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2019 FINANCIAL DISCUSSION For another year, we are pleased to report that the Charleston Library Society is in good financial health. Since its founding in 1748, we have been sustained financially by the generosity of our members. So too, in 2019, as dues and contributions from over 2,590 members totaled over $2,702,454, an increase of 2.4%.

investment and risk policies reviewed annually by the board. We also review performance and management fees regularly. Because we cannot control market fluctuations which will occur from time to time, it is important to spend only a small portion of the endowment from year to year.

The operations of the library are sustained in two ways: (1) operational income and (2) income generated from investment of endowment funds. Together both of these sources again exceeded two million dollars.

Our NEXT CHAPTER campaign came to a very successful conclusion in 2019. We received a total of $6,173,951 in commitments of which $ 5,558,667 have been received to date. The remaining $615,284 are scheduled to be received over the next 34 months. These represent over 450 individual gifts made by our members whose generosity allowed us to complete significant renovations and upgrades to our facilities.

Income from dues, contributions, grants, programs and rentals totaled $3,274,025 – up 10.7% from 2018. Total expenses less non-cash depreciation were down 1.5% from the prior year. Increases in maintenance, minor equipment and outreach expenses were offset by decreases in restoration costs, compensation and related expenses, lower audit costs and low Next Chapter Fundraising expenses. Disciplined expense management has kept the growth in general and administrative expenses to 2.6%. The second source of revenue results from investment activities in our endowment. The investment portfolio had a total return of $538,643 or 10.9% for a value of $6,210,180 ending calendar year December 31, 2019. The returns are net of investment management fees and after withdrawals of $295,000 used to fund operations for the Library Society. Income from investments was $212,985 and provided significant coverage of our funding needs for the year along with the $422,570 in capital appreciation. The portfolio asset allocation remains in compliance with our investment policy targets of approximately 70% equities and 30% fixed income and cash. Our investments are managed by external advisers and are broadly diversified under



$3,274,025 $212,985

We have a very strong balance sheet with total assets of $12.3 million at Dec 31, 2019 and total liabilities of only $222 thousand. Our total property and equipment has increased to $4.4 million from $2.4 million at year end 2018, reflecting the completion of the majority of our construction projects. The land is carried at a nominal value of $264 thousand. Anne and the staff deserve enormous credit for careful budgeting, running a tight ship, generating increases in dues and contributions, skillfully managing a complex, multifaceted construction project, and prudently taking less from the endowment than permitted. Their stewardship of our collections, operations, physical plant and investment portfolio is exemplary. Overall, 2019 was a successful year for the Library society. Because of the increasingly strong support of our membership, we have grown and our operations have thrived. We will need this continued support in 2020.








extremely volatile financial markets in 2020, the value of our investment portfolio was $6,353,619 on August 31, 2020, up 2.3% from year-end 2019. The Executive Committee has prepared and carefully reviewed mid- and worst-case revised budgets for 2020. At this point we are cautiously optimistic that the negative financial impact in 2020 will only be modest. But the final months of the year are when we receive many of our special gifts. So, maintaining prior year’s levels will be an important factor in determining the ultimate financial impact of the pandemic on the Library Society’s 2020 financials.

Oh how we miss this atmosphere... A bustling crowd of members and patrons before an event in February 2020.

C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G

2020 will be a challenging year for the Library Society. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted our revenues from programs, rental income and special events. We expect this will continue, hopefully to a lesser extent, for the remainder of the year and into 2021. We have adjusted our programs to be on-line and have several plans as to how these can be configured to generate revenue. To date, our few remaining pledges for the Next Chapter campaign have been honored and we have not seen a significant diminution in our dues or special gifts. Anne and her staff have done a careful review of all expenses and have made appropriate reductions where possible. We, like other charitable organizations, applied for and received a Paycheck Protection Program Loan which was extremely beneficial in covering a portion of our revenue shortfall. We are in the process of having this loan cancelled as we meet the criteria for full loan forgiveness. Despite

GIFTS January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019

After many years of ser vice, the Librar y Society continues to operate through the support of friends and members. We are extremely grateful, and we thank ever y person, business, foundation, and organization that contributed to the Charleston Librar y Society during 2018. Ever y gift is appreciated.

1748 FOUN DER S FELLOWS CIRC L E Gifts of $10,000 & above Anonymous Anne and Philip Bergan Jerrold and Ann Mitchell Anne and Will Cleveland Ann B. Igoe Harold E. "Skipper" Igoe The Kellogg Family Jack and Ruth Ann McSpadden Glo and Bob Novello James Pallotta JOHN LOCKE FELLOWS CIRC L E Gifts of $5,000 & above



Jill and Richard Almeida J.R. and Laura Barnhart Mary Lou and John Barter Peter and Melanie Birch James and Carla Bradshaw Sharon and Nigel (The Green Police) Bowers Virginia Bush and Warren Schwarzman City of Charleston Bryan Dunn and M. Ellen Mitchell Laura Gates Colleen Hess Eric and Ann Oakley W. Clifford Roberts & The Roberts Foundation Carol and Bill Sanford Ed Sellers and Dr. Suzan Boyd Jill and Ray Weeks Wendy C. H. Wellin ELIZA LUCAS P I N C K N EY FELLOWS CIRC L E Gifts of $2,500 -$4,999 Ann & Travers Auburn

