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Creators Notes: This is the first issue of an experimenal, online film guide. As students at University College Falmouth, we are looking to experiment with our journalistic and design skills, so have created this publication as a means of doing so. As the first issue, we didn’t have the whole month to get this completed so it is a little on the thin side and is still an idea that we are playing with. So hang around and keep reading our publication, maybe even subscribe, to see how our ideas develop, as they most cerainly will.


Reviews of this months films...


Captain America: The First Avenger

Directed by Joe Johnston, Captain America: The First Avenger is the fifth installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (after Iron Man, The Hulk, Iron Man 2 and Thor) which was established by crossing over shared plot elements, settings, cast, and characters. Although he is the last of the super heroes we are introduced to in preparation for 2012’s The Avengers, Captain America is ‘The First Avenger’ and the film focuses on the earliest days of the


Marvel Universe. Set in 1942 when America has just entered World War

“Lacking in surprise and suspense and… well, anything that you’d hope to get from an action-filled super hero film.” II, a scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) attempts to sign

up to the US military service but, although he shows extreme determination, he is deemed unfit and is refused entry. When he is offered an alternative way in by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci), he is quick to accept the opportunity and is soon under the training of Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones). Rogers is then chosen to undergo a series of tests for a top-secret research project and, after injecting him with a special

serum, emerges from testing Now with his new-found a few inches taller with super strength, Rogers is a lot more muscles, thus made to tour the nation in beginning his transformation his new Captain America into the ‘super soldier’ costume to promote war Captain America. bonds, rather than filling his In between clips of Rogers’ super hero role. Whilst in background story, we are Italy, Rogers mounts a solo also introduced the evil rescue mission to save one Johann Schmidt (Hugo of his friends from an army Weaving) who has just against Schmidt and, after invaded Norway to steal a infiltrating Schmidt’s HYDRA mysterious blue liquid which organization, comes face to possesses a secret power. face (or face to skull?) with Erskine reveals that Schmidt the villain himself. underwent an imperfect Lacking in surprise and version of the treatment that suspense and… well, anything Rogers has just that you’d “The First been injected hope to get Avenger is from an with, but that he suffered action-filled dull and side-effects super hero (later revealing disappointing. film, Captain himself as Red Why say more America Skull by pulling doesn’t live up than that?” to its Marvel off the skin on his face). As companions. Rogers comes to terms with As if made just so that his own new appearance, The Avengers could go one of the attendees in into production, The the testing facility reveals First Avenger is dull and himself as Schmidt’s disappointing. Why say assassin, killing Erskine and more than that? subsequently losing the Whilst Evans doesn’t give super-soldier serum. anything special to the role

of Captain America (He plays Flame in Fantastic Four, why try to play him up to a far more respected hero?), the special effects used to shrink and weaken his appearance before his transformation is amazing. However, the same can’t be said for Schmidt. Whilst his army looks terrifyingly good, Red Skull looks cheap and plastic and it’s his German accent that is his scariest characteristic. To tie in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s father Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) often appears throughout the film as well which also helps to place Captain America in context and in a time frame of the other films. It’s Stark and flirty Carter that offer something more to the film, receiving the odd laugh by having personalities that you would cheer for. It’s a shame their roles are small in comparison to Evans’, maybe he should have kept them tagging along more often. Release Date: 29th July 2011 Director: Joe Johnston Famous Faces: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper and Hayley Atwell


