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OUR PARKS: Wragg Square”

Event March 21st 2009, 10AM –12PM Where: Wragg Square Park

The City of Charleston and The Charleston Parks Conservancy invite you to envision the future of Wragg Square. Come prepared to leave your ideas as the process of developing a conceptual plan to renovate this historic park begins. Information about the present conditions, history, challenges and opportunities will be displayed to start the conversations. Come spend the morning in one of Charleston’s most historic parks. Rain or shine…2nd Presbyterian Church facilities available during event day.


WINGS? Whether or not you can make it on the 21st (and we hope you can), we would still like you to meet The Park Angels. The Park Angels are the doers. They are the face, the hands and the soul of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. They are leaders, workers, neighbors, organizers, dog-lovers,  historians, walkers, gardeners, frisbee players, teachers‌The Park Angels are you, your neighbors and all the people throughout  Charleston who join together to love, preserve  and improve our parks. Sound like you?

You can find out more and join the cause at &

Wragg Square  

Wragg Square in Charleston, SC

Wragg Square  

Wragg Square in Charleston, SC