Kay Bachmann Ruth and Bill Baker Tater & Bill Beak Scott Bessent and John Freeman Jim and Jean Bingay Mr. and Mrs. Van Campbell Wayland and Marion Cato Mollie C. Fair Marge and Tim Garvey Diana and George Hambleton Lou Rena Hammond Karyn Lee & Bill Hewitt Anne P. and Richard P. Keigher Suzanne and Gerald Marterer Susan and Eugene Massamillo Harriet P. McDougal Christine B. and Thomas F. Motamed Catherine Parducci Charles Patrick Roy Richards, Jr. Joseph J. Schott Foundation, Trustees: Elizabeth S. Saal, W. Dunne Saal, R. Gregory Schott Kathryn Salmanowitz Monica M. and Kenneth T. Seeger Debra and Jim Treyz Cynthia & Richard Urquhart Mary Ellen and Charlie Way Terry & Joe Williams Anita Zucker D UB O SE H EY WA RD FEL L O WS C I R C L E Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 Brady and Betty Anderson Renee and Ivan Anderson Jane and Allan Anderson Gabriella Angeloni Edward and Anne Armfield Dianne and John Avlon Nella G. Barkley

Anne and Will Barnes J. Elizabeth Bradham James and Erin Burgoyne Mr. & Mrs. John T. Cahill Charlotte Caldwell and Jeffrey Schutz Vicki and Gerry Cameron

Barbara Campbell and Arnold Marcus Kay & Charles Chitty William & Lucile Cogswell Claudia and David Cohen Judy and Bernard Cornwell Dr. John Scott Cowan and Dr. Marie-Anne Erki Croghan's Jewel Box John J. Culhane Reverend and Mrs. Cress Darwin Ann Bacot and Belk Daughtridge John and Mary Degnan Susan and Gary DiCamillo Jean Dobson Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Dolan Robert A. Dolson Naomi Donnelley and Joseph Butler Frances Downing Natalie Dupree and Jack Bass Dayna and Dick Elliott Lois and John Evans, Jr. Tom & Dana Faulders Gerry and Walter Fiederowicz Lisa and Gus Field B. Finley Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Finnerty, Jr. Susan T. Friberg Joan and Karl Gedge Edward M. Gilbreth, MD Gilchrist Bissell Wealth Management Shannon and Larry Gillespie Barbara & Richard Hagerty Handsome Properties Cindy and George Hartley

Drayton Hastie and Lynn Ledson John and Marilynn Hill Roch and Carol Hillenbrand A. Cherie & L. Peyton Humphrey Orton P. Jackson, Jr. Michael Judge & Ellen Costello The Katherine P. Waring Memorial Fund of the CCP of SC William Kennard and Deborah Kennedy Kennard Janice Knight Karl Kuester Mr. & Mrs. Lewis S. Kunkel III Lin Laffitte Philip and Susan Larson Michael and Sigrid Laughlin Richard A. Leadem Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Pamela Levy Elizabeth Lewine Lasca and Richard Lilly Cindy and Jim Mabry Audrey S. and Mark S. Mandel Cathy Marino Joanne and Jack Martin Heather Mcfarlin Tammy A. McGee Margaret and Andrew McKenna Doerte & Paul McManus Leigh and John McNairy Caroline Milbank Greg and Nancy Miller Hilary C. Philippson Jim Phillips William E. and Dana Pitts Susan and Stuart Porter Margaret and Dennis O'Brien Kathleen and Jim Ramich Daniel and Linda Ravenel Reed

J OHN DRAYTO N FELLOWS CIRC L E Gifts of $500 - $999 David Adams William Baker Allen, MD Jon Ambrose Charlie Barnes Edgar Barnett Charlotte Beers Ledlie Bell Stevenson Bennett Robert and MeMe Black Patricia and Thomas Bliss

Marge and Steve Bottcher Thomas Bradford and Susan Bass Margaret and William Brenizer Margaret Bridgforth Dr. James Brooks Page Bullington Polly and Julian Buxton Julie Chapman Malcolm Crosland Brian G. Cuddy William G. Daniels Jill and Nick Davidge Jane and Hunter deButts Debbie DeGroff Jessica DeHart Linda and William Demmer Harry C. DeMuth Steven Dopp Dr. George W. Douglass and Mary Nance Huff John and Merideth Dunnan Gary and Cathy Dyer Howard D. Edwards Elizabeth and Michael Elsner Wendy and Walter Foulke Sue Friedlander Foster and Susan Gaillard Sheila and Paul Galvani Carole Gerber John and Pamela Gerstmayr Veronica D. and Peter B. Goodrich Rajan and Suman Govindan Jill P Grant Judith L. Green and Dr. Michael Fritz Kathryn and Allen Haas Richard and Eleanor Hale Mrs. Roger P. Hanahan Ellen and Edwin Harley Celie and Jeffrey Harris

Solomon L. Hay Barbara Hearst Paula O. Henry Becky and Paul Hilstad Richard Anderson Hoefer, Jr. Nancy and R. Scott Hood Alexandra Howard and Brandon von Tobel Cathy & Buddy Jenrette Kay E. Kennerty William and CJ Kerr Elizabeth Kousi Julia Lamson-Scribner Louise Lancaster Christine LaSala and Ellen Lipschitz Tristi Lowther Valeri K. Luther Peggy Malaspina and Derrick Niederman Pierre Manigault Patricia H. and James J. Marino William Frederick Marscher, IV Profs. Emeriti Bill & Carolyn Matalene Abigail and William Matheson Francis Maybank Maureen Mazzoli Mark McCall Joseph McGee Francis Meaney Duffield & Bernadine Meyercord Ralph Mills Lissy and David Morgan Claudia H. Morton Ronda Muir Thomas C. Munnell Arnold Nemirow W. Eugene Notz Anne Olsen Michael J. and Susan O'Neill