Super 8 From the incredible combination that is director and writer J. J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg, Super 8 is a sci-fi adventure about a young group of friends who witness a mysterious train crash. Resulting in a number of strange happenings around town, the group take it upon themselves to investigate into the creepy phenomenon. Here, their friendships are put to the test as bonds are developed and a romance blossoms. Whilst you may expect a scary creaturefeature, Super 8 is all PG and it’s these relationships that are the focus of the story. Set in the summer of 1979 in a small Ohio town, Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) is mourning the loss of his mother. His father, Jackson (Kyle Chandler), is the town’s deputy and isn’t around to comfort him, opening the film with this obvious disconnection. Whilst Joe clutches onto his mother’s locket and watches homemovies in bed, he displaces his grief by sneaking out and helping his best friend Charles (Riley Griffiths) make an amateur zombie film with his super 8 camera, which


he hopes to submit to a local film festival. Whilst out filming one night with the rest of the group – pyro Cary (Ryan Lee), worrier Martin (Gabriel Basso) and goody-two-shoes Preston (Zach Mills) – the boys are joined by a girl, Alice (Elle Fanning), the town drunk’s daughter who sparks a love interest in the group. During filming, the group witness a pickup truck drive onto the railway track, derailing an oncoming US air force train and causing a destructive aftermath spilling

the contents of thousands of small white cubes. The group is quick to learn that this was no accident as a half-alive man from the truck that caused the incident drops a map of the trains route exclaiming, “They will kill you. Do not speak of this or else you and your parents will die.” When the US air force take over the investigation and start to clean-up the mysterious items that their train was transporting, unfamiliar things start happening around town.

Dogs start running away to meet that lets us down, the outskirts of town, engines appearing and sounding like become missing from cars a Transformer and having and the electricity wires the apparently lovable around town disappear. The personality of ET. Abrams whole town looses its power has made a name for himself and all technical appliances through these mysterious start playing monster films, “It’s the monster up and going as with Clover that we are so missing, Field and his creating series of Lost. eager to meet suspicions for that lets us down, Fans of his all. That is, at don’t expect appearing and least, until the to see he sounding like monster that monster fully; a Transformer is the star of we don’t want and having the the film starts to ruin the apparently lovable making its suspense with appearance personality of ET.” the full visual as it starts of this monster dragging people underground as we occasionally see its to feed on later. reflection or it moving in the background. Unfortunately Armed with sparklers this isn’t long-lived in Super for a light source and fire 8, and the monster fails to crackers for a distraction, live up to the hype that the the group take us on a trailers built it up to be. brilliantly nostalgic Gooniesstyle adventure. There’s no I guess it would only be doubting the talent of these wrong to expect another young actors. Cary brings in Clover Field from Abrams, a lot of the laughs with his both with the monster’s love of explosives and Martin appearance and the darker brings the cringe when story-line. But anything reacting to every incident by would have been better being sick while Preston is than how Super 8 ended. too scared to break the rules The PG twist had Spielberg resulting in us not seeing a written all over it. Not only lot of him. It’s likely that we’ll was it disappointing, but it be seeing a lot more of Joel also brought a sudden end Courtney in future films too to the film, leaving us to as he and Elle Fanning take question, “Is that it?” If the spotlight throughout. you expected a kids film beforehand then you However, it’s the monster won’t find anything that we are so eager to

to complain about, mainly because there’s nothing to fault until the final ten minutes. Sadly the films trailers gave it slightly the wrong angle which only left me expecting something more. The Telegraph described Super 8 as “the sweetest film of 2011.” Is that really what Abrams was aiming for? I think it’s safe to say that Super 8 is Clover Field’s younger brother, the one that has to be in bed before 9pm. Release Date: 5th August 2011 Director: J. J. Abrams Famous Faces: Joel Courtney, Kyle Chandler, Ryan Lee , Riley Griffiths, Zach Mills, Gabriel Basso and Elle Fanning Soundtrack: My Sharona by The Knack


