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A publication of the Charleston Jewish Federation • June/July 2011 Sivan/Tamuz 5771

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Women amaze me. Debbie Rothschild

As individuals, we are powerful but when we join forces we are invincible. I attended last year’s Women’s Conference with no expectations. As it was the inaugural event, I didn’t know what it would be like. I knew a few women who would be there but I really went because I was intrigued by the lineup. They had me at check-in. See ‘CJW’ page 3


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what’s nu?

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

The Charleston Jewish Voice is a community newspaper, published as a service by the Charleston Jewish Federation, which focuses on Jewish life in Charleston. The Jewish Community Center is a recipient agency of the Charleston Jewish Federation and encourages its members to participate in these respective annual campaigns. Annual dues to the JCC and any contribution to the CJF campaign represent the request for a subscription to the Charleston Jewish Voice. SUBMISSION POLICY:

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Judi Corsaro


Carol Berlin - 843.571.6565 Allyson Leverett - 843.571.6565 CREATIVE DIRECTOR:

Maria Cordrey

Charleston Jewish Voice

CJF President’s Article

Jeffrey Buncher, M.D. CJF President

Stand Up For Israel The current events in Israel and Charleston have common approaches toward eventual solutions. President Obama’s Middle East speech, followed by his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu and then his speech at AIPAC, seemed to clarify his position on the pre-1967 borders and confirmed his administration’s iron-clad support of Israel. He clarified at AIPAC the “right of return” for Palestinians to Palestine and for Jews to Israel. Obama went on to say that the decision of the pre-1967 borders is up to the State of Israel in its negotiations for peace. The Fatah-Hamas alliance must recognize the sovereign State of Israel and the right to exist as a peaceful state. Israel will not negotiate with terrorists. Netanyahu’s response to the pre-1967 borders during his meeting with President Obama was as follows: “A peace based on illusions will crash eventually on the rocks of Middle Eastern reality.” “I think for there to be peace, the Palestinians will have to accept some basic realities. The first is that, while Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines-because these lines are indefensible; because they don’t take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground, demographic changes that have taken place over the last 44 years. Remember that, before 1967, Israel was all of nine miles wide. It was half the width of the Washington Beltway. And these were not the boundaries of peace; they were the boundaries of repeated wars, because the attack on Israel is so attractive. So we can’t go back to those indefensible lines. We are going to have to have a long-term military presence along the Jordan. I discussed this with the President, and I think that we understand that Israel has certain security requirements that will have to come into place in any deal that we make.” These are delicate issues--that are evolving--the Jewish people must stand together steadfast in our iron-clad commitment to Israel and Charleston Jewry. On May 23, 2011, we had a phenomenal, timely event that showed that commitment: Stand Up For Israel. The educational event was sponsored by the

JCRC, under the direction of Eileen Chepenik, and was about the recent efforts to delegitimize Israel and how to counter those effects with knowledge and activism. The current events with President Obama’s Middle East speech and his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu were congruent with this topic. Our moving speakers included Israel Defense Forces soldiers Nadia Morris and Andrey Ron who made Aliyah from Liverpool, England and Russia respectively. It was inspiring to hear their personal stories about the joys and the challenges of making a new life in Israel and how the support of the Jewish Federation enabled their dreams to become a reality. The Jewish Agency for Israel, which is funded primarily by the Jewish Federation, made the soldiers’ trip to Charleston possible. Deputy Consul General of Israel Sharon Kabalo gave an insightful talk on the campaign to delegitimize Israel. She discussed the background of this campaign, ways it is being implemented, and also ways to counter those efforts through the three ‘E’s: Education, Engagement and Experience. She suggested advocating for Israel in new ways such as social media, as opposed to more traditional methods. She said it’s like “classical music vs. jazz.” All attendees left inspired to stand up for Israel in our community, and more than 30 attendees signed up to take part in the JCRC’s Israel Activism Task Force, which will create a plan to promote Israel in Charleston through letters to the editor, meetings with congressional representatives and more. Thank you to everyone who attended and stood with Israel! Also thank you to each and every person who attended the first of several meetings regarding the JCC. The meeting was a great success in ensuring the continuation of the JCC. As a result of this meeting, notes payable from the Charleston JCC were forgiven for a total of $450,000, and an additional $222,000 was raised that evening. Please forward further donations to the Charleston JCC at 1645 Wallenberg Blvd, Charleston, SC, 29407, or you can give online through the CJF Annual Campaign at The JCC twenty-acre campus is our Israel, our identity that affirms the long-term interest of the local, national and international Jewish community. The viability of the JCC is based on the interdependence of

the JCC and the Charleston Jewish Federation (under the auspices of the Jewish Community Alliance of Greater Charleston) and of AHA and Charleston Jewry. The JCA came into being in January 2011. Its authority and responsibility for the operations of the Jewish Community Center became effective at that time. There was groundwork laid prior to the organization’s formal installation. However, implementation of the groundwork did not begin until January. We have been aggressively moving to develop a sustainable business plan. There have been reductions in staff and the overall budget. The JCC’s budget and finances are being rigorously reviewed and modified to be a balanced budget. The Charleston Jewish Community Center is working with our Jewish Community Center Association (JCCA) community consultant, David Posner, to create a business plan that will lead to our becoming a selfsustaining organization. Long range plans, including a community wide needs assessment, will be under the direction of our Strategic Planning Committee. The Volunteer of the Month has recently joined the JCA Board. He adds diversity to the Board and brings new energy and creativity. His ideas and insight will move us forward. He has accepted the Committee Chair for the Strategic Planning Committee in this challenging time. The Jewish Community Alliance of Greater Charleston and the Charleston Jewish community thank and welcome Peter Rosenthal for his commitment and service. Charleston Jewry and Israel share commonality in preserving the sovereignty of the State of Israel and to live in peace by forming a strong Jewish proactive community that involves the 6,500 Jews in Charleston. There is a shared interest and interdependence of the Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and Chabad movements in protecting and ensuring that our small Israel of twenty acres at the JCC remains alive and viable. This collective must provide the momentum and share the responsibility for the long-term interest of the local, national and international Jewish community and the State of Israel. L’Dor V’Dor

is printed 10 times per year by the Charleston Jewish Federation, 1645 Wallenberg Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407

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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771



We encourage all

Jewish Women in the Charleston area,

Join us at the 2nd Annual Celebration

I love swag. When they handed me that big white bag, I knew I was a goner. But little did I know what was to come. The border of the main room was lined with tables of local womencentric and run businesses. There was a buzz of conversation throughout the room. Opening remarks were warm, the lectures inspiring and the networking session allowed women to connect. The breakout sessions were relevant. As the parent of a young child, I attended the discussion run by Susan Chase, Beth Matenaur and Susan Weintrob, 3 local experts in the field of child-raising. Oddly enough, the room was filled with women of all ages which really enhanced the discussion. We newer mothers were comforted by the experience and wisdom of the older mothers.

affiliated and unaffiliated, to be a part of this Special Day. It is

through events like this that we celebrate our shared experiences as Jewish women and broaden our unity as a community.

The conference was well organized, beautifully presented and marvelously executed. - Ellen Elmaleh

Sunday, August 28, 2011

9:00am – 3:30pm Charleston Marriott 170 Lockwood Blvd., Charleston, SC


To register online or for more information, visit or contact Carol Berlin at 843.568.4450,

Kosher Continental Breakfast & Lunch • Workshops Exhibitors • Networking • Entertainment



Doctors Lawyers



‘CJW’ from page 1


$82,511 $30,513 Are you a Doctor or a Lawyer? Now’s your chance to step up and win the race! Make your campaign contribution today at or call 843.571.6565.

About 2 weeks after the event, I was schlepping my groceries out of the supermarket in my Connecting Jewish Woman recyclable bag and I ran into an acquaintance who did not attend the event. She asked me about it and I told her to put it on her calendar for next year. The 2011 Connecting Jewish Women’s event will be held on August 28, 2011 at the Charleston Marriott on Lockwood Blvd. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Carol Berlin at 843.568.4450 or

And you can always visit to find out more information. See you there!


charleston jewish federation

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

JEWISH COMMUNITY RELATIONS COMMIT TEE Charleston Jewish Federation Contributions In Honor Of:

Hashem: Mel Goldstein Rabbi Yossi & Sarah Refson: Mel Goldstein Maurice Krawcheck, a Happy 75th Birthday: Judy & Myron Lutz Sandra & Morey Lipton: Mark Tanenbaum

Celebrating Israel’s Independence

In Memory Of:

We recently celebrated Israel’s Independence Day, the 63rd anniversary of the declaration of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948 (corresponding to the fifth day of Iyar in the Jewish calendar), proclaimed in Tel Aviv at 4:00 pm, by David Ben-Gurion. His reading of Israel’s Declaration of Independence was broadcast to Jews all over the country.

Howard Hoffman, beloved husband of Marilyn Hoffman: Judith & Harvey Wolfson

The text of the declaration follows:

REMEMBER Program In Honor Of:

Janet Kolender, a Happy Birthday: Sandra & Morey Lipton

Charleston Jewish Social Services In Honor Of:

To Help Others: Sam & Sara Beth Rosen

Janice & Ellis Kahn Fund for Jewish Education and Preservation of Jewish Historic Sites In Honor Of:

Edwin Pearlstine, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Virginia Benmaman, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Harriet Goldberg, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Marilyn Hoffman, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Harvey Spar, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Paul Sykes, a Speedy recovery: Janice & Ellis Kahn Susan Pearlstine, Mazel Tov on your new home: Janice & Ellis Kahn In Memory Of:

N. Steven Steinert, beloved husband of Harriet Steinert: Janice & Ellis Kahn

THE LAND OF ISRAEL was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was formed. Here they achieved independence and created a culture of national and universal significance. Here they wrote and gave the Bible to the world. Exiled from Palestine, the Jewish people remained faithful to it in all the countries of their dispersion, never ceasing to pray and hope for their return and the restoration of their national freedom. Impelled by this historic association, Jews strove throughout the centuries to go back to the land of their fathers and regain their statehood. In recent decades they returned in masses. They reclaimed the wilderness, revived their language, built cities and villages and established a vigorous and ever-growing community with its own economic and cultural life. They sought peace yet were ever prepared to defend themselves. They brought the blessing of progress to all inhabitants of the country. This right was acknowledged by the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, and re-affirmed by the Mandate of the League of Nations, which gave explicit international recognition to the historic connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and their right to reconstitute their National Home. The Nazi Holocaust, which engulfed millions of Jews in Europe, proved anew the urgency of the re-establishment of the Jewish state, which would solve the problem of Jewish homelessness by opening the gates to all Jews and lifting the Jewish people to equality in the family of nations.

