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WITH THANKS FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD I am honored to offer this Annual Giving Report with sincere gratitude for the generosity of the entire Charles River School community including alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty and friends during the 2015-16 academic year. The Annual Fund is a critical component of the school’s annual operating budget and every gift is valued. I am proud to announce that the CRS Annual Fund grew by 28% this year, receiving $689,589 in contributions, surpassing its goal of $680,000. Additional gifts of $319,726 were made to the endowment and special projects. This tremendous achievement is a clear sign of our community’s dedication to the extraordinary education offered at CRS. With 98% of current parents and 100% of faculty participating in the CRS Annual Fund, I am humbled by our collective philanthropy. Participation in the Annual Fund demonstrates a commitment to the financial stability of the school and enables CRS to: • • • •

Increase financial aid to support a diverse student body; Attract and retain best-in-class faculty and provide professional development opportunities; Enhance the depth and breadth of the curriculum; Maintain the beautiful campus and facilities.

We simply couldn’t achieve greatness without our parent volunteers who champion the mission of CRS everyday. I would like to acknowledge our Annual Fund Chair Deirdre Levine and the Development Committee, chaired by Elaine DeLuca. Your support remains vital. CRS’ commitment to educating the whole student – academically, socially and individually – has a profound impact on nurturing leaders and innovators of the future. I am deeply grateful for your devotion to the school and its students, both for today and for tomorrow. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you. Sincerely,

Sarah Lapides President, Board of Trustees Parent, Hannah ‘18 and Elizabeth ‘21

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ANNUAL FUND IN ACTION Because of your support, the 2015-2016 academic year was truly dynamic! Your generosity is fueling creative classroom projects and thematic curricula which educate our students emotionally, socially and academically. You are making a difference on each and every one of these students - thank you!

On the first day of school, fourth graders went right to work! Their classroom turned into a construction site where they measured and mapped out their learning space. Not only were they learning to work collaboratively from day one, they were sharpening critical math skills!

Pre-Kindergardeners measured the length of Painted Lady caterpillars as they grew over time. Then they used colored pencils and rods to draw to-scale caterpillar observations for their journals. This hands-on activity integrated math, art and science into their classroom theme of “children are explorers and protectors of our natural world.”

Alumnus Sam Duffey ‘01, a Senior Mechanical Engineer and Inventor at iRobot, visited CRS to share his expertise in coding and robotics. He quizzed the students on robotic sensors and how they work together to make useful household items, bringing light to the practical side of math and science.

As part of their study of the Middle East, third graders corresponded with pen pals at the Islamic Academy of New England and then hosted their pen pals at CRS! This tradition helps to break down stereotypes, build tolerance and increase understanding of cultural diversity; regardless of different backgrounds, students realized that they’re all third graders and all just kids!

Seventh and eighth graders participated in a Research Assembly; in preparation, they designed a poster, engaged in research and prepared to talk about a person or issue in a trade show format. This project sharpened skills in critical thinking, public speaking, creative arts and investigative research, preparing them for the academic challenges of high school. Page 3

WITH THANKS FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL With tremendous pride, I write to thank you for your commitment to supporting the joyful, dynamic and vigorous education at Charles River School. This was a record-breaking year for CRS. Our community is second to none, and I am deeply grateful. Reflecting on the past year, it’s clear to me that CRS has a bright future. I am inspired daily by the glee on our youngest students’ faces when they see the Otter mascot on campus, the poise from our eighth grade students during graduation and the talent showcased at every assembly in between. Because of your support, we are nurturing the next generation of innovative leaders and inquisitive thinkers. We saw CRS’ spirit first-hand at the Consenses Exhibition in May. This artistic rendition of the game “telephone” included contributions from every student through photography, music, movement, technology, writing or visual art. The students’ appetite for innovation and leadership shone in our desire to be the first school to undertake a school-wide Consenses project. Students – and our greater community – saw that many individual perspectives add up to a much greater truth than just one perspective alone. This exercise will be a building block for our students as they present a case to a judge or make the next great scientific discovery. I am honored to be a member of this community and work in partnership with our remarkable faculty, committed parents, affectionate alumni and past parents. Collectively, I am confident we will continue the tradition of encouraging curiosity, creativity and intellectual engagement. We embark on the 2016 – 17 academic year celebrating the completion of our outdoor Wetlands Laboratory, and looking toward a capital campaign to build a new middle school. I look forward to sharing more memories with you in this coming year and beyond. My sincere gratitude and warmest wishes for you and your family.