Linda M. O'Quinn Kimberly and Scott Palmer Louise and Walter Palmer Frank and Julie Peabody Carol C. Pelzer William C. and Evelynn U. Putnam Richard James Quagliaroli Susie and Ed Ritts Barbara Robertson Jodi Rush & Jon Baumgarten, Esq. David M. Savard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schafer Laura and Russ Schaible Robert Schofield William & Anne Semmes Henry Smythe Helen Snow Vicky & Dan Sullivan James Sullivan Karen B. and Robert J. Sywolski Judy and Larry Tarleton Chris Tragakis John Trask Dr. and Mrs. William R. Turner Jane L. Tyler M.D. VITREUS FOUNDATION Chris and Lane MacAvoy Trenholm and Susan H. Walker Amy & Bradish Waring Neil Weiner and Elizabeth Sherman David Weiss & Maureen Cowie Sheila Wertimer and Gary Gruca George W. and Harriet P. Williams Roy Williams Mr. and Mrs. John Winthrop George F. Worsham Gail Wyman Kathleen and Rutledge Young David H. Zoellner

C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G

Ann G. and J. Stephen Rodes Kathleen Rivers Family Fund Alison and Thomas Schneider Patricia & Richard Secrist Candra Seley Cotes Simons & Lisa Blake Sally J. Smith Catherine Munnell Smith & Richard A. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Staempfli Zoe and Brys Stephens Marti and Austin Sullivan Anne Swartz Louise and Had Talbot Mr. and Mrs. William Tausig Maurice H. Thompson Anne and Ken Tidwell Phillip Truluck Jane L. Tyler, M.D. J. Gregory and Jane Van Schaack Philip and Sandra Vineyard Laura P. Wagner Justine Wardrop Thomas and Janice D. Waring Lesa and Bud Watts Ellen and Chris White Lenora and Thomas White Carl Wise

JOHN BEN N ETT CIRCLE Gifts of $250 - $499



Kristine Baker Elizabeth B. Baker Carol and William Bane Matthew B. Barkley Krista T Barnes Charles Barnett John Barnwell Katherine and Bill Bates Charlie and Linda Becher Mary-Ann K. Becker L. Courtenay Beebe, Sr Adelaida and Edward Bennett Braden Bergan Sandie and Archer Bishop R Jeffrey Bixler Renee M. Black James Allbright Blair, III Sarah Bodkin Richard and Margaret Bondy Edward Boyles Cara Lynn Cannon Melanie Cannon Nancy Kauzor Cave Emma and George Christopher Judy Clark Jennifer and Harry Clarke Harry Q. M. Clawson Alan Cody and Edith Moricz Priestley & Cynthia Coker Jennifer Davis Elizabeth and Theodore Davis Robert DeMarco Missy and John Derse Elise and Lester Detterbeck Susan Dickson Judy and Ralph Doering Nathalie Dupree & Jack Bass Haskell Ellison Mary Pratt-Thomas Evans F. Strait Fairey E E Fava, Jr Eva R. M. Fitzgerald Margarette Joan Fletcher West and Helena Fraser Robbie and Berta Freeman Ellen Frisch Ramona & Tom Gaye Carol and Tom Gilson Virginia Gorday

Michael Gottlieb and Karyn Kaplan Henry Baker Gregorie, III Henry E. Grimball Francis E. Grimball Barry and Beverly Gumb Alvin Hammer Leigh J. Handal Cathy and Edward Hanley Fred B. Herrmann Griff and Katherine Hogan Mary Agnes Hood Eleanor V. and John B. Howard Stephanie Hunt Richard W. Hutson, Jr. Sherry Jackoboice Rick Jerue Eugene G. and Betsy Johnson Tapley O. Johnson Alex Jones Shannon and Michael Jones Gail B. Kahn Joseph J. Keenan Frank H Kenan, II Hunter Kennedy Cynthia and Glenn Keyes Ashley King and Thomas White Caroline O. King Francine LaPointe W. B. Chisolm Leonard Barbara and Richard Lione Elizabeth Small Lipscomb Karolea and Edward Lucas James J. Lundy Letitia C. Lynn Elizabeth McKeown and Henry Martin Katherine M. Maybank Philip Andrews McGowan Martha H. McLendon Anna Maria Medvid James P. Meggett Gale and Gerald Messerman Valerie and Bryan Miller Sandra Mohlmann Mary Alice Monroe Cheryl Morley Barbara and Alan Nourie Nancy and David Osguthorpe H. Biemann Othersen Ron and Myriam Owens Caroline and Kurt Palmer J. Randolph Pelzer Patsy K. Pettus

Claudia and Bill Phillipps Greg Porter Betsy and Philip Prioleau Robert M. and Patricia G. Prioleau Janice and Edmund Puckhaber Newton G. and Lillian B. Quantz Marlene Quattlebaum Gary and Sheila Quigley Woody and Peggy Rash Eva Ravenel Michele and James Ravenel Anne B. Rector Nancy and Mason Rees Eric Richter Claron Robertson Sara Hargrove Robertson Margaret P. Schachte John M. Shannon and Curtis M. Estes Alysann Sieren Richard C. Simons Park Smith, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. C.D. Smith, III Whit Smith Susan Soderlund Madelyn Stephens Bruce and Nancy Stoehr Gail and John Strauch Betsy R. Stusnick Lee Tawes and Marsha Russel Marilyn & George Taylor George Thomas Kathleen Thomas Anne Tinker and John Henderson John Paul Trouche Caroline and Felix von Nathusius Lynn and Dan Wallace Martha Bennett Waters Callie White Patricia G. and Louis D. Wright Judy and Brian Young BE AT RI CE W I T T E RAV E N E L CI RCL E Gifts of $100 - $249 Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Ann and Charles Ailstock Conrad Albert Andrew Allen

