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Hats to be worn with Style & Etiquette!

Hats are one of the most well-loved fashion accessories men can wear. Some wear it just for style while others wear it as a protective gear from the sun or the winter chill. For some men a hat is a closet necessity and for some it is an option and they can do without one. Hats however, were extremely popular with men since time immemorial.

There is a way of wearing hats. They are either worn casually tilted or are held firmly in place. The way of wearing hats depends on the outfits they are paired with. If paired with a suit, the hat is worn firmly fitted in place and if it is worn with denims or shorts it is worn loosely or in a tilted manner. No matter how a man wears his hat, there are a few etiquettes the man must follow if he has a hat on his head.

Although these hat etiquettes were set in the Victorian ages, some true gentlemen follow them till date. Here are a few hat etiquettes that are really common. • As soon as a person enters a house, restaurant or even an elevator, they must remove their hats. • If you want to greet your friend, simply touching the brim of your hat will do.

• When the national anthem of your country is played, remove your hat with your right hand and place the hand over your heart. This gesture shows honour and respect towards your country. • When you meet a lady or female acquaintance, it is good manners to take off your hat off by the crown. This is to be done especially when you’re in public.

So, the next time you buy a hat you wear with your clothes, make sure to keep these points in mind. The world may have advanced and people might buy hats from online hat stores these days instead of physical hat stores but the hat etiquettes remain the same for all.

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Hats to be worn with Style & Etiquette!