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Street Food The streets of the Moroccan souk come alive around tea time in the late afternoon, as food stalls begin to sell their wares, wafting smells of fried and spiced dough, vegetables, and meat throughout the medina.

Many food stalls sell rghaif topped with amlou, honey, cheese, chocolate spread, Nutella, apricot jam, or a combination of the above. Spicy rghaif, a variation of the fried dough stuffed with vegetables and spices, is a filling meal on its own.

Meat sandwiches, cooked with spices and combined with eggs and often cheese, are a particularly popular medina offering.

Inside the Moroccan Kitchen

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Perhaps Morocco’s second national drink (after the omnipresent mint tea), the streets of the souk boast a vast variety of freshsqueezed juices, ranging from banana to grapefruit to avocado to bamboo.

Another popular street food meal is the vegetable sandwich, combining grilled eggplant and green pepper, fried fish and potato, a variety of cold salads and sauces ranging from sweet to spicy.

Inside the Moroccan Kitchen

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