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Amessage fromtheCTHBA President,



n behalf of the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association (CTHBA), I want to welcome you to the 2011 Home and Outdoor Living Show. For more than 30 years, the CTHBA has produced the largest, most diverse

home show in the Lowcountry promoting new homebuilders, remodelers and the best suppliers and trades in the area. From the foundation to the roof, this show has it all! Besides producing this show, the CTHBA, which was founded in 1959, works tirelessly to protect and promote affordable home ownership to all residents of the Charleston region. Most of this is accomplished by working with local, state and national elected officials to eliminate and/or reduce unnecessary fees and

Jeff Meyer, CTHBA President

regulations that keep so many from being able to fulfill their dream of homeownership. We are not anti-regulation, but believe that when more than 35 percent of the cost of a new home is due to government involvement, there is a problem. Our goal is to provide the consumer access to safe affordable homes while adhering to necessary regulations and fees. The idea of affordable homes has never been more obtainable than it is today. With interest rates and home prices being at or near historic lows, this is the time to buy a new home or remodel your current home. Home ownership is still one of the best investments available, plus the great memories you will have from raising your family. As a father of two, I believe living and raising a family in a home far outweigh any economic rewards you will receive. Watching my kids play in the yard, having a family barbecue with my neighbors or just watching them ride their bikes in the neighborhood are memories that will live with me forever. Let the more than 150 vendors at this show help you have the home you always wanted and the lifetime of memories that go with it. From left to right: Home and Outdoor Show Committee Phillip Ford, Jim Ray Cobb, Andy Barber, Rachel Jeffeaux, Sherry Crawford, front row, Jennifer Crider, Jan Clouse.

I again thank you for supporting this show and the CTHBA. Best Regards,

Jeff Meyer

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LUMBER Build on what we know. • Doors

• Windows

• Kitchens

More than you’d expect!

Blueprints and packages available for kitchen design. C00-504843


• Lumber

704 Johnnie Dodds Blvd • Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 • 884-8431 An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

Register for a FREE Air Conditioning and Heating System! Stop by our booth #1829/1831 and register for the FREE Air Conditioning and Heating system that we are giving away during the Home Show (all materials, labor, permits, and all warranties are included). You do not need to be present to win.

We also have 3 GREAT Solutions to SAVE YOU $ this Spring… $1,500 Cash Back in Your Pocket…

… when you invest in a complete high efficient Heating and Air Conditioning System. I know repair bills are starting to mount, and that you are over paying on your electric bills. How do I know this? Because the experience shows an old heating and cooling system is much less efficient today than it used to be and it is probably using way too much energy. Right now you might be asking yourself “What’s the catch? How can he make an offer like this?” There is no catch. During these times of economic uncertainly and a changing global environment, we want to do our part to stimulate the economy and encourage energy conservation. And, of course, we want to lower utility bills for our clients all over the Low Country. Also, I will even guarantee reduced electric use and will provide a 10 year parts and labor repair warranty. All of this adds up to great savings and peace of mind for you, and it keeps my people working.

$189 Worth of Service for only $89 $69

With our 77 point tune up and professional cleaning we will REJUVENATE your heating and cooling system back to “Factory Fresh” conditions. As you know, your heating and cooling system gets dirty, out of alignment, less efficient, and wears out twice as fast as it should. In fact, most systems die in “middle age” and use 30% to 50% more electricity than they need to. It is RISK FREE…We guarantee that after we complete our Precision Tune Up, if your system breaks down within 90 days of the service and we do the repairs, we’ll give you back your $69. You get to keep the tune up for FREE; you can’t lose!!!

SAVE $100 on Duct Cleaning …

… when you have your ductwork cleaned and sanitized. Call us today or pop by our booth for a FREE inspection of your home’s duct system and if it’s time for a professional cleaning you can SAVE $100 off on your duct cleaning.

Stop by our booth and register for the FREE system and take advantage of our Special offers and one of our Comfort Advisors will be delighted to assist you and start your Savings Today … OR Call 843-405-7800 An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

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Sponsor: Charleston Home + Design Let More Light Shine In Sponsor: Carolina Lanterns/Lowcountry Lighting Center How to Finance Home Improvements Sponsor: Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union Renovation Tips: Choose new counter tops for economical kitchen face lift Sponsor: Melcer Tile, Co.

STREET OF DREAMS BUILDER PROFILES 18 Sabal Homes, LLC. 19 Artistic Design and Construction, Inc. 20 Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc. J. Meyer Homes


Coastal Design Builders, LLC.


Design Builders, Inc.

Recognizing and Removing Mold Sponsor: US Home Protect Lead Paint Hazards and Older Windows Sponsor: Pulliam Home Remodeling Kitchens and Beyond: Smart Remodels Exhibitor’s List Exhibitor’s Map

D.R. Horton, Inc. PulteGroup, Inc.

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2011 Home & Outdoor Living Show Wednesday, April 13, 2011 An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

John Wieland Homes


Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC. David Weekley Homes Dan Ryan Builders JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC. Ryland Homes Eastwood Homes Suiter Construction Company, Inc. Renaissance South Construction Co. M.K. Smith Builders

Shannon Brigham, editor Melissa Kelley, graphic designer

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CHARLESTON HOME + DESIGN MAGAZINE If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your home, then the 2011 Home & Outdoor Living Show is definitely the place to be the weekend of April 15–17. As proud sponsors of the show, we’d like to invite everyone to drop by the Charleston Home + Design Magazine display located on aisle 1400 (booths 1403 and 1405). When you do, pick up our brand new Spring 2011 issue of Charleston Home + Design Magazine free of charge (a $6 value!). Like the Home & Outdoor Living Show, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas inside Charleston Home + Design Magazine. What’s more, Charleston Home + Design Magazine is a local publication and we specialize in working with almost 200 of the best local companies that can help you with any project imaginable for your home. The stories inside Charleston Home + Design Magazine focus on projects right here in the Charleston area and the local companies performing the work. Want more? Associated with most stories in Charleston Home + Design Magazine are behind-the-scene videos that you can access right on the spot with your smart phone by scanning a special code printed next to each story. What’s great about this is you may be sitting in a doctor’s office reading a story in Charleston Home + Design Magazine. At the conclusion of the story, you may want more details. Simply scan the barcode with your smart phone, and you’ll instantly be connected with a video associated with that story. All the stories, along with the corresponding videos, may also be seen on Again, thanks for attending the Home & Outdoor Living Show – and good luck with your project!

