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Richard Gilder Graduate School, Upper West Side ​hi everyone welcome to another hangout on air my name is Talia Thomas I work on our staffing team here in Google Mountain View and today we're going to talk about the business acquisition manager role in our Europe headquarters in Dublin so we're gonna talk about what the team does what Marcus they support what skills you need to join the team and our different a whole host of other topics as well so to start I'll introduce everyone who's who is here with us today beginning with Michele hi everyone I'm Michele Kingsley I'm a recruitment specialist here in our European headquarters in Dublin and I recruit across our inside sales organization and I suppose the thing that I love most about my job is guiding candidates through the the Google interview process which can be a little bit tough but making that call to candidates to give them a final full time offer at Google I remember getting the call myself two and a half years ago and it's a great feeling so it's it's nice to be the person that's able to deliver the good news Christmas hi people my name is Krystal Saros I am a this acquisition manager for the Greek Cypriot and Maltese markets remember the business for just over about a year and a half now always recruit always hiring within that it's not hiring finding a new perspective advertisers within those particular markets and what I love about my job the most is in fact because we are still growing as a market within the region that I cover the fact that you can contribute in that growth and via online advertising field and about you speak daily and with some well established names but also some media advertisers especially within and such a market which has such a high economic crisis and it gives you the ability to really help grow that and be part of something big I which affect overall the economy in the country okay great Paul yes hi my name is Paul Sharkey and like Christos I work as a business acquisition manager here at Google I'm here just - over a year but I've been in sales for like ten years so I've had a lot of opportunity to work in different sales environments what I like about Google is a the challenge and be I suppose the opportunity and consistently amazed at the clients that aren't on board at Google and aren't using online and it represents a wonderful opportunity as a salesperson to acquire those clients okay and Natalie hi everybody my name is Natalie Bagnall I've worked in Google for five years before that I had a long career in the advertising industry selling ads in newspapers on television on on the backs of buses and the reason I really love working in Google is because I work with a really smart eclectic bunch of people from many different countries in many different languages and it's a lot of fun great to hear so you know you guys have a you know wide variety to meet wide variety of different backgrounds but I was wondering if you guys could just give me an overview of the offer so Natalie could you kind of tell me like what what is a mia sales from our really high level yeah sure so it's a really diverse team in the Dublin offices and we also have hubs in Hamburg and London in the Dublin offices we have over 70 reps who sell in over 15 languages and they're speaking to customers potential customers in 20 24 different countries so it's a really big diverse group of people and all the people we hire speak at least two languages they've all lived and worked in other cultures before but they have great experiences great cultures and great stories to bring em to the the overlay of all eyes oh and they are group great and you know Paul's women could you give a little bit of background into you know what the business acquisition manager team does and what the what the roles are within that team yeah no problem like a lot of people like when I was doing my application for the loan and Google I didn't really couldn't get to grips of exactly what it was so hopefully I'm going to give you a breakdown of what I do so at least you'll get a good grips of what the actual role is but in a nutshell I suppose as an acquisition manager what we're trying to do is I identify advertisers that are new to Google so these are people that could already be on the offline world via TV newspaper radio etc or when we find out that they're not on Google it gives us as a salesperson opportunity to reach out to them so it might not sell how do you go about that I suppose once you've identified a new a potential new advertiser to Google you need them to find the correct decision maker within that company and ensure that you're trying you judge made contact with them and have a conversation with important done ones here is finding the correct decision maker the person that actually holds the purse strings or makes the decisions in in relation to marketing budgets from there really how I approach it is I'd very much like to have a conversation with them it's normally over the phone the majority of times and it's really to get an idea from them about what they're doing currently Martin

Martin marketing terms why they're using outdoor our national press or radio and where Google could fit into that mix with themselves I suppose another thing which reminds just across to our questioning with people is to find out their pain points with the current marketing so where are they seeing a return on investment how are they measuring that and really found that conversation what you're trying to do is come up with solutions for them where we can help them through those pain points and help them achieve their marketing goals I suppose one of the beautiful things that Google can offer people is we can actually give them the metrics if you go out and spend I spend money in the past on TV thousands I couldn't tell you whether helped the business in any way I know I spent the money or Google can actually show people is how the money was spent and the end result so they can make informed marketing decisions going forward I suppose once we've had these conversations and we found and talked about solutions