Final Des

Final Destination 5, directed by Steven Quale, sets itself up to be the final in the Final Destination franchise, but the film also reveals that it is not last in the series’ chronological order. Although the Final Destination series as a whole is very predictable, this latest instalment brings something new to its supposed end with the addition of a couple of twists to make it that little bit more interesting. With the new rule of ‘kill or be killed’, can the group find a way of defeating death without turning against each other? Beginning in the same way as the others, Sam Lawton (Nicholas D’Agosto) has a premonition of how he and his friends are going to die. This time around, Sam is sitting on a bus filled with his colleagues when he sees the bridge on which his bus is driving across collapse and all of his friends die in a variety of brutal and gorefilled ways. When awakening Release Date: 26th August 2011 Director: Steven Quale Famous Faces: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher and David Koechner


from his premonition, Sam tries to persuade everybody to get off the bus before the collapse of the bridge and subsequently everybody’s death replays in reality. The survivors of the accident are named “The Lucky 8”. Sam and the other seven – his girlfriend Molly Harper (Emma Bell), his best friend Peter Friedkin (Miles Fisher), his boss Dennis (David Koechner), and his colleagues Candice Hooper (Ellen Wroe), Olivia Castle (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Isaac (P.J. Byrne) and Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta) – must now try to avoid death as it follows them around to correct the fate that Sam has changed. Death doesn’t like to be cheated, and one by one it begins to kill the eight survivors of the accident who are now living on death’s borrowed time. The best part about this fifth Final Destination is the suspense in the killings of these survivors. As with the other films, there are various clues given to how somebody might die – the shadow of a clawed man, the flash of a bus in the reflection of a window, the focus of a faulty fan – but this film works at its best. Whilst you can sit

stination guessing how they are going to die for ten minutes beforehand from this mass amount of clues (e.g. the constant collection of candles lit around the death scenes; you have thought they’d of learnt!), these focuses are only going to harm the victims or be the cause of their death. It’s the final blow to the body that the film gave us no clues to that shocks and surprises us; the film may have a predictable story line, and we know that they will inevitably all die, but it’s this suspense and bloody horror that makes the film work. As always, the cast is mainly a set of new faces and talent, apart from David Koechner who is mainly known for his role in Anchorman. Whilst he’s not a bad actor, it’s strange to see him in a serious film and you find yourself constantly halfexpecting him to shout “WHAMMY!” at any second. As for the other actors, this is probably the highlight of their careers; it’s not often that the cast of Final destination are seen in anything bigger

after their fairly mediocre and clichéd portrayals of young Americans. But then it’s only for the gore that this film is successful for. Whilst their characters are believable as they lay dead in a pile of blood, it’s only Quale and writers Eric Heisserer and Jeffrey Reddick that need an applause. Promoting itself as “The Best Final Destination Yet”, it wasn’t far off. Unfortunately that’s not enough to persuade people to go and see it in the cinema. As with the Saw franchise, we know the story line off by heart and it’s by the fourth/fifth film that we stop caring, with only a small minority of people still going to see the film out of pure curiosity for it’s truly disturbing death scenes. However, this fifth addition is a must-see for fans of its predecessors, both to put an end to the franchise itself and to tie up some loose ends. Final Destination 5 is also one of few films that is worth going to see in 3D. Unlike many others that promote themselves in 3D just to jump on the bandwagon, Final Destination 5 was written to be in 3D, and it definitely takes full advantage of this. This Final Destination sets itself up to be the final in the series by creating a loop to link all of the films together and ending with a montage of them all, but this is a franchise that could never end, so maybe it won’t.


Release Date: 11th August 2011 Director: Rupert Wyatt Famous Faces: James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto and John Lithgow


Directed by Rupert Wyatt, The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is the prequel to The Planet Of The Apes phenomenon that was first published as a novel in 1963 by Pierre Boulle. ‘La Planète des Singes‘ was first translated as Monkey Planet, but was later re-issued to tie in to the film franchise that the novel inspired. The first film adaptation was released in 1968 and starred Charlton Heston, which was then remade in 2001 starring Mark Wahlberg. This latest instalment explains the uprising of the apes, telling the story of how they escaped captivity and gained their intelligence, and how they managed to take over humanity when their only purpose was as test subjects to help save it. The film begins by introducing us to the protagonist of the film, Will Rodman (James Franco), a scientist who has been experimenting on chimpanzees for five years to help develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The virus mutates the chimpanzees, giving them a human level of intelligence. After thinking they have found the cure, the chimpanzee that was being tested on is shot dead after supposed sideeffects of rage, but it is later realised that this chimpanzee was only being protective towards her baby who she had secretly given birth to. Will’s boss Steven (David Oyelowo) orders subordinate Robert (Tyler Labine) to put all the test chimpanzees down. When he cannot kill the new-born

chimp, he asks Rodman to take him home. Rodman names the chimp Caesar (who behind all that CG is Andy Serkis) and soon recognises that it has inherited his mother’s high intelligence, and therefore that his cure works. Three years later, after seeing Caeser grow healthily and educating him with sign language, Rodman decides to use the cure on his father