Gretchen Larkin Head of School

In addition, I would like to extend a very special thank you to the following Board of Directors members who completed their terms in 2016: • Tracy Bodio • Eddy Chen • Elaine DeLuca • Jim Frantz ‘02 • Michael Joe • Julie Weeden

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SUMMARY OF FISCAL YEAR 2015-2016 FINANCIALS Statement of Revenue and Expenses | Fiscal Year 2016* *All figures reflect 2016 unaudited financials. Adjustments to the financial statement may be identified when the audit work is complete which could result in differences from this preliminary information.



Tuition and fees (net) CRCAP Contributions Endowment Transfer Program Fees Special Events Interest Income Rentals and Other Income

$ 4,974,810 $ 1,125,166 $ 742,234 $ 540,000 $ 1 1 8 , 2 73 $ 21,851 $ 11,267 $ 142,845




Instructional Administration CRCAP Facilities Fundraising EDP and Other

$ 4,134,510 $ 1,941,818 $ 817,838 $ 556,805 $ 415,683 $ 193,168

CRCAP Contributions Endowment Transfer Program Fees Special Events Interest Income Rentals and Other Income

Instructional Administration CRCAP Facilities Fundraising EDP and Other

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Gifts in excess of $2,500 are recognized in leadership societies named for the founding mothers of CRS.

In recognition of our young alumni from the last 10 years who made gifts to the Annual Fund.

Richardson Society Gifts of $35,000+

Scott Society Gifts of $5,000+

Blue & Gold Society Gifts of $2,500+

Stephen and Nisha DuBois 

Anonymous (1) 

Anonymous (1)

Lawrence and Yvette Hochberg 

Brian and Jennifer Devlin

Robert and Tracy Bodio 

Nigel and Joanna Travis 

Jason and Jenifer Harrison

Robert Bourgault and Kristen DiChiaro

Samuel and Kristin Hendler

Bonnie Brescia and Jeanette Poillon 

Forbes Society Gifts of $25,000+

Scott and Lisa Hilinski

Robert and Ruth Capone 

Karl Jackson and Alison Campbell ‘83 

Annie Clay 

Athanasios and Foteini Filippou

George Lee ‘80 

Brian Clay 

Matthew and Sarah Lapides 

Gary and Deirdre Levine 

Morgan Palmer ‘45 with

Leonard Lilly and Carolyn Langer

Colin and North Lyman ‘60 Cunningham 

The Boston Foundation 

Antonio and Nina Lorusso Eric and Allegra Lowitt

Michael Healey ‘06  Alison Joyce ‘07 Kathryn Richards ‘07 Cara Vanin ‘07 Hans Vitzthum ‘07  Niklaus Vitzthum ‘07  Tori Cabot ‘08  Edward Dewees ‘08

Ross and Jodi Daniels

Zoe Jayne Frazier ‘08 

Henry and Jessica Dormitzer

Sophie Vitzthum ‘09 

John Eysie and Cathy Savage-Eysie

Alastair Bastian ‘10

Brian and Rebecca Grimm

Rosie Powers ‘10

Francisco Heredia and Tammy Bishop

Adut Ayuel ‘11

Williams Society Gifts of $10,000+

George Mumford ‘40 

Anonymous (1) 