Drew Allen Louise Anderson Allen Alm Architect, LLC Philip St. George Ambler Thomas P Anderson Paige and James Anthony Raymond Anton Ann Addlestone Apple Nada Arnold Judith Ash Lyn and Paul Attaway Mary and Vince Aug Evelyn Avery Sarah D. Avice du Buisson Garett Backman Robert Baker Sam and Dorothy Baker Laura A. Ball Sallie Ballard Mary T. L. Bannon Susan Barber Lori Lane Bate Virginia and Dana Beach Ms. Sarah Beardsley and Dr. Christopher Randolph Rebecca Bechhold Wiley Jay Becker Robert and Laura Behre Yuriy Bekker Georgia Bell Claudia Bellars Anne and Andy Benbow Brett Bennett Stuart Bennett and Jenny Summerall Jan B. Benson Helen and Jim Berg Barbara & Larry Berger Sarah and Stephen Berger Norman Berlinsky Barbara Birch Patty Bird Leilani L. Black Sherry and Henry Blackford Lynn and Tom Blagden Ivy Blake Daniel F. Blanchard Drs. Anne and Bo Blessing R. Richard Blocker David Bloom Timothy Bouch Alison & Gary Bowers Lloyd G. Bowers Kate and Dana Boyette

Pamela K Champ Deborah Anne Cherin Lynn Clipp Chiappone Elizabeth Christian, M.D. Sarah Christopher Farley Clark Rhett Thurman and Harry Clark M J Clarkson Mary and Jack Cleland Michael and Diane Cochran Sally and Richard Coen Kathy and Stephen Coffman Isaac Cohen Pat Coil Charlotte B. Coleman Charlotte A Collins Aileen Frances Condon and James Lockery Clarence Condon Jan and Jim Connor John Cooper Mary Ann Cooper Hal Cooper Thomas Cooper Penny and John Coppedge Carl Cordek Maureen and John Corless Lese Corrigan Adrienne Cowden Kathryn Cox Dennis & Bebe Coyle Nancy and Steve Cregg Chris Crolley Susan and Ned Culver Judy Cunningham Janet and Kevin Curtin Beth and Joe Cyr Mary Palmer and Hugh Dargan Stephen Edward Darling Amy Davidson Charles and Karen Davis Virginia Deerin Carol Degnen Tanya Deke George Del Porto Joseph Michael Delpino Armand Derfner and Mary Giles John B. Diament Wells Dickson Robert G. Diello Caitlin Richard Dirkes Elizabeth Dixon Christina & Gardiner Dodd Meredith Michelle Donnelly

Park R. Dougherty Linda Dove Mary Ellen Doyle Zane Alexander Driggers Carol Ann Dumond Rhett Dunaway Claire Eadon Sandra and Peter Earl Lisa Early Peg Eastman Hall Riddle Easton Henry Eckhardt Margaret and Alan Edwards Leslie Eglin Susan and Clint Eisenhauer Jim Elliot Sheron S Elliott Elizabeth Ellis David and Julie Ellison Joyce and David Erb Cara and Mark Erickson Ramona Estell and Bertrand Labouerie Burnam Eubank Florence Eubank Lois and John J. Evans, Jr. Phyllis Walker Ewing Carol Falk Ernest Edward Fava, Sr. Lorene Feehan Marilyn M. Felix Randall E Felkel Darrell C. Ferguson Bertram C. Finch George A. Finnan Erika Firm Kathy & Dick Fishburn Daniel Flynn George Flynn Lavonne K. Fore and Mack Karesh Dick Foreman Sandra Fowler Kenneth A. Fox Robert Gosta Fox Joel Wyman Frampton, Jr Patricia Francis Pringle Pipkin Franklin Carolyn Boulineau Fraser Eugene Freed Elizabeth Foxworth Fritz Bernard Fulk June and Samuel Furr Jane & Donald Furtado Jeanine Gage

Chuck and Jane Galis Julie and Berry Garrett P. J. Gartin-Bernens David and Aussie Geer Andrew W Geer Charles Geer David and Aussie Geer G. Robert George Richard Gergel Gerald Gherlein James G. Gibbs, Jr. Shirley Gibson Sarah and Anthony Gill Penelope and Joseph Gnesin Steven and Constance Goldman and Cantrell Edward F. Good Linda and Stephen Goodroe Carolyn and Peter Gorman Elizabeth and Theodore Gourdin Andy Gowder Richard A. Graham Preston Breckinridge Grandin Stuart A Greenberg Harlan Greene Glenna D. Greenslit Alicia & Wayne Gregory Fran Griffiths William Gudger Nancy & Fred Guidry Orin Guidry Sharon and William Gunn Susanne Gunter Suzanne Guppy and Barry Coffey Elizabeth and Maybank Hagood Penelope and Benjamin Hagood Kathy and Jack Haire Suzanne Halasz Mary Halecki Mary Halpin and Brendan Huff Thomas B. Hamilton Frances G. Hanahan Robin and Kenneth Hanger Lynn and Robert Hanlin Nancy and Craig Hanson Celia and Charles Hansult Colin Harley Janet Harper Jeanne and Kenneth Harrell Anne Harris Barbara Hart Richard O. Haughey Candice Reeves Haynie Elizabeth Hazard

