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Design and material variations with the Samsung phone covers With Samsung phone covers you expect all sorts of changes to it right from the earlier versions to the present ones. These phone covers vary also in their material that goes into making them. There are just so many features that change across all Samsung phones which include the external feel of the casing, type of material that goes into making the casing, and calibration or appearance of the phone cover in terms of its color and other decorations. Here you will find bespoke decorations with some corresponding to one gender while others are unisex. So when one is assessing the Samsung phone covers, you will want to categorize the differences as to their appearance and design. Outward appearance of the Samsung phone covers: what changes across all phones. There are various aspects that change across all phone covers which include the phone decorations to the outside, the general color tone and model shape which all go into determining the design of the phone cover and casing. The phone cover is however not the casing to the phone as the casing is the primary housing to the phone while the cover is the additional housing which shells the entire phone. You could have a blackberry phone with the primary casing being not so impressive to you but the outward appearance can be altered simply by adding on to it a secondary cover which could be of any material such as leather, plastic or even rubber. Although most Samsung phones have plastic casings, there are other few models that have special plastic that is coated by some rubber luster which brings about some strong grip when one holds the phone on hand. Other such phones will have covers that are calibrated to the outside with flowery decorations and other fancy drawings which probably are meant to attract young people or the female sex in general. This is a marketing strategy and is also replicated across other phone brands. Different material that makes up the Samsung phone covers All Samsung phone covers vary both in their material and design that you may find around. There are at least three types of phone covers when looking at it from the material perspective. The first one is the plastic cover, which is common with many such phones. The other one is the rubber type of phone cover which serves as a shock prove in addition to offering physical protection to the phone. Thirdly, there is the leather type of phone cover which is very common with secondary phone covers. Here you will find a leather

pouch that houses the phone covers for Samsung and comes mostly in dark colors such as brown, grey and black though there are other few brightly colored leather casings. The plastic casing is usually soft and tender when you feel it in your hands while the rubber has some grip effect to your fingers and palm. The leather type is tough but smooth on the surface and will sometimes bear engraved decorations and writings to its surface.

Design and material variations with the Samsung phone covers  

There are various aspects that change across all phone covers which include the phone decorations to the outside