Michael Qu and Jenny Zhang 

Peter and Susan Bernard 

Arnold ‘40 and Rosalind Hunnewell 

Zoe Dickerson ‘11

Jason and Molly Plummer ‘95 Cook 

John Quackenbush and Mary Kalamaras 

Bill and Gretchen Larkin

Liza Jayne Frazier ‘11 

Anthony and Elaine DeLuca with the

Alan and Jackie Stuart with

Alan and Carol Lisbon 

Sarah Evantash ‘12

Guanglin Liu and Pauline Ju

Caitlin Reardon ‘12

Peter and Cheryl Marconi 

Sierra Root ‘12

Thomas and Deborah Meyers 

Isabelle Bastian ‘13

Carl O’Connell

Sophia Brescia ‘13

Will ‘88 and Heather Willis 

Kenneth Prusov and Galina Prusova

Emily Chen ‘13

Igor and Masha Yatskar

Jim Quagliaroli ‘88

Genevieve Cohen ‘13

Richard and Rosamond Reiber

Luke Dewees ‘14

Scott Root and Cocoa Carter 

Noah Evantash ‘14

Michael and Holly Joe 

Stuart and Lisa Rothman 

Lillian Hicks ‘14

David and Kiersten Lowe 

Michael and Priscilla Savage 

Emily Whitten ‘14

Harrison Miller ‘75

Mark and Jessica Thompson ‘84 Somol 

Owen Asnis ‘15

Leo Spyrou and Gina Karapanou

Sophie Ridlon ‘15

Sophia Stone

Katherine Jackson Roer ‘15

Glenn and Paige Stowers

Samuel Garber ‘16

Richard and Diane Tutin

Nate Whitten ‘16

Andrew DeLuca Charitable Foundation 

John and Sarah Ehlinger  Reg and Barbie Foster with The HO Peet Foundation  John and Nancy Frantz  Richard and Wendy Garber Robert Guiliano and Victoria Stuart with The Stuart Family Foundation & State Street Bank 

Kent Plunkett and Julianne Pemberton with the Pemberton Family Foundation

Frederick Ramos and Robert Starmer with State Street Bank

James Savage and Jennifer McLean  Dudley and Sally Saltonstall ‘52 Willis 

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Mike Pham and Lien Nguyen

The Stuart Family Foundation

Timothy and Charlotte Gregory ‘67 Surgenor  Mark and Christina Taborsky with BlackRock 