Charleston Home + Design Magazine



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Let More Light Shine In


any times the arrival of warmer weather

maintenance. Seniors might also want lights that

makes homeowners reconsider the

make changing the bulbs easier. Ceiling lights

decor of their home. After a long winter

with bulb covers may look pretty, but they are

spent indoors, homeowners often yearn for some

often hard to change and clean. And, if one of

changes around the house.

the bulbs burns out or if the fixture is dirty, it

One cost-effective way homeowners can

won’t emit the right amount of light.

give their homes a new look for feel with-

• GET OUTDOORS. Lighting outside the

out breaking the bank is to address light-

home is as important as lighting inside. In addi-

ing throughout the house. With some easy

tion to making it easier to get around, external

changes to a home’s lighting scheme, hom-

lighting can also keep prospective thieves at

eowners can notice a stark difference in their

bay. External stairways should be completely

home’s appearance.

illuminated and on motion sensors if not already

• ASSESS LIGHTING NEEDS. First and foremost, evaluate your lighting situation by

on a nighttime timer. • ADD EXTRA LIGHTING TO WORK

looking at how much light is currently around

AREAS. Add extra light fixtures in work areas or

the house, including the home’s exterior. Is there

areas of heavy traffic, such as the kitchen or liv-

adequate light available for activities such as

ing room. Those with a home office should keep

reading? Is there sufficient light outside the home

the areas well lit, as you likely spend extended

to safely see the stairs or walkway? How much

periods of time in the home office.

sunlight enters your home, and are you unknow-


ingly blocking that light from getting in? Let

Reading in poorly lit areas is a recipe for eye

the sun shine in by opening curtains, pulling up

trouble. To lessen the likelihood of developing

shades and keeping windows clean. This can add

eye trouble, place reading chairs near windows

life to a room while simultaneously benefiting the

or add lamps or other lights to areas commonly

environment and lowering your energy bill.

used for reading.



homeowners with an empty nest, consider lamps

THE HOME. There’s no reason midnight walks

with rocker switches. These are large enough to

to the refrigerator or restroom should be done

be turned on even if hands are full or if you’re

in the dark. That only increases the likelihood

suffering from arthritis that can make it hard to

for falls and injury. Install night lights in hallways

maneuver hands and fingers. Busy homeowners might benefit from fixture styles that clean easily and don’t require much

and near the bottom and tops of all staircases to decrease the chances of injury. – Metro Creative Services

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CAROLINA LANTERNS/ LOWCOUNTRY LIGHTING CENTER Carolina Lanterns/Lowcountry Lighting Center started out as a custom copper gas and electric lantern company and in 2007 grew to a full lighting showroom. They carry everything for your lighting plans – from dimmers to fans, cans and decorative fixtures. The staff is American Lighting Association certified. They offer free consultation for your lighting layout. They also do in-house consultation and offer in-house training for different products twice a month. Beth Clark has been the showroom manager for six years. Jennifer Crider is the office manager. “I have always enjoyed remodeling homes. When building a new home I went into a local lighting showroom and was snubbed by a salesperson. They did not think I was a candidate for their store,” says Jan Clouse, owner. She says because her business is locally and family owned and operated, they are involved in everything, are civic-minded and participate with many charities. They’ve won many awards including Associate of the Year Charleston Trident Home Builders and President’s Award Charleston Trident Home Builders. Jan currently serves as the They are responsible for the gas lanterns on Broad Street and did Barbra Streisand’s personal home in Malibu, Calif. The company has also supplied lighting for Sandals Resorts. What is the key to their success? Clouse says the educated staff makes a big difference, and that she stays involved and treats customers the way they would want to be treated.

Carolina Lanterns/ Lowcountry Lighting Center 1362 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mt. Pleasant 843-881-4170 Hours are Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–5:30 p.m., Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m.–2 p.m. or by appointment

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Project location: Isle of Palms, SC

Visit us at the Home Show


Come Visit Us At Our New Location! 1106 A St. Andrews Blvd. Charleston SC


Associate VP of the Charleston Trident Home Builders 2011.

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How to Finance Home Improvements


n this economic climate many homeown-

Sit down with a loan officer at your local

ers are opting to stay put rather than trying

bank to go over options with reasonable terms

to sell their homes in a buyer’s market. In

before committing to the renovations.

turn, they’re looking for ways to improve upon their home investment. Renovations to properties are continuing despite slow growth in the housing market.

CREDIT CARDS Paying for a renovation on a credit card can be a viable option for quick funds, provided

Renovations may bring about a return on

that you are of the mind of paying off the bal-

money spent if done right, but they do require

ance when the bill comes, and not carrying it

a preliminary investment of funds. The key

over from month to month. Otherwise, high

is finding the best way to finance home

finance charges on certain cards could end up


costing you a great deal. Check the terms of your credit card. You may find incentive deals


for using your card at home-improvement retailers. Some cards also offer discounts on

closing on a home, again. You will need to factor

improvements, provided you have enough discre-

purchases if you make your purchase through

these costs into your loan.

tionary money in accounts to cover costs. You do

their site with one of their partners. This could

not incur any financing charges or interest, and

save you a percentage on the purchase and be


will not be penalized for past-due credit payments.

well worth using plastic to pay.


Cash is the most economical way to finance

According to the U.S. Department of Housing

It is a good idea to keep all of the receipts for purchases made toward home improvements. Though home improvements are typically not

HOME EQUITY LOANS/REFINANCING If you have been considering refinancing your

and Urban Development (HUD), if the equity in your home is limited, the answer may be an FHA

tax-deductible, certain improvements, such as pur-

home to take advantage of lower interest rates,

Title I loan. Banks and other qualified lenders

chasing energy conserving appliances and other

you may want to use a portion of your equity to

make these loans from their own funds, and FHA

environmentally friendly renovations, may be eli-

fund home improvement projects. For homeown-

insures the lender against a possible loss. This

gible for a tax credit. Your accountant or another

ers who are planning to stay in their homes for

loan insurance program is authorized by Title I

tax professional may be able to provide further

several years and do not mind starting from the

of the National Housing Act. FHA-insured Title

information regarding tax credits.

beginning again on a loan, home equity loans can

I loans may be used for any improvements that

be a way to free up cash now, and also benefit

will make your home basically more livable and

from lower interest rates.

useful. You can even use them for dishwashers,

PERSONAL LOANS If you do not have cash on hand, you may

Not all lenders have the same rates and terms

refrigerators, freezers and ovens that are built

want to take out a loan to finance the costs of

regarding home equity loans and the refinanc-

into the house and not freestanding. You cannot

improvements. Just weigh the advantages and

ing process. Request quotes from several lenders

use them for certain luxury-type items such as

disadvantages of the loan. Will the investment

to find a deal that works for your situation. Also,

swimming pools or outdoor fireplaces, or to pay

be worth the interest you will have to pay on

keep in mind that closing costs may be required if

for work already completed.

the agreement over the life of the loan?

you are refinancing, because essentially you are

8 | Home Builders Association

– Metro Creative Services

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HERITAGE TRUST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union is a financially sound organization that has successfully served the greater Charleston community since 1955. New


members join an organization that not only serves

can purchase a home with little or no money down - SC

and supports local business professionals, nurses,

State Housing Authority assistance available

teachers, military personnel, construction workers and many others, but also contributes to the fabric of the local community. The organization currently serves around 50,000 members, have 11 branch locations and more than 300 Select Employer Groups throughout Charleston, Dorchester, Colleton and Berkeley counties. Heritage Trust offers a variety of savings, checking

USDA RURAL DEVELOPMENT LOANS – 100 percent financing for home purchases in eligible rural areas

LOT / LAND LOANS - Loans up to 90 percent of the lesser of appraised value or purchase price - Loans up to $250,000 - Lot sizes up to 15 acres; no minimum time-to-build JUMBO PROGRAMS

and real estate lending options.