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The survivors of the European catastrophe, as well as Jews from other lands, proclaiming their right to a life of dignity, freedom and labor, and undeterred by hazards, hardships and obstacles, have tried unceasingly to enter Palestine. In the Second World War the Jewish people in Palestine made a full contribution in the struggle of the freedom-loving nations against the Nazi evil. The sacrifices of their soldiers and the efforts of their workers gained them title to rank with the peoples who founded the United Nations. On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a Resolution for the establishment of an independent Jewish state in Palestine, and called upon the inhabitants of the country to take such steps as may be necessary on their part to put the plan into effect. This recognition by the United Nations of the right of the Jewish people to establish their independent State may not be revoked. It is, moreover, the self-evident right of the Jewish people to be a nation, as all other nations, in its own sovereign State. ACCORDINGLY, WE, the members of the National Council, representing the Jewish people in Palestine and the Zionist movement of the world, met together in solemn assembly today, the day of the termination of the British mandate for Palestine, by virtue of the natural and historic right of the Jewish people and of the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations, HEREBY PROCLAIM the establishment of the Jewish State in Palestine, to be called ISRAEL. WE HEREBY DECLARE that as from the termination of the Mandate at midnight, this night of the 14th and 15th May, 1948, and until the setting up of the duly elected bodies of the State in accordance with a Constitution, to be drawn up by a Constituent Assembly not later than the first day of October, 1948, the present National Council shall act as the provisional administration, shall constitute the Provisional Government of the State of Israel. THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be open to the immigration of Jews from all countries of their dispersion; will promote the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; will be based on the precepts of liberty, justice and peace taught by the Hebrew Prophets; will uphold the full social and political equality of all its citizens, without distinction of race, creed or sex; will guarantee full freedom of conscience, worship, education and culture; will safeguard the sanctity and inviolability of the shrines and Holy Places of all religions; and will dedicate itself to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations. THE STATE OF ISRAEL will be ready to cooperate with the organs and representatives of the United Nations in the implementation of the peace and play their part in the development of the State, with full and equal citizenship and due representation in its bodies and institutions provisional or permanent. We offer peace and unity to all the neighboring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. Our call goes out to Jewish people all over the world to rally to our side in the task of immigration and development and to stand by us in the great struggle for the fulfillment of the dream of generations the redemption of Israel. With trust in Almighty God, we set our hand to this Declaration, at this session of the Provisional State Council, in the city of Tel Aviv, on this Sabbath eve, the fifth of Iyar, 5708, the fourteenth of May, 1948.

charleston jewish federation

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771


There are still PJ LIbrary subscriptions available in Charleston. Sign your child up at

Pictured Above: Rabbi Beni Krohn of JROC reads to Sarah and Moshe.

“We have still not wrapped our head around the fact that we get Jewish books mailed to our home on a regular basis from the PJ Library. It is hard to say who is more excited when they come – us or the kids! These wonderful stories allow us to share our Jewish tradition and values with our children in a fun and colorful way. It has been months since the holiday of Chanukah, but our three year old daughter is still reading, “The Hanukkah Trike”.  She has the story down so well that she is already anticipating next year’s Chanukah! Not only do the PJ Library books make the Jewish holidays come alive for our own children, but they also connect us to so many others in our community.  Our children may attend different schools, we may attend different synagogues, but these stories are uniting us more than we even realize.” -          Chani Krohn, Mom of Sarah and Moshe

Special thanks to our local funders who are making this possible: Ettaleah & Nicky Bluestein Linda & David Cohen Quyen & Adam Feller Marilyn Hoffman Janice & Ellis Kahn Elaine & Barry Krell

Nancy & Bernard Mendelson Neda & Alan Nussbaum Sandra & Howard Peskin Jean & Herb Rosner Gina & Sammy Shapiro In Memory of: Freddie & Milton Kronsberg


Judy & Melvin (OBM) Solomon Sunny & Samuel Steinberg Elaine & Stuart Tessler Laurie Waters The Zucker Family Foundation Anonymous


The Chase Family Tradition Evolves! We Deliver the Islands & Everywhere in Between!


Tempurpedic Headquarters names you know from people you trust

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1869 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., On Hwy. 7 (Across from Atlanta Bread)

Monday - Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm Family Owned & Operated A Chase Furniture Affiliate

Mazel Tov to Jackie Terry and Elan Burman on their new addition!

Dina enjoys tasting the ribbon on her new Shalom Baby tzedakah box while mom Jackie holds the gift My First Shabbat.

“Shalom Baby,” an outreach program of the Charleston Jewish Federation, warmly welcomes new babies and reaches out to parents in the Charleston Jewish Community. Each new baby is greeted with a visit by CJF Staff and a gift, a custommade tzedakah box from “HelloEverywear!”, a custom-design, made-to-order T-shirt and gift company run by a Jewish mother right here in Charleston.

Do you have a new addition to the family? We'd love to visit and provide a gift! Contact Sarah Swingle, CJF Program Director, at 571.6565 x 304 to let us know about your special new family member! The Shalom Baby program is funded by a generous grant of the Zucker Family Foundation.


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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771



YAD Supports Tikkun Organization of the Month with Two Events in May

YADdies prepared the food, ate with the guests, and cleaned up afterward. What a mitzvah!

YAD Cooks Cinco de Mayo Dinner at the Hope Lodge To support the American Cancer Society, YAD’s Tikkun Organzation of the Month for May 2011, YAD members volunteered to make a delicious Mexican dinner for the guests of the Hope Lodge, an ACS home away from home for cancer patients, on May 5. What is the Hope Lodge?

Hope Lodges are designed to be a “home away from home” for out-of-town adult cancer patients undergoing outpatient treatment. They are committed to providing caring and supportive environments for patients and their caregivers. Lodging is provided at no cost. How did the Hope Lodge Begin?

Established in 1970, the Charleston Hope Lodge was the first in the country. The concept was established by Charleston Jewish community member Margot Freudenberg, who saw a similar facility while traveling through Australia and New Zealand with President Eisenhower’s People to People Ambassador Program. Margot, now 103, is the longestserving American Cancer Society volunteer in the nation. YAD Board member Hillary Green is event chair for the Charleston Relay, and she needed YAD’s help to decorate luminaria bags for the event, so YADdies answered the call on May 11 and came with their creative juices flowing, and Hillary provided delicious snacks to keep the decorating going.

YAD Luminaria Bag Decorating Relay for Life, which is held by the American Cancer Society each year, is a lifechanging event that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the disease. To learn more about the American Cancer Society and the work it does, visit

Interested? For more information on YAD, visit www.charlestonyad. org or email to get involved!

The Making of a Philanthropist

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the death of a man who started with nothing, who acted selflessly even when his own needs were great, and who learned from his own sacrifices how to listen and fill the needs of others. Remarkably, since his death his generosity has only grown, not diminished, and he continues to inspire not only those who knew him, who benefited from him, but those who are only today learning of his generosity. Quite a legacy for the third son of a poor immigrant family. Nathan Addlestone was born January 16, 1913, in Charleston. The son of Eastern European immigrants, he came of age during the Great Depression. Like many of his contemporaries he was familiar with hard work and sacrifice. His two older brothers attended college after great sacrifices by the family… sacrifices Nathan made with his own career to help his brothers. He was the only one of three sons who did not attend college because when his time came he stayed home to help with his father’s business – so that his older brothers could stay in school. Nathan and his father bought and packaged scraps from textile mills in North Carolina to be resold to quiltmakers. Scraps of fabric led to scraps of metal and soon Nathan and his father were cutting up Model-T Ford chassises, farm equipment, and any scrap metal they could get their hands on with hacksaws, making about $5.00 a week. This side business ultimately led Nathan to a pioneering role in the global commodities markets, long before the days of electronic (and even “telephonic”) global trading. Because he had suffered due to his lack of a formal education, Nathan used his wealth to help advance education at all levels, for all people, “Since I was never able to get a college education, I have made some contributions to institutions of higher education so others may have that opportunity.” In 1975, he endowed the thenCharleston Hebrew Academy in memory of his parents, Abraham and Rachel Lader Addlestone, now

Above: Nathan Addlestone

Addlestone Hebrew Academy. For 11 years he served on the Board of Trident Technical College, the last 6 years as President. Noted as one of the Lowcountry’s great negotiators, he engaged those skills on behalf of Trident Tech while on their Board. The Palmer Campus building on Columbus Street was purchased at 1/8th the asking price as a result of his ability to listen, negotiate, and close the deal. In 1989, Nathan and his wife, Marlene, gave the largest monetary gift up until that time to the College of Charleston. ThenCollege of Charleston President Alex Sanders described him this way, “Nathan Addlestone has the most attractive of all human characteristics – he’s unselfish. Furthermore, he is not only a supporter of the College, he’s an inspiration to the College.” In 1979 Nathan created the Addlestone Foundation, to provide a vehicle not only to give back during his lifetime, but also as a legacy to continue his good works. Our entire community can see what a man starting with nothing can do… and be inspired as a result. Last year the Addlestone Foundation assisted dozens of organizations including the Association for the Blind, the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry, Charleston Stage, Charleston Animal Society,

Learn More: If you are interested in learning how you can create an Endowment Fund to ensure Jewish life continues in perpetuity, please contact: Spencer Lynch 843-324-8007

Operation Home, Slow Food Charleston, Trident Literacy, Yo Art Program, Pure Theatre, the Center For Women, College of Charleston Friends of the Library, Lowcountry AIDS Services, and the College of Charleston Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program and Water Missions International, among others. Nathan Addlestone’s selfless sacrifice brought an unexpected opportunity that, combined with his God-given ingenuity, led to a wildly successful international business, which led to giving on a grand scale. And it was the suffering of that initial sacrifice that inspired this self-made man to donate millions of dollars in his lifetime, and to create a Foundation that now gives beyond his death to a cause he held dear – education. What inspires you?

charleston jewish federation

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

D N STA for




IDF Soldier Andrey Ron speaks with a community member after the program.

More than 160 people came to Stand Up for Israel with your Charleston Jewish Federation on Monday, May 23, 2011. The evening was designed by the Jewish Community Relations Committee to educate our community on the campaign to delegitimize Israel and on ways to counter those efforts with knowledge and activism. The Charleston Chapter of Hadassah was a proud co-sponsor of this event. Israel Defense Forces soldiers Nadia Morris, a lone soldier originally from Liverpool, England, and Andrey Ron, who made Aliyah from

Russia when he was 10 years old, were two of our guest speakers. It was inspiring to hear their personal stories about making Aliyah and joining the IDF. The Jewish Agency for Israel, which is funded primarily by the Jewish Federation, made the soldiers’ trip to Charleston possible, and Dusty Heist and Nirit French, both of the Jewish Agency, joined us for the evening. Deputy Consul General of Israel Sharon Kabalo shared the background of the efforts to delegitimize Israel, tactics that are being used to do so, including BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), and also

ways to counter those efforts through the three ‘E’s: Education, Engagement and Experience. All attendees left inspired to stand up for Israel in our community. More than 30 attendees signed up to take part in the JCRC’s Israel Activism Task Force, which will create a plan to promote Israel in Charleston through letters to the editor, meetings with congressional representatives and more. If you are interested in joining this task force too, please contact us at sarahs@ Thank you for standing up for Israel!

grie f counseling


Ongoing Time: Days: Location: Facilitators:

6:00pm - 8:00pm 1st Wednesday of the Month Charleston JCC 1645 Wallenberg Blvd. Charleston, SC, 29407 Traci Cappaert, LMSW or Kristen McColough, LISW, of Lutheran Hospice.