Christopher Chen ‘15

Hao Zeng and Linda Kwok

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased


Deena Christelis Ethridge

Paul and Julia Atkin

John Eysie and Cathy Savage-Eysie

Roxanne Aurisma 

Michael and Laura Fardy

Ludger and Tracy-Ann Bain

Athanasios and Foteini Filippou

Jonathan Bass and Carol Feldman Bass

Heather Flewelling

Christopher and Beth Bean

Richard and Wendy Garber

Anthony and Sandra Bedikian

Annie Gauger and Cynthia Mackenzie

Michael and Ellen Bluth

Victor Gaybor and Rhonda Amatangelo Gaybor

Neil and Julie Bo 

Joao and Olga Gomes 

Robert and Tracy Bodio  Robert Bourgault and Kristen DiChiaro

Brad and Phoebe Goodman

Mark Brassard and Thanda Fields Brassard

Brian and Rebecca Grimm Robert Guiliano and Victoria Stuart 

Gary and Deirdre Levine 

Alan and Gailyc Braunstein

Mason and Adele Haber

William and Shawna Li 

Yvette Ram 

John Buchanan and Leslie Harlan

Benjamin and Katherine Hammond

Leonard Lilly and Carolyn Langer

Frederick Ramos and Robert Starmer

Robert and Ruth Capone 

Jason and Jenifer Harrison

Guanglin Liu and Pauline Ju

Francisco Robledo and Eileen Minnucci

David and Rebecca Carley

Karen and Marcie Hebert-Maccaro 

Antonio and Nina Lorusso

Glenn Carroll and Emily Rothschild 

Samuel and Kristin Hendler

David and Kiersten Lowe 

Benny Rodriguez and Nancy Galindo-Rodriguez

Edward and Catherine Chen 

Francisco Heredia and Tammy Bishop

Eric and Allegra Lowitt 

Annie Clay 

Matthew and Elise Otis ‘80 Hicks 

Scott MacLean and Theresa Leone 

Brian Clay 

Scott and Lisa Hilinski

Joe and Eda Magri

Fred and Elizabeth Clayton 

Lawrence and Yvette Hochberg 

Peter and Cheryl Marconi 

Ross and Jodi Daniels

Brian and Janie Howland

Yuriy and Inna Margulis

Anthony and Elaine DeLuca 

Scott and Andrea Hudler

Graham Masiiwa and Ntonhle Kekana

Brian and Jennifer Devlin

David Itzkovits and Kara Gilbert

Kieron and Sue Mathews

Lee and Laurie DeVries

Karl Jackson and Alison Campbell ‘83 

Richard and Andrea Mazzaferro

Henry and Jessica Dormitzer

Michael and Holly Joe 

Kevin McDonald

Stephen and Nisha DuBois 

Michael and Leslie Jackson ‘91 Judge

Charles and Jennifer McGucken

Matthew ‘81 and Elizabeth Earley 

Dainius Juknelis and Dalia Jukneliene

Jeff and Liza Meyerhardt 

John and Laurie Edwards

Paul and Lexanne Kerr 

Thomas and Deborah Meyers 

John and Sarah Ehlinger 

Peter Kerr and Anna Giraldo-Kerr

Kurt and Mica Moellering 

Neil and Olivia Elder

Matthew and Sarah Lapides 

Norman and Jennifer Morrison Scott and Sara Morrison Andrew and Molly Mullahy Joe Novicki and Beckett Dent Carl O’Connell John and Nancy O’Leary  Mike Pham and Lien Nguyen Jeffrey and Andrea Piecuch Kent Plunkett and Julianne Pemberton Larry and Karen Pratt  Kenneth Prusov and Galina Prusova Michael Qu and Jenny Zhang  John Quackenbush and

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased

Mary Kalamaras 

Scott Root and Cocoa Carter  Stuart and Lisa Rothman  Andy and Melinda Rothstein Gregory and Karen Salvucci James Savage and Jennifer McLean  Elizabeth Sheehan  Thomas and Sharon Sipp Michael and Lauren Smith Mark and Jessica Thompson ‘84 Somol  Lorraine Spadano Eric and Jen Spindt Leo Spyrou and Virginia Karapanou Glenn and Paige Stowers Ross Taliano and Hilary Waxman Steve Tylerbest  Nigel and Joanna Travis  Richard and Diane Tutin  Katherine Whitten  Todd Whitten  Ishma and Kathy Williams Todd and Elizabeth Williamson Will ‘88 and Heather Willis  Donovan and Petrena Wood Igor and Masha Yatskar Hao Zeng and Linda Kwok

