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Long shot

Close-up Low battery

Medium long shot Mobileman entering from right side (running)

Medium shot Mobileman reaches for the cell phone with his charger. The guy doesn’t notice him.

Extreme close-up The charger is plugged in. Â

Medium close-up Confused the guy turns his head towards Mobileman

Medium close-up Interview with Mobileman. Talking about his special ability to connect people.

Long shot Mobileman sneaks up on a girl.

Medium close-up Mobileman appearing slowly from the bottom of the screen. Mobileman: Who are you waiting for? Girl [distant]: My boyfriend‌

The girl realizes that someone is standing behind her

Long shot Without a warning Mobileman grabs her cell phone. Mobileman: I’ll connect you to him!

Medium shot Mobileman explains how he was able to help the girl

Medium shot Girl [angry]: Hey! Give me back my phone! Mobileman [manic mumbling]: You will not get me this time Bad Reception‌

Mobileman [over-excited]: AHA! It’s connecting. Once again victory is mine! A phone starts ringing off-screen. Camera pans to the right.

The girl and her boyfriend criticizes Mobileman saying he thinks he has the ability to connect people although everybody is able to do so using their phones. Meanwhile Mobileman is chasing people in the background – convinced he has to help them connect.

Mobileman telling about his mission to connect people.


MobileMan storyboard  

Storyboard for mobile media and social IT short film