C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G

Jill and Richard Braddock Mary Bradford-White Beth and Lonn Bradley Chip Bragg Rosemary Brana-Shute Helen C. Brandenburg Katherine and Daniel Breda James Breeden Meredith Breen Susan and Randall Bridwell Melissa Fuller Brown Judy Brown Lee & Jay Bruner Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bruner Virginia and Theodore Brush Belinda Bryan Nancy L Buchanan Steve Buck Laura Buncher Barbara Anne Burgess Pam Burke Mary Burns Susan Burrell Anne Cogswell Burris Eugenia & Larry Burtschy Sharon B. Butehorn Nicholas M. and Christina R. Butler Gilbert Butler Rhoda and Patrick Butler Nat Cabell Ilse Calcagno Kirby Caldwell Mary and John Callaghan Price Cameron Laura Campbell Lynda Campbell Anne Francis Campbell Beverly Campbell Thomas Campbell James Alton Cannon, Jr. Judith Canonico Sarah Carey Nancy Carleton Nancy Cralle Carmody Linda Carrington James and Tracy Carswell Ralph & Debbie B Caruana Leslie Casey Judy and Bill Casey Kathleen Cassels Amelia Cathcart James A. Cathcart Patrick Cawley



Bruce Howe Hendricks Shirley A. Hendrix Donald Higgins Kathy & Bill Higley Max L. Hill George M. Hillenbrand Ralph Hilsman Paul and Judy Hines Jo Ann Hiott Jack Hitt and Lisa Sanders Victoria F. Hodges Page and Joe Hodson Chris and Sarah Hoffer Susan and Stephen Hoffius Brandon Hoffman Elizabeth E Hogue Ashley Holbrook Carolyn Hopkins Isabel Hopkins C.T. Horan Sarah and Ozey Horton Norma Horvitz Sarah Houlihan Susannah and Matt Hubbell Katherine M. Huger Tim and Gail Hughes R. Walter and Cindy Hundley Linda and Bob Hurd Josephine Hutcheson Patrick Ilderton Edward D. Izard Meredith Alexander Jacobs Mary A. Jacobs Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jacques Anne and John Janas William M. Janssen Jerry and Stephanie Jellico Jennifer Jernigan Michael Johnson Katherine R. Johnson Laurie and Richard Johnson Christina Jones Roger Jones Catherine O. Jones Monica and Michael Jones Rebecca and Ansel Ansel Kay Jessica Keller Ted Keller Melinda Lucka Kelley Morris and Elizabeth Kellogg Barbara Kelly John T. Kemper Robert H. Kennedy Mary Keowm- Watkins

Liane Kerr Terry Hyde Ketchem Marlene Kiemle Paul Kimball Martha and Jack King Margaret and Bruce Kinney Thomas A. Kirkland Donna and Lawrence Kiroff Greg Kitchens Lisa Kline Sharon Kloss Robert H. Knight Sharon Kofmehl Michael Koon Suzanne Krebsbach and Alex Moore Susan Kridler and Pierre Manigault Patricia Kruger Wendy & Tom Kulick Noel Kunes Jan and Dannis Laabs Ardath and John Labriola Ken Lam William Lasher Ava and Bill Lavery Daniel Joseph LaVista Karen Lawson-Johnston Cheryl Ledbetter Susan Lee Douglas Lee William H. Lee Elizabeth and Philip Leffel Dr. & Mrs. Clarence Legerton Clarence W. Legerton Susan and Robert Leggett Glenn Lesses and Claire Fund Pamela C Levi Margaret E. Lewis Ursula Limpert Linda and Peter Loda Wade H. Logan III Melissa and Brian Long Marilyn Long John M. Lord Julie and Fritz Lorscheider R.M. Luke Susan Lyons Molly and Jack Macauley Elizabeth and Doug MacIntyre Gail Macomson Lucie and Bobby Maguire Cathy Mahony Alfred L. Malabre

Harold H. Manger Kathy and Lou Mangione Elizabeth Manigault Jean E. Manning Bristow Marchant Mark J. Marenakos Katie and John Marko Diane Marks Gale B. Marrone Charles K. Marshall Julia Martin and Samuel Venturini Rebecca Martin Ann and William B. Massey David Matthews and Liz Guthridge Lilly Maybank Jan and Joseph McAlhany Camilla McCall Amy Thompson McCandless Alex and Franklin McCann Mitzi McClure Kay McCollum Christe McCoy-Lawrence Leslie and David McCracken John McCullough Elsa and Simms McDowell Barclay McFadden Lynnellen McGaughey-Smith Maureen McGee Fay C. McKay Carol H McLaren James McMahan Robert W. McManus James and Mary McNab Sylvie and John McNeel James and Joanna Melville Lindsey and Gary Melville Joseph S. Mendelsohn Evening Post Books Michael Nolan Catherine Middleton Ruth Miller Phyllis P. Miller Deborah Milling Chad and Justina Lasley Minifie Ann Mintz and Bruce Glaeser Edgar K Mitchell F. Marion & Sarah Mitchell Judith R. Moore Michele Moore and Trish Dare Charles Moore Dr. Martin Morad Mary Morgan Alana Morrall

Joyce Morris Nan and Thomas Morrison Rod Moseley Linda Harris Moser Jean Moses Thomas and Elizabeth A. Mosimann Kimberly & Chris Moss Anne B. Moss Susan Mullin Courtney and Colin Murray Joanne Musso Moffatt Myers Christine Rosino Nairne Louise and Tradd Newton Mallory and Frank Norvell John Nuss Robert O'Brien William and Kathryn Oelsner Mr. & Mrs. William Oelsner Illene and Lawrence Olanoff Sally Olivier Pamela and Craig Orme Jack V. Owens Linda Palmer & Mark Norton E. Horry Parker Tony Paroli Margaret Ann Pearson Kathryn Pease Blythe Penna Sharon Penny Joyce and Paul Perocchi H. Dickman Pfann Ellen Pfirrmann Jamie Phillippe Carol B. Phillips Jordan and Megan Phillips Mary Pinckney Alfred Pinckney Jerome Platt Gary T. Pope Dean and Susan Porter Ann Pope Potter and Kevin Costello Dale C. Poulnot Wilbur J. Prezzano Elizabeth Prioleau Dianne R. Pue Wayne and Betsy Rackoff Carolyn Ramsey Lynne and John Rathgeber Arthur Ravenel Daniel Ravenel James and Elizabeth Ravenel