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cjf annual campaign

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

n g i a p m a c l a u n n a N O I T A R E D E F H N JEWIS



CO Jewish Endowment Fund Legacy Honor Roll We give special thanks to the leadership and thoughtful planning the following persons have initiated. Each has made special provisions to ensure continued funding for the future of our Jewish community. • Anonymous • Dr. Edmund and Marilyn Barron • Haskell and Barbara Ellison • Janice and Ellis Kahn • Mr. and Mrs. Hugo M. Spitz • Mr. Stanley B. Farbstein • Scott and Lara LeRoy • Sharon and Eddie Toporek • Mrs. Alwyn Berlin • Dr. and Mrs. William H. Golod • Spencer and Elisabeth Lynch • Mrs. Sharon Toporek • Mrs. Linda G. Cohen • Sam and Regina (OBM) Geene • Mr. Edwin Pearlstine • Jerry (OBM) and Anita Zucker • David L. and Linda Cohen • Alvin J. Hammer • Ms. Lillie L. Rubenstein

Men’s Division $25,000-$99,999 Eli H. Hyman $18,000-$24,999 Anonymous (1) Jeffrey Buncher $10,000-$17,999 David M. Dumas Edwin S. Pearlstine Sam Shapiro $5,000-$9,999 Charles H. Banov Danny Berlinsky David M. Ellison Richard Friedman Larry Lipov Norman Nirenblatt Herbert E. Rosner Stuart Tessler $2,500-$4,999 Michael N. Bagg Jeffrey Cohen Manuel Cohen Harold Fox Carl H. Jacobson Morton Needle Howard V. Peskin Henry W. Rittenberg Samuel I. Rosen Mitchell L. Sherman Samuel Steinberg Alan D. Toporek C. Leonard Zucker $1,000-$$2,499 Anonymous (2) Philip Berlinsky Stephen W. Bielsky

Benjamin H. Chase Neil W. Draisin Haskell Ellison Joseph Engel Lowell Epstein Paul M. Feldman Stuart A. Feldman Joseph Fischbein Mitchell R. Fischbein Neil Fisher Jerry Garfinkle Harry Goldberg Raymond Greenberg Raphael Haller Marshall Kalinsky Stanley H. Karesh Maurice Krawcheck A. Lawrence Lemel Allan M. Levin Theodore Levin Irving Lipsky Morey Lipton Marshall V. Miller Allan Mysel David T. Pearlman Charles Rittenberg Robert N. Rosen Peter A. Rosenthal Norton M. Seltzer Howard B. Sherman Joseph H. Sokol Irving Sonenshine Harvey Spar Bernard Steinberg Haskell Toporek Mark F. Yampolsky $500-$999 Anonymous (6) Mark Antman

Donald Barkowitz Steven Berlin Charles S. Bernstein Adam Brown Joseph Chase Ted Corsaro Herbert Engel Gerald A. Feinberg Kenneth A. Fox P. Maurice Fox Larry W. Freudenberg Leonard Glantz Martin A. Gold Charles S. Goldberg Jason Goldberg Robert Goldstein Kenneth Goodman Samuel Greene Elliott T. Halio David C. Kalik Buddy Karesh Kirshtein Family Newton Klements Eric Krawcheck Jordan Lash Avron P. Lesser Nowell Lesser Allan Livingstain Sean I. Lynch Spencer J. Lynch Seth Manaker Burnet Mendelsohn Robert B. Miller Harry R. Needle Robert New Wilfred D. Novit Maurice B. Nussbaum William Olasov

Michael Prystowsky Adrian Reuben Ira Rosenberg Jeffery L. Sabel Dean Schuyler Daniel Slotchiver Irvin J. Slotchiver Stephen Slotchiver Michael Spandorfer Hugo M. Spitz Louis Tanenbaum Mark Tanenbaum Stanley D. Toporek Jack Vane Julius (Skippy) Weil Marty Yonas $100-$499 Anonymous (5) Mark Adelson Moshe Arfa Jerry I. Baker Seymour Baron Kenneth Barrack Stephen Baumrind Buddy Bebergal Roger Bender Joseph Benmaman Ira Berendt Melvyn Berlinsky Jeffrey Berry Michael S. Berry Brett Bluestein Ryan Bluestein Wayne Braverman Craig Browdy Pete Brown Jeffrey W. Buncher, Jr. Kenneth Chavin

Stanley B. Chepenik Glenn S. Cohen Jason Cohen Alan F. Coleman Malcolm Fages Stanley Farbstein Fred R. Feldman Gary Fink Dennis J. Fisher Max Garfinkel Paul W. Garfinkel Benjamin Glass Richard Glass Slade Gleaton Herbert S. Goldberg Sanford Goldberg Steven E. Goldberg Alan Goldkin Mel Goldstein Thomas R. Goldstein William Greenhill Colby H. Grossman David F. Grossman Andrew S. Halio Morton Hankin Marc Haspel Al Hawkins Joseph Heckelman Les Herman Barry Hoffman Stanley R. Hoffman Warren Hyman David Jaffee Thomas T. Johnston Justin Kahn Sewell Kahn Charles Karesh Ian Kay

Stuart J. Kestenbaum Andrew Kraft Richard A. Kronick Murray Lancer Barry Lash Ira K. Lash Sid A. Lederman Arnold Levin Henry Levin Sam Liberman Meyer Lipman Harvey Mandel Jerold Martin Carl Masonberg David Mendelsohn Roy G. Meyers Larry Minkoff Bradley Nirenblatt Ivan N. Nossokoff Bernard J. Novit Carl Novit Daniel Nussbaum Steven M. Ornstein Durward C. Parsley Robert B. Pearlman Eli Poliakoff Herbert Rephan Harold (Billy) M. Richman Jerry Robinson Adam Rosenbaum Adam Rosner Greg Rothschild Jerry Rothschild Alan N. Rovick Paul Rundbaken Patrick Rutledge Isaac (Ike) Ryba Phil Saul Michael E. Schwartz

Paul Schwartz Sidney Segal Sid D. Shealey Andrew B. Slotin Philip H. Slotin Jonathan M. Stein Stephen R. Steinberg Josh Steinert Robert J. Stine Paul Sykes Edwin S. Toporek Martin Toporek Igor Tsveer Michael Ullian Mitchell Weinstein Maurice Weintraub Leon Wolper Paul A. Wurtzel Loren R. Ziff $1-$99 Murad Abed Jordan Adelson Andrew Allen Samuel H. Baker Jamie Ball Joseph Beker Jason E. Berendt Gabriel Bluestein Michael Book Norman H. Brahen Kregg Brandenburg Barry Breibart Tim Carle Andrew Cohen Joel H. Doobrow Ruben A. Duenas Cary Fechter Gerald Fechter Paul C. Feldman Stanley Feldman

Chester Fischbein Irving Fisher Leonard Goldman Jacob Heidenberg Thomas Heyward Charles A. Jackson Charles F. Kaiser Gerald Katz Marvin Katzen David Kratzok Seth Kupferman Herb Lamb Terrill Leff Harold Lenoff Paul Levy Lawrence M. Libater Arthur Liberman Eric J. Lipton Herbert Maier Gerald Meyerson Jack Monene David Orner Myron K. Perlitz Jay Rabhan Andy Rivkind Ira Rosenshein N. Hershel Sarasohn Gil Shuler Alex Shulmanovitch Stephen Silver Edward Silverberg Lawrence D. Swillinger Hanes Swingle Guy Toubiana Vladimir Varadi Nathaniel Wallace William Want Howard C. Weiner Neil Weintrob Kevin Ziman

cjf annual campaign

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

Charleston Jewish Federation 2011 Annual Campaign Contributions

Raised as of May 26, 2011: $753,267

Women’s Division Prime Minister’s Council Black Diamond Lion of Judah $100,000+ Anita G. Zucker Emerald Lion of Judah $25,000-$99,999 Ann Therese S. Hyman Ruby Lion of Judah $10,000-$17,999 Elizabeth Buncher Marilyn Hoffman Judith M. Solomon Lion of Judah $5,000-$9,999 Susan Addlestone Berlijn Nancy L. Banov Jackie S. Berlinsky Ruth F. Berlinsky Linda Cohen Lisa Cohen Judi Corsaro Tiffany J. Dye Debbie Fisher Amy Foster Phyllis Firetag Hyman Ruth Goldberg Ellen Hoffman Masha Kalinsky Halle Lipov Sandra Lipton Liz Lynch Suzanne G. Lynch Diana Manaker Rebecca S. Nirenblatt Susan Pearlstine Janet Pearlstine Lipov Penny Rosner Jean S. Rosner Jamee Schlesinger Roxann Spandorfer Sunny Steinberg Susie Steinberg Catherine Stuhr Toporek Phyllis K. Tanenbaum Elaine Tessler Sharon Toporek

Barbara Halpern Pam Kaplan Charlot M. Karesh Rose Levin Helen S. Lipsky Carol A. Mysel Evelyn Needle Neda C. Nussbaum Karen Pinosky Sara Rittenberg Sheran Rittenberg Claire Z. Robinson Patricia Rones-Sykes Marianne Rosen Mindelle K. Seltzer Sara Snyder Freida L. Sokol Robin Solomon Marcia Spar Dale Toporek Ellen L. Yampolsky

Pomegranate $2,500-$4,999 Marlene Addlestone Shera Lee E. Berlin Debra S. Engel Sandra G. Peskin Mickey Sonenshine Harriet Steinert Barbara L. Zucker

$500-$999 Anonymous (6) Elizabeth Baker Roslyn L. Barkowitz Marilyn Barron Virginia Benmaman Katie Bielsky Eileen Chepenik Dutch (Dorothy) Cohen Barbara S. Cohn Jane N. Douglas Carolyn Draisin Debra Engel Marilyn Feldman Vivian Friedman Renee Frisch Susan Garfinkel Janet Gilston Harriet Goldberg Marion Goodman Barbara Landsman-Jacobson Jeanne Lieberman Rachel Lipton Joan S. Loeb Judy C. Lutz Nancy N. Mendelson Sheralyn Rosenblum Sonia Rothschild Carol Seltzer Debra L. Sistino Bobbi Spitz Ellen S. Steinberg Sharon F. Stricker Ijo Toporek Judy Volkman Ronneca Watkins Laura Zucker