“The rest is left up to our own minds and own perceptive to pick up on.” Charles (John Lithgow) who is suffering from Alzheimer’s himself. At first the cure works, but another five years later Charles’ dementia returns. Forgetting where he is, Charles gets in trouble with a neighbour and an onlooking Caeser attacks him. Caeser is then sent to a primate facility run by John Landon (Brian Cox) where he begins to use his greater intelligence to begin gaining dominance over the apes and, after releasing the virus into their cages, starts to plan their escape. Meanwhile,

Will creates a more powerful form of the virus and new tests on chimps begin. This virus strengthens the intelligence of the apes, but unbeknownst to the scientists it is fatal to humans. Franklin is exposed to the new virus and accidentally begins to spread it to other humans, but before he is able to warn anyone of its effect he is found dead in his apartment. It’s this back story that the film focuses on. Whilst it is a lot to take in, the rest is left up to our own minds and own perceptive to pick up on. The link to Planet Of The Apes is subtly used throughout by mentioning a man going to space in the newspaper and on the news in the background, avoiding any condescension by not pushing this explanation in your face (Although if you hadn’t seen the sequel then you wouldn’t have caught on to these hints). Then, just when you think the film has left you to presume how the apes ultimately take over, we are shown one more scene of the virus spreading through humans. Whether you’re interested in the Planet Of The Apes phenomenon or not, you have to admit that this is a really well put together film.


e h T s r e n e e w t e Inb e i v Mo Directed by Ben Palmer, The Inbetweeners Movie topped the UK box office this week taking £13.2 million in its opening weekend, totalling £11.4 million more than Cowboys and Aliens and £4.9 million more than James Cameron’s hit film Avatar in 2009. Based on the awardwinning E4 comedy, Will (Simon Bird), Simon (Joe


Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) say

“The film has you laughing constantly, even in their attempts of being serious.” goodbye to high school and

prepare for a minge-tastic summer holiday before they split up for university. After three series of embarrassing adolescent experiences and geeky banter through their time at sixth form, will they finally achieve their almost impossible goal of losing their virginities after two years of their cringe-worthy attempts? Produced by Christopher Young, the guy behind all

three series of the TV show, the hottest of the group, The Inbetweeners Movie only Alison (Laura Haddock), had two ways to go. Either it Simon will somehow mess would bore us from being too it up with Lucy (Tamla Kari) repetitive of the series as the after becoming so close to third series was being ‘the cool “As the rest heading, or it one’, Jay will would be one find himself of the group of the funniest attracted to joined in with films of the the ‘fatty’ of year and the their own bad the group quartet would Jane (Lydia dance trailing entertain us Rose Bewley) with a number behind him, my as his father of new ways of only too often eyes streamed joked about, how to show themselves and Neil would with tears up in a crowd. get his hands from laughter.” Fortunately, it sticky with was the latter, Lisa (Jessica and the film has you laughing Knappet) after forgetting constantly, even in their about his latest bit of squeeze attempts of being serious. back home. The film begins with the Although it’s easy to end of sixth form. The group presume this from the need to try to help Simon get series, it was still highly over his newly ex girlfriend enjoyable and completely Carli (Emily Head) after being hilarious to see how the madly – or to word it better, boys got there after avoiding insanely – in love with her its predicament of being since the start of the series. too samey. Only being 97 After a not-so-heart-warming minutes long the film also speech from held the threat their head of of showing “Is this the sixth form, Mr its funniest end of The Gilbert (Greg scenes in the Davies), they trailer. When Inbetweeners? plan to go on a Neil’s dancing ‘lads on tour’ I think sadly it scene came holiday to Crete onto the big is. But at least (even though screen it it’s actually they’ve ended was almost filmed in on a high.” unlaughable Magaluf). from the On their amount first night, the boys meet it was publicised on a group of four girls who the TV. Amazingly, it are almost too-perfectly managed to be even matched up with them. From funnier in its full the beginning we know that context; as the rest Will will eventually get with of the group joined in