Dr. & Mrs. Hudson C. Rogers Delores and Lou Rosebrock Mickey K. Rosenblum Catherine Rosso Charles R. Rowe and Marie Thrower Janis and Jeffrey Ruben Elizabeth and Richard Ruben David Ruley Dr. and Mrs. William Russel Diana and Dennis Ryan Dorothy & Richard Sanders Susan Sanders Christine C. Sandy Betsy B. Sarsfield Jana and Thomas Cromartie Sasser Elizabeth G. Schaffer Paul Schmidt Richard L. Schreadley Gordon D. Schreck Barbara Schwartz Carolyn Schwenzfeier John Scott Leigh Wilkes Scrantom Pamela & Richard Scurry Jon and Barbara Sears

Margaret Thorne Seidler Sally Self Randi and Richard Serrins Gayle M. Shapleigh Darlene Shaw and George Cogar Bill and Paige Shaw Sheila and Barry Shear Linda and Peter Shelbourne Hugh and Nancy Shelbourne Robbie Shumate Helen and Robert Siedell Jack W. and Annalise Simmons Brian Simms Albert Simons George and Cleary Simpson Jeanne and Tom Slabaugh William K Slate, II Lisa Sloan Nancy Small Frank W. Brumley Smith Gayle J. Smith Kay Holston Smith Libby Smith Malcolm E. Smith, Jr Mary Gus Smith Michael Adam Smith Sally Anne Smith

Lalitte C. Smith Martha and Arthur Smith Stuart Smith Cynthia and George Smithy Marcia and William Smits George Smythe Starr and Philip Snead Jamie Snider and Jon Feist Snider Murray Forbes Somerville Michael Spalding Leroy Penn Spell John and Linda Spratt Jerry Squires Jan Stair Dr. Peter Stambler Amanda and Maxwell Steinhardt Kathlene Steinmuller Ann and Bill R. Stevens Elizabeth and William Stewart John B. Stockton Sallie and Louis Storen Alicia G. Stout Hewitt Strange Katina and Bruce Strauch Brandon and Lisa Strauss Kathi and Wood Struthers Alice and Richard T. Sullivan

C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G

Sally and Bill Raver David and Carol Rawle Sherry and Sonny Ray I. Mayo Read Marie Watson Read Josine G. Reavis Allen Reed William Reehl and Kathleen Tresnak Layton L. Register Robert G. Reitman Virginia Reynolds Edmund Rhett Sally Rhett Eileen Rice Richard Marks Restoration Evelyn and Tommy Richards Arthur B. Richardson Jane M. Ries Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Karl Riner Clements Ripley Carolyn Rivers Georgia Roane Anne and Ken Robichaux Claire Robinson Kitty and Randal Robinson



Susan Sully Lanier and Thomas Summerall Jason and Lil Surprenant Nita Swann Sherilyn and Brendan Swords Diane Talbert Susan and Alec Taylor Martha Teichner Bob Tenney Grace Teshima Richard Thaler Lavinia M. Thaxton Terri Thomas David Thompson Jackie and Neil Thomson Thomas S. Tisdale, Jr. John Tison Constance Torre Tasso Susanne Trainer David Trautman Zachary Trefsger Perry Trouche Martha and Bill Tucker Elisa Tunno Marie Kerwan Turner Leslie Turner Ellen and Bubba Unger Susan Elizabeth van Bavel Bruce and Margaret Van Voorhis Daniel Vara Jamie Vara Elizabeth and James Vardell Linda A. Vinson Elisa and Sebastian von Marschall Margaret & Richard von Werssowetz Karen A Vournakis Susan Wall Shawn Walace Cynthia J. Walter

Mary E. Walters Christina Ward Dr. & Mrs. Frank Warder Susan W. and Charles Waring Mrs. Charles Witte Waring Mr. and Mrs. John H. Warren, III Washington Light Infantry C. Wayne Weart Sally Webb Albert Walter Weinrich Eileen Weklar W. Alexander Werrell William Werrell Glenda and Larry Wetzel Julie and Brian Wheat Alan Whitten Jane M. Wilford Dorothy and Anthony Willard Barbara Williams Mr. & Mrs. David R. Williams Jennifer and Jay Williams John B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Williams R. Michael Williams William Ridley Wills, III William C. Wilson, Sr. Will Wingfield Cindy Wofford Emilie Wolitzer Carol and Robert Wood Cynthia and Stephen Wood Emily and Jonathan Wood Scott and Andrea Woodfield Cleveland and Suzanne Wright Kathleen Wright Peggy and Thomas Wright Mrs. Richard Wright Charles Wunsch, MD and Linda Hojnacki Alice and Lance Wyatt

