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Fedora Hats: A Popular Accessory in Men’s Fashion

Hats are one of the trendiest fashion accessories that men wear to enhance their look. There are many kinds of hats that can be sported but if we take a close look at every single one of them, it will take up a lot of time. Let us take a quick glance at one of the most popular hats that men don these days both with formal and casual wear. Let us focus on the fedora hat that is huge favourite amongst men of all ages and is very well-liked. • To recognise a fedora hat, pay attention to the following features: • The crown of the fedora is high but not as high or stiff as a top hat • The crown is dented in the middle, on the top portion • The crown is pinched in front • The brim is usually 2.5 inches wide but can be wider These are the main features of a fedora hat with which you can identify and buy it. These hats are in vogue these days, thanks to television shows like Mad Men and various movies in which famous stars sport these hats. Also, the derivation of the name ‘Fedora’ is extremely interesting. • It has been named after an 1882 play Fédora written by Victorien Sardou • The play was penned for Sarah Bernhardt • The play was performed in the US of A in 1889

• In the play, Bernhardt, who was a notorious cross dresser, played the part of Princess Fédora • This character sported a hat that was dented in the middle and had a soft brim • First it became a trend amongst women activists • In 1924, men started wearing them paired with city clothes Fedora hats are generally associated with gangsters and had become a fad from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The celebrities, both fictitious and non-fictitious, that sported and popularised the hat are Indiana Jones and Michael Jackson. So, if you want to add a zing to your wardrobe, adding a trendy fedora hat, won’t be a bad idea.

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Fedora Hats: A Popular Accessory in Men’s Fashion