- Loans up to $2,000,000

buyers to rural housing loans, to lot/land programs and

- Loans up to 80 percent of the lesser of appraised REVERSE MORTGAGE

“It is our goal to work with members and find the pro-

- Provides supplemental income for members 62

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90 percent combined loan-to-value* - No mortgage insurance required - Purchase and refinance loans available Products and programs subject to change without notice. Information presented is intended for use by real estate professionals only. Combined loan-to-value* is the sum of the first and any subordinate mortgage balances divided by the lower of the new appraised value or purchase price and expressed as a percentage. For example, if your new first mortgage balance is $80,000 and your new second mortgage balance is $10,000, and the lower of your purchase price or appraised value is $100,000, then your Combined loan-to-value is 90 percent.

value or purchase price

jumbo loans,” says Bruce Wolfe, VP real estate lending. gram most appropriate for their individual need.”

- First and second mortgage combination loans up to

GOVERNMENT LOANS – FHA, VA and USDA Rural Housing loans – Minimal down payment required

and loan products including an assortment of home “We have a lot of programs – from first time home-


and older

If you would like more information on any of the programs we offer, call 843-832-2614 or e-mail

R62-507215 Home Builders Association | 9

10 | Home Builders Association

Renovation Tips

Choose new countertops for economical kitchen facelift


utdated cabinets, faded countertops, tired appliances, stained flooring and tiles. Does this remind you of your kitchen? If you have

not remodeled your kitchen in years, then the an-

swer is probably a disheartened yes. But is it time for a complete kitchen makeover, or just a facelift? The answer depends on your budget. The bad news is that a total renovation project can be very costly. The good news is that you can replace your countertops and feel as though you have a brand new kitchen. That’s because your countertop is your most visible source of color in the kitchen. If your cabinets are white or wood, then what immediately catches your eye is the surface you use the most,

utor of HanStone Fine Quartz Surfaces. “Through

your countertop.

superior strength and incredible beauty quartz

Countertops are no longer merely a work surface, but a key element in the design and luxury of your home. Much like the clothes we wear, the

countertops are rapidly becoming the choice for discerning homeowners.” Quartz countertops, such as the industry’s top

fashion statement of the environment we live in

rated HanStone surfaces, offer a sophisticated

can either reaffirm the latest colors and styles or

elegance and timeless beauty. They are stron-

showcase the looks of the past. If your current

ger than granite and because they’re nonporous

countertops are dusty rose or lime green, you are

they require no resealing, are highly resistant to

long overdue for something new.

scratches, stains and bacteria growth and come in

If you look at what’s available you will be

a huge variety of colors. Also of great importance,

amazed at the selection not only of colors but tex-

HanStone is accredited with Greenguard environ-

tures and finishes as well. The primary goal now is

mental certification.

to find a durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean

In fact, HanStone quartz surfaces, a favorite

surface that will also bring style, elegance and

of designers and developers, boasts 32 dramatic

beauty to your kitchen.

colors and patterns and can be used in virtually

For the past few years, the fastest growing cat-

any indoor surfacing application in kitchens, bath-

egory of premium countertops, and the one with

rooms including floors, countertops, island tops

the most allure, has been quartz because it provides

and backsplashes.

the best balance of beauty, durability and style. “Quartz countertops have the deep beautiful

With beautiful, elegant premium countertops garnering the envious looks of your guests, your

colors of granite without the problems and high-

kitchen will have a fresh new look for the fraction

maintenance of porous stone,” explained Mark

of the cost of a complete renovation.

Hanna, President of Leeza Distribution Inc., distrib-

– Metro Creative Services

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MELCER TILE, CO. Melcer Tile Co., Inc. is a family owned and operated full-service tile and stone distributor. Melcer Tile was founded in 1968 by Mel and Phyllis Rauton. Its North Charleston location is located at 4965 Dorchester Road. They also have a location at 1776-A Main Road in John’s Island. Both locations feature state-of-the art showrooms, as well as warehouse facilities. Melcer Tile sells a vast assortment of all types of tile products such as ceramic, porcelain, glass and metal. Their natural stone offering includes marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx and slate. They stock more than 200 different tile and stone products. They also carry a full line of setting materials to help you complete your installation. Their full line of maintenance products can keep your project looking brand new. In their showrooms you will find the finest American-made products, as well as products from all over the world. Their green product offering continues to expand both in tile and installation products. You also will find a knowledgeable and attentive staff of tile designers who can assist you in completing your project on time and on budget. Visit one of their locations and let them show you the latest in tile and stone products.

Melcer Tile 4965 Dorchester Road,

1776-A Main Road, Johns Island

North Charleston

Johns Island



Hours are weekdays 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Hours are weekdays 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.


Our profession!

N •C •B •D •C

We are the American Institute of Building design Setting design standards since 1950 AIBD is a professional organization whose focus is residential design. Our energies and efforts are directed toward providing our clients with the highest standards of design excellence. Make sure the design professional you choose is an AIBD member. For a Designer in your area or for more information please contact The South Carolina Society of AIBD at: or Steve Humbert CPBD AIBD, President, AIBD South Carolina 843-556-4828

HIlton Googe Googe Design Group 2423 Rice Pond Road Charleston, S.C. 29414 843-747-7384

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Steve Humbert CPBD Steve Humbert Designs 2343 Eades Lane Charleston, S.C. 29414 843-556-4828

Cox Wood Preserving 860 Cannon Bridge Road Orangeburg, S.C. 29115 1-800-476-4401

New Horizon Shutters 7259 B Spa Road North Charleston, S.C. 29418 Harry Rembert 843-830-2054 cell 843-797-7762 office C51-504594 Home Builders Association | 11

Recognizing and Removing Mold W

hen it comes to problems around the house, few

Wear a mask when working on mold

are less aesthetically appealing than mold. Unfor-

removal, and protect your eyes as well. In

tunately, mold is not only unsightly, but unhealthy

addition, when finished, launder clothes

as well. When exposed to mold, adults and children alike

immediately. There are also mold-removal

can experience a host of negative symptoms, including

companies to hire if a homeowner has

nasal and sinus congestion, skin irritation, sore throat,

qualms about doing mold cleanup himself

and respiratory problems. For those already suffering from

or herself.

asthma, exposure to mold could even trigger an attack. So what to do about this all-too-common problem? Homeowners who think they might have a mold problem should ask themselves if their home smells musty.

Once precautionary steps have been taken, mold removal involves the following steps. • DAMPEN MOLDY MATERIALS

If it does, the culprit is most likely mold. If that’s the

AND SURFACES. Do so before removal

case, the mold could be in a variety of places about

has begun to minimize the number of airborne mold spores.

the household. • Where there’s moisture, there might be mold. Mold

• SCRUB HARD SURFACES. Hard surfaces with mold growths can be scrubbed with soap or detergent. But be

can grow on moist materials, so anywhere you might have

careful not to scrub with ammonia-based soap and bleach,

a water leak could have a mold growth. Areas in the bath-

as the fumes from such a combination are toxic.

room that might have mold include hard to reach spots,


such as behind the toilet or sink, where an overflowed

GROWTH. Porous materials such as carpet padding and

or leaky toilet might have left moisture. Such areas, if

drywall that have been infested by mold growth can never

not cleaned and dried properly, are often home to mold

be completely mold-free, so discard these items.

growth. • OUTSIDE WALLS. Any wall exposed to the outside

• CONSIDER SANDING WOOD SURFACES. Structural wood surfaces might need more than a good

could be harbor mold. Such walls that are concealed by

scrubbing to completely remove mold growth. In such

furniture that is not typically moved are common growth

instances, mold can be sanded away.

areas for mold. • MOLD HAS GOOD HIDING PLACES. Other com-

• DISINFECT CLEANED AREAS. Areas from where mold has been removed also need to be dis-

mon areas where mold can grow are more hidden, such

infected with bleach. The amount of bleach to use

as beneath cabinets, inside walls, behind baseboards, or in

depends on the surface area that needs to be cleaned,

materials kept stored in crawl spaces or storage closets.

but the general rule of thumb is 1/4 to 1/2 cup bleach

• THE BASEMENT. Mold growths are perhaps most

per gallon of water. Be sure to open nearby windows

common in basements, particularly basements that are not

when cleaning with bleach and wear protective gear as

used often.

well as rubber gloves.