$1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (2) Gloria A. Adelson Janet Berg Ettaleah Bluestein Sandra Brett Marilyn Brilliant Jody Cohen Barbara Ellison Julie L. Ellison Barbara Epstein Sally Fischbein Irene Garfinkel Elissa Golde Marsha Golod Judy Grossman

$100-$499 Anonymous (11) Katherine Abrams Carole Addlestone Ruth Addlestone Lori Adelman Michele Adelson Stephanie M. Alexander Shari Allen Madge Altman Patricia J. Bagg Janna K. Baker Jo Ellen Basile Stacey Bauknight Michelle K. Bayme Margaret Bender

Andrea Berendt Linda A. Bergman Lynn Bernstein Tassie Bielsky Laurie Bixler Traci E. Black Marcy Bolster Sarah Book Elaine O. Brabham Cindy C. Brams Sara B. Breibart Tsivia Browdy Frances Chase Leah F. Chase Susan S. Chase Nadine K. Chavin Brenda Chepenik Phyllis Cohen Rosemary (Binky) R. Cohen Sandra Conradi Amy M. Davis Heather R. Dawson Evaline Delson Patricia Ellison Evelyn Engel Sharon Feinberg Debby Feldman Shirley Feldman Toby Felton Cookie Finkelstein Lorraine Finkelstein Diana Fishman Audrey Fleishman Sharon Forman Ruth Freedenberg Marsha Freudenberg Ibis Glass Jess Glasser Lori Gleaton Missy Gold Amy Goldkin Sylvia Greene Fran Grossman Joyce Haber Frances Halio Joan Halushka Barbara Hankin Marylyn Haspel Mindy Hawkins Flo Herman Lenor Ruthe Himmelstein Mordenai R. Hirsch Toby Hirsch Elisheva N. Holub Judy Holz Christine Jablon Mitzi Kahn Renee Kahn Ivy Kalik Sandra Katz Phyllis G. Katzen Ellen Kay Harriet Keith Gloria Kern Nanci Kestenbaum Dorothy Kipnis Ashley S. Kirshtein Janet B. Kolender Katherine Kraft Linda Krawcheck Peggy Krawcheck Amy Kronsberg Rita B. Kurtz Betty H. Lancer Dorothy H. Lancer Debbie Lash

Teri B. Lash Brenda Y. Lederman Jill S. Levy Jeanne Lichtman Terry Linker Evelene Livingston Ruthie Major Judy G. Markowitz Sharon Martin Janet F. Masonberg Jane Mendelsohn Rhetta Mendelsohn Doris F. Meyers Teri New Cynthia Nirenblatt Rhonda F. Nossokoff Fay Novit Grabin Claire K. Nussbaum Christine L. Olasov Ruth Oser Rory G. Parsley Betty Pearlman Janet E. Pearlman Sonja K. Pearlman Leah G. Pinosky Robin Poliakoff Rachel Raisin Lynn Reichlyn Yvonne Rephan Sydney S. Richman Hilary Rieck Susan N. Rieder Brenda M. Rosen Anita R. Rosenberg Marcelle S. Rosenberg Debbie Rothschild Arlene Rovick Cathy H. Rovick Dora Rovick Edie Rubin Lynn Rundbaken Rochelle Rutledge Terry Schuyler Barbara Schwartz Sandra K. Schwartz Lucy Segal Carla Seitz Marcia Shealey Susie Sheftel Joann Sherman Phyllis Shorago Dunlap Silver Gail Silverman Ruth B. Silverman Carole Slotchiver Mary Anne Snyder Eve Sokol Appel Rita N. Solomon Heather Speizman Eleanor Spicer Reuben Jane Steele Ann Stein Muriel Stillman P.Z. Streit Sarah Swingle Lila Trussler Janice K. Turner Karen Ullian Susan Warshaw-Garfinkle Laurie Waters Tammy Weintraub Paige Williams Betsy Wolper Ruth K. Wurtzel Mindelle Ziff

$1-$199 Anonymous (4) Leah Abramson Caitlin Adelson Sofia Agrest Jennet Alterman Susan Altman Helen Antman Sharon Applebaum Sandra Archambault Rosalie Arnoff Barbara S. Baker Debra P. Baker Irene Baker Pearl C. Baker Rhoda Baker Delphine Barnett Sharon Becker Muriel Bellow Carrie Ben-Yisrael Zhenya Berenboim Charlye E. Berlin Joan Berlinsky Frieda G. Bernstein MaryDeann Bernstein Faye Bernstein Schupbach Denise L. Berry Sharon Binder Sally Bornfleth Helen C. Brandenberg H. Sandra Bregman Flo Breibart Ronna Bridges Penny Bronshtein Harriett Brown Heidi Brown Judy Carle Donna Cash Laura Chandler Diane Chard Caroline Cohen Julie E. Cohen Shira Cohen Tamara Conner Susan Coomer Maria Cordrey Pam Coyle Sandy De Antonio Sarah Deitsch Phyllis Doobrow Michelle Duenas Kim Dye Sheila Edelson Beth Elmaleh-Stapleton Bari Engel Ann Epstein Susan Epstein Beth Epstein-Matenaer Gertrude Evans Sarah Evans Karen Fedder Joan Feldman Beverly Finkel Linda Finkelstein Sarah Finkelstein Susan Firetag Becky Fisher Rochelle Fisher Missee Fox Barbara Frisch Marcelle Furchgott Myra Gabel Jennie Garfinkel Louise Gartenberg Roberta Gifford

Irene Gilbert Sherry Gilston Bryson Samantha Goldberg Elise C. Goldberg-Hyatt Judith L. Goldsmith Brenda Goldstein Lynn Gorod Sandra Grauer Patricia Greenberg Adina Gross Lisa Grossman Mari Guarneri Arlene Harris Mary Ann Heath Susan Heidenberg Madeline Hershenson Deborah Hirshhorn Daphne Hubara Lynn S. Hunsinger Pearl Hyman Enid Idelsohn Marty L. Jackson Jan G. Jacobson Sondra Jaffe Dolly Jaffee Teri S. Kahn Judy Kaiser Amanda Kalinsky Jennifer Kalinsky Phillis Kalisky-Mair Ruth Kaplan Diane Katz Amy Kirshtein Carolyn J. Klitzner Sonya Knee Maria Kogan Judy Kramer Lora Kratzok Townie Krawcheck Marsha Y. Kronick Rachel Kronick Rothbart Cindy Kupferman Marilyn Laken Barbara Langston Esther Lapin Adel Lazarus Aasta Lefcourt Abby Leibowitz Heather Leiterman Evie Lenoff Pam Leonard Nancy Lerner Abigail M. LeRoy Charlotte Levine Jane Levis Alice Levkoff Mary P. Littman Linda S. Lombard Gabrielle Lynch Millie Maier Dianne Mandel Lydia Mandel Victoria Manigault Michelle Mayers Elizabeth Meyers Jane Meyerson Ganna Mikulinskiy Marcia Miller Julie Moody Beth Neboschick Julie Niess Jane Norris Tara Novit Eve Olasov Lucinda Olasov Donna Orner

Eva Oxler Sheryl Parkman Avery R. Perlitz Sandra P. Perlitz Blyma Pilat Allison Pinosky Claudia Pollack Mindy Popowski Ruth Posner Jacki M. Powell Janet Price Betty A. Quiat Julia Rabhan Barbara Radinsky Ruth Redick Carol Rice Rhonda Richards Natalie Riley Judy Rivkind Deborah Rodriguez Sara Beth Rosen Marcia Rosenberg Dale Rosengarten Lu Ann Rosenzweig Lorin Rothberg Judith Rubin Gail Rubinstein Jean Rudich Kristi M. Ryba Marilyn Sagel Evelyn L. Sarasohn Joanne Schwartz Leslie Schwartz Lynda Schwartz Blanche C. Seifstein Faye Seigel Margaret Seres Louise Sexton Deborah Shapiro Katherine Shapiro Marlene Shulman Mira Shulmanovitch Bonnie Silverberg Mildred G. Silverman Naomi Simon Stacey Slotchiver Galina Smolkin Libby Soffar Fay R. Solomon Harriet Stein Muriel Stern Lois Sugarman Chana Sytner Jac Tepper Bootsie Terry Christine Toporek Courtney Toporek Deborah P. Toporek Celia Toubiana Inessa Tsveer Lyudmila Tsveer Frances Ullian Sharon Bennett Want Ruth G. Watkins Sally Weil Dorothy M. Weiner Trudi Weiner Olga Weinstein Sara Weinstein Susan Weintrob Beth Welling Miriam Wilchanovsky Sidni Yelman




June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771


Sarah Brams Birthday: 4/22/96 Height: 5’1 Sport: Volleyball A fun fact about you: When I was 10 years old, I was the state balance beam champion. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I am excited to meet people who share the same background that I do.

Jonathan Buncher Birthday: 12/16/94 Height: 5’11 Sport: Basketball A fun fact about you: I like to go to the beach and work. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: To tour the different cities and I am excited because this will be my first time going to Israel.

charleston jcc


Bradley Perlitz

Avery Perlitz Birthday: 1/14/94 Height: 5’ Sport: Dance A fun fact about you: I’ve been dancing for 14 years. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: Dancing with Jewish teens from all over the world.

Birthday: 1/14/94 Height: 5’5 Sport: Tennis A fun fact about you: I love to play golf and surf in my free time. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I am most excited about swimming in the Dead Sea and reconnecting with my religious affiliation.

Birthday: 02/10/96 Height: 5’2 Sport: Tennis A fun fact about you: I’ve been playing tennis since I was four years old. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I am excited to climb Masada!

Birthday: 10/29/93          Height: 5’7 Sport: Tennis A fun fact about you: I really enjoy reading. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I am really excited to swim in the Dead Sea.

Birthday: 1/24/97 Height: 5’6           Sport: Swimming A fun fact about you: My favorite subject is Latin. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I’m excited about this trip because I’ll get to meet new people and do something I love (swimming).



Spencer J. Lynch

Melanie Weintraub

Joseph Weintraub

Seth Pinosky

Lauren Dum

Scott A. Cracraft



Birthday: 9/9/83 Height: 5’11 Job: JCC Sports, Wellness and Aquatics Director A fun fact about you: I LOVE to fish! What you are most excited about doing in Israel: Leading these 7 amazing children through their Israel journey (most of them their first) and watching the bonds form between thousands of Jewish teens from all over the world.

Birthday: 10/17/88 Height: 6’2 A fun fact about you: I played basketball in the Maccabi Games in Houston about 9 years ago. What you are most excited about doing in Israel: I’m excited to travel around and experience Israel with a group of young adults, many of whom have never been there before.

