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BULLETIN 1 December 2010

Commander’s Corner, CPT Michael P. Brabner

Once again, “Aloha” to all family, friends, and loved ones of the Comanche’s, 227 IN Wolfhounds! November was a very festive and fast paced month for your Soldiers. While a vast majority of the month was devoted to supporting the 3rd Brigade tasking cycle, of which we provided veteran funeral details for giving military honor to those who’ve gracefully left this earth, we still managed to

find the time to train hard and play hard. Early in the month the entire company participated in the “Battle of Waimea Bay,” a physically grueling challenge that required every member of our four platoons to lay everything on the line. We also proudly marched in the local Veterans Day Parade in Wahiawa, HI and were also able to happily promote all four of our 2LT’s! Congratulations to now 1LT’s Sean Roling, Jonathan King, Robert Van Wey, and Mason Rick. Don’t worry, now that they have a higher rank it means that I can work them that much harder! In true gentlemen’s fashion, the newly promoted officers used their new pay increase to throw a nice BBQ with for

all the Soldiers of Comanche Company. It was a fun event for all. While November was a fun month, full of individual and collective training, we now begin our preparations for our upcoming January deployment to NTC at Fort Irwin, CA. The men of Comanche Company continue to train hard and are extremely focused on the mission at hand. As you read this edition of the Comanche Chronicle I know you will smile with pride knowing that your Soldiers are working extremely hard, focusing on the future fight, and building a strong team with unbreakable bonds of camaraderie.

November was a month full of difficult training and fun events. It was an honor to serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the men of this Company and still is my distinct pleasure to look after the well being of your Soldiers. My mission is simple, train your Soldiers to be the best at what they do




3 JAN.

Very Respectfully, Comanche 6

First Sergeant’s Forum, 1SG John R. Stadtmueller Greetings All,

Special points of interest:

and defeat the enemy. I will say that we are on track to do both and still have time to play hard! December will allow time for you to re-unite with your Soldiers for the holidays. Be sure and tell them how proud you are of them! - Comanche 7, OUT!


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First Platoon “Marauders” Month in Review Despite two training holidays, Veteran’s Day Weekend, and the Thanksgiving holiday, 1st platoon had a full month with fun off-post events, tough physical training, and welcome relaxation. Honorary 1SG Flo Rivera pins CPL McElroy with an AAM, while Battalion Commander LTC Wilson reads the award.

“I’ve never had more fun at Platoon PT” -SSG Rosales

“It [Kealia Trail] never ended!” -SPC Majeras

The first week of the month was only three days long, but the platoon was able to proudly watch one of its own, CPL Stephen McElroy, be awarded the Army Achievement Medal by a retired Wolfhound veteran and hero, 1SG Flo Rivera. CPL McElroy received the award for his dedicated training of the new soldiers the platoon gained over the last few months, as well as his outstanding performance as squad leader during battalion training in August. CPL McElroy is currently at the US ARMY Sniper School in Ft. Benning, GA. The following week, another short week, the platoon was instructed in Combat Lifesaver training by the platoon medic, SPC Tristan Adams and was represented by SGT Paul Weigand in the Wahiawa Veterans Day Parade.

SPC Gonzales graduates from Warrior Leader Course.

From the 15th to the 18th, LT Roling and SPC Jerrod Palmer helped the battalion staff train during a Warfighting Exercise that used computers to simulate an operation overseas. Page 1

Meanwhile, the rest of the platoon was able to complete weapons maintenance and pool physical training. On Friday, November 19th, 1st platoon was able to honor another soldier, SPC Jeremy Gonzales, as he graduated from Warrior Leader Course.

30min rest on the way back to Schofield.

The next day, Schofield Barracks Outdoor Recreation Center prepared a great kayaking certification and team building exercise for the platoon at Pokai Bay, organized by SGT Christopher Brunhuber. With During the short week before instructors, transportation, and Thanksgiving and with turkey equipment provided, 1st plafeasting and gluttony just toon was focused on getting a around the corner, 1st platoon good workout, learning about took advantage of the few days kayaking, and having fun. they had to burn all of the calories they would consume that weekend. Before the sun came up on November 23rd, the platoon drove to the start point of the Kealia Trail on the North Shore, at Dillingham Airfield. The platoon expertly completed the Level 1 training which included getting back in a capsized kayak and basic maneuvers - prompting the instructor to not only complete Overshadowed by the cliffs and Level 2 certification as well, ridgelines they would be nego- but to even take the platoon tiating for the next 3 hours, the through breaking waves in ormarch began with 1 mile of der to teach the proper techswitchbacks before taking a niques for both riding the steep uphill route – almost waves and fighting back 2,000 feet of climb. Each through them to open water. member of the platoon fought through the burning of their leg muscles and lungs until they reached the end of the trail, overlooking the city of Waianae. After a grueling 3 miles back down, 1st PLT welcomed a stretch, breakfast, and a