with the clients the goal for us then would be to come back with a documentation or proposal for them on how we would expect them to use their marketing spend with Google and use our various products and platforms that we have for them to advertise with once we gain that support we have an account management team backing ourselves off that'll actually help that client get on board and use Google's best practices going forward so they see returns on investment early on and once they see those turns they continue to advertise with really great great that sounds good and then you know crystals could you give them a little bit more color into kind of what you do on a day-to-day basis in your role essentially the role as Paul already mentioned we cease out by the new advertisers and the new advertisers to us would be supposed to know maybe still a global international brand which is yet to use Google AdWords as an advertising platform all ranging right through to smaller more innovative startup mode companies as well but people want to achieve is grow their online presence and find new innovative ways to reach their new now on a daily basis are may be interacting in people such as a chief marketing officer a managing director of a business or even advertising agencies in many cases which is an external partner to these new advertisers and which through these conversations what we seek to understand is what is the business model trying to get to grips with it trying to understand what the bottlenecks of the business might be or what their ambitions might be even ends through those conversations trying to enact a solution which may include our search engine advertising products it may include our Google Display Network product YouTube advertising or even benefiting through mobile advertising which essentially forms a bespoke proposal which myself and my team work on and present to these customers if all goes well what we then get is the customers approval and they benefit from working directly with someone within Google preparing of up to three months and receiving that account management and following that particular from that particular team but it all starts from us so I think that's what's the really exciting part about it I mean and outside of that play to day activity we also get a chance to interact with many different departments within Google there's loads of business units the loads of different teams whether it be marketing or whether it be other programs such as the Adsense program which we on a daily basis we get the opportunity to interact by new innovative ways of reaching out to new customers or finding new customers but also looking to work on common projects which allow you to get all the visibility of the business reorganization and break up that day-to-day activity and get involved and more interesting further interesting work as well and added to that what we also benefit from is in country visits as well so if you have a new innovative way of reaching your customers you may have you have given the free rein as well if you have a business purpose to organize an event and so for example I remember my most recent event was in cyclists of all places where we managed to hold a financial summit for online businesses great eventful in loads of new revenue for the business and Gaussian opportune speeds many new innovative businesses out there and I guess the Sun and the beach was just an added bonus - yeah just just a pure coincidence that that you traveled there wasn't my it wasn't my choice and you know you mentioned you know countries and and other travel and things like that how much interaction do you have with the other country teams and other language teens within the business acquisitions team well I think not to me really hit the nail on the spot earlier on when she mentioned that was great diversity on the team you know we're currently sitting out that 20 plus countries that we cover all of which speak the local language or have experience of living within the marquee or work in the market so everyone I think brings something different to the table I myself I cover three different countries and have the opportunity speaking to other countries as well but I also I get to benefit from learning from other people on the team as well whether it be my teammates from Italy or my teammates with France or Spain or further afield so really being able to where as an individual and learning off them as well but also getting more visibility as to what's happening in Europe overall great now the could you talk a little bit about the career progression within the team because you know I know that we have different you know different people at different stages of their careers but all kind of you know stay within the business acquisition manager team yes yes and everyone always asks this when they come for interview is how they can progress with Google and the truth is that it's very exciting and there's a really strong career progression within acquisition and I've had reps who have worked with with the teams

for a couple of years and then moved on to do exciting jobs in Sydney New York Singapore the Mountain View and then closer to home in Paris or London across a variety of different opportunities such as Android display training etc they're really strong career progression and after you've been in the company for six months with us then we'll work with you very closely on a personal development plan and linking in very very clearly about what your own personal plans are where you want to see yourself in three to five years and the truth is that an app you'd of time in acquisition in Google it stands there very very well to you because you get very hard tough commercial experience in a multiproduct format so not only did we sell ad words but also YouTube content Network etcetera so and a good variety of different products mobile as well and and the fact is that you've got your very attractive after a couple of months of experience in acquisition to other departments in Google and that's how these opportunities come about for RIT so we very much encourage it we hate to lose people