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Playblast Podcast comedy reporter Holly Bartolo, met with new comedian Josh Jenkins for a quick chat.

Josh Jenkins, 22, is a brand new comedian who is just starting out on the comedy scene in London. Josh who is a trained actor, is from a village in Wales called Ystrad Mynach and is getting ready to take the comedy scene by the horns and charge his way in! Playblast Podcast Comedy reporter Holly, met up with Mr Jenkins to get to know the newbie a little bit better!

“I thought stand-up would be a great way to improve my Comedy Acting skills.”

Hello Josh! Tell us, how did you get into stand up? I got into stand-up at the beginning of this year when I did a comedy course in London run by Harry Denford. What genre you would you say your stand up is? I’m still trying to find a genre as such. I suppose my main style is general observational comedy with a touch of surrealism. Who is your favourite comedians and why? My favourite comedian is Dave Gorman who I think is a genius at storytelling. I absolutely love stand-up shows that tell a story and don’t necessarily tell joke after joke. Dave does this in a remarkable way and he is incredible at keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. He’s hilarious too, of course! Which comedians inspire your stand up? Lee Evans is probably my biggest inspiration as he was the first comic I remember laughing uncontrollably at. I’m a big fan of physical comedy and it really goes without saying how good he is at that. I suppose Rhod Gilbert inspires my actual stand-up style the most, angry Welshmen and all that. As for comic acting, I’m a huge fan of American comics such as Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd. Have you performed at Ediburgh Fringe yet if so how was it? I’m an Edinburgh virgin! I would love to perform at the Fringe eventually but I need to gig more frequently first to really establish myself. What is the best gig played so far? The best gig I’ve done so far has to be my first gig at Up The Creek in Greenwich as a result of the comedy course I did. Performing in front of an actual paying audience of approximaely 300 as opposed to a crowd of 15 other comedians at a small open mic night was a great start and

a massive confidence booster. It’s a cracking venue too.

“I absolutely love stand-up shows that tell a story” Any advice you would give to up and coming comedians? I’m not sure I’m really in the position to be giving advice to up and coming comedians considering that’s exactly what I am. However, for anyone who is thinking of starting, just write write and write, then perform perform perform. Make a note of what jokes are getting the most laughs, and keep them together until you have a tight 5 minute set. If you want to do a course like I did, a quick google search will give you the main ones, have a look to see which ones offer what you are looking for. However, for a great teacher, a relaxed atmosphere and the chance to perform at Up The Creek, I couldn’t recommend the London Comedy Course in New Cross enough! You were training to become an actor, what made you decide to stand up instead?

I never made the choice to switch from acting, I’m still an actor by trade. However, throughout my acting training and (so far young) career, I’ve found that I’ve always just been trying to make the audience laugh. I find the best type of theatre to be theatre that is completely aware of itself and where the fourth wall is something thatv

that can be broken relatively easy to make an audience generally don’t take much seriously in real life, so it’s fun to laugh. I thought stand-up would be a great way to improve rant and rave to others. my comedy acting skills, especially as I would like to get into sketch comedy in the near future. What are your plans for 2014? Get some money together so I can gig as often as I can! I’m having difficulty getting to gigs at the moment due to financial circumstances, so I aim to sort that aspect out. As soon as that’s sorted I’m going to discover the Cardiff scene which is convenient for me as I live just outside the city.

“The buzz you get when you make people laugh is irreplaceable”

And finally, what’s the thing you hate What’s the most enjoyable thing about the most about doing stand up? I’ve done numerous gigs where I’ve not had any doing stand up as why? laughs which isn’t fun, especially when the act beThe buzz you get when you make people laugh is irreplaceable. Whether its at the pub with friends, in pass- fore you with an inferior set got huge laughs! ing conversation, or on stage, it’s just an incredible feeling. I like expressing my opinions in a humorous way too, as I