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Hustings, Hilary 201 3 Once again positions on the JCR committee are being contested, with the role of Entz Rep up for grabs, as well as Arts, Computer, Freshers, Secretary and, of course, Woosta Source editor. Male and Female welfare positions are also up for grabs. Feel free to contact any of the current holders for more information on what the role entails. All candidates must hand in three paper copies of their manifesto to Jamie Pickering by midnight Saturday of 3rd (2nd February). The husts take place on Tuesday of 4th Week (5th February), in the JCR, time tbc. As usual they will take the form of a speech followed by several challenges set by the current holder of position. Elections take place on Thursday of 4th Week (7th February) Good luck everyone!

Role: Editor of the Woosta Spurce Current Holder: Charles Walmsley Being editor of the Woosta Source is one of the more rewarding jobs on the JCR committee as it involves actually creating something that everyone can enjoy. There are no limits to your design really, so the Woosta Source can be anything you want it to be! Not only that but you get to pick your own Peeking Duck and find out the college gossip before everyone else. The role is also great for anyone with an interest in media – I’m Deputy Editor at the Oxford Student, something my time designing and publishing the Source has supplemented and helped with. From a more cynical perspective it also looks great on your CV as an independent project. It’s a great job, and something which allows you almost complete editorial freedom. Don’t be put off by the time commitment either; it only takes a couple of hours every fortnight, which can be spread over two weeks quite easily, and your predecessor hardly, erm, set the bar particularly high in those respects, so it won’t be hard to make an improvement.

Role: Secretary Current Holder: Christopher Phillips-Hart

The most time consuming aspect of Secretary is the constant inbox spamming as you try to keep the JCR up to date about what is going on. It’s not particularly testing but you need to be organised to keep on top of all the emails you get. This is coupled with general duties such as: taking minutes, sorting out elections, gathering motions, answering emails, attending meetings and so on. At all times you need to keep an eye on the constitution in order to defend the JCR from tyranny with no end... Role: Arts Rep Current Holder: Kyran Espaza McGlacken As Arts Rep it is your job to promote arts-related activities. Your biggest individual job will be the organising and running of Arts Week, which takes place in Hilary Term. Thus you will need to get in contact with a variety of people to get a wide range of artsbased activities taking place and then be responsible for running the week as a whole. Putting up a quote of the day in the pidge room is also a very important part of the Arts Rep's role, and of course running the Open Mic night once a term. Also, as Arts Rep a high level of commitment and reativity in fancy dress is expected. Essentially if you are interested in art, drama, music etc. this is a very rewarding role.

Role: Entz Rep Current Holder: Ysabel Bisnath The entz rep plans and runs the banter items on the term card, together with the Treasurer and Secretary. It can be demanding, but the you always have the support not only of the rest of the Entz team, but the JCR committee as a whole. There are several key requisites to success (if you can call my time in office as such). Be 1 ) mega fun and cool 2) a team player 3) reasonably organised and responsible but most importantly 4) don't be afraid to get creative and put your ideas into action. It is very rewarding; I learnt a great deal very quickly, and don't regret a minute of it. Hit me up if you want to chat some more about the role (preferably over drinks you've bought me in the bar) xx

Role: Freshers Rep Current Holder: Alex Hunt

Freshers' Rep is a great position. It entails organising the whole of Freshers' Week for Worcester and carrying out all the ground work to ensure that the newbies all have a smooth arrival and enjoy their first week at uni and away from home. It is a superb position to have if you want to be very well-known within college and possibly even popular depending on your likeability. You need to be organised, able to cater to a wide variety of personalities, have boundless energy for the week and lots of forward planning to carry out the role as there is a lot of work involved, but if you start in Trinity and chip away at it throughout the summer then it is very manageable. Certain members of college staff will facilitate your preparations beautifully but others will make every step as hard as possible so be prepared to deal with this! Role: Computers Rep Current Holder: Kay Douglas As Computing Rep it's my job to provide assistance with the JCR's computing needs. Firstly I'm on the college's Computing Committee to represent the interests of the JCR. This involves upgrading the computers and printers in the computer room and our network system. Secondly I ensure that if there are problems with the equipment in staircase 4 or with connecting personal computers to the college network (including setting everyone up in Freshers' Week), these are fixed as soon as possible. It's also my responsibility to keep the printer paper stocked up in the lodge. Finally, I maintain and upgrade the JCR website, which is currently being redesigned.

Role: Male Welfare Rep Current Holder: Luke Devereux As Male Welfare rep, you’ll be working closely with the Female Welfare and Equal Ops reps to provide a confidential support system for all your fellow students. Your responsibilities will include: being in charge of the weekly Tea at Three, so you can make sure there’s enough healthy food/chocolate (delete as appropriate), running a couple of more relaxed events each term and generally being approachable and available for people to come and talk to you if they feel they need to. You will also have to make sure the the Condom Fairy performs its duties properly. The college will pay for you to receive professional Peer Support training in Trinity term, which is extremely rewarding and worthwhile. If you’re friendly and sociable I would really recommend putting yourself forward for this role, it’s a great way to get more involved in college life and help out your fellow students. So give it a go! Feel free to get in touch with any questions

Role: Female Welfare Rep Current Holder: Joelle Chess You work closely with the Male Welfare and Equal Opportunities Rep to provide support and relaxation for college. The role includes a number of things: buying food for the incredibly popular tea at 3 and enjoying it with everyone! Running the cookies and chlamydia event and planning other fun and relaxing things for members of the JCR to attend. Not to forget, restocking the condom machines and providing free condoms to anyone who emails the condom fairy. You will also be required to attend JCR meetings and Joint Welfare Committee (JWC) meetings. You will attend peer support training during Trinity term which qualifies you to listen to other people effectively and is a very valuable skill. It’s a very friendly role and I’ve found it really enjoyable. Please get in touch with me if you would like any more information.

The role of Equal Opportunities Rep is also open for election, please contact the current holder Ashleigh Parry ( or either of the welfare reps for more info

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Description of roles up for election in the Hilary term election