We understand the art of investing. RAFFLE AT THE JCC RANCH The grub will be great. The Wallenberg Saloon will be open late. Y’all grab a partner’s hand. Come on down and enjoy the

Retired and worried? Afraid you might outlive your income? Call us for a complimentary retirement review.

LYNCH CRACRAFT WEALTH MANAGEMENT GROUP Spencer J. Lynch, Managing Director Scott A. Cracraft, Managing Director 360 Concord St., Suite 210 Charleston, SC 29403 843.720.3500 • 800.384.9891

Contact Carol Berlin, 843.568.4450 or email or visit us online at

“Mason Dixon Band”

Grand Prize: $3,000 cash (must be present to win)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

8:00pm until the cowboys turn in! See y’all at the JCC Saloon - 1645 Wallenberg Blvd. Fee: $180 (admits 2)

charleston jcc

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771



Evaline Delson, DC, CCEP Hyman’s Seafood Joe Pasta Fly online for all things JCC or follow us on Facebook for the latest Starfish photos and updates!

AJR Insurance Consultants, Inc. Anonymous Five Loaves Cafe Merrill Lynch Dr. Howard Peskin, DDS, MScD Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Piggly Wiggly The David Gilston Agency Sesame Burgers and Beer Signature Photography Sonitrol Urricchio, Howe, Krell, Jacobson, Toporek, Theos, & Keith, P.A. West Ashley Dental Associates

Anodlini’s BBYO Berry’s Wholesale The Bielsky Family Coastal Roofing Dining In, Inc. Finicky Filly Jestine’s Kitchen Mattresses and More Robert Kahn Seacoast Pediatrics Sokol Furniture T-Bonz Restaurant Group Ted & Rose Levin The Fischbein Family



charleston jcc

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

[ letters from our jcc program directors ] Lauren Dumas JCC Sports, Wellness & Aquatics Director

Ronneca Watkins JCC Assistant Executive Director

Shalom Y’all! WOW! Summer is here and in full swing! I’m super excited to hear the pitter patter of little feet around the JCC/AHA Campus as Camp Baker gears up under the direction of Tamar Sternfeld. If you have not registered yet, please contact Camp Central at 571.6565 x 307 as we still have a few spaces open. The JCC Starfish Swim Team had their first home meet of the season on Monday, June 6. Congratulations to Coach Brittany Fieldson and Coach Moshe Bielsky on their leadership skills. I can’t wait to attend more home meets at the J this season. I encourage all members to join us at the Pearlstine Pool this summer. Lauren Dumas, Aquatics Director has a lot going on at the pool, from OY Vey Café to go, Family Nights at the pool, swim lessons (group or private) and pool rentals. Or just come and hang at the pool for some down time. If you are not a member, I encourage you to contact B. Jay Novit directly at 571.6565 and set up a tour. We offer full or summer memberships. The JCC will be gearing up to host another CCAA City-Wide Swim Meet on July 17, 18, and 19. Come join me at the JCC and volunteer to work in concessions! I would love to have you and your family help out at this great family event! Thanks to all the Camp Baker Patrons who contributed to such a great cause. All proceeds will be going directly to children who have applied for scholarships to attend Camp Baker. Thanks for helping turn a child’s dreams into a reality this summer. The JCC is definitely headed in the right direction but we need your continued support. Please keep renewing or signing up for a JCC membership, refer a family to camp, or make a donation. No amount is too little to help a JCC program.

It’s pool season and who is more excited for the Pearlstine Pool to open on Memorial Day than you? Me! As the 2011 Aquatics Director I have been working hard to make sure that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable summer at the pool. We here at the ‘J’ cannot wait for the pool to be filled with the laughter of campers. Make sure you check out our new Aqua Zumba class and water aerobics class this summer with schedules to be posted on the monthly fitness calendar! Starfish swim season is in full swing with 4 home meets and the CCAA City-Wide Swim Meet July 17-19. Check the swim calendar and come out, cheer on the Starfish and enjoy some delicious kosher food by the pool at Oy Vey Café! Summer is not just for outdoor sports. Our gym is still busy with gym rentals by Charleston Sports and Social Club and Summer basketball league rentals. The JCC is also having a 9/10 Summer basketball team and a Men’s 5 vs. 5 league. Last but not least, Team Charleston, our 7 children going to Israel for the Maccabi Games, will be leaving on July 24. If you see them, wish them Good Luck!

As always, my door is open for suggestions.

Louise Petkov JCC Senior Director

I would like to thank everyone who has filled out and returned the 50+ Active Living Surveys to me. If you haven’t yet done so, PLEASE take a few minutes to fill it out and return it to the Senior Lounge. The survey helps with the decision-making regarding the programs that will be scheduled for the second half of the year. Offering you quality programs in which you would love to participate is my goal as Director. I would like to be able to exceed your expectations when it comes to programming but I cannot know what you are interested in until you tell me. We started our Bridge group and are looking for more “fun” Bridge players to join our group on Wednesdays at 1:00pm. The fee has been dropped so that makes it a free afternoon of enjoyable card playing. Our game is a fun, learning experience so don’t be afraid to come out and give it a try. If there are 4 to 8 serious Bridge players who would like to get a game started here please let me know. I can always find time in the schedule to accommodate another table. You are welcome to bring your own Kosher snacks and beverages to any programs we have in the Senior Lounge. We have vending machines in the hallway right outside of the Senior Lounge just in case you forget to pack something. I’d like to encourage members to participate in the programs we are offering. Please feel free to bring friends and family members to all programs. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our Day Trip to Bonnie Doone on May 26. The facility unexpectedly became overbooked by another group. We are planning to reschedule this trip for the fall. I’d like to wish you all a Happy Summer Season.

Tamar Sternfeld JCC Youth, Family & Camp Director

Summer 2011 at Camp Baker is off to a fantastic start! We are having such a great time swimming, doing craft projects, making memories, and building friendships that will last a lifetime. If you haven’t signed up yet to join the summer fun, it’s not too late to jump on in! Summers at Camp Baker have been INSPIRING the Jewish journeys of campers in the Lowcountry for over 60 years and we have gotten better each year! Camp Baker 2011 is going to be the best summer yet and we want your child to be a part of the fun. For more information, contact me at tamars@ or 843-571-6565 x 307.

[ jcc contributions ] In Honor Of:

Maurice Krawcheck, a Happy Birthday: Jaclyn Berlinsky; Marilyn Hoffman Ruth & Danny Berlinsky, Mazel Tov on being chosen to be the recipients of Israel Bond’s Star of David award: Sally & Ann Davis In Memory Of:

Steven Steinert, beloved brother & uncle of Charles & Robyne Steinert & family: Katie, Moshe, Simcha & Malka Bielsky

JCC Camp Baker In Honor Of:

To Help with Camp Baker: Sam & Sara Beth Rosen Sherman House In Honor Of:

Terry Fisher, a Speedy Recovery: Leighann & Howard Sherman Edwin Pearlstine, a Speedy Recovery: Leighann & Howard Sherman

Thank y ou to our 201 1 Camp B aker Patrons

14thANNUAL Katie Bielsky Julia L. Brown Joe Fischbein Connie & Arnold Franzblau David & Janet Gilston

This year The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation is the hosting venue. J oin us on the green for a fun-filled day. Play a round of golf while supporting a good cause. There will be a dinner and awards reception immediately following the tournament.




Days: Sunday Time: 11:00 am registration and practice Location: The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation Community Fee: $130/person; $500/foursome Contact Ronneca Watkins at 843.571.6565 x 308 or email

local happenings

local happenings

rts Series

n talk l and Ted Levi Peter Rosentha igration from South M about Jewish the JCC. on May 22 at ba Cu & a Afric


JCC Cultural A

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

Please send us your photos to


NCJW Pet Parade

v en t Dor a L o v e E

Dora Love with the Rosenthal family. Peter was ins tru getting her to Charl mental in eston to speak.

New video each week, visit

CJF’s Kehila Cafe

D member ks with YA Dora spea Kupchik. h Maya Hirsc

YAD Happy H ou r

PJ Library Pool Party

YADdies soak ed on May 23, 20 up the sunshine 11 at Happy with IDF Sold H iers on the ro our bar of Snappe of r Jack’s on Fo top lly.

coffee with a Rabbi Ari Sytner enjoys the Kehila Cafe. at er community memb

CJF Program Director, Sarah Swingle, reads a PJ book at the pool party!


Hangin’ out at the JCC

Pearlstine Pool

e Class

Louise Garte nb off her artw erg shows ork.

Soaking in the Sun Charleston ‘J’ Seniors enjoy the sun on Sullivan’s Island.

Israel Indep

e n de n c e D

ay AHA teache r Sh his Israel prid lomi Netanel shows e at the comm on Yom HaAtzma’ut unity-wide ce lebration!



June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771


local happenings


JUNE Wednesday, June 1

Iyar 28 Yom Yerushalayim BSBI Kosher Cafe, Synagogue Tours & Lecture Series 11:00am CJF Grief Counseling 6:00pm BSBI Ian Kay & Chas. Jewish Jazz Ensemble 7:30pm

Thursday, June 2 Iyar 29

Friday, June 3

Sivan 1 AHA Kindergarten Celebration 9:00am BSBI Kosher Cafe, Synagogue Tours & Lecture Series 11:00am KKBE Congregational Dinner 5:45pm Candlelighting 8:06pm

Saturday, June 4

Sivan 2 E-E Mincha & Maariv Service 7:30pm Shabbat Ends 9:09pm

Sunday, June 5

Sivan 3 JSP World of Jewish Culture at Piccolo Spoleto 9:30am AHA 8th Grade Graduation 4:00pm

Monday, June 6

Sivan 4 Gan Emanu-El 9:00am E-E Finance Mtg. 6:00pm

Tuesday, June 7

Sivan 5 REMEMBER Cmte. Mtg. 7:00pm Erev Shavuot Candlelighting 8:06pm

Wednesday, June 8

Sivan 6 Shavuot I Candlelighting after 9:10pm

Thursday, June 9

Sivan 7 Shavuot II Candlelighting 9:12pm

Friday, June 10

Monday, June 20

Monday, July 4

Saturday, June 11

Tuesday, June 21

Tuesday, July 5

Sivan 8 Candlelighting 8:09pm Sivan 9 E-E Anniversary Shabbat/ Sisterhood Table 9:00am Shabbat Ends 9:13pm

Sunday, June 12

Sivan 10 NCJW Paid Up Membership Brunch 11:00am KKBE Board of Trustees Retreat 11:00am Camp Baker Parents’ Meet/Greet 5:00pm