Once homeowners have identified where the mold is,

• RINSE. Once the area has been disinfected, clean the

the task of removing it is the next step. First and fore-

entire area with water and then dry as quickly as possible.

most, homeowners undertaking a mold removal need

Ventilate the area properly once it’s been dried.

to protect themselves to avoid any health repercussions. 12 | Home Builders Association

– Metro Creative Services An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

US HOME PROTECT Local contractor US Home Protect, is proud to announce a new program to maximize Lowcountry homeowner’s energy efficiency rebates from SCE&G and the federal government. US Home Protect Team Member, Dean Paulk, indicated “once SCE&G launched their program March 1, we immediately saw an

maximize not only their energy efficiency but also their financial returns through all available rebates.” Paulk laid out a simple process for homeowner seeking to determine what rebates for which they qualify. Usually homeowners receive between $1,050 and $1,550. “It’s easy, just reach out to us at US Home Protect or at the Home Energy

increased demand for rebate calculations as part of our customer’s pur-

Group, and we will schedule a no-cost consultation to evaluate your home

chasing decision.

and guide you toward what insulating improvements and rebates you will

“With Home Energy Group’s participation and partnership, we can

receive. Then once you have made your decision, US Home Protect will

now assure our clients that once their home has been properly insulated,

complete the work and Home Energy Group will submit all necessary docu-

using our foam products, they will have assistance in qualifying for every

mentation for you to get your local and federal rebates.”

local and federal incentive available.” Claude St. Hilaire of Home Energy Group sees this opportunity for homeowners as truly unique. “This symbiotic partnership is a rarity in today’s tough economy where subcontractors seem less focused on the customer and more on profit. US Home Protect has demonstrated

US Home Protect 843-388-6260

that they have great concern for their customers and wish for them to

An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

C51-506523 Home Builders Association | 13

Lead Paint Hazards

Protect your family by replacing older windows


f your home was built before 1978 and you still have the original windows, it’s time to seriously consider replacing your windows – especially if

connected with the operation of the window. According to Nevin, one of the most important long-term investments a homeowner can make for

you have young children or a pregnant person living

the overall safety of a family is to replace older win-

in the home.

dows, using the EPA-approved lead safe renovation

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the routine opening and closing of windows

guidelines. “If you live in a home built before 1978, and you

in homes built prior to 1978 can disturb lead-based

have single-pane windows, replace them now,”

paint around the windows, causing paint dust and

Nevin says. “This is one of the only ways to reduce

chips to be released into the air. These lead particles

lead risks for your family. Make sure to use only a

are so dangerous that the EPA now requires contrac-

contractor that is certified in lead-safe work practices

tors to be trained and certified before they can per-

and strongly consider the use of ENERGY STAR(R)

form any renovation, repair or painting projects that

qualified windows, like the vinyl replacement win-

may have previously applied lead-based paint.

dows offered by Simonton Windows. These windows

“Research indicates that the everyday activity

are a healthy choice for replacing older single-pane

of opening and closing windows creates friction

units. They’re energy-efficient and a good value for

that then allows lead dust to enter the air,” says

the investment.“

Rick Nevin, a consultant to the National Center for

After older, lead-painted windows were replaced, this family now enjoys a healthier living environment with their energy-efficient vinyl windows.

– Metro Creative Services

Healthy Housing. “This dust is invisible to the naked eye, yet it can contaminate the home and expose residents to this harmful substance. “Young children, whose developmental skills and brain functions are subjected to the lead dust, can be especially negatively impacted. Children can absorb the lead dust from crawling on the floor where the dust settles. Toddlers put their hands in their mouths … and after playing on the floor near a window, they can easily transfer the lead dust into their mouths. The ingested lead travels through the bloodstream to a child’s developing brain, causing many types of neurobehavioral damage.” Nevin relates that the most common problem with lead in paint is not that a child is eating paint chips – it’s that the child may be exposed every day to unseen contaminated lead dust particles that have settled in household dust. The lead-contaminated dust is often 14 | Home Builders Association

SIGNS OFLEAD POISIONING Initially, lead poisoning can be hard to detect — even people who seem healthy can have high blood levels of lead. Signs and symptoms usually don’t appear until dangerous amounts have accumulated. SYMPTOMS IN CHILDREN The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children may include: * Irritability * Loss of appetite * Weight loss * Sluggishness and fatigue * Abdominal pain * Vomiting * Constipation * Learning difficulties

SYMPTOMS IN NEWBORNS Babies who are exposed to lead before birth may experience: * Learning difficulties * Slowed growth SYMPTOMS IN ADULTS Although children are primarily at risk, lead poisoning is also dangerous for adults. Signs and symptoms in adults may include: * High blood pressure * Declines in mental functioning * Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities * Muscular weakness * Headache * Abdominal pain * Memory loss * Mood disorders * Reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm * Miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women

-The Mayo Clinic

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Kitchens and Beyond


Smart remodels to consider for your home


s a complete remodel too much to contemplate right now? Three generations of the Pulliam family and all the Pulliam employees. A local, family owned and operated, reputable company you can trust.

Consider starting with a nook-

and-cranny remake to add zip to

your daily life and inspire things to come. Give yourself a computer

Pulliam Home Remodeling, takes great pride in their

workstation, study corner, wine bar.

work and, most important, in satisfying their custom-

With the right planning and design,

ers. They believe in the phrase “whatever it takes”

any space can be brightened.

when it comes to customer satisfaction.

A small job helps you work your

Since 1984, Pulliam has offered a lifetime labor warranty, unmatched

way into a larger remodel, and hav-

by our competitors; which ensures they will stand behind the work they

ing a plan that covers both makes a

do for you and your family – for life.

big difference.

Customer service is also a priority at PHR, and that is why they

Custom cabinetry, change for the better. Ever thought of using

strive to give the best service possible by answering phones in a timely

custom cabinetry beyond the kitchen? Think family rooms, entertain-

manner, arriving at appointments on time, being at the worksite

ment centers (shelves, video cabinets, mantels), study areas (desks,

when promised, and responding to any customer questions or

bookcases), and hobby areas (workspaces, storage). Besides kitchens,

concerns immediately.

remodeling bathrooms can add the most value to your home and com-

Pulliam Home Remodeling, Inc. is locally owned and family operated.

fort to your life. Add a new vanity or tub, refreshed hardware, or coat

Specializing in replacement windows, vinyl siding and trim, roofing, seam-

of paint – it’s easier than you think!

less guttering, sunrooms and porch enclosures. They are licensed, bonded

Go in with a plan. This gives you time to research details, and

and fully insured, including workers compensation and general liability.

find them at the right price. Then, work in stages to accomplish your

Since opening its doors in 1984, they have maintained a reputation

finished look. Appliances and cabinetry are first steps. Flooring or light-

for top quality products and installations, as well as continuous customer

ing can come second. An entertainment center may be all for now,

satisfaction. They are continuous members of the Better Business Bureau,

but that dream kitchen will come some day. The more you align your

Chamber of Commerce, Charleston Trident Home Builders Association,

remodeling projects, the better you can budget and achieve results.