Second Platoon “Kill Platoon” Slow But Physical Month November was a slow month for 2nd Platoon with several four day weekends that took place, which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. While the weekends were long, unfortunately some of our guys were in schools receiving good training, rather than relaxing at home. PV2s Lazaga and Henderick were once again in a Pashtu Language course and SPC Brock is still in Dari course. These soldiers will be great assets in Afghanistan with their knowledge of the local languages. On 10 November our insane 1SG issued out the most physically challenging event for C Co.’s coveted Athletic Tomahawk at Waimea Bay. During the event 2nd platoon sprinted hard, carried heavy weights, and braved the high tides of Waimea to destroy the other platoons with an overall time of 29 minutes, the next platoon was a whole 3 minutes behind us. This is the third athletic tomahawk that 2nd has earned and we have the highest count of wins in the company for it. For Veterans Day, one of our newest NCOs, SGT Matthew Roberts, volunteered his own time to help with a static

weapons display during the Veterans Day festivities in Honolulu. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2nd went to Crossfit Oahu. The workout was a change of pace from the Afghanistan Prep workout we are currently conducting. The professional staff at the gym created a personalized workout to focus on teamwork and competiveness. The workout was to complete as many rounds in 15 minutes of 5 burpees, 6 medicine ball dead lifts, 7 wall ball sit ups and a 100 meter medicine ball sprint as a 2 man team. The team with the most rounds completed in 15 minutes was awarded with the rest of the day off. It came down to a tie between SPC Jones/SPC McGee and PV2 Gordon/PV2 Flannigan. The tie breaking event was decided by a pull up competition which was won by PV2 Flannigan with 11. The workout was physically demanding , fun, and pushed the soldiers .

Brain Gantenbein from Riverton , Wyoming are now in 3rd squad. PVT Erik Robinson is from Moultrie, Gerogia. His wife is currently in Georgia and 9 months pregnant. We welcome all these new and expected additions to the platoon. Above: 2nd Platoon destroying the completion at the Battle of For the month of December Waimea Challenge. block leave begins on the 15th. For the holiday season the platoon leader, 1LT Jonathan King, and his wife, Bayly, is extending an invitation out for a holiday party on the 27th for all soldiers and their families in the platoon who are remaining. More information to follow. Above: SPC Chris Jones pushing through the pain of medicine ball sprints at Crossfit Oahu. Below: 2nd Platoon posing with their newly awarded Athletic Tomahawk after the Battle of Waimea.

The platoon has welcomed a few new soldiers to the ranks and their families. PV2 Robert Hicks from Grantspass, Oregon has joined 1st squad, PVT Cody Hill from San Bernardino, California and PVT

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Third Platoon “Dirty Third” The Great Exodus November saw a lot of personnel changes for 3rd Platoon, with the standing up of the battalion rear detachment. Many key leaders from the Platoon have been asked by the Army to do something other than deploy with 3rd Platoon this upcoming March. A very big and unexpected change was SFC Christopher Holt being selected by 3rd Brigade’s PVT Khamsoumphou packs up CSM Spano to become a member of the Brigade’s Security Transihis C-Bag for Afghanistan. tion Team, who will be responsible for training the Afghan forces that 3rd Brigade will be attached “They allowed the to.

many new soldiers in the unit to learn the knowledge and skills they will need for this upcoming deployment...Being able to identify points on a map and various terrain features will definitely be important as Afghanistan is a very rugged nation - SPC Hardee

SSG Mann facilitates an ethical decision making discussion.

With the standing up of rear detachment we also had to release the 3rd Squad’s Squad Leader, who has been given orders to become a Drill Instructor at Fort Benning, GA School for Boys AKA Infantry Basic Training. Now every time we receive a less than stellar PVT to 3rd Platoon, we will have a place to point our fingers. We wish SSG Travis Knudsen the best. We have also had to bid farewell to team leaders CPL Courture, who has re-dedicated himself and his family to three more years at Fort Carson, CO, and SGT Bluhm who was selected to be on the Battalion

Commander’s personal security detachment. 3rd Platoon, being the professionals that we are, have taken this great exodus in stride. Positions were quickly filled by Soldiers ready and willing to take on the increased responsibility. It these kinds of soldiers that make our United States Army the great organization it is today. 3rd Platoon will continue to be successful and will continue to prepare for combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in upcoming March.