Monday, June 13

Sivan 11 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am E-E Bingo 4:00pm JCA Exec. Mtg. 5:30pm JCA Board Mtg. 7:00pm

Tuesday, June 14

Sivan 12 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am E-E Hazak Luncheon 12:00pm E-E Finance Mtg. 6:30pm

Wednesday, June 15

Sivan 13 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am Camp Baker Parents’ Nite Out 5:00pm Take YAD Out to the Ballgame 7:00pm

Thursday, June 16

Sivan 14 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am\ E-E Board Mtg 7:00pm AHA Board Mtg. 7:00pm

Friday, June 17

Sivan 18 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am Sivan 19 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am

Wednesday, June 22

Sivan 20 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am YAD Board Mtg. 7:00pm

Thursday, June 23

Sivan 21 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am

Friday, June 24

Sivan 22 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am Candlelighting 8:14pm

Saturday, June 25

Sivan 23 Shabbat Ends 9:17pm

Sunday, June 26

Sivan 24 E-E Sisterhood Exec. Board Mtg. 10:00am BSBI Congregational Mtg. 4:00pm

Monday, June 27

Sivan 25 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am

Tuesday, June 28

Sivan 26 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am JCRC Mtg. 7:00pm

Wednesday, June 29

Sivan 27 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am Camp Baker Parents’ Nite Out 5:00pm

Sivan 15 Camp Baker Session 1 8:30am Candlelighting 8:12pm

Thursday, June 30

Saturday, June 18


Sivan 16 Shabbat Ends 9:15pm

Sunday, June 19 Sivan 17

Sivan 28 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am

Friday, July 1

Sivan 29 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am KKBE Congregational Dinner 5:45pm Candlelighting 8:14pm

Saturday, July 2

Sivan 30 E-E Mincha & Maariv Service 7:30pm Shabbat Ends 9:17pm

Sunday, July 3 Tamuz 1

Tamuz 2 Independence Day Tamuz 3 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am REMEMBER Cmte. Mtg. 7:00pm

Wednesday, July 6

Tamuz 4 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am CJF Grief Counseling 6:00pm

Thursday, July 7

Tamuz 5 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am

Friday, July 8

Tamuz 6 Camp Baker Session 2 8:30am Candlelighting 8:13pm

Saturday, July 9

Tamuz 7 E-E Sisterhood Table/ Anniversary Shabbat 9:00am Shabbat Ends 9:16pm

Sunday, July 10

Monday, July 18

Tamuz 16 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am CCAA City-wide Swim Meet E-E Board Mtg. 7:00pm

Tuesday, July 19

Tamuz 17 Fast Day Begins 4:58am; Ends 9:01pm Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am CCAA City-wide Swim Meet

Wednesday, July 20

Tamuz 18 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am

Thursday, July 21

Tamuz 19 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am

Friday, July 22

Tamuz 20 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am Candlelighting 8:08pm

Saturday, July 23

Tamuz 21 Shabbat Ends 9:10pm

Tamuz 8 E-E Tri congregational Program 10:00am

Sunday, July 24

Monday, July 11

Tamuz 23 Camp Baker Session 4 8:30am

Tamuz 9 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am JCA Exec. Mtg. 5:30pm JCA Board Mtg. 7:00pm

Tuesday, July 12

Tamuz 10 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am

Wednesday, July 13

Tamuz 11 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am Camp Baker Parents’ Nite Out 5:00pm

Thursday, July 14

Tamuz 12 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am

Friday, July 15

Tamuz 13 Camp Baker Session 3 8:30am Candlelighting 8:11pm

Saturday, July 16

Tamuz 14 Shabbat Ends 9:14pm

Sunday, July 17

Tamuz 15 CCAA City-wide Swim Meet

Tamuz 22

Monday, July 25

Tuesday, July 26

Tamuz 24 Camp Baker Session 4 8:30am

Wednesday, July 27

Tamuz 25 Camp Baker Session 4 8:30am Camp Baker Parents’ Nite Out 5:00pm

Thursday, July 28

Tamuz 26 Camp Baker Session 4 8:30am

Friday, July 29

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Saturday, July 30

Tamuz 28 E-E College Student Shabbat 9:00am Shabbat Ends 9:06pm

Sunday, July 31

Tamuz 29 KKBE Fun in the Sun with the Rabbi 12:00pm

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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

serendipity Please keep the information flowing to us at We'd love to know all of your simchas so we can share them with others. Send us your pictures of new babies, engagements and wedding announcements, and Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcements. We want to fill our pages with your simchas! Please send us your information with correct spelling, family ties, etc. You keep this column going and you deserve the bragging rights!

Did you happen to see…….? That Michael Cohen, son of Linda and David Cohen, was an extra on two episodes of Hawaii Five-0? He said it was fun and exciting, but has decided to continue to pursue his profession as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse. Michael did enjoy his few moments of fame, however. That the Charleston Section of the National Council of Jewish Women was recognized for its local community service poster project against domestic violence? This award was presented to Sarah Finkelstein, president of the Charleston Section of NCJW, and Linda Chavis, recording secretary, at NCJW’s 45th National Convention in Dallas, Texas. Keep up the good work, ladies!

Education Congratulations to Brian Moses Hawkins on his graduation from Ashley River Creative Arts. He will be attending C.E. Williams Middle School. He is the son of Mindy and Al Hawkins and grandson of Betsy and Graham Hawkins and Sally and Mickey Fischbein. Former Charlestonians Barbara and Michael Halpern want to share with their Charleston family that son Ben has returned to the States after spending a gap year in Israel on Young Judaea Year Course. Ben will be graduating from Stanford University with a BS in Engineering with a specialization in Architectural Design and a B.A. in Art. He is a member of both Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society). Alec Fox graduated from Emory University. He will be working for Google in Mountain View, California. Alec is the son of Janet and Ken Fox. Amanda Hoffman, AHA alum, graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. degree on May 22, 2011. Amanda is the daughter of Nina and Stan Hoffman. Emily Hoffman, AHA alum and 2010 graduate of Wesleyan University, is currently serving a year-long stint as a volunteer in Brooklyn, NY for Avodah, the Jewish Service Corps. In August, Emily will enter Cardozo School of Law in NYC as a first-year law student where she has been awarded a merit scholarship.  Cardozo is the law school of Yeshiva University. Emily is the daughter of Stan and Nina Hoffman. Gabrielle Lynch, daughter of Liz and Spencer Lynch and graduate of Ashley Hall in the class of 2007, recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Arizona. She earned a B.S. in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. She will be entering the Buying and Merchandising Training Program with J C Penny at their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas

Bar and Bat Mitzvot Mazel Tov to David Lynch on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah on April 30. David is the son of Suzanne and Paul Lynch and grandson of Marjorie Lynch.

A special Mazel Tov to the following ladies at Emanu-El who completed their studies and had their Adult B’Nai Mitzvot on May 21: Nanci Kestenbaum, Jane Mendelsohn, Ruth Oser, Allston Schwartz, and Jennifer Smyth.

Ralph B. Piening, M.D.

Awards Mazel Tov to Maxim Fisher who won 1st place in the Junior Environmental Category of the South Carolina Independent School Association State Fair held in Orangeburg. Aaron Kirshtein won 3rd place in his division, the junior physical science category. Maxim is the son of Seth Fisher and Heidi Brown. Aaron is the son of Joellen and David Kirshtein. Both are students at Addlestone Hebrew Academy. Mazel Tov to Rachel Eisenhart for winning 1st place All Around State Champion Level 4 and Rachel Brewer who won 2nd place All Around State Champion in Level 3 at the US Gymnastics Association Jr. Olympics. Rachel Eisenhart is the daughter of Jennifer and Jim Eisenhart. Rachel Brewer is the daughter of Amy and Richard Brewer. Both Rachels are students at AHA.

Ralph B. Piening, M.D.

Jeffrey Buncher, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Board Certified Family Medicine

• Internal Medicine

• Family Medicine

• Weight Management

• Pain Management

• Personal Injury

• Workman’s Compensation

Vital Statistics Ronan Malachi Fox was born on April 17, 2011 to proud parents Lori and Alexander Fox, and sisters Nadia and Sophia. Mazel Tov on your new addition!

New Patients Welcome

Dorothy and Howard Weiner are the VERY proud greatgrandparents of twins, Eliza Grace and Jacob Rowen, born March 18 to grandson Matthew and Christina Weiner of Raleigh, NC. The proud grandparents are Linda and Jeffrey Weiner of Cary, NC. Mazel Tov to all.

Orange Grove Plaza • 1124 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Suite 1 Charleston, South Carolina 29407 Office Hours: Monday - Friday by Appointment

Special Occasions

Mazel Tov to Eliza and Vladimir Varadi on the birth of their daughter, Gabriella Shira, born on April 26. Daniel, an EC3 Yellow student at Addlestone Hebrew Academy, is her big brother. The proud grandparents are Alex and Rozalita Agrest. Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov to Helen Antman on her very significant birthday.

Jeffrey Buncher Announces the Association of

Mazel Tov to all the B’nai Mitzvot Families!

Mazel Tov to Rachel (Fischbein) and Jim Landis on the birth of their son, Benjamin Hudson. He is the grandson of Barbara Goldstein and Howard Goldstein (OBM) and Sally and Mickey Fischbein. Rachel, Jim and baby Benji live in Manhattan.

Happy Birthday to David Cohen who celebrated his big 70th birthday just the way he wanted to….all his children and grandchildren sitting around his table having a perfectly grand time!

Ralph B. Piening, M.D.

Ralph was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He went to St. Louis University where he earned a BS in chemistry. He left the Ph. D program in analytical chemistry at Purdue University to return to St. Louis University for medical school. After completing a residency at MUSC in internal medicine he took his first position in Charleston and has been here since then. Ralph’s interests include reading, fine arts, politics, triathlons and endurance athletics.

On May 28, Emma Mandel was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah. She is the daughter of Lydia and Adam Mandel.

Sean Lynch, son of Liz and Spencer Lynch and a rising sophomore at George Washington University, made the Dean’s list. Keep up the good work!

Janet Kolender celebrated her 80th birthday. Her three children, Ellen, Kathy and Jerry were here to help her usher in the next decade!

Dr. Jeffrey Buncher Announces the Association of Ralph B. Piening, M.D.

Mazel Tov to Marsha and Bill Golod who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in June!

Margot Schwartz, daughter of Joan Schwartz and Lester Schwartz, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at Synagogue Emanu-El on May 14.


Mazel Tov to Kim and Jason Berendt on the birth of a baby boy! Mazel Tov to Ashley and Ryan Jackson on the birth of a daughter, Goldie Randall Jackson! Big sister Molly Rones Jackson is an EC student at AHA.