National Association of Home Builders and Berkeley Good Sense Program.

Coordinate your projects. You’ll make the most of your budget and your creativity! What’s your dream? A sophisticated two-toned

Visit them at their booth at the Home & Outdoor Expo April 15–17 for more information and to speak with a qualified representative.

kitchen? A dual-function kitchen? Maybe a new focal point such as a painted kitchen island? Don’t stop there: spread that theme throughout your home with matching flooring in adjacent hallways and coordinated wall treatments on nearby walls. Shared color palettes, matching finishes and distinctive details such as moldings or accessory collections all extend your true style throughout your home, giving it a welcoming, well-designed personality.

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Pulliam Home Remodeling

200 Miles Road, Summerville 888-878-6093

– Metro Creative Services Home Builders Association | 15

2011 Home and Outdoor Living Show

April 15–17, 2011 Charleston Area Convention Center 5264 International Blvd., North Charleston

HOURS Friday 11 a.m.–6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

ADMISSION FREE admission on Friday for everyone. Saturday/Sunday - Adults: $5 per person, children 12 and younger are FREE!


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Street of Dreams


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Home Builders Association | 17

Street of Dreams Builder Profiles

STREET OF DREAMS BUILDER PROFILES 18 Sabal Homes, LLC. 19 Artistic Design and Construction, Inc. 20 Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc. J. Meyer Homes 21 Coastal Design Builders,

24 Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC. 25 David Weekley Homes 26 Dan Ryan Builders 27 JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC. 28 Ryland Homes


29 Eastwood Homes

John Wieland Homes

30 Suiter Construction

23 Design Builders, Inc.

Company, Inc.

D.R. Horton, Inc.

Renaissance South

PulteGroup, Inc.

Construction Co. 31 M.K. Smith Builders

SABAL HOMES, LLC. Matt Jones, Jason Simpson and Todd Ussery, owners of Sabal Homes, LLC.,

of customization. This gives Sabal Homes’ customers the ability to personal-

have been concerned about building a business based on enduring values

ize their home exactly as they want it, and does not force them to “settle”

than growing for the sake of growth.

with items they don’t.

Their focus has been – and will continue to be – on the customers that

“We are a locally owned and operated homebuilder and we’re proud to be

choose them to build their new home. That focus in on the entire continuum of

a local company. Our customers tell us that it gives them tremendous peace

their experience with Sabal – whether they’ve lived in their home for five years

of mind to be able to contact a decision maker quickly, if necessary, and they

or they just met them for the first time last week. A significant amount of our

know where to find us,” Jones says.

business comes from referrals from existing customers. “We’re also in a position

Sabal Homes has won numerous awards including 2010 #17 fastest growing

to be building homes for some customers for the second time, which is a great

company by the Charleston Regional Business Journal (Roaring 20’s award) and

feeling to be chosen again in such a competitive environment,” Jones says.

#19 on South Carolina’s Fastest Growing Companies (2010 Top 25 Winner).

“We can’t be the low cost producer in our market – not because we

“When we started the company, there were several core values that were

don’t know how to build inexpensive homes; we’re just unwilling to make

established by the founders that would serve as the basis upon which we

the quality sacrifices necessary to get there.

would build the business,” he says. “Hiring a team that shared these core

“We’re not the right builder for everyone and we’re okay with not build-

values, and likewise conducted business based on these principles, has been a

ing every home in Charleston. Since we don’t have to contend with all the

key to our success. We treat each customer as though their home is the only

attendant nonsense of trying to be the biggest, it gives us much more time

home we are building.”

to just focus on being the best for the customers that do choose Sabal. As a result of that focus, we’ve actually generated more business every year since our founding.” Their customers are not merely a number to them. They attempt to make them Sabal Homes’ customers for life. They also have uniquely positioned themselves to be able to provide customers with a high degree 18 | Home Builders Association

Sabal Homes

401 Seacoast Pkwy, Suite H, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 843-388-8483

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ARTISTIC DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION, INC. Artistic Design and Construction, Inc.

Artistic Design and Construction, Inc. provides custom home new construction, remodel, addition and plan design.

1038 Jenkins Rd #101, Charleston 843-573-2444

Each customer deals with the owner during construction from start to finish. They have ties to the Charleston community and knowledge of code requirements for this area. Owner Alicia Kinard is a certified master builder and a certified green professional.

huge. I know that it has saved our homeowners thousands of dollars (it is

“My father was a builder and helped me to start the company,” she says.

much easier to move walls, etc., on the computer) and much stress.”

“He has since retired.”

The company has achieved awards such as: Prism Award from the Home

The company branched into plan design in order to fit the needs of customers who could not find a home plan that fit their needs. They also will

Builders Association 2009 - Best Product $1,000,000 to $1,500,000, and

work with your existing plan or architect.

Kinard was designated as One of Charleston’s Most Influential Home + Design Professionals 2010 From Charleston Home + Design Magazine.

It is their goal to make “every home a work of art!”

She believes her key to success is to “Do what you love… create some-

“We assist in the process from start to finish - ARB reviews, site planning,” Kinard says. “We offer input on interior selections as requested. The

thing new and beautiful, and make people happy! Homebuilding is never

ability to place kitchens or entire house into 3D and let you walk through is


If our flooring can handle this wildlife, it can handle yours!


SPECIA! L BUY Mohawk Laminate With Attached Pad 20 Year Warranty Only

Whole House Carpet Install* compare at 2.99 sq.ft

$1.99 Sq. Ft.



$1.59 Sq. Ft.


2 Years No Interest*

*Select Items, with approved credit. Apply on line at


Congoleum AirStep compare at 2.59 sq.ft Stain Resistant 10-year residential warranty


*With the purchase of carpet and pad from Carpet Headquarters. Additional charge for moving furniture, removing old carpet and steps will apply. See associate for details. **With the purchase of laminate from carpet headquarters. *** With Approved Credit. Payments Required.

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C51-504593 Home Builders Association | 19


J. MEYER HOMES J. Meyer Homes builds quality, affordable, energy star-rated homes in great locations in the Charleston area. Hank Durrer, vice president of operations, served as a Chief

Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc. provides custom home remodeling services to existing structures. From full-scale remodels and additions to kitchen and bath face lifts, Classic is uniquely qualified as a renovation specialist to deliver dream spaces to their clients. Bob Fleming, President. Bob is involved in every aspect of each project and is extremely involved in the design stage. Classic offers complete design build services, and Bob handles the conceptualization, drawings, and presentations of clients’ new spaces. They have a passion for design and building and a respect for working with existing structures. Remodeling is not the same as new construction. There is an art to designing new spaces that meld seamlessly with a client’s home. Classic is in the wonderful place of having grown primarily from the recommendations of their clients. A full 90 percent of their business is repeat or referral business. “We think that says a lot about the quality of our work and our dedication to client satisfaction,” Bob says. The business is both locally and family owned, and he says both have greatly impacted their success. “Our reputation is everything to us. Putting the Classic name on a job and doing work for our friends and neighbors in the area means that you can never give less than 100 percent. Charleston is growing, but it is still a community where news travels quickly. After 21 years in business, Classic would not have its reputation for quality if we didn’t deliver with every job,” he says. What is the key to their success? Treating clients well and providing them with creative, customized solutions for their spaces.

Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force before entering the homebuilding business. His last duty was First Sergeant of Charleston Air Force Base. He brings this extraordinary talent to the operation of building great homes. “I have more than 20 years of experience building homes with national homebuilders and have always aspired to have my own company,” he says. They started with one neighborhood in Hollywood/West Ashley, called Deer Field Hall and opened their second neighborhood in Ladson called Charleston Chase. “We expect to grow our company by building great homes, one at a time, and making sure our customers are happy,” he says. “We have a team of veteran all-stars that know how to make our customers happy.” The company has won awards such as the Charleston Trident Homebuilders Association Builder of the Year in 2010 and currently serves as the 2011 President of the Charleston Trident Homebuilders Association. “The harder we work, the more success we have,” he says. “We listen to our customers. We have a great network of stakeholders in our company ranging from our trade partners, to Carolina One New Homes, and our closing attorneys at Weeks Irvine Law Firm.”

J. Meyer Homes

P.O. Box 802, Mt. Pleasant 843-475-8655

“We design and build spaces that deliver exactly what our clients want, and we do it on time and within their budget.”

Quality, affordable, energy star rated homes in great locations in the Charleston Area.

Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc.

1832 River Road, Johns Island 843-763-3297

20 | Home Builders Association

“We expect to grow our company by building great homes, one at a time, and making sure our customers are happy.” More than 20 years of experience building homes Charleston Trident Homebuilders Association Builder of the Year -2010

J. Meyer Homes



President of the Charleston Trident Homebuilers Association - 2011

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JOHN WIELAND HOMES John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods provides custom home building on your homesite in Daniel Island and in the Mount Pleasant area.

Coastal Design Builders, LLC has been a residential “design/build”

Founded by John Wieland in 1970, John Wieland Homes and

contractor for 25 years. They do remodeling and custom home

Neighborhoods is currently building in 60 neighborhoods with operations in

building. Their services include kitchens, baths, sunrooms, additions,

Atlanta, Ga.; Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.; Charleston and Nashville, Tenn.

garages, decks, porches, custom homes and everything necessary

In its 40-year history, the company has won more than 600 awards for excel-

from the footer in the ground to all components of any structure.

lence in home design, quality and neighborhood planning, including the

They build to beach/coastal hurricane and earthquake specifica-

industry’s top award, America’s Best Builder in 2005. Also named National

tions and provide design services for all projects so you can see the

Builder of the Year and a National Housing Quality Award winner, Wieland is

final product before building. Just call owner Alan Wheeler and ask

the Southeast’s leading builder of move-up homes.

him anything without charge or obligation. “Most builders do not want to do two things – do any architec-

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods currently offers a portfolio of homes and townhomes priced from the high $100s to more than $1 million.

tural design work and not get involved in interior design work with allowance items. Offering those two elements have allowed CDBs to provide a superior finished product since all the home building aspects are coordinated by one main entity.” Many times the homeowner doesn’t know where to begin or what the possibilities are. Alan meets with the homeowner, listens,

John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods 3015 Dunes West Blvd., Mt. Pleasant 800-DRM-HOME (376-4663)

provides feasibility information, and helps develop ideas into design/ drawings with a budget in mind. Since the design/builder may end up doing the work, he must come with cost-effective designs. The implementation of the work will go better since he understands the homeowner’s needs from the beginning. In the eight years Alan participated in the “Parade of Homes” in Greensboro, N.C., he won either a Silver or Gold award for excellence in design and quality. He also was a judge for several other cities’ Parade of Homes such as Charlotte, Winston Salem, High Point and Asheville.

Coastal Design Builders, LLC P.O. Box 71102, North Charleston 843-300-9383

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C52-504768 Home Builders Association | 21

22 | Home Builders Association

C52-504773 An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

DESIGN BUILDERS, INC. Design Builders, Inc. was founded in 1991 and provides new home con-

PULTEGROUP, INC. PulteGroup is a homebuilder that offers a robust product mix that

struction, additions, porches, decks, kitchen remodeling, garages and crawl

includes single-family detached, townhome, condominium and active

space encapsulations.

adult homes. As the nation’s sole multi-brand homebuilder, PulteGroup

The company started off as a mom and pop remodeling business spe-

builds homes under three distinct brands for three distinct market seg-

cializing in kitchen remodeling and deck building. It’s developed into a fam-

ments: Centex for first-time homebuyers; Pulte Homes for move-up

ily business building custom homes.

homebuyers; and Del Webb for active adults age 55 and better.

Bill Douglas, owner, started Design Builders, Inc. out of a love of architec-

The entrepreneurial spirit of an 18-year-old Bill Pulte started the com-

ture and construction. “We are a family business,” he says. “Two sons inher-

pany by building a single home in Detroit and selling it for $10,000.

ited a love of building from their father and that love has built strong family

What started as a singular home has grown into one of the nation’s larg-

relationships and great pride in our accomplishments.”

est homebuilders with a presence in 67 markets across 29 states.

Their motto is “Where small details make a big difference,” and their quality of workmanship goes deeper than just what you see on the surface. The key to their success is honesty, experience and hard work. He says they plan on remaining one of Charleston’s best residential contractors.

As the nation’s only multi-brand homebuilder, PulteGroup understands its customers better than its competition. The company spends countless hours researching its customers’ wants and needs and is able to offer

Design Builders, Inc.

694 Wildwood Road, Charleston 843-795-1779

homes that improve its customers’ quality of life. Additionally, PulteGroup is very focused on quality and customer satisfaction, which has enabled PulteGroup brands to be consistently ranked among the nation’s top homebuilders as surveyed by third-party, independent national customer satisfaction studies. A strong commitment to customer delight, building excellence and staying on the forefront of homebuilding technologies and innovations

D.R. HORTON, INC. D.R. Horton provides new homes construction and sales in 27 states

are among the keys to PulteGroup’s success.

PulteGroup, Inc.

4000 Faber Place Drive, Suite 100,

and are emerging into new markets. They are the nation’s largest home-

North Charleston

builder and have been for eight consecutive years.

The company takes pride in the quality of construction that it incor-


porates into every home, which sets us apart from competitive builders. From sales, to construction, to warranty, their nationally top ranking customer service ratings are a constant reminder that they pay attention to the details and ensure their homeowner’s are not only satisfied, but They also have developed new and exciting single family and townhome products specific to the Charleston market as they’ve continued to expand into Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, Summerville, and West Ashley, consistently meeting the expectations of today’s sophisticated buyer.

D.R. Horton, Inc.