Month In Review During the month of November Third Platoon has been very busy in preparation for the upcoming deployment to Afghanistan and trip to NTC right around the corner. C-Bags were packed and loaded, there have been numerous inspections, and plenty of classes for the soldiers to learn and sharpen their soldiering skills. Classes were given by the Team Leaders on topics ranging from Battle Drills, Patrolling, and Land Navigation, to Radio and Medical skills with assistance from the platoon FO and Medic. The Platoon conducted a very thought invoking ethical decision making class that was centered on real combat situations from Vietnam to Afghanistan. “The class was designed to help the soldiers understand that situations are not always cut and dry, and even the lowest Soldier needs to be thinking,” said SSG Mann about the class, which he helped lead. “I learned about lawful and unlawful orders,” responded PV2 Chapman when asked

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what he thought of the class, “it makes me comfortable as a Soldier to know that I won’t be forced to do something I know is illegal” Weapons Squad got their hands on the new 240L machine guns this month. This new titanium upgrade to the old reliable 240B is the newest addition to the Comanche Arms Room. SPC Powers, a gunner in Weapons Squad had this to say about the new weapon system, “It will just make our lives easier as gunners. It sucks carrying that old 240, this thing is about ten pounds lighter, which makes a big difference on a six or ten mile hike.” Leaders were also very busy this month in Third Platoon. New leaders went off to Warrior’s Leader Course this month, with SPC Hardee graduating and SPC Powers set to graduate in mid-December. Squad Leader’s attended numerous classes recently also.

SSG Mann tacking the Army Enhanced Performance class, Reconditioning PT Leaders Course, and the TOW/ ITAS missile system certification course. SSG Lokan also attended Army Enhanced Performance class, Mortar Leaders Course, and Unit Movement Officer’s course. We also had some down time in the midst of their busy schedule with multiple four day weekends during the month for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. Most of the squad celebrated the holiday together and used this time off as a good team building event and to help integrate their new battle buddies by playing basketball and video games. The group is coming together at a good rate and we should see a very close knit group by the time we get boots on the ground in Afghanistan.

Headquarters Platoon “The A-Team” HQ PLATOON PERSONAL ACCOMPLISMENTS November was another busy month for the guys of Headquarters Platoon and Charlie Company as a whole. We started the month off right by being awarded the Honor Company Streamer for the second straight time. We won it by having 100% of the company become members of the 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society. As a nice change of pace 1SG Stadtmueller planned offsite PT on North Shore. The event was aptly named “The Battle of Waimea Bay.” The battle included a water can carry, sandbag filling and carry, 1/4 mile high crawl, and 100 meter LMTV tire flip. The competition was a great way to build unit cohesion and teamwork.

It was a smoker while we were doing it, but it really felt like we accomplished something. SPC Garrett described The Battle as, “A tough competition for a tough company.” Throughout the month the Company has been collecting money for the Holy Family Home (HFH) Orphanage. This money will be used to buy Christmas gifts for the orphans at the Holy Family Home. Our very own CPT Brabner will be presenting some of these gifts when he travels to Osaka, Japan to visit the orphans from 19-23 December. Each weekend the Comanches sent Soldiers to the PX to collect donations and educate people about the long and storied history between the Wolfhounds

and the Holy Family Home. Over three weekends the Company has collected over $3,800.00. We will be collecting for one more weekend. The Comanches are setting the standard Comanches donating their time to for all other companies in collect donations to send to the the Battalion to try and Holy Family Home in Osaka, Jareach. The Fire Support Team (FIST) has also been taking part in the month long Battalion FIST Certification. The FIST Certification included an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), 12 mile road march, simulated call for fire exam, written exam, and hands on equipment exam. PFC Hirn said, “It was a great opportunity to see where we need to work a little harder to support our Infantry brothers.”

KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE COMANCHES If you want to keep in touch with the Comanches at all times make sure you become a Fan of the Comanches Facebook page. Feel free to upload pictures, share stories, and send words of encouragement to the

Comanches. This site is a great link between the Soldiers of Charlie Company and our families and friends. We try to update the site as much as possible so you always have the latest and greatest news about

what we are doing. Tell your friends and families to get the word out and “Like” the Comanches on Facebook.

“A tough competition for a tough company.” -SPC Garrett

HQ PLT taking part in the “Battle of Waimea Bay” flipping the LMTV tire.


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December 2010

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