Rome and the CFR, as the architect of an evil policy. I had no idea that the Episcopal Church could be so accurate! Friedman exercised control over U.S. economic decision-making through Paul Volcker, David Stockman, Donald Regan, Beryl Sprinkle, Walter Wriston, and George Shultz. Friedman hews to the Von Hayek line, and every one of his "plans" is a disaster, as demonstrated by the failure of his plan for Chile. Lopez Portillo carried the war to the United Nations on October 1 st. He addressed the General Assembly and shocked the Black Nobility, Shultz, and all the servants of the Club of Rome and the CFR when he said that present monetary policies would lead to a "return to the Dark Ages." Mexico was stable up until 1982 when Volcker unleashed His criminal usury rates on the U.S. and the world. The growth rate in 1981 was a steady 8 percent, but it fell to zero. No country can withstand such "shock treatment" to quote the Wharton Chicago boys! A word here about the old nobility of Europe and Mexico, which as I explained, has controlled the major wealth of the world for five centuries from Venice, Genoa, Bavaria and London. They profess to be Christians, they even go to church; but they do not believe that God actually exists. Like the British Royal Family, which makes an outward show, they deny God exists; but they still go to church. Many of the old families belong to secret societies, such as those made fashionable by the Roman Senators, and in modern times, by Alastair Crowley, H. G. Wells, Nietzsche and Toynbee. They are under the umbrella of the oligarchy, as we see in the case of the Queen of England's cousin, the Duke of Kent, who is head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Others belong to the evil cult of the Isis Osiris Order of the Golden Dawn. The Grand Orient Lodges all over Europe operated under the patronage of the Black Nobility, as we saw in the reports of Italian magistrates investigating the role of Propaganda 2, the Italian Freemason cult, in the Calvi affair. Space does not permit me to delve into all aspects of the agenda, except to say that its ancient ideas about the privileged owning the natural resources of

the earth are the same ideas upon which the English economist Malthus based most of his economic theories of scarcity. It is the foundation upon which the Global 2000 Report, and the Postindustrial Society blueprints of the Club of Rome rest. Moreover we should never forget that Malthus was an obscure economist until, like Adam Smith, he was taken under patronage of the Earl of Shelburne who fully believed the oligarchy´s injunctions; Shelburne hated humanity. It was Shelburne who trained Marat and Danton, and then released them on the unsuspecting French people to murder and kill many hundreds of thousands of them, in the so-called “French revolution.” To the feudal lords and the aristocrats, religion is a plaything to be exploited to control the masses; which is why we have seen experiments like the Moonies, Jim Jones, fundamentalism, and one which is not yet "released," the Dome of the Rock affair being hatched up in California and Jerusalem. The experiments were designed to see how the nobles could further consolidate their grip on us through religious ideas and "new" manifestations. The disloyal forces inside and outside Mexico are battling not only Mexico, but also in the United States owe their allegiance to the Black Nobility, with family names like Lodge, Geulph, Hapsburg, Orsini, Hohenzolleren, von Thurn and Taxis, Cabot, de Benedetti, Cecil’s, Saxe-Coburg, Orleans, Mellon, Field, Morgan, Furstenberg; and in Mexico, Acheson, Creel, Coulolence and Escandon to name but a few. These families, through their paid hirelings and prostitutes are into everything, which makes money. Just to quote an example, the Lowenstein family, a name I didn't include in the foregoing list of names, run a decadent "rock" group, the Rolling Stones. Recently the Lowensteins arranged a private dinner party for the wife of Prince Johannes von Thurn un Taxis, the Princess Gloria. The Princess was apprehended in early 1982 with a large hatbox stuffed with marijuana. Of course Princess Gloria was not prosecuted and nothing has been heard of the matter ever since. She was carrying the marijuana for band members, unreleased police reports noted. Getting back to Mexico, the internal enemies of the country arranged for a meeting in Monterey of 2000 of Mexico's private sector leaders. The Mexican daily newspaper, "Diario de Mexico" said that Monterey was a good place to discover, which Mexicans are the allies of New York, Genoa and London. The next round of the war on Mexico was the formation of a banker’s cartel called the Ditchley Group, formed in London at a place called Ditchley Park. The cartel had its first meeting in the U.S. at New York's Vista Hotel, thereby violating Federal law, namely the Sherman Anti-Trust Law and the Clayton Act. All those who attended should have been arrested, but the same Attorney General who went scuttling out of Pakistan, simply looked the other way. America is no longer nation of laws. Dennis Weatherstone, a satrap for the Queen of England, and head of the Morgan bank said that the objective of the Ditchley Group is to force Latin American countries to hand management of their economies over to the IMF-BIS. This was attempted at Williamsburg as I mentioned earlier, and if nations capitulate to blackmail and terror-tactics, it will mean wholesale shutting down of industries and nuclear power plants, including those in the U.S., a squeeze on debt repayment, coupled with savage reductions in living standards, which will leave whole population groups living at starvation levels, permanently. The Ditchley Group itself said through a spokesman that since Mexico has so far refused to bow to the demands of the IMF- BIS, the banks "will starve Mexico to teach it a lesson. We are going to keep pushing Mexico to sign the IMF agreement, until they run out of everything. Mexico will not get a cent more until it comes to terms (i.e. surrendered) to the I.M.F." Whichever way you look at it, this is a declaration of war against Mexico. On October 22 nd Mexico's Finance Minister Jesus Herzog was sent home from Washington without an agreement to loan Mexico $5 billion for 3 years with no strings attached. As far as I was able to discover, IMF representatives in Mexico had told Portillo that such a loan had been approved and on the strength of their statement, he sent Herzog to Washington to sign. Upon arrival Herzog was bluntly informed that the loan would be granted subject to IMF "conditionalities," one of which was an immediate dismantling of 'he controls invoked by Portillo to stop capital flight. The IMF was saying privately that Mexico would come crawling back to it in six months time and that until then, the IMF would kill off imports needed by Mexico to keep its manufacturing industry going, and the private sector kept its clamor for the government to bow to the IMF demands. Large amounts of money were withdrawn by the private sector, then smuggled into the U.S. and exchanged at 120 pesos on the dollar for any amount instead of the official rate of 70. This caused a sharp contraction in money available for business loans. Exporters blocked the return of dollar earnings of export deals, and oil factoring did the same thing, so that little in the way of export earnings came