Office 843/556-3462 • Fax 843/766-2103

Board Certified

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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

Comprehensive Archive of Jewish Holocaust Victims’ Assets Made Public Searchable, user-friendly database helps victims, heirs reacquire losses NEW YORK, May 4, 2011 – A large-scale international effort to help Jewish victims of the Holocaust redress claims of lost property confiscated, looted or forcibly sold under the Nazi regime was jumpstarted this week with the unveiling of a large, publicly available and searchable database of more than 650,000 Holocaust era property records in its first release.  The records were compiled and made available by Project HEART (Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce), an initiative of the Jewish Agency, in cooperation and with the support of the Government of Israel, to help Jewish families identify personal property confiscated by the Nazis and to help victims seek restitution.  The Project HEART database consists of property addresses, insurance policies, lists of homeowners, professions, lists of known confiscated properties, business directories, and other archival information that can assist potential applicants in their research.  Archivists plan on releasing several million records, making HEART’s database the international community’s largest singlesource database of lost Jewish property assets from the Holocaust era.   “We must embrace the awesome responsibility of assisting the Holocaust survivors in their waning years and ensuring the legacy of the lives that they led will never be forgotten,” said incoming Jewish Agency Chairman of the Board Jim Tisch. “The Jewish Agency takes this responsibility seriously in its considerable efforts for Holocaust survivors, through Project

HEART, the Amigour Sheltered Housing project which provides safe living conditions for low income survivors and the La’ad project, which organizes volunteers who assist survivors in Israel with their daily lives and live out the remainder of their lives with dignity.” “The Holocaust was not only genocide of the Jewish people, but the greatest robbery in history,” said Natan Sharansky, the Chairman of the Jewish Agency. “These new technological tools together with the official involvement of the State of Israel in this process give us the hope that this time things will be different.  As a former Prisoner of Zion, I remember the difficulty that existed in transferring information in the Soviet Union. In the age of the Internet, Google and Facebook allow us to create magnificent revolutions.  Project HEART’s website has received more than 700,000 hits during its first few weeks.” “The Jewish Agency is the Global Table of the Jewish people,” said Dr. Misha Galperin President and CEO, Jewish Agency International Development,  “The issue of justice for the dwindling world of Holocaust survivors is on the agenda of the entire Jewish People and therefore is on the agenda of the Jewish Agency. Project HEART is a powerful example of what the partnership between Jews in Israel and Jews around the world can accomplish when we work together.” Project HEART’s Executive Director Bobby Brown said that the involvement of the Government of Israel in the global Holocaust restitution effort marks an important development for the victims and their heirs.  “Israel’s very strength and national determination is derived from those who were forced to experience the very

worst of humanity,” he said. “It is therefore incumbent upon the Jewish nation to do our utmost to give them some measure of justice which they have been denied for so long.” Project HEART unveiled an initial set of archival records today, in the presence of leaders of the American Jewish community.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed attendees via video and said, “This is an initiative of great importance and offers us the promise that we can finally achieve the justice so long denied to the victims of the Holocaust and their heirs.” Launched in late February, 2011, Project HEART seeks to identify Jewish Holocaust victims and their heirs worldwide whose families owned real estate, movable, immovable, or other intangible personal property that was confiscated, looted, or forcibly sold in countries governed or occupied by the Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era.  The only limitation for application is if a post-war settlement already has been made to a victim or the victim’s heirs for that property.  In such cases, people are not eligible to apply to Project HEART regarding that property.  To participate, individuals need to fill out the questionnaire available on HEART’s website, www.heartwebsite. org.  Since it was launched, details about Project HEART’s purpose and the application process have been translated into 13 languages, and a 24-hour call center is operational in all languages.  To date, the project has received tens of thousands of requests for additional information.  Project HEART is a global effort led by the Jewish Agency for Israel in cooperation with the Government of Israel seeking to reach Jewish victims of the Holocaust and their heirs.  The project’s goal is to record

Above: Incoming Jewish Agency Chairman of the Board, James Tisch (center) is flanked on left by Dr. Misha Galperin, President and CEO, Jewish Agency International Development, and Bobby Brown, left, executive director of the new Project HEART (Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce) a nonprofit initiative of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), funded by and in cooperation with the Government of Israel. A new searchable database of over 650,000 such Holocaust era property records came online today and a call to find their owners or heirs was made this morning at a Manhattan news conference. Wednesday, May  4,  2011   ( Photo/ David Karp)

relevant information about personal property that was confiscated, looted or forcibly sold as a result of the Nazi occupation, and which has never been restituted. The ultimate aim of Project HEART is to provide the tools, strategy and information that will enable the Government of Israel, Project HEART and their partners to secure a measure of justice for eligible Jewish victims and their heirs—on behalf of the Jewish people.  The Jewish Agency is the world’s largest Jewish non-profit organization. Established in 1929, the Agency was instrumental in the founding of the State

of Israel and now works to ensure the future of a connected, committed, global Jewish People with a strong Israel at its center. The Jewish Agency addresses the most pressing issues in Jewish life by working to Inspire Jews throughout the world to Connect with their people, heritage and land, and Empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and strong Israel. The Jewish Agency pursues this goal by bringing young Jews to Israel for life-changing experiences and involving them in social activism in Israel and abroad. More information can be obtained at

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Joe Fischbein, Casey Glowacki

Shalom Y'all!

For a hands-on selection visit Chosen Treasures, the sisterhood giftshop at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim. Your resource for exceptional Judaica & Israeli Gifts. No need to Schlep...we SHIP! Sun–Mon 10am-4pm & Friday 10am-3pm 843-723-7324 |

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Hadassah News

Above (L-R): Marilyn Hoffman, Dorothy Weiner, and Sandy Archambault

On April 10 Debbie Engel and Newton Klements hosted our major annual fundraiser: Donor. This year’s program featured the nationally recognized speaker, Ellen Matloff, MS, Director of Cancer Genetic Counseling at Yale University. Her message, told through scientific research, reminded us all of the high prevalence of breast and invasive ovarian cancer, particularly among Jewish women of Ashkenazi descent. If you were unable to attend, you really missed something important; you missed the program as well as the chance to make a valuable donation to Hadassah. It’s too late to replay the program, but it’s not too late to give. Now, more than ever, as the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is being completed, and now, more than ever, as charitable giving is down, we need you to examine your conscience and your pocketbook. Please bring a YES from both. Donations should be sent to our new Treasurer, Dorothy Weiner at 3412 Forest Glen Drive, Charleston, SC 29414. We wish to thank everyone who has made a donation, and extend a special Thank You to Bonnie Silverberg, Chairwoman of this year’s Donor Program who made sure the event was elegant, the food was tasty, and all the details that go into a successful program were more than met. At our Installation of Officers on May 10th, we installed our 2011/2012 Board. Thank you to Faye Rones for hosting this program at her beautiful home. Mazel Tov to the Board members and we wish them a productive term in office. Congratulations to the 2011/2012 Executive Board • • • • • • • •

Sharon Hox, President Sandi Archambault, Executive Vice-President Dorothy Weiner, Treasurer Bonnie Silverberg, Membership Vice-President Joann Sherman, Programming & Fundraising Vice-President Mary Radin, Public Relations Vice-President Ilene Turbow, Recording Secretary Jennifer Sasson, Corresponding Secretary

Please help this Board deliver programs that appeal to YOU! If you have ideas or want to help, contact HadassahCharleston@ or call Sharon Hox, Chapter President, at 971-6116. Be sure to join our email list at HadassahCharleston@gmail. com. We are planning some fun summer programs, including another Pancake Breakfast. If you’re on our list you won’t miss any invitations!

June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771


Federations Offer Support for Tornado Victims in Midwest Destruction from the deadly tornado in Missouri and Kansas on Sunday, May 22, has prompted an outpouring of support from Jewish Federations and concern from Jews around the country. The Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City is working to provide emergency funding and immediate assistance to victims in nearby Joplin, Mo. and Reading, Kan. The Federation has opened the KansasMissouri Tornado Relief fund to support ongoing relief efforts. Thousands of dollars have already been contributed from around the country. Donors can contribute by contacting Gail Weinberg at 913.327.8123. Contributions may also be mailed to: The Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City, Att: Kansas-Missouri Tornado Relief Fund, 5801 W. 115 St., Suite 201, Overland Park, KS 66211. The Federation’s Board of Directors took an emergency vote to

immediately allocate $5,000 to the current medical relief and ongoing recovery assistance relief. “With one of two hospitals in Joplin wiped out, and the fact that they are our neighbors, it was an easy decision for us to mobilize the community and provide a local Jewish response,” said Board president Bill Carr. In addition, the Jewish Federation of St. Louis has opened an online mailbox to provide assistance to victims. The Jewish Federations of North America is directing all contributions to the affected communities. According to press reports, at least 117 people are dead following Sunday night’s storm in Joplin and Reading, which has been called the deadliest single tornado in more than 50 years. There have been no reported deaths in the small Jewish community or damage to Joplin’s synagogue, the United Hebrew Congregation. However, several Jews reportedly remain among the

dozens missing in the wake of the tornado. Meanwhile, destruction was widespread, and effects of the tornado have been felt by the entire community, including many of the synagogue’s congregants that live in the area. Some have lost entire homes, while others remain in need of basic living supplies. “The Jewish Federations sends our support to those affected by this tragic event,” said Fred Zimmerman, chair of JFNA’s Emergency Committee. “As Jews, we share a responsibility for one another and to the community at large. We applaud the work of the Kansas City and St. Louis Federations to provide emergency

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PARTY FAVORS AND ACCESSORIES ELMS DIGESTIVE DISEASE SPECIALISTS 10% of all proceeds go to the & ELMS ENDOSCOPYJewish CENTER organization of your choice. Judd B. Adelman, MD David A. Florez, MD Gregory C. Goodear, MD

relief to those in need, and remain committed to their efforts to rebuild and recover.” JFNA and its Emergency Committee will continue to monitor the situation, and provide reports to Federations as necessary. JFNA and Jewish Federations are committed to care for victims of global natural disasters, and have emergency relief plans into place to aid those in need. Jewish Federations recently raised more than $1 million to help those affected by the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan, over $30 million to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, and $10 million for those affected by the southern Asia tsunami in 2004.