with their own bad dance trailing behind him, my eyes streamed with tears from laughter. Is this the end of The Inbetweeners? I think sadly it is. But at least they’ve ended on a high. Well done Palmer and Young, you couldn’t have done it better. Release Date: 17th August 2011 Director: Ben Palmer Famous Faces: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas Soundtrack: A number of songs by The Street’s Mike Skinner, We No Speak Americano by Dcup & Yolanda Be Cool




Aliens Based on the graphic novel of the same name created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg in 2006, Cowboys & Aliens is a Western sci-fi directed by Jon Favreau. Set in Arizona in 1873, Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) wakes up in the middle of a desert with no recollection of who he is or what has happened to him. With a cut in his chest and a mysterious metallic object attached around his wrist, Jake stumbles into the town of Absolution where he is recognised as a wanted outlaw. When trying to escape, Ella Swenson (Olivia Wilde) knocks him out. Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), a rich and influential cattleman, asks for Jake as he has supposedly stolen some of his gold. Just when the Western


music is about to play as the two give each other a twitchy stare, gripping for their guns, across the way from each other, alien spaceships begin attacking the town, abducting a number of townsfolk. Jake’s mysterious shackle shoots down one of the ships, so the cowboys of Absolution and Ella, whom we know to be an outsider, form a ‘posse’ to investigate the fallen ship in their first attempt of defeating the aliens that are threatening their town. In between this story line of the present, we also see a series of flashbacks about Jake’s past, revealing more about him, as we, and he, still know nothing but his name. We are then introduced to a woman who we presume to be Jake’s wife, who we are yet to meet, but then we see that the two were

abducted, revealing more about the beginnings of the aliens’ attacks as well. Whilst we switch through these two different time frames, the film doesn’t become confusing. Too many films that I have watched this month have lost my interest from too much story with little explanation, but Cowboys & Aliens uses Release Date: 17th August 2011 Director: Jon Favreau Famous Faces: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde

these flashbacks successfully, filling in any details we may have missed and not leaving us to ask what’s going on. In addition, Ella’s character is used effectively throughout the film, giving more explanation through more interesting means. Whilst an alien invasion in the Wild West isn’t the most naturally scenario, everything is smoothly linked together to avoid the film becoming unbelievable. Admittedly, the film is more Western than alien invasion. Some parts can seem quite cliché and the Cowboy vs. Cowboy vs. Indians that lies in the back story can sometimes get a little tiresome, but when everyone unites and it’s time to destroy the aliens, these Cowboys and Indians give some decent action (not at all like the game we played as youngsters). The aliens, as well, are very creepy, which is a relief after seeing Super 8 earlier this month. This is what you expect from an alien film; slimey insides and laser guns, not a bigger version of ET. Whilst there were many speculations before watching this film, with the combination of Cowboys, aliens, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford screaming ‘Boys Only!’, it is pleasantly surprising. Oliver Wilde adds some, almost, glamour to the film. And to be honest, her eyes could seduce anyone.