back until June of 1988. By now it must be clear that there is indeed a war on Mexico, just as ugly as the shooting war against Argentina in the Malvinas affair. A clear picture of the participants has emerged, and it is not hard to see that the Mexican private sector banks are not on the side of Mexico. It is these banks controlled by the old nobility, the Legorettas and so on, which arranged the capital flight, which before it was choked off, cost Mexico $22 billion. The problem facing Mexico is of immense proportions since this money is needed to pay for imports, amounting to $18 billion, imports needed to keep the country's industrial expansion going. Moreover, it represents an $18 billion loss in export earnings for American exporters. A highly secretive organization directly controlled by Europe's Black Nobility surfaced briefly to join in the battle against Mexico. The CINI Foundation disclosed plans it had developed to smash Third World lending. Its spokesman Pierro Bassetti, a Club of Rome and Trilateral member said that "Mexico is a grave threat to international monetary stability" and that "overhasty industrialization was caused by cheap credit and must be ended." He also said that "forced industrialization of the Third World has only produced bad results, and cooperation must in the future be based on micro interventions." Here you have a really classic example of a hireling repeating the Dionysus line on behalf of his master of the aristocracy and the feudal lords. Incoming Mexican President Miguel de la Madrid made a bad mistake. As demanded by the I.M.F. he lifted the controls, which his predecessor found so necessary. That set off a scramble for legal dollars and halved the value of the peso. The caving-in by the new man in charge satisfied the IMF and a loan with "conditionalities" was granted, but the stringent measures demanded by the IMF began to hurt when they were carried out by Hector Hernandez in late January 1983, and with predictable results; the labor movement went into revolt. It was not the revolt longed for by the British press, but nevertheless, serious enough to raise anxiety levels inside Mexico. The price control, which Hernandez abandoned, sent prices for essentials soaring. Worse yet, the IMF insisted that interest rates exceed the rate of inflation. One of the cruelest blows against the people was mortgage rates, which went from 11 percent to 39 percent! The ex-president of Mexico's respected research foundation CIDE, Antonio Sacristan Colas, was asked by the press what he thought the measure demanded by IMF would do to Mexico. "Destroy the Mexican political system and limit national sovereignty" was his answer. Precisely! Because of the oil-price situation brought on by Philbro and B.P., Mexico's requirement of $8 billion needed to finance the import of industrial equipment to keep essential industries going could not be met, and when this happens either the IMF’s demands will be moderated, or the long and eagerly awaited revolution desired by the British will break out. Asset stripping is the name of IMF's game, and it hopes to get its hands on PEMEX, the Mexican national oil company before the revolution. Armand Hammer was waiting in the wings to buy it up. Charter Oil of Florida, which was implicated in the Billy Carter-Libya affair, was trying to make a deal whereby it would pick up part of Mexico's international obligations in exchange for oil under a proposed 10-year agreement. Meantime the British press stepped up its propaganda for a revolution, and in an article in the "London Times", it speculated whether the right or the left would ignite the powder keg. It also said it expected that many would see the Mexican Army in the streets before very long! Of course this would suit the feudal families just fine, as they would gain everything they want through a revolution. It would eliminate a lot of "useless eaters" to quote Aurellio Peccei, and place the natural resources of Mexico in their hands, just as it did in the case of Rhodesia. Fortunately, the British instigated rioting was a fined to small sectors. A campaign of slander was launched against Portillo last October. It was planned and launched by Tavistock to bring down de la Madrid's government, and so bring on a revolution. Russell Ackoff of the Wharton School produced a 300-page report called "Corruption, its Causes and its Cures," which he then dedicated "to my Mexican friends." It is the type of thing Tavistock does so well, and which it has been doing since 1925. The trash was picked up by "Der Spiegel" a German rag, which is part of the Bavarian dynasty, and ABC joined in the battle to get Portillo on "corruption" charges. But the plan came to naught, as the Mexican Attorney General ruled on February 26 th 1983, that Portillo did not have a case to meet. In looking at the background of the well-financed slander campaign, which suddenly appeared in press, one is immediately struck by their similarity to Watergate. Full-page ads appeared in newspapers, allegedly paid for by some phantom non-existent organizations like the "Republican Action of Democratic Electrical Workers". It was clear who paid for the ads, the old noble families with ties to Europe's Black Nobility. And they used such men as Ignacio Burgoa Orhuela and Gomez Majorga to bring the false corruption charges using a variety of journals, such as the rag