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Diana Prout Cherot ‘52

Susan Bulfinch Ritger ‘31

Charles Long ‘52 

Thomas Moseley ‘37 

Sally Saltonstall Willis ‘52 

Fay Dabney ‘39 

Cynthia Lyman Freeman ‘54 Barbara Russell Williams ‘54


Boynton Glidden ‘55

Nancy Richmond Blackett ‘40 

David Lewis ‘55 

Henry Guild ‘40 

Cornelia Clark Roberts ‘55 

Arnold Hunnewell ‘40 

Stephen White ‘55 

George Mumford ‘40 

Martha Dukelow Borst ‘56

H. Hollis Hunnewell ‘41 

Louise King Cook ‘57 

Barbara Baker Campbell ‘43 

Arthur T. Lyman III ‘57 

Madeline Lee Gregory ‘43 

Fordie Sargent Madeira ‘57 

Edward Lingel II ‘63 

Rupert Thompson ‘78

E. Amory Hubbard ‘43 

Jeannette Stone Reynolds ‘57

Lincoln Lyman ‘64

Regina Purtell ‘79

George Lewis ‘43 

Jane Cheever Talbot ‘57

Mary Rachel Spang-Lawton '64

Mary Gregg ‘79

Beatrice Dabney Adams ‘45 

David Van Ness Taylor ‘57 

Jerry Arnold ‘65

Walter M. Cabot ‘45 

Finley Perry ‘58 

Marie Ryburn Foster ‘65 


Morgan Palmer ‘45 

Nancy Sargent McGrath Green ‘59

Fran Lawrence Aikman Keene ‘65

Elise Otis Hicks ‘80 

David Lee ‘46 

Catherine Kostick Ravinski ‘59

Arthur Lewis II ‘65

Laura Kunkemueller ‘80

Benjamin Taylor ‘59 

Luisa Hunnewell Newman ‘65 

George Lee ‘80

Mary Pierce ‘65

Matthew Earley ‘81 

Nathalie Olney Talbot ‘48  Frederick Cabot ‘49  John Grew Jr. ‘49 


William Spang Jr. ‘66 

Juliet Thompson Hochman ‘81

Kathleen Lee Sherbrooke ‘49 

Aileen Sanger Briggs ‘60

Jonathan Reynolds ‘67

Adam Peirce ‘82

Paul Toulmin ‘49 

North Lyman Cunningham ‘60 

Charlotte Gregory Surgenor ‘67 

Whitney Robbins ‘82 

Nancy Adams Roth ‘60 

Amy Drinker ‘68 

Alexander Sprague ‘82


Lisa Schmid Alvord ‘61

Susan Guild Roddy ‘68

Alison Campbell ‘83 

Robert Chapin, Jr. ‘50 

Jane Morse ‘61 

Caroline Parker Hoppin ‘50 

Holly Duncan Craig ‘83 

Samuel Plimpton ‘61 


Peter Horovitz ‘84

Theodore Chase Jr. ‘51 

Madeleine Spang von Hemert ‘61 

Lisa Lewis ‘71 

Ashley Edgar Milliken ‘84

James Lombard ‘51

Talbot Dewey Jr. ‘62 

Ashley Tessmer ‘72 

Jessica Thompson Somol ‘84 

Richard Olney III ‘51

James Esten ‘62

Jonathan Wallace ‘72

Matthew Stein ‘84

David McCombs ‘73

Brooke Earley Asnis ‘86 

Jonathan Slater ‘73

Louise Brooks Nelson ‘87

Neil Jackson ‘74 

Stephen Buck ‘88 

Cynthia Olney Knight ‘74

Colin Cunningham ‘88 

Frank Araby ‘75 

James Quagliaroli ‘88

Julia Wallace Bennett ‘75

Will Willis ‘88 

Julia Greenway ‘75

Katherine Mason ‘89