Salvatore A. Moscatello, DO Marc D. New, MD Todd L. Snyder, MD

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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

Plaque at Coming Street Cemetery Synagogue Emanu-El Highlights Freemason Connection Is Still Here Herbert S. Goldberg,

33rd Degree

The Scottish Rite of the Freemasons, the city of Charleston and the Coming Street Cemetery enjoy an historic relationship. It was in 1801 that 11 Freemasons, whose current members pledge to improve and enhance their communities, first established a presence at Shepherd’s Tavern at the corner of Broad and Church Streets (where First Citizens Bank now sits). Of the original “Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston,” four were Jews who are buried in the Coming Street Cemetery. In 2001, Scottish Rite Freemasons

from all over the world came to Charleston to commemorate the 200th anniversary of The Supreme Council, 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, U.S.A. The proud men witnessed the official dedication of a special granite plaque on the inside wall of the cemetery. The Supreme Council originally ordered that markers be placed on all of the eleven graves, but since the location of only three of the Jewish founder’s graves are known, installation of the plaque was recommended. I was the chairman of the committee to have the plaque installed, as well as three other monuments at other Charleston locations. The other committee members, Henry Witt, Irving Seyle and Robert M. Brunson, are all deceased.   The four founders honored on

Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30Am-5:30pm

Above (L-R): Henry Witt, Herb Goldberg, Irving Seyle and Robert Brunson.

the plaque are: Israel De Lieben, First Sovereign Grand Inspector General; Emanuel De La Motta, First Grand Treasurer General; Abraham Alexander, Sr., First Grand Secretary General; Moses Clava Levy, Treasurer General. The plaque has the 33rd Degree


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Emblem at the top with the names of the four Charleston Jews and their titles directly under it. At the bottom is the following, “Much is owed to these gentlemen of Charleston whose personal character and Masonic zeal contributed so much to the creation of the Mother Supreme Council and its firm establishment.” This beautiful plaque enhances the historical importance of this cemetery, which is the resting place of so many Jews from across our nation.  KKBE welcomes donations to the Coming Street Cemetery Restoration Fund. Tax deductible gifts may be sent to KKBE’s Coming Street Cemetery, 90 Hasell Street, Charleston, SC 29401 or you can contribute online by visiting www. and scrolling over the GIVE button. To arrange a tour of the cemetery, email

Service Schedule Minyan:MondayFriday 7:15am Monday-Thursday 5:30pm Sunday 9:00am Rosh Hodesh 7:00am Friday Night: 6:00pm Saturday Morning: “Danish & D’rash” 9:00am Services: 9:30am IMPORTANT SCHEDULE CHANGE! Beginning Saturday, June 4, Shabbat and holiday morning services will begin at 9:30am. Services will be preceded at 9:00am with “Danish and D’rash”, an informal discussion of the weekly Torah portion. Join us for a light nosh and a relaxed way to enter the Shabbat mindset! Synagogue Emanu-El is supported in part, by a generous contribution from Charleston Jewish Federation.

SAVE THE DATE Tri-Congregational Family Fun Fest at Synagogue Emanu-El sponsored by Synagogue Emanu-El, BSBI and KKBE When: Sunday, July 10 Time:10:30am-12:30pm More information coming soon! Mazel Tov!

A very special mazel tov to Jane Mendelsohn, Nanci Kestenbaum, Ruth Oser, Jennifer Smyth and Allston Schwartz. On May 21, 2011 these women were called to the Torah and celebrated their B’Not Mitzvah with the entire congregation. It was beautiful and inspiring. We look forward to celebrating many more adult Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs in years to come. If you are interested in participating, please contact Rabbi Rosenbaum at 571-3264. Religious School

It is hard to believe that another year has ended and we are on summer break. However, 2011-12 registration material is now available. Our programs are pre-school through high school. Please feel free to contact Daphne Hubara, Religious School Principal at 571-3264 with any questions.

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June/July 2011 | Sivan/Tamuz 5771

The Way It Looks To Me

AHA Susan Weintrob Head of School, Addlestone Hebrew Academy

Aryeh Wetherhorn

May 5, 2011

As part of Addlestone’s curriculum, 8th graders make a trip to Israel. The trip is something students look forward to and prepare for, including fundraising, throughout their Addlestone years. A trip to Israel strengthens the bond between Jewish communities and Israel, the sense of solidarity among world Jewry, and participants’ personal Jewish identity and connection to the Jewish people. This year’s 8th grade class visited Israel from May 5 – May 15. The following is a taste of their experience. May 4, 2011 Travel Day!

Shaina blogs….The day has finally come, and we are so excited. Jasmine blogs…I’m really excited! ‘Excited’ doesn’t even cover it. Honestly, I keep saying ‘Wow! We’re going to Israel today!’ I need to find a new word for ‘excited’: enthusiastic, thrilled, energized. Aaron blogs…..I hope to have a great time in Israel and truthfully hope that my classmates also enjoy Israel. All of the songs, dancing, and fun are going to be awesome. I just want to be there Now! William blogs…This about

Addlestone has arrived in Israel! The flight was smooth and on time, and our students flew over with Eleanor Kolitz and El Paso Jewish Academy, both from Texas and Miles Jewish Day School from Birmingham, Alabama. The Greater Monmouth County School from New Jersey met them at the airport. The children have already begun to make friends with their fellow students! The trip begins in Jerusalem and what a place to start their Israel adventure. On their arrival, the students stopped at an overview of Jerusalem and said a she’hehianu and then on to the King Solomon hotel. May 6, 2011

sums it up. We’re STOKED!!!! Seriously, though, this is going to be an awesome opportunity to see other kids and visit the Holy Land. The party has already started, with a dance starting during Aleinu in the morning prayers. Mind you, we can’t dance, so it wasn’t that impressive. But it’s the thought that counts.

The first full day had our students climbing the ramparts from the Jaffa Gate to the Zion Gate, visiting the tomb of King David, exploring the Rova Yhudi (the Jewish Quarter), including the excavations of the Roman Cardo, the shopping center of that era, exploring the excavated Ir David (City of David) and splashing through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, discussed in Nevi’im. Our students had a chance to buy food at Machaneh Yehudah—a true Jerusalem experience on Friday afternoon, and then they were off to prepare for Shabbat and Friday night at the Kotel.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION Follow Mrs. Weintrob’s blog at

Polly Ann Elliott Director of Sales Courtyard by Marriott Charleston Historic District 125 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401 Phone: 843/805-7900 Direct: 843/414-4270 email:


Islam 101 The Palestinian Connection When I set about writing this column the events I discuss are fairly recent. By the time you read it, another month has passed. This almost makes me feel like a sort of prophet. I certainly began to understand Jeremiah better since I started writing. Don’t think I’m involved in doom and gloom. Quite the contrary. But when I look back on the period from Pesach towards Shavuot I cannot help but notice what seems to be a planned progression towards the recognition of a Palestinian State WITHOUT any of the associated requirements for establishing Peace in my region. In order not to be misunderstood, as President Obama claimed he was, I’ll state it clearly. Creating a Palestinian State is NOT a magical formula for solving the conflict. To focus on that single item will miss the mark. One Iranian speaker said that the struggle was for Palestinian control of ALL the lands currently known as Israel. Palestinian President Abbas, who currently enjoys the undeserved title of being a “partner for peace”, was equally clear. His conflict, he said, was with “the occupation that has been going on for 63 years”. You can do the math. There is a major premise in Islam that divides the world into 2 realms; Dar-as-Salaam (the abode of peace) which includes all parts under Islam, and Dar-alHarb (The abode of war) which is every place else. Muslim scholars claim that all of the Dar-al-Harb

will eventually be incorporated into Dar-as-Salaam. Until that happens, there will be conflict between the two realms. There is also a strong belief that says once an area has become part of Dar-as-Salaam it can never revert. This was the historical basis to the Islamic reaction to the Crusades, and it plays no small part in their response to the creation, and continued existence, of Israel today. Let me put a different slant on this. Appeasement won’t bring peace. It didn’t work with Hitler, and it won’t work the Arabs. Hitler told the world what he was up to – So have both Hamas and Fatah, the political leaders of the Palestinians. The only difference between them is that Fatah leader Abbas recognizes that his is the weaker party and so it doesn’t make sense to espouse violent confrontation. He knows he loses that kind of contest. Hamas, on the other hand, thinks that only violence will eventually triumph,

but being temporarily weaker, they accept that the face off will have to be delayed. Muslim tradition says Muhammed made agreements when he was weaker, and then broke them when he felt strong enough to win in battle. Hamas would like to do the same. President Obama presents the issue as a democratic representation problem. It’s not. There may be democratic problems for Palestinians, but unilateral creation of a Palestinian state won’t solve them. One of the most telling facts about this conflict is that there are several groups in Israel that work for equal rights and opportunity for Arabs, but there are NO such groups on the Arab side supporting Jewish rights. Jews are still banned from owning property in the areas under the Palestinian Authority, and trying to sell land to Jews is punishable by death. That, as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said to the US Congress, is the unvarnished truth.





Charleston Jewish Federation annual campaign

Recipient Agency Spotlight Each month, the Charleston Jewish Federation will spotlight recipient agencies that receive funds through allocations from the Annual Campaign. This month we are highlighting the Charleston ‘J’ and BBYO.

“I enjoy being with the senior group for lunches, playing Super Bingo and going on trips from the JCC.” - H. Sandra Bregman

JCC The Charleston Jewish Community Center exists to nurture and enrich our Jewish identity as we respect diversity by focusing on culture, education, social and physical development, service and needs. The Charleston JCC is the ‘Heart of the Community’ and provides programs and services for all age groups. Everyone, regardless of age or religious affiliation, is welcome. One of our target groups is area seniors. Because many of our senior members lack transporation,we offer inexpensive and reliable transportation to medical appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores and to programs sponsored by the JCC senior program. “As a single person, it is not a lot of fun to go out and eat alone or to go sightseeing alone. I joined the Seniors for that reason and in the bargain have made many special friendships.   It has also expanded to other activities at the “J”, such as exercise classes and Ballroom Dancing classes.” – June Moon

BBYO BBYO is a leading Jewish youth movement involved in Jewish community, Jewish education, Jewish leadership and social network programs. BBYO is the leading pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful Jewish experiences. For more than 80 years, BBYO has provided exceptional identity enrichment and leadership development experiences for hundreds of thousands of Jewish teens. Charleston is lucky to have a chapter right here in our community, and the CJF is happy to help support it. As a BBYO Advisor for the past 3 years, I have watched our Chapters grow and develop. These teens have become, as they always were, major contributors to our community. They give their time to help with J-Serve, to distribute posters for Jewish Piccolo, to build the playground at Emanu El, to paint the JCC pool, to help Marty Perlmutter’s gang set up at Chanukah in the Square and are always available to our Jewish community to assist in any way.  This organization cements their Jewish identity in such a positive and nurturing environment and more importantly, keeps them connected to their heritage at a time in their lives where they are exposed to so many outside influences.  It’s important our Jewish teens have an organization, a place, they feel welcomed and can grow. Since losing their B’nai B’rith support, BBYO counts solely on its local ability to sustain itself.   We could not function without the Federation’s funds and support. – Greg Rothschild, BBYO Advisor

“It’s important our Jewish teens have an organization, a place, they feel welcomed and can grow.” - Greg Rothschild, BBYO Advisor

June July Voice 2011  
June July Voice 2011  

Charleston Jewish Voice - June July 2011 Edition