503 Wando Park Blvd, Suite 200, Mt. Pleasant 843-284-5000

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HOME DESIGN New or Remodel by

Designer Homes


delighted in their decision to become a D.R. Horton homeowner. 843.343.3681 Home Builders Association | 23

PRIESTER’S CUSTOM CONTRACTING, LLC Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC is an award-winning custom homebuilder and remodeler that specializes in personal hands-on project management and superior customer service. They provide the following services: new home con-

be available to their clients and address their needs and questions as they arise. Tommy provides continual support by being on the jobsite daily. They received the 2010 Prism Award for Excellence in Customer Service

struction, whole house renovations, kitchen redesigns, bathroom makeovers,

for Custom Home Builders, 2010 Prism Award for Best Product Single Family

custom additions, curb appeal transformations, major repairs/maintenance issues,

Homes $1 to $1.5 million, and 2009 Prism Award for Best Product Single Family

permitting/ARB/HOA compliance, technology updates, landscape restorations,

Homes $3 to $4 million. Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC is also a Certified

deck and porch revitalizations, specialty rooms (such as fitness areas, in-home

Green Professional through the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association. “We are honest with our clients and provide a service that is unmatched in

movie theaters) etc. Tommy Priester started his construction career in 1988 as a plumber. As a

today’s society,” Priester says. “We give our knowledge and experience to our

licensed Master Plumber, he owned his own successful plumbing company for

homeowners to guide them successfully through a stressful process and with

13 years that served all of the Charleston tri-county area. Tommy enjoyed the

their input produce a home that they will be thrilled the come home to each

building process and quickly learned how important the scheduling of profes-

day without the worry of problems.”

sional tradesmen was to the outcome of the entire project. He says he was frustrated at how many times he was asked to start a job that wasn’t even ready for the plumbing to begin. In 2003, Tommy and his wife Shelley opened Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC. By being locally and family-owned, Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC provides a level of customer service that is second to none. Their main goal is to

Priester’s Custom Contracting, LLC

1752 Indigo Island Drive, Hanahan 843-200-8495

Building Homes is our Passion...

24 | Home Builders Association

2010 Prism Award - Customer Service for Custom Home Builders New Construction • Remodeling 843.200.8495


Building Friendships is our prize!

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DAVID WEEKLEY HOMES David Weekley Homes builds quality, single-family new homes in Charleston. Steeped in history and Old World charm, Charleston offers homebuyers natural beauty and laid-back living. They build homes in com-

David Weekley Homes has grown to 14 cities and more than 65,000 satisfied customers. They’ve received awards including Homebuilding’s Triple Crown,

munities where you can live close to nature and enjoy easy access to the

America’s Best Builder, National Builder of the Year and the National

city when you crave an urban atmosphere.

Housing Quality Award.

“Our home sites are located in neighborhoods where you can enjoy the most sought after amenities,” says David Weekley, owner. They specialize in building new homes with timeless appeal – and their floor plans fit the way you live, and feature classic, elegant designs.

Weekley believe a few things make his company stand out from the rest: Design, choice and service. “It may not be the first thing you think of when you are purchasing your new home, but it will be one of the most important,” he says.

They are one of the few semi-custom homebuilders that offer a broad range of choices when it comes to design and interior selections for new homes in Charleston. David Weekley Homes began in 1976 with a construction trailer in middle of a field with David as the salesperson, builder and purchasing manager. A lot has changed in the 35 years since he started this business,

David Weekley Homes

498 Wando Park Blvd., Suite 650, Mt. Pleasant

but David’s purpose to enhance people’s lives has never varied. This mission

extends beyond the lives of their customers to everyone from team mem-


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bers and suppliers to those who have never even heard of the company.

Home Builders Association | 25

DAN RYAN BUILDERS Dan Ryan’s family has been in the building business since he was born. His father and uncle both started home-building companies that later went public and are now national brand names. Dan, like his entire family, has a deep passion for home building and helping families achieve home ownership. They entered the Charleston market five years ago, bringing a commitment to quality and value that resonates with a steadily growing number of homeowners. Reflecting the depth of that commitment is the fact that the company, new to the area, sold 31 homes in 2007, followed by 48 in 2008, 83 in 2009, and 109 in 2010. This year, Albert van Overeem, Charleston division president at Dan Ryan Builders, anticipates sales in excess of 140 new homes in and around Charleston. Each time Dan Ryan builds another new home, he continues a legacy of service and high-quality construction that began three generations ago when his grandfather started building in Castle Shannon, Penn. In 1990, Dan Ryan began building homes, following in his family’s 70-year tradition of offering contemporary, well-constructed, affordable homes. Since then, he has helped people realize their dreams of home ownership in communities ranging from rural settings to metropolitan developments in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and South Carolina. Their approach to customer service is simple – to build every home as if they were going to live in it. They build it right. “Homeowner satisfaction is our top priority and, immediately following settlement, we supply owners with a phone number they can call for prompt, professional service,” Ryan says. “We make every effort to respond within 24 hours and handle emergency calls immediately.” He is proud of its 98 percent “would refer” rating in the Charleston market. “Our strong commitment to our buyers satisfaction. If our buyers are not happy, then we are not happy,” he says. “We will do whatever it takes to impress upon our buyers how much we care about their home building experience, the quality of the home and the value we provide.”

Dan Ryan Builders

7301 Rivers Ave. Suite 250, North Charleston 843-820-2512

26 | Home Builders Association

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JD SMITH CUSTOM HOMES, LLC JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC is one of the Charleston region’s most respected

experienced staff as well as the industry’s finest trade partners. The company has earned numerous awards for excellence in the Charleston

and talented custom homebuilders. Founded in 1988 by James “Donnie” Smith, they’ve quickly gained a powerful reputation for quality construction and com-

Trident Home Builders Associations’ annual Prism Awards Program and in the

plete homeowner satisfaction. Donnie Smith has built more than 400 homes,

Parade of Homes competition. The local Homebuilders Association named Donnie

with 100 plus homes being on Daniel Island.

Smith “Builder of the Year” in 1999.

The company provides new construction, renovation and repairs of kitchens

Incorporating the needs of today’s families in stunning homes with functional

and baths, room additions, decks, patios and sunrooms, complete mainte-

floor plans is a recognized JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC hallmark. As important,

nance for Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and consulting services. They are also

Donnie Smith believes that detailed, personal communication with the homeown-

certified green builders.

er is paramount to their success. He and the entire staff listen carefully and respond to homeowners’ needs dur-

After working in the corporate world in management and overseeing thousands of homes, then transferring to the area Donnie saw a need for good qual-

ing each phase of the building process. This commitment extends beyond plan-

ity construction. Being every persons dream to do “his/her” own thing Donnie

ning, design, construction, and closing. “Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction long after move-in,” he says.

thought the Charleston area presented more possibilities and challenges to start his own business. People believe Charleston to be a great place to visit and once

JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC

seeing the area they decide to move to here. That being said there has always been a need for upscale construction.

501-E La Mesa Street, Mt. Pleasant

JD Smith Custom Homes, LLC consistently delivers stunning custom homes of

unsurpassed quality. In fact, they offer a true team approach through a dedicated,


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sq. ft. installed, 30 sq ft min.



Granite - 6 Colors Choices 4 Edge Styles Plus FREE Sink! NO Hidden Charges!

PALMETTO SURFACING, INC. “Locally Owned and Operated. Serving the Lowcountry for over 27 years.”