Russell Haddleton ‘75

Samuel Sherry ‘89 

Anne Crane Kirby ‘75 

Christopher Willis ‘89 

Harrison Miller ‘75

Page 8

Rebecca Spang Thomas ‘75


Rebecca Abrams ‘78

Nathan Fenton ‘90

Shappy Donnelly LaPointe ‘78 

Winnett Cunningham Ordway ‘90

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased

ALUMNI GIVING CONTINUED Leslie Jackson Judge ‘91

Emily Moder ‘05

Laurel Dumont ‘92

Carly Reed ‘05

Benjamin Merrill ‘92 

Emaline Surgenor ‘05 

Jamie Scott Haverty ‘93 

Michael Healey ‘06 

Jennifer Lifson ‘93 

Alison Joyce ‘07

Deborah Willis Dowling ‘94 

Kathryn Richards ‘07

Amy Lisbon Branton ‘95 

Cara Vanin ‘07

Molly Plummer Cook ‘95 

Hans Vitzthum ‘07 

Tarah Donoghue Breed ‘96

Niklaus Vitzthum ‘07 

Laura Faulkner ‘98 

Tori Cabot ‘08 

Katherine Parker ‘98

Edward Dewees ‘08

Emily Lisbon Peterson ‘98 

Zoe Jayne Frazier ‘08 

Janna Burke Spock ‘98

Sophie Vitzthum ‘09 

Sarah Blackwell ‘99 Julia Harman Cain ‘99 


Georgiana Konesky ‘99 

Alastair Bastian ‘10

Lisa Zaval ‘99

Rosie Powers ‘10 Adut Ayuel ‘11


Zoe Dickerson ‘11

Robert Frantz ‘00

Liza Jayne Frazier ‘11 

Jonathan Kleiman ‘00

Sarah Evantash ‘12

Adriane Lesser ‘00

Caitlin Reardon ‘12

Madeline Surgenor ‘00 

Sierra Root ‘12

Elizabeth Cummings ‘01

Isabelle Bastian ‘13

Erica Hinsley ‘01

Sophia Brescia ‘13

Victoria Phung ‘01

Emily Chen ‘13

Kathleen Sobo ‘01

Genevieve Cohen ‘13

Erik Surface ‘01 

Luke Dewees ‘14

Drew Tuckett ‘01

Noah Evantash ‘14

Shara Zaval ‘01

Lillian Hicks ‘14

James Frantz ‘02

Emily Whitten ‘14

David Gainsboro ‘02

Owen Asnis ‘15

Katherine Reed ‘02 

Christopher Chen ‘15

Anant Shukla ‘02

Sophie Ridlon ‘15

Douglas Surgenor ‘02

Katherine Jackson Roer ‘15

Jonathan Greco ‘04 

Samuel Garber ‘16

David Masterman ‘04

Nate Whitten ‘16

Sam Olsen ’04 Victoria Schmidt-Scheuber ‘04 Maria Stracqualursi ‘04

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased

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FRIENDS GIVING Including gifts from grandparents, parents of alumni, grandparents of alumni and friends of the school. Beatrice Dabney Adams ‘45  Walter Armstrong and Susan Parsons Peter and Brooke Earley ‘86 Asnis  Michael Tolley and Lynne Austin-Tolley James and Edith Bastian  David and Judith Belsley John and Terry Bergdoll 

Colin and North Lyman ‘60 Cunningham  Al and Nikki Descoteaux  Robert and Cheryl Dewees  Desi Doulos-Ayers  Jim and Mimi Earley  Terence and Nancy Elsberry

