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How to Pick a Dressy Hat for Men This Winter?

Do you remember the days when you were a kid and told that wearing a hat in cold weather is important because 80 to 90 percent of body heat escape through head? However, you have realised now that you were being fed a load of bull then.

In spite of this, hats are the key accessories of winter dressing getup. They protect all of your skin by effectively keeping the surface of body warm. Most people tend to pull on sweaters, vests and jackets but leave bare everything up the shoulders. Hats are not only meant to add comfort in cold temperatures and protect ears and face in chilly winter but they also impart a great style to your appearance.

A variety of styles and designs of winter hats for men are being made available at the online hats stores. However, before you pick one, know what is going to work for you in different settings.

• Bright colours such as orange and neon are associated with safety and usually worn by extreme winter sports enthusiasts. Hats and caps in these colours are sported by hunters as well. So, if you do not belong to these communities, tone it down a little bit. • Primary tones and shades in red, blue and other bright colours are casual and meant for leisure activities such as snowboarding and skiing. Prefer to wear them during the weekends but go with something a little nicer on the formal occasions. • Dark colours like black, browns, gray and others are considered dressiest. These colours can be worn for almost all the purposes.

Additionally, there are some styles of headwear that are suitable for different purposes • Hats covering the ears are thought to be less formal in comparison to the one that leave your ears bare. • Crowned hats like fedoras, bowlers, homburgs and others are considered more formal in comparison to the soft-top hats like newsboys, stocking caps, etc. • It is almost a rule that the thicker and softer the material, the less formal the hat is. Felted hats that are thin and stiff are dressiest whereas hats that are thick and woven are informal. Here are a few styles of hats appropriate for men to wear this winter, take a look Flat Caps

Derived from medieval headgear, flat caps are more acceptable for formal occasions. They are made of soft material and feature a short hard bill at the front. The academic societies in many countries prefer to wear flat caps. However, their popularity has greatly increased in the recent times and people beyond the academic societies have started wearing flat caps.

Felt Hats

Different styles of Felt dress hats like fedoras, bowlers, homburgs and others are available in thicker felts. However, some modern styles have come up with semicircular ear warmer in same colours and complementary pattern. The ear warmer can be tucked up inside the crown

or detached. So, it allows you to retain the basic dressy style and still protect your ears. These hats are the top dress standard. The key to find a suitable hat is to know your options and go for the one that matches well with your wardrobe.

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How to Pick a Dressy Hat for Men This Winter?