magazine "Impacato" as their vehicles for the assault. The idea was that de la Madrid would be tarred with the same tainted brush as he had served as Minister of Planning in Portillo's Cabinent; guilt by association. De la Madrid was not denounced the IMF, and his silence was puzzling. The Mexican economy went into a nosedive, prices rising 25 percent with imports down one third. Remember, Mexico has to import 70 percent of its equipment to keep its factories going, so that many factories closed, throwing thousands out of work. The under-valued peso was under constant pressure. The old aristocracy, and I speak only of those connected to the European Black Nobility care naught for the suffering of the people. The nobles live in Mexico, but only for the time when they are not in Madrid, Paris. New York, etc. They have little love for Mexico, apart from the love of money, which it brings them through silver mines, vast sugar estates, and companies like RCA. It was they, who organized the capital flight I have talked about, through the Legoretta family. They are linked by marriage to the Venetians and the Austrians. Another link was forged when Jame Curcuera Acheson married the Archduchess Myrian of Hapsburg. She is the niece of Otto von Hapsburg, pretender to the Austrian throne, and a direct-in-line descendant of Emperor Maximillian who was placed on the throne of Mexico by the British in the 1860's to overthrow the hated nation-state republic of Benito Juarez. Curcuera is the son of Lady Acheson, a relative of Elizabeth Guelph of the House of Windsor (Queen of England,) who cruised to Mexico in her yacht at the expense of the already over-burdened British taxpayer in order to attend the wedding of her friend, Lady Acheson's son. The harsh austerity measures forced on Mexico by the IMF as a condition for a S5 billion loan stirred unrest, and gave an indication of what it would be like if the savage IMF ever manages to gain full control of Mexico's internal economy. Medicines and drugs stocks were dangerously low because there was no money to pay for imports. The Mexican Minister of Health stated that stocks of imported drugs were so low that the lives of the sick were imperiled, and that death rates would begin to rise. No doubt that pleased Scotty Reston, son of James Reston, the Rockefeller's paid hireling, who said in a recent article in the "New York Times" that Mexico's problem isn't low oil prices and high interest rates, but overpopulation. He berated those who thought it progress to lower Mexico's infant mortality rate; and he added, Mexicans are living far too long! Due to the lack of money, agricultural planting of some 2 million hectares of land was put off, because agricultural banks had no money to lend. The possibility of famine was being talked about as seed for planting began to run out. One of the largest fertilizer plants in the country had to shut down because it could not raise the $3 million it needed for spares and machinery to keep operating. Irrigation equipment from America could be imported due to lack of import quota funds, so farmers stood by while their crops died from lack of water, and American exporters lost a big export market, one which would have kept thousands of Americans in jobs. A special tax on electricity was collected, part of the conditions demanded by the IMF for the loan, making for higher cost in operating electric pumps and machinery, and all over Mexico farmers were angry over the new tax. Investment in industry dropped 25 percent, and it is expected to go even lower. In the meantime the Managing Director of the IMF pretends that he is a friend of the Third World countries, but it is only a pretext to keep Third World countries from forming a debtors cartel. He is no friend of the Third World countries. In a speech made at a secret meeting of IMF personnel in August 1983, he called for a rapid decrease in the world's population. He also falsely stated that high interest rates are due to fiscal deficit in the US, which just happens to be the favorite lie of his friend Paul Volcker. DeLarosiere has conducted psychological warfare against the Mexican people from behind the smokescreen of pretended friendship, and sweet reasonableness. Mexico's economy went into a state of deep shock, on the verge of a rapid decline, which could have led to total collapse by the end of 1984. The figures agreed upon by the Mexican government and the IMF covering imports, balance of payments, and servicing of debt were all-fraudulent and could not be sustained. Take imports; the figure of $11 billion demanded by the IMF is $7 billion short of what Mexico needed just to sustain its economy at existing levels without any room for expansion. You can translate what the cutting back by $7 million in imports meant in closed plants, lost jobs, angry and hungry workers. It could have translated into revolution; exactly what Elizabeth and her Mexican cousins expected would happen. Overall manufacturing output declined by 5 percent in one year, a foretaste of what was to come. The feudal lords and the Club of Rome were pushing Mexico into a revolution, so that when it was all over they could step in and loot the country once more. Mexico got its $5 billion loan, which was refused while Portillo was in office, but at the cost of great pain and suffering for its people, and a huge loss of $18 billion in lost export orders for America, not to mention the loss of thousands of jobs in America. There is an urgent need to replace the IMF and the BIS with an institution, which is not at the beck