Peter and Susan Bernard 

Robert and Jeanette Emerson

Nancy Richmond Blackett ‘40 

Christian and Sylvie Essex 

Jim and Margaret Blackwell

Edward Evantash and Karen Davidson 

Phyllis Jackson

Peter and Christina Raskin 

Peter and Linda Fenton 

John Kaplan 

David and Jessica Reed 

David Finkelstein and Linda Taffet 

Lynn Kaplan

Richard and Rosamond Reiber

Rebecca Flewelling

Fran Lawrence Aikman Keene ‘65

Reg and Barbie Foster 

Edward and Phyllis Kepnes 

William Ribaudo and Svetlana Peikates-Ribaudo

John and Nancy Frantz 

Bernd Kuehn 

John and Robi Richards

Doug Frazier and Kristin Jayne 

Suraj Kumar and Vanita Srikanth 

Dean and Julie Ridlon 

Nancy Harris Frohlich

Cornelia Clark Roberts ‘55 

Ronald and Jean Greco 

James LaRochelle and Leigh Hutchinson 

Clark and Michele Rothauser

Lillian Greene 

Mark and Devon Laycox 

Thomas and Joan Rouillard

Malcolm and Jackie Greene 

Nancy Levy-Konesky 

Bob and Lucrecia Sage

Julia Greenway ‘75

George ‘43 and Emily Lewis 

Michael and Priscilla Savage 

Madeline Lee Gregory ‘43 

Alan and Carol Lisbon 

Thomas and Ann Schwarz

David Gundaker and Anka Brik

Mary Loeken 

Peter and Dale Sinesi 

Lee Hendler

Mike and Joan Lowitt

George and Lee Sprague 

Steve and Juliet Thompson ‘81 Hochman

Richard and Vivian Marson 

Sophia Stone

Paul and Betsey Horovitz 

Sally McGucken

Alan and Jackie Stuart

Susan Hughes 

Guy and Joanne McLean 

H. Hollis ‘41 and Edie Hunnewell 

William and Jean Miller

Timothy and Charlotte Gregory ‘67 Surgenor 

Fred and Dibby Moder 

Mark and Christina Taborsky 

Jeffrey and Pam Moor 

John and Carol Thompson 

George Mumford ‘40 

Michael and Kristine Vanin

Leslie Hailand Newman

Neil and Elise Wallace 

Stephen O’Brien and Jonette Nagai

Michael and Laura Ward 

Jeffrey and Hilary Olsen

Chuck and Betsy Watkins 

Richard and Martha Paine 

Pamela Williamson

Paul and Joan Parsons 

Dudley and Sally Saltonstall ‘52 Willis 

Surya Patel

Peter Yeager and Kathy Kram 

Carolyn Peirce

Edward and Janet Zaval

Duc and Ami Phung

Henry Zenzie and Kathleen Wetherby

Lawrence and Nancy Bluth Robert and Ann Bodio John and Karen Bowley  Bonnie Brescia and Jeanette Poillon  Nancy Brown  Joan Buchanan Sheldon and Diane Buck James Buckley Philip and Wendy Cabot  Walter ‘45 and Dorsey Cabot  John and Arleen Carter Arthur and Pam Chaves  Toni Chute  Laurence and Dawn Cohen  Peter Cohen and Maria Paz Casado  Kathryn E. Copplestone  Norman and Rita Corey  Richard and Erin Cummings 

Richard and Michele Powers  Jeanette Pratt-Tello 

Page 10

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased


Jennifer McLean 

Julia Atkin

Ruth McNeill 

Roxanne Aurisma 

Rachel Miller 

Teresa LaSalle Baker 

Dibby Moder 

Julia Bateman

Mica Moellering 

Amy Lisbon Branton ‘95 

Pam Moor 

Toni Chute 

Laura Mutch

Elizabeth Clayton 

Mary Oliveira 

Paula Converse 

Megan Page

North Lyman Cunningham ‘60 

Carolyn Peirce

Aaron Dana

Richard Prario

Talbot Dewey ‘62 

Jeanette Pratt-Tello

Despina Doulos-Ayers 

Karen Belsley Pratt 

David Downing 

Christina Raskin 

Mimi Earley 

David Riedell

Diana Elkavitch 

Kent Rouillard 

Sylvie Essex 

Paul Salamone

Linda Fenton 

Harrison Simon

Rebecca Ferat

Donna Sola

Nancy Harris Frohlich

Jessica Thompson Somol ‘84 

Catherine Gately 

Vanita Srikanth 

Aaron Gelb

AJ Sullivan 

Julia Greenway ‘75

Zachary Swale

David Gundaker

Steven Trust 

Stephen Haskell

Victor Velazquez 

Jordan Hertzberg

Bill Walsh 

Andy Holiner 

Mary Walsh 

Walter Horak 

Julie Weeden 

Susan Hughes 

Gina White 

Leigh Hutchinson 

Kat Whitten 

Kristin Jayne 

Marta Willett 

Rachel Kellar 

Jennifer Worthington 

Annie Kenney  Lisa Wolk Larcenaire Gretchen Larkin Theresa Leone  Jeanne Limoges Lang Julie Lockman

 30 years consecutive giving

 20 years

 10 years

 5 years

 deceased

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DESIGNATED GIFTS Many parents, alumni and friends made special contributions to CRS outside of the Annual Fund. Designated gifts were gratefully received in support of endowment, special funds and programs. Other donations were made in-kind, through grants and via corporate matching gifts and foundations.



