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Catch 23 Issue No. 2 Oct. 2013

Issue No. 2

October 2013


Featuring: In Order of Appearance Cover and Back Cover - Kate Sweeney Kelsey Dylan Kelsey Dean Brittany Vipond Liza Kems Kathryn Nova Williams Kelsey Dylan / Jessica Anne Victoria Brittany Sue Jacs Fishburne Brittany Vipond Kate Sweeney Andrea Margaret photographed by Babak G. Thank each and every one of you. I appreciate your time, energy and beauty!

Catch 23 Created by Chip Willis Two months ago issue 1 of Catch 23 was launched. Issue 2 was themed Night, and I began to shoot for it. There was fellow by the name of D. Brian Nelson, who's night photography spurred my interest back in the late 90s. Back to the days of Ektachrome 320T, and two stop pushing. Thanks Don! The next issue will be released December 1st. Please see the last page on it's development. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have, from photographing it to placing the last text.

Photography Copyright (except where noted) Chip Willis all rights reserved

Perseid's | 2013

two Women and

Forecast Meteors

Birthday | 23

The Andrea Margaret Project: We are running an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds to make a Documentary Film, covering the course of a photograhic road trip. Please visit the website and check it out. Right now there are 3 weeks left and a little over $4000 left to raise, which is in doubt.

The Entire December issue will be dedicated to what we shoot in the documentary. If we don't make the funding, then the theme will be Experimental Photography. Thank you for taking the time, and thanks in advance for any donations. Andrea Margaret Photographed by Babak G. Interested in being a part of Catch 23? Email

Catch 23

Catch 23 Magazine by Chip Willis Issue 2: Night  


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