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Kieran’s Diary 1875

11th August, 1785 Dear Diary Today Mother told me that we were going on a ship over to New Zealand. I was so excited I ran to my room and jumped on my bed. Suddenly, Mother and Father heard all the racket and told me to behave or I wouldn’t be going over to New Zealand.

12th August, 1785 Dear Diary Today we had to pack our wooden suitcases. We will be leaving on Friday 13th. I will go and tell Brian shortly.

13th August, 1785 Dear Diary We are walking to the boat now and have seen Pop. He said he will come over another time. Finally we got to the boat, found our cabin and read the rules.

23rd August, 1785 Dear Diary I haven’t been able to write in my diary because I have been sick. Our ship is called the Charlotte Jane. It is tea time now.

27th August, 1785 Dear Diary I had lost my diary and had been looking for it for days. Now I have finally found it. It was under my bed. I met our ship’s captain. His name is Alexander Lawrence. Our ship has 152 people on it.

28th August, 1785 Dear Diary Today I made a new friend named Jack. He is 8 years old, the same as me. I have met Jack’s family, they are nice. Jack’s parents’s names are Maree and James.

29th August, 1785 Dear Diary I have been to Jack’s cabin a lot and also stayed the night. I will be in my cabin tonight. I found a spring top that you spin. It is tea time now. I have to go.

30th August, 1785 Dear Diary Today Father told me that Maori dig a hole to go to the toilet in and fill it back in.

31st August, 1785 Dear Diary I haven’t been up to much today, just lying on my bed reading Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. If you are naughty on this boat you get locked up.

1st September, 1785 Dear Diary There is a girl o our boat called Susan. Jack said that he likes her. Mother and I went down to see the place where you get locked up (I don’t like it there.)

2nd September, 1785 Dear Diary Father is sick and has given the flu to me now. I am getting worried about dying. Mother says I will be fine.

5th September, 1785 Dear Diary Finally I have gotten over my sickness. I am thinking that New Zealand looks like trees, harbours, cottages and lots more… When I went to Jack’s cabin today T think he gave the flu back to me. I am getting so annoyed. Jack’s cabin is 15 doors down from us. There is a scary man on our boat, luckily he has been locked up. Father found a cockroach under my bed. I was horrified.

6th September, 1785 Dear Diary It is Jack here. I am sorry to say that Kieran has died of seasickness. I will hold onto his diary to help me remember him. Jack.

Keiran's Diary - By Ethan  

Early Settler Diary

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