Release Date: 24th August 2011 Director: Marcus Nispel Famous Faces: Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan


Directed by Marcus Nispel, Conan The Barbarian is based on the character of the same name which was created by Robert E. Howard. However, it is a new interpretation of the Conan mythology and is not related to the films featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger which were released in 1982. Conan (Jason Momoa) is a skilled but violent warrior. When his village is attacked as a young boy and he is left as the only survivor, he swears revenge on Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), the warlord who was in charge of the attack. 20 years later, Conan meets Ela-Shan (Saïd Taghmaoui), a thief being chased by a man who Conan recognises as one of Zym’s soldiers, Lucius (Steven O’Donnell). Conan allows himself to be captured and later confronts Lucius. Lucius reveals that Zym is planning to sacrifice the pure blood descendant of the sorcerers of Acheron in order to unleash the Mask of Acheron’s power, a weapon he wishes to use to revive his dead wife and conquer Hyborea. Zym and his daughter, the sorceress Marique (Rose McGowan), attack a monastery in order to find the pure blood, tasting the blood of women as they go.

At this point we don’t know why they are looking for a pure blood. We don’t even know what a pure blood is until a little later on, and by then we have already come up with a Harry Potter reference of our own. The pure blood that was in the monastery, Tamara (Rachel Nichols), has already been warned of the attack and has run away, finding herself in the ‘safe’ arms of Conan. The film follows with many more seemingly unnecessary fight scenes; as a whole it is very hard to follow. A lot happens with scenes changing frequently and quickly, often leaving you to guess who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy, why they are doing what they are doing, and, wait, who even are they? The story line itself is quite well thought out. The characters look good, the acting throughout the film is good. Unfortunately, the cloud of confusion engulfing all of this blurs out any potential that the film may have had, leading you to lose interest quite early on. Whilst some films that are fight scene after fight scene can be successful, with the mass amount of gore being one of the best parts, like with 300, Conan isn’t one of them.


On DVD this month...


Released On DVD: Your Highness Date: August 9th A fantasy comedy staring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. Full of perverted wizards and horny minotaurs, two Princes are set on a journey to rescue their damsels in distress.



Date: August 29th

Date: August 9th

Directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, Hanna lives in the wildness with her father and is a trained multi lingual assassin who is dispatched on a mission across Europe to kill a CIA agent.

Writen by and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the two reunite for another comedy adventure, this time playing two English comic book nerds who discover an alien named Paul outside of Area 51 who is in need of their help.

Rio Date: August 2nd From the creators of Ice Age, Rio is a 3D musical comedy feauring the voices of voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and George Lopez about a male blue macaw who is taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female who he falls in love with.

Super Date: August 9th A dark comedy written and directed by James Gunn and starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page. After his wife leaves him for a drug dealer, an everyday guy transforms himself into a superhero even though he lacks any heroic skills.

The Beaver Date: August 23rd A comedy drama starring Mel Gibson, a depressed toy executive who, after a number of unsuccessful suicide attempts, develops an alternate personality represented by a beaver hand puppet.


What’s on next month?


September’s Cinema: Friends With Benefits Date: September 9th Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake try to avoid the clichés of romantic comedies by not letting sex ruin their friendship. But can they last as friends with benefits or does it only complicate their ‘friendship’ and turn it into something more?

Apollo 18

Kill List

Date: September 2nd

Date: September 2nd

A sci-fi horror starring Lloyd Owen and Warren Christie about the finding of decades old footage of NASA’s abandoned Apollo 18 mission when two astronaughts never return from their secret expidition to the moon.

Written and directed by Ben Wheatley, two hitmen take a mysterious job that proves to be more than either of them anticipated as what they experience may just come back to haunt them.

30 Minutes Or Less Date: September 16th An action-comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson about a slacking pizza delivery driver who is forced into robbing a bank by two delinquents who strap a bomb to his chest.

Crazy, Stupid, Love Date: September 23rd A newly divorced Steven Carell must now focus on the other relationships in his life, including that with his kids and his bachelor friend, played by Ryan Gosling, who is helping him to live the single life. Also starring Julianne Moore and Emma Stone.

Melancholia Date: September 30th A science-fiction drama revolved around two sisters in dispute while the world is threatened by a deadly collision. Directed by Lars von Trier, and starring Kirsten Dunst, the film dramatises how a depressive person reacts more calmly than ohers in a stressful situation.