Visit Our Showroom @ 7645 Southrail Road (just off Ashley Phosphate) N. Charleston Free Estimate • • 569-1131 An advertising supplement to The Post and Courier

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RYLAND HOMES Ryland Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in America and offers a wide selection of new homes in Charleston. From traditional to contemporary,

Ryland Homes

As a leading national homebuilder, they maintain relation-

225 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 200, Charleston, SC 29492 843-375-55555

their range of new home communities and countless floorplan choices offer

ships with the best suppliers and

unparalleled quality and value. At Ryland Homes, they’ve been building qual-

subcontractors, which allows

ity new homes for more three decades, so they know just what’s important to

them to provide you with quality

home buyers like you.

materials from the brands you trust at a cost savings you deserve.

The team members in the Charleston division have numerous years of expe-

When you build a home with Ryland, you have access to a wide range of

rience in the homebuilding industry – and with Ryland Homes. They work

services, intended to make your home purchase even more convenient. Ryland

together to provide high-quality homes at a value, resulting in the best home

offers one-stop shopping, including in-house mortgage financing, title, escrow

purchase experience.

and insurance services.

As a new home shopper, you will be faced with hundreds of decisions. One

Through Ryland’s My Style ™ Design Centers, you can make your home

of the toughest is determining which builder is right for you. Ryland aims to

a reflection of your personal style. With thousands of options from which to

make that decision an easy one. Here’s why:

choose and the help of a professional design consultant, they can help you

They’ve been building homes since 1967. Their commitment to quality, design and customer satisfaction has prompted more than 275,000 families to become Ryland homeowners. They create cutting-edge home designs that take into account your needs

make your home an expression of you. For more than four decades homebuyers have trusted Ryland Homes as a new homebuilder for truly livable designs, great neighborhoods, outstanding quality and a commitment to complete satisfaction in your new home. With

and how you live today. Their floor plan designs are based on the direct feed-

their national strength and local focus their dedicated team gives you more

back of their customers, employees and professional architects.

value in your new home now more than ever.

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EASTWOOD HOMES Eastwood Homes provides single family homes in Charlotte N.C., Greensboro N.C., Charleston, Greenville S.C., and Raleigh N.C. Owners Joe and Clark Stewart wanted to open a company that could provide high quality, affordable homes in Charlotte, N.C. Being both local and family-owned, customers have a much better feeling of security that they’re not just some multibillion dollar company traded on the New York Stock Exchange whose sole function and focus is profit and revenue. “We care about our customers and treat them as if we would expect them to build their next house with us,” Joe Stewart says. “Ironically we have had many customers build their second and even third home with Eastwood Homes.” Their dedication to customer service is what makes them stand out. “We have a philosophy that here at Eastwood Homes we only want happy customers,” Clark Stewart says. “Mistakes are going to be made every now and again but it’s how you respond to those mistakes that people remember. As long as I’ve been with the company I’ve always seen us step up and do the right thing, even when it is not necessarily the right thing for the bottom line.” Eastwood Homes has won awards including 2010 Builder of the Year, Top 50 Builder in the Nation and the 2004-2010 Homebuilder of Integrity. By staying true to the values that were established when Eastwood Homes built its first home in North Carolina, they have grown to be one of the largest private home building companies in the Carolinas. Driven by integrity and our core values, we build homes of exceptional value and outstanding craftsmanship while delivering unparalleled customer service. Their purpose is to ensure their customers, employees and trade partners will recommend them with confidence, inspiring every homeowner to say, “Eastwood Homes, That’s my Builder.”

Eastwood Homes

1042 LeGrand Blvd. #4, Charleston 843-388-8087

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SUITER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. Suiter Construction Company, Inc. provides custom homes, additions and renovations. For more two decades, they have been building quality custom homes in South Carolina including Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Kiawah and Seabrook Island. Through these years they have gained a knowledge of the market that only long-term experience can bring. Because they are a small, local builder, they’ve also had the opportunity to form tremendous personal relationships with their clients and have gained the trust of and access to the best local craftsmen and material suppliers. These long-last-

RENAISSANCE SOUTH CONSTRUCTION CO. Renaissance South Construction Co. provides remodeling, additions, major repair, and renovation and restoration. Owner Rob Crawford has been remodeling in the Lowcountry for nine years. “Our client relationships are so personal and intimate that it would be impossible to effectively run the business from out of town,” he says. Staff enjoys helping people improve their lifestyles in the place where life is lived - their home. “The homes in the Charleston region is what originally attracted me to this

ing relationships have helped them maintain their reputation and stand-

area – I’m doing what I love,” he says. “In the past six months the word has

ing as a quality custom builder within our local community.

gotten out about the type of company we are and our business is flourish-

Owner Jeff Suiter was inspired build unique, quality, custom homes while protecting his clients’ interests, making sure that their houses are

ing.” Renaissance South Construction Co. stands out because of their attentive-

built properly, to their specifications, and that they receive the best value

ness to client objectives and sensitivity to the fact that most. They strive to

for their dollar – regardless of budget.

produce projects that are nothing less than perfect, while making the experi-

“When this business began, we built spec homes, but now most of our custom construction is from word of mouth and referrals from for-

ence as pleasant and easy as possible. They’ve won awards such as 2010 Remodeler of the Year, 2006 Remodeler

mer clients,” he says. “We hope to continue to grow our business and

of the Year (Rob), Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Certified Green

our reputation for quality construction in both the residential and com-

Professional, Certified Lead Renovator, Certified Lead Firm, Remodelers

mercial venues.”

Council Chairman and the 2010 Rotary Service Above Self Award.

They build each home as if it were their own, using only the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. “We incorporate the latest materials and techniques that will provide our clients with a custom home that truly suits their needs,” he says. Suiter Construction Company makes a commitment to clients that

The key to their success is, in short – elated clients. “We have a company policy that every client must be beyond pleased with their project from the planning phase until forever, no matter what the means. We accomplish this through diligent expectation management and uncompromised quality of people, materials and construction.”

they will be there when you need us throughout the homebuilding process – from consultation to construction and beyond. They manage the budget, the timeline, the resources and the manpower to ensure the maximum value for your investment.

Renaissance South Construction Co. 411 Hibben St., Mt. Pleasant

Suiter Construction Company, Inc.


501 Belle Hall Parkway, Suite 201, Mt. Pleasant 843-884-8447

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M.K. SMITH BUILDERS M.K Smith Builders is a custom homebuilder and commercial contractor in Charleston, SC. Restaurant, retail and residential projects all benefit from their commitment to best practices and sustainable building techniques. They are an authority on ICF construction and specialize in waterfront residences and other projects presenting unique challenges. Matt Smith, owner and chief problem solver, was inspired to open this business because he says “I like to do things my way. ‘My way’ is high-end quality with a focus on materials and energy conservation. The whole project revolves around the client. We give our clients lots of attention and tailor everything to their needs and desires.” They’ve developed successful builder-client relationships as a homebuilder. Then, in what started as a way to serve the business interests of our residential clients, M.K. Smith Builders expanded into commercial construction. “We have an unlimited license as a general contractor, and find we are very well-suited to restaurant construction. Building a restaurant is very similar to building a custom home, in that successful restaurants


have a character that is reflected in the physical building – not just the outward appearance, but the interior systems as well. “ Their companion business, Original Energies offers the design and installation of solar and wind power systems so their clients can achieve energy independence. Rainwater and gray water capture systems and Geothermal HVAC are also available.

M.K. Smith Builders, Ltd. Co. P.O. Box 30220, Charleston, SC 29417 843-556-2827

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Some restrictions apply. Previous sales do not apply. See Muhler representative for details.


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