but at the same time we know that it's better for them to move and progressive in Google than for us to leave them outside great great and you know speaking of candidates Michele do you want to talk a little bit about what roles we have open on the team and kind of what went what skills are needed for those particular roles that we have hoping yeah absolutely so this is one of the fastest growing teams in Google and so we have a lot of roles available at the moment across a multitude of languages but just to name a few that we're really crying out for would be the Danish the Dutch the French the Spanish the Russian Czech Slovak Germans literally anyone that's got some sales experience we want you so apply now typically what I'm looking for when I'm screening see these are people with at least that one year's acquisition sales experience so if they've got cold pouring experience business development but we will look at people that have potential so I often get applications in from candidates who don't exactly have the exact fit for what we're looking for on paper they've shown a clear interest in joining an acquisition based sales team and I'm more than happy to talk to them so it's really about the passion to get into sales and you know very competitive hungry individuals obviously we work on a base salary and then a commission structure as well because Google is a company that really rewards hard workers overachievers and this team is definitely that so that's the kind of individuals we were looking for in terms of what I'm looking for and on CBS you know I think if you're a good salesperson or you want to get into sales what I look for is metrics and what people have achieved in their previous employment so you know it's great to have a nice CV or well formatted CV that I really want to know what you've achieved in your previous roles so really try and sell yourself you know by kind of utilizing you know metrics and as I said what you've achieved in your CV we also look at extracurricular activities you know what else you were passionate about outside of work and university so it's a range of things that myself and the other recruiters would be looking for great great and then what about like interviewing like what kinds of tips could you give for someone who's going in for an interview like what should they expect in that in that process yeah absolutely I mean I don't think it's any secret we definitely gonna be touching base on your CV and again particularly if I'm recruiting first salespeople I want to know that they're level four or passion for the kind of joining a sales organization there are metrics but I will also touch base on their product knowledge and AdWords is obviously one of our main revenue generators so I'm definitely going to be asking about their product knowledge and you know some general kind of questions about the online industry in general it's like any interview if you're going to an interview with a company you should have a bit of background knowledge about that company and the way Google works and roots and interviews is that competency in scenario-based format so have examples that you can share with your recruiter if the recruiter then is happy we do move to a telephone interview with the business so that would be typically with one of the senior members of the inside sales team like these guys sitting beside me and then we would invite you to an on-site interview so you actually have a good few chances to really sell yourself and as I said we're looking for loads of people so definitely go to the Google job site yeah absolutely and we actually have one user submitted question that's about kind of the job seeking aspect of things its how important is a degree when working in your business acquisitions Department yeah absolutely I mean it's not something that we look for in particular as I said we look for a range of things I mean we're definitely it's a plus if someone has a degree and it's something that we'll talk to them about as part of the interview process but there are plenty of people who have great experience with food companies in Google who don't have degrees and who can do the job just as well as anybody else and who are some of our top sellers so it's not a must as I said we look at a little bit of everything great great great to hear okay so we have time for one other question this one comes from Roland in Texas in the States so it's when working in the business acquisitions Department are there sales goals or any type of quotas that are under the microscope that you must meet when you're in the department so Paul do you want to talk a little bit about that absolutely as Michelle said earlier on in the Hangout it is a sales environment we are target driven I worked as I said for about 10 years with different sales environments in different industries I've got to meet a sales person that doesn't have a target so yeah do we have targets yes we do but they're they're achievable they're well structured so you know what to expect when

you start each quarter but that's that's as you want and sales you want that challenge that's what's kept me going in sales for so long is those tires and the pressure that comes with them you handle it in a team like we appear we all help each other out so you're not an individual you are part of a team and that's one of the things I like about the eyes our team the mentality is we're in it together but there aren't it is a target driven environment like every sales environment is across any industry sure great well we really appreciate you know everything that you guys shared about the role you know sounds like there's a lot of different challenges a lot of different areas a lot of different languages so if for those of you watching if you're interested in learning more and finding out about the opportunities on the team just go to our job site at on air that we have coming up please follow us on the life at Google page so that's just ww-well comm slash plus life at Google so thanks everyone for watching and thanks to my colleagues in Dublin for participating New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.