Linda Youmans Ellen Young Tom and Catherine Young Greg Zerkel Julie and Stephen Ziff Mary Zimerle Karla and Bob Zimmer Matthew Zommer Charlotte and Gene Zurlo Chrystine Zweibel F RI E N D O F T H E L I BRA RY Gifts to $149 Anonymous Robert G. Anderson Joan T. Avioli Craig M. Bennett Nan Birdwhistell Robert H. Bowles Mike Emily Brenes Evelyn and John Breza Courtney C. Brown Louis and Karen Burnett Michelle M Byrne L. Erik Calonius Emily and Carl Carlson Christine Castaneda Margie M. Cauley Maureen and John Corless Richard Arthur Delaney Janice Emick Blaine Ewing Thomas P. Ford Frances Henderson Ford Rosa Fullerton Nelson Gwinn Betsy Hall Susannah Haury Anne Leigh Hawkes Fraser C. Henderson

Andrew Hill Jackie and James Hill Mary and John Hodgson Cynthia L. Hope DeWitt W. King Madelaine Lawrence Sylvia and Richard Lehman John Lindsay John G. MacDougal Helen L Mitternight Benjamin Moise Bette Mueller-Roemer Peter Nistad Marguerite Palmer Cornelia H. Pelzer Hal and Shannon Ravenel Elizabeth Rubens Fred Scott Wally & Bev Seinsheimer Kay and Bruce Skidmore Sarah Elizabeth Smith Thomas A. Staats Nancy Taylor Albert and Caroline Thibault Barbara Anne Wade Mary Lou and David Wertz Alton and Jutta Westberry Nan and Tod Williams Bonum Wilson John Witty Susan Woglom John Zimmer


Anonymous Anonymous C O L L E C T I O N GIFTS

Ann B. Igoe Anne and Philip Bergan S P E C I A L C O L LEC TION GIFT

Harold E. (Skipper) Igoe I N S U P P O RT OF MU S I C AT T H E L IBRARY

Julie & Fritz Lorscheider I N S U P P O RT OF C L S S P E A K E R SERIE S

Don H. Doyle & Marjorie J. Spruill I N H O N O R O F ANN & E RIC OAKL EY

Jeffrey and Rosemary Margulies IN HONOR OF D U T C H R E U T T ER

Benjamin Moise IN HONOR OF J I L L & R I C H A RD AL ME ID A

Vincent Buonanno I N ME M O RY OF AD RIENNE B. RE IL LY

John and Libby Winthrop I N ME M O RY OF B O N N I E A N N WIL L IAMS

Janice Knight Fred Scott

Margie M. Cauley Timothy Bouch

Thomas A. Kirkland Maureen & John Corless Amelia A. Whisenhunt

Elaine S. Thomas

Mary Pratt-Thomas Evans

D. Carol Jones Clyde Allen

Nancy Fortiere

Chuck & Jane Galis

Anne & Will Cleveland


Anne and Will Cleveland

Clark Waring


Janice Emick

Dr. L.W. McAnally

Margaret Holland-Burke

Dr. L.W. McAnally

Margaret P. Schachte


Alton Westbury


Battery Gadsden


Roy Williams


Mary Pratt-Thomas Evans IN M EMORY OF CHRIS T INE K IRK

Janice Knight D. Carol Jones IN M EMORY OF DEE OWENS

Janice Knight D. Carol Jones




Michelle Byrne

Anne & Ken Robichaux Betty Frampton Marley Barbee Patrick Hurley



Anne & Will Cleveland Dr. Walter Edgar

Dr. L.W. McAnally



C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G


T H E N E X T C H A P T E R C A M PA I G N 2019 GIFTS & PLEDGES January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019 RE- FOUNDER CON SERVATOR S' C I R C L E Gifts of $250,000 and up Anonymous Igoe Library Foundation State of South Carolina RE- FOUNDER SCHOLARS' CIRC L E Gifts of $100,000 - $249,999 Mary Lou & John Barter Carla & James Bradshaw Jill & Ray Weeks CURATORS' CIRC L E Gifts of $50,000 - $99,999 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Van Campbell John & Marilynn Hill Anne P. & Richard P. Keigher STEWARDS' CIR C L E Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999 Anonymous Kay & John Bachmann Ruth & Bill Baker Wayland & Marion Cato EBSCO Industries, Inc. Michael Judge & Ellen Costello John & Leigh McNairy Terry & Joe Williams



L I B R AR I A N S ' CI RCL E Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Renée M. Black Patricia & Thomas H. Bliss Ceres Foundation Inc. Peter & Mary Conway Judy & Bernard Cornwell Susan & Gary DiCamillo Steven & Wendy Dopp Katharine T. Gray Peter & Cynnie Kellogg Lasca & Richard Lilly Martello Family Mary & Howard Phipps, Jr. Justine V. R. Russel The Rich & Patti Secrist Charitable Fund South State Bank Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust B I B L I O P H I L E S ' CI RCL E Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 Ann & Trav Auburn Anne & Will Barnes Richard & Missy Blocker John T. & Elizabeth K. Cahill Fund Dana & Tom Faulders Stephen & Linda Goodroe Family Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Jill Grant Ann & Richard Gridley Barbara & Richard "Duke" Hagerty Joseph J. Schott Foundation Helen C. Powell Donor Advised Fund

John McConville Shannon Mr. & Mrs. William Staempfli Karen & Bob Sywolski Anne & Ken Tidwell Gregory van Schaack Wendy C.H. Wellin Kathleen & Rutledge Young F RI E N D S ' CI RCL E Gifts of $1,000 - $4,999 Linda & Jesse Achenbach Betsey & Conrad Albert Philip St. George Ambler Brady & Betty Anderson Bartley Antine M.D. Mark & Celeste Applefeld Joan T. Avioli Matthew Barkley John & Charlie Barnes Scott & Sallie Barnes Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bates, Jr. Tater & Bill Beak Georgia Bell Louise D. Bennett Barbara & Larry Berger Brabara & Bruce Bingham Mr.& Mrs. Richard Braddock Rebecca Bradley William S. Brenizer Miranda B. Meyer William Y. Buchanan George Robert Burkes, Jr. Eugenia Burtschy Charlotte Caldwell

