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Greeting Cards with SOUND Open Card and HEAR it’s SOUND - totally unique

Features Open card and hear it’s sound Fun facts on reverse Blank on the inside Size -16.5cm x 16.5cm Cards fit stand 0120 and 0240 Barcoded for easy stock control

Belted Galloway ref: RWUK6031

Dartmoor Pony ref: RWUK6033

Buff Orpington ref:RWUK6032

Tractor in 1950’s

et with an itch

Tractor is from the Latin verb ‘Trahere’ meaning ‘to pull’ In the 1840s the UK invented steam traction engines to work the fields

n a Wild Boar and a Tamworth pig

similar in looks to those found in e

o disruptive and are happy to sleep

Ford Motor Company first mass produced tractors, in 1907 It is estimated that there are 25.5 million tractors in use worldwide with 5 million in the USA and 500,000 in the UK

Main Image: New Holland tractor in 2011

“Down on the Farm”

eciality meat and make up a only a l UK pig population


All sounds are generic Images and design by Charles Sainsbury-Plaice All rights remain the property of the above PRINTED ON STOCK FROM SUSTAINABLE FORESTS

RWUK 6036

Hampshire Down Sheep ref: RWUK6034

in Britain y Charles Sainsbury-Plaice e property of the above OM SUSTAINABLE FORESTS

RWUK 6035

Iron Age Pig ref: RWUK6035


5 060211 660511



5 060211 660528

the Farm”

Iron Age Pig

Tractor ref: RWUK6036

CSP Countryside Greetings wholesale catalogue 2017  
CSP Countryside Greetings wholesale catalogue 2017  

Greeting cards and gifts for country lovers. Artists include Charles Sainsbury-Plaice, Thelwell, Alex Underdown, Bryn Parry, Colin Blanchar...