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Interior Design Ideas for Gyms A fitness studio is a place where people go to exercise, for recreation and also to reduce their stress levels. Needless to say the environment of a fitness center should be conducive to its user's objectives. One of the important aspects of setting up a fitness center is its design, and by design we don’t just mean how the available space is utilized and equipment is laid out. The aesthetics of a gym plays an important role in attracting and retaining clientele. Gym interior design should ideally reflect the activity, vigor and vibrancy of such a facility. From the tiles on the floor to the colors on the walls – everything should support and enhance the energy levels of the place. Of course, it’s not easy to design a gym in a manner that makes it an inviting place for patrons to come for a grueling workout session. It requires the craft of an architect and creativity of an interior designer to get it right. However, if you are planning to get into the fitness business, here are some interior design ideas for gym that you can contemplate and discuss with your team. The first thing you have to keep in mind is the optimal utilization of the available space. Whether you have a large space or only a small area at your disposal, it’s important to not crowd your facility. High ceilings and free spaces will ensure there’s ample circulation to keep the facility fresh considering that it’s a high activity area. Theme Based Designs Theme-based fitness center designs are gaining widespread popularity. Having a theme for your facility will not just give it a distinct flavor, but will also put you one step ahead of your rivals by offering customers something different and unique they are unlikely to find elsewhere. While some people take inspiration from their immediate environments, others look to provide a theme that would help their customers escape all that’s mundane and regular. For example, if you have a beach front property, you can design your facility around aquatic theme. Some other popular themes you can consider for your fitness facility design are nature, woodlands, and outer space. Color Scheme & Lighting It may seem unimportant, but choosing the right color scheme for your gym can make a huge difference to its overall appeal. Warm and bright colors exude vibrancy and energy necessary for a place where adrenalin pumping activities take place on a daily basis. If your fitness facility also offers mind-body exercise classes like yoga and Pilates, make sure the space designated to these activities is painted in cooler hues to create a soothing and relaxing ambience. However, no amount of attractive and appropriate color scheme will do the trick for you unless your facility has proper lighting. It’s important to have lots of natural lights to keep the gym bright and atmosphere sunny. If your location makes it impossible for you to get adequate natural light, you will need to compensate with artificial lighting. Just make sure that you use the right kind of lighting at the right places to make your facility as inviting as possible. Decor and Entertainment Decor is another important aspect of gym design, which sometimes is overlooked by owners who think that ambience has little to do with muscle building and sweating it out. Designing your fitness studio, so it’s aesthetically appealing is extremely important if you want to make your guests feel welcome. Use of murals and pictures that are motivating, putting up plants to add some greenery, installing large life-size mirrors can really liven up your facility. Also you need to incorporate some form of entertainment in your fitness center design. A hi-fi music system and large screen televisions (the number would depend on the size of your facility) at vantage points will not just make exercising easier, but also a lot more enjoyable for your patrons!

Interior Design Ideas for Gyms  

The article shares thoughts on various interior design ideas, tips & settings for gyms & health clubs which are intended to keep people moti...

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