Katharine D. Ford Sarah Frick Donald & Jane Furtado Penelope & Joseph Gnesin Kent & Penny Goetjen Lynne & Michael Gorsage Michael G. Griffith & Donna D. Reyburn Virginia Grimball William & Sharon Gunn Dick & Janet Haughey David and Suzanne Haythe Elizabeth D. Heck Bruce and Nedra Hecker Teri Lynn Herbert Kathy & Bill Higley Cathy & Buddy Jenrette Harriett P. Johnson Shannon & Michael Jones Liane & James Kerr, Jr. Leigh Kilborn Russ & Trisha Kometer June & Mariano La Via Louise Lancaster Peter O. Lehman Sue Levine & Lary Bloom Sandy & Deborah Lofton Sally Gray Lovejoy Susan Louise Lowther Jean Elliott Manning Cathy Marino Katherine M. Maybank Francis X. McCann Catherine McCullough Katherine Heather Mcfarlin

Philip Andrews McGowan Caroline C. McIntosh Marjorie T. McManus Paul M. & Doerte McManus Robert W. McManus Clare & Edwin Meyer Frank & Catherine Middleton Ralph G. Mills Carole & Arte Moreno Mary Morgan John T. Morse & Catherine B. Morse Claudia H. Morton Elizabeth A. Mosimann Eric & Ann Oakley Dennis & Margaret Hawk O'Brien Chris Osborne Caroline Palmer John & Megan Peterson Patsy K. Pettus Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney II Pamela T. Quigley Ann G. Rhodes Ann & Steven Rhodes Julie Riches Karl & Teri Riner Carroll W. Rivers Anne & Ken Robichaux Kitty & Randal Robinson Dr. Paul Roof Elizabeth & Richard Ruben Carol & Bill Sanford David M. Savard Laura & Russ Schaible

Mary Lou Scott Candra H. Seley Gayle M. Shapleigh Nancy Smallwood Catherine M. & Richard A. Smith, Jr. Raymond & Irene Smith Stuart Smith Debra & Mitchell Sonkin Madelyn Stephens Kathryn Stevenson Louis & Sallie Storen Vera M. Stormer Elizabeth Reynolds Stusnick Susan Sully Terri Thomas David Thomson Jacqueline Thomson Marie Kerwan Turner Susan & Robert Underwood Mr. & Mrs. Sebastian von Marschall Dr. & Mrs. Frank Warder Justine Wardrop Amy & Bradish Waring Mr. & Mrs. John H. Warren Mary Lou Wertz Charlotte M. Williams Peter Williams William C. Wilson Connie & Pete Wyrick Tom & Catherine Young Thomas Young, Jr. Joan Zaleski Greg Zerkel

C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G

Mary L. Callaghan Kathleen Camp Cara Lynn Cannon Tricia & Geoff Carpenter Linda Carrington Hayward Carter Nancy Kauzor Cave Charlie & Kay Chitty Allyson and Douglas Clark Sarah Clausen Liam Cleveland William W. Cobau Darlene Shaw & George Cogar James W. Connor Grace Cowan Dennis & Bebe Coyle Kim Crum Edward H. Culver, Jr. Carol M. Curtis Thomas Cutler Belk & Ann Daughtridge Jane Diange Susan G. Dickson Charles H.P. Duell Nathalie Dupree Dr. & Mrs. Haskell Ellison John Frederick Evans Kenneth Fechtner Deborah B. Fenn & George M. Clayton Richard Francis Ferrell Carol Fishman Kathy and Dick Fishburn Lurlene & Henry Fishburne Margarette J. Fletcher


C H A R L E S T O N L I B R A R Y S O C I E T Y. O R G




To join, renew, or increase your membership level, cash gifts may be made online or in person at the Library through credit or debit card transactions, or by check. For online gifts, please visit charlestonlibrarysociety. org. Checks may be mailed to Anne Cleveland, Charleston Library Society, 164 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401. Wire transfers can also be arranged. Some employers will match charitable gifts. In this case, please provide the employer’s matching gifts form to the Library.

Gifts of appreciated securities (such as stocks and bonds) and planned gifts (such as bequests, charitable trusts and gift annuities) may provide additional tax benefits to the donor. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine whether such a gift is advantageous to you. If you decide to make a gift of securities or a planned gift, please notify Doerte McManus at 843-723-9912.

MEMORIAL & TRIBUTE GIFTS Memorial and tribute gifts are a meaningful way to honor or remember people special in your life. The Library will send a letter to the person or his/her family to acknowledge your gift and both the donor and honoree will be recognized in the Library’s annual report.

B O O K D O N AT I O N S Donations of books and other materials may be accepted in accordance with the Library’s Collection Department Policy. Books and printed materials that are not appropriate for the Library’s collections may be sold, with the proceeds used for collections budget. Please contact Laura Mina for more information regarding such a donation. Due to renovation closure, books cannot be donated until after September 9th.

The Charleston Library Society is qualif ied as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprof it organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, contributions are deductible by the donor to the extent permitted by law. Being a 501(c)(3) nonprof it means that the Library heavily relies on your support. A donation, no matter the size, makes an impact and permits The Charleston Library Society to grow.

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The Charleston Library Society's 2019 Annual Report  

The Charleston Library Society's 2019 Annual Report. This annual report showcases and thanks all members and donors who have supported the C...

The Charleston Library Society's 2019 Annual Report  

The Charleston Library Society's 2019 Annual Report. This annual report showcases and thanks all members and donors who have supported the C...

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