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Anticipating Reversals With Candlestick Chart Patterns

There are perhaps hundreds of books written on candlestick chart patterns featuring several hundred of the different candlestick chart patterns. Although there are these many, do not get pinned down by the sheer number of candlestick chart patterns a trader has to learn.

Get Comfortable With Candlestick Chart Patterns There are only a few basic candlestick chart patterns to get started off with and this writeup will showcase one area of candlestick chart patterns and that is anticipating reversals. These handful of candlestick chart patterns will cover most reversal scenarios and a trader has just to get really good with them. Recognizing Candlestick Chart Patterns With Ease The most common and powerful candlesticks chart patterns to indicate reversals are: 1)



Spinning tops


Evening and morning stars


Double or triple tops


Head and Shoulders

Doji Dojis are formed when price opens and closes at the same level in a candlestick, indicating price indecision. They are most significantly seen after extended periods of rally with long bodied candles. A trader should only placed importance on doji occurring on long rallies with big moves and not on dojis found in range bounds. ‌ To Continue Reading the Rest of the Article, Please Click Here

Candlestick Chart Patterns