and call of the private families of Europe, the USA and Mexico. There must be an immediate cessation of payment of international debt by all Latin countries particularly, who must be given the opportunity to work out a plan to repay debt, a program which can work, not one which is designed to starve millions of people and destroy the country's ability to function as a progressive industrial nation. There is no other alternative. A debtor’s cartel would come under the supervision of delegate drawn from all countries, and it would exclude anyone who was in any way connected with the lender banks, the IMF, and BIS, the Club of Rome, the Trilaterals; in other words, no Kissinger’s or Schulz’s would be involved. Ominous signs began appearing in Mexico in 1984. The Labor Federation warned President Miguel de la Madrid that its patience was wearing thin. With inflation running at 29 percent, it is no wonder! Yet the IMF said that interest rates must be in excess of the inflation rate! The CTM in Mexico told banks, that they must roll back mortgage rates to the 11 percent level, but the IMF said, it had to stay at 39 percent. The Mexican people asked: "Who is in charge, Ditchley, the CFR or the Mexican government?" Once the people lose faith in de la Madrid's government, the end is in sight, and that may come soon. A new Bretton Woods must be stopped in its tracks, and Mexico could pay a great role in stopping it by refusing the conditions imposed on it by the IMF. The panic would be sufficient to make the banks back off, and allow time for rescheduling debt obligations with the formation of an internationally supervised debtors cartel. But Mexico has powerful internal and external enemies, and it will take a leader of great courage to stand up to them. Russell Ackoff's 300 page statement of alleged corruption aimed at smearing Lopez Ponillo was the kind of thing a tough Mexican leader would have to-overcome. Such a leader would also have to contend with the likes of lawyer Burgoa, the von Hapsburg's PAN Party, and the formidable aristocratic nobility of the country. Those old families trace their lineage back to the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz at the close of the 19lh century, and to the great land barons such as Luis Martinez de Rio and Teressa Creel. These people control vast fortunes, centered around Espinoza Yglesias and the Legoreita banking inner circle; no small adversary to take on. If any doubt exists that a group of inner circle monarchists is in control of Mexico, then look at the social pages of the Mexican newspapers, and names like Princess Beatrice of Savoy, Acheson, and the Hapsburgs will crop up. These Mexican aristocrats also have their Kissinger’s and men like Jose Angel Conchella of the PAN Party, and Luis Reed Torres of the magazine "Negocios y Bancos." Yes, Mexico's old families are as entrenched as the old families of the USA and the nobility of Europe. In America we can do our share by insisting that the U.S. rescind the agreement to increase our share of funding for the IMF. We can and must insist on a full debate in the Senate, which would expose the role of the Club of Rome and the CFR in destroying developing nations. This needs to be done, for our own sake, as well as the sake of Latin America for if the IMF-BIS ever gain control of U.S. monetary policy, as it is actively seeking to do, then we too will go the way of Mexico. Today in April 1983, Mexico stands alone on the battlefield facing a possible Waterloo. Mexico must face the fact; it can either surrender to the IMF or boot out, and join forces with other countries to renegotiate its debt. This is the only choice for Mexico, for surrender will be unconditional surrender. For the sake of Mexico and indeed the USA I hope that President Miguel de la Madrid is strong enough to fight on. Viva Mexico!

The New World Order Agenda And The War On Mexico  

Up yours, jabu-jabu.

The New World Order Agenda And The War On Mexico  

Up yours, jabu-jabu.