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Charlie Bowden “Alphabet Soup” Proposal 2011

I’m working on a project or study that focuses on the single letter as an object. It’s born out of the want of an outlet for all the letters I sketch not linked to a tag and so never paint. I’ve been offered the opportunity of an Exhibition and for this I’m creating a site-specific installation, a letterscape of painted, 3D cardboard letters. The idea is to create physical objects out of letters, which is how I think when I sketch. It was the opportunity of a show that was the catalyst for this project but the initial idea was based on a youth project I did painting letters stripped of “identity”.(They didn’t want the kids tags or names involved.) To expand the project and promote the show I’m planning on re-painting the bus pictured in this document, filming it and creating a video for Internet circulation. These videos will be available to view on the Eastpak Facebook pages and I’m talking to a number of blogs about involving them in the promotion; one who’s confirmed they’ll help me is Spray Beast. A very good friend of mine has said he’ll promote the project for me through the RT crew website, Represent London. Other blogs to have given space to my work and I’m planning on contacting when there’re are more visuals are Hurtyoubad, Fuckinfilthy and Stealanything. As the project develops I will be contacting them with regards to promotion. (Addresses for all blogs can be found at the end of this document.) I’ve been painting graffiti for around 8 years and now work as a freelance creative and designer on a wide variety of projects from graffiti, marketing, graphic design, exhibition design and small bits of product design. The Eastpak gallery is part of the Eastpak Icon store on Carnaby Street, one of London’s busiest shopping streets, the gallery’s been running since February 2010 and the store since Spetember 2008. They are about to open the 6th, with mine being the 7th. As a brand Eastpak has had a long association with Graffiti with involvement in a verity of projects most notably Tag My Pak; a chance to have bags customised by graffit artists. In short I would like to find out if Montana Cans would be interested in supporting this project by sponsoring some of the materials?

The Installation

A sample of the cardboard letters that will make up the installation. Shelves, filling a wall will be filled with these letter,s a�stock pile� of letters.

The Promotion

This was a project I did with some kids through youth club and was in a way the catalyst for this show. As it was a project for kids there are a lot of areas of flat colour rather than more complicated fills and fades etc. As part of the promotion for the show I’d like to re-paint the whole bus (all four sides) with more layers of letters, better fills, 3d’s and schemes. This would be filmed and turned into a video. A quick break down would be the bus starts all black and each letter is painted one by one so they slowly consume it.

What I can offer you

- Exclusive photos and videos of promotional projects and “process” studio shots that can be a mix of brand and product focused. - Your logo will be on all promotion for the show as well as the Carnaby St. window and in-store for 2 months. This can also be painted on the bus. Eastpak fund PR for the show through the agency Dust PR, who have for past shows gained a lot of coverage, in the press obviously your name would be attached to all of this. - I can arrange to have stickers or other material as giveaways in-store. - Coverage on the Eastpak Facebook page - Coverage the aforementioned websites with hopefully more to follow. Below are addresses to the sites mentioned above as well as a previous project I did with Eastpak and Selfridges. What I’d need To create the installation I’d imagine I’d need around 25-40 cans and a mix of paint pens. To paint the bus I think I’d need an extra 50-70 cans and a mix of caps.

Thank You

Alphabet Soup Proposal  

Project Proposal