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What Really Matters


his book explains our new brand direction. It is not just about how we look. It’s also about how we act, how we talk, and how we treat our customers. We think that this is best way to explain what a brand is...

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not listening. We want people to say good things about The Perfect Pizza Company. We want to retain our existing customers, and turn them into fans. And we want to add new customers. In this way we will build a business that everyone will benefit from.

What we do

We make and sell fresh pizzas. We also sell sides, deserts and drinks. And we can deliver. Oh, and we don’t charge a fortune.

We do all this with a smile. Without a fuss. And we make it as easy and enjoyable for our customers as we can.

Because we want them to come back again. And again. And again.

a quiet night in...

For our customers, our pizzas are at the heart of every day occasions. They are a shared experience. A moment of fun. Which is why we say, whenever it’s pizza time...

kids play day...

erfect Pizza

Tagline progression

Version 2

a family treat...

mid-week footie...

means delivering on

What really matters

to our customers

The product Tasty Great value Hand made and fresh Convenient and simple

the service

Delivered on time

The right order

The experience Friendly and fun Easy and enjoyable

is all about doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. It’s about being accountable.

accountability builds trust Trust builds loyalty loyalty builds endorsement endorsement builds business

Creating the right impression distinctive/engaging/consistent

Our personality How we interact with our customers is a critical part of our brand

Friendly Honest Dependable


Surprising Approachable

Fun Down to earth

Our identity Key components

Our logo is the icon by which our customers recognise

our company. It is a visible symbol of our promise on product quality and service. It can be used with or without the our brand promise line of ‘make it perfect’

Perfect Pizza

Tagline progression

Version 2

We have three main colours that we use consistently so that they become part of our brand signature. They have been deliberately chosen to be different from our main competitors.

Bright Green

We have two

Deep Orange


typefaces that we use consistently.

For impact and attention we use Aachen For legibility and content we use DIN in one of three different weights. Bold for headlines, Medium for subheads and Regular for body copy. We can also use caps if needed. In digital communications we can use Arial instead of DIN.

We have two types of images which we use.

Product images and people images. Our products are photographed in a way to make them appealing. They are photographed in real life settings, to help get across the sense of ‘occasion’ that the pizza enables.

We have two types of images which we use. Product images and people


Our people images are designed to generate a sense of fun and engagement. They are deliberately designed to appear ‘cut out’ and slightly surreal.

What Really Matters  
What Really Matters  

Perfect Pizza brand book