Anthony and Elaine DeLuca

Reg and Barbie Foster

Kent Rouillard and Rachel Miller Rose Marie Vanasse

ASSEMBLIES Lawrence and Yvette Hochberg

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS Andrew DeLuca Charitable Foundation Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore BlackRock Matching Gift Program

Stephen and Nisha DuBois Pattie Handloss Howland Family Fred and Anne Kirby Kantrowitz Needham Bank Joe and Eda Magri Fred Ramos and Robert Starmer

GRANTS Massachusetts Cultural Council MathWorks, Inc. The Windover Foundation

The Boston Foundation Buck Family Foundation David V.N. Taylor Foundation Fiduciary Trust The H.O. Peet Foundation IBM Maine Community Foundation Needham Bank Pemberton Family Foundation, Inc. Silicon Valley Bank Sister & Johnny Foundation State Street Bank Stuart Family Foundation, Inc. Triple T Foundation

FAST TRACK INITIATIVE Edward and Catherine Chen Anthony and Elaine DeLuca Michael Qu and Jenny Zhang Savage Family Foundation Mark and Christina Taborsky

GENERAL ENDOWMENT James and Edith Bastian with Triple T Foundation

Robert Fuller Jr. ‘51 Ellis Jones Hambleton and Michelle Lord

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MARION EARLY FUND FOR FINANCIAL AID Kent Rouillard and Rachel Miller


SPECIAL PROJECTS Molly Plummer Cook ‘95 Anthony and Elaine DeLuca Stephen and Nisha DuBois John and Sarah Ehlinger Reg and Barbie Foster James Frantz ‘02 Matthew and Sarah Lapides Gary and Deirdre Levine Michael and Holly Joe Bill Schawbel and Judy Samelson Nigel and Joanna Travis Will ‘88 and Heather Willis

WETLANDS PROJECT The Wetlands Project began in fall of 2014 to create an outdoor classroom so that CRS students, and children from surrounding towns, could enjoy learning about the natural world in a safe, environmentally-designed, wetland setting.

Founder’s Circle


Susan and Peter Bernard

Nick and Bay Bancroft

The Charisma Fund in memory

Karl Jackson and Alison Campbell ‘83

of Lucy Sprague ‘80

The Samelson and Lowitt Families in honor of Alex ‘21 and Dana ‘19 Lowitt

Dudley and Sally Saltonstall ‘52 Willis The Windover Foundation

Toni Chute Deb Willis Dowling ‘94 Jim and Mimi Earley in honor of Annie Kenney and Pam Moor

Cathy Gately Lisa Lewis ‘71

Major Donors

Victoria Phung ‘01

Anonymous (1) in honor of Diana Elkavitch

Katherine Roer ‘15

Colin and North Lyman ‘60 Cunningham

Mark and Jessica Thompson ‘84 Somol

Reg and Barbie Foster Pam Kunkemueller George Lee ‘80 in honor of

Doug Surgenor ‘02 Emaline Surgenor ‘05 Madeline Surgenor ‘00

The Swiny Family

Alan and Carol Lisbon Mary Loeken Susan McMillan The Maureen Calkins Wildlife Foundation and the Mumford Family Needham Bank Jeanette Stone Reynolds ‘57 Cornelia Clark Roberts ‘55 Wendy Ludwig Sobo Timothy and Charlotte Gregory ‘67 Surgenor David Van Ness Taylor ‘57 John and Carol Thompson Paul and Courtenay Cabot ‘87 Venton Will ‘88 and Heather Willis Chris ‘89 and Pam Willis

Every effort was made to accurately recognize the generosity of each of our donors throughout this Annual Giving Report. If you find an error or omission, please accept our sincere apology and contact Rachael Burbank in the Development Office at 508-785-8267 so we can correct our records for the future.

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Charles River School P.0. Box 339 Dover, MA 02030

Annual giving report 2016  
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