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INRODUCTION The Flatpack Construction Company offers the wide range of flatpack furniture assembling services that are known for their prompt, preciseness execution and cost effectiveness.


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About us The Flat Pack Construction Company (FPCC) is a national team of great skilled flatpack furniture assembly experts ready to service your flatpack assembly needs.

OUR SERVICES You have lots of option when looking for a company for flatpack assembly in the UK. A good quality flat pack assembly company will complete all these requirements. When looking for an reliable flat pack company, make sure to follow these plans:


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AREA & PRICING OUR QUALITY ASSEMBLY PRICES:  Booking Fee: £25.00  First Hour: £20.00  Every Additional Half Hour: £10.00 If any furnishings assembly service provider quotes lesser charges than us in UK then we will give an additional discount of 5.00£ on that price.


Address: The Flat Pack Construction Company Limited, FPCC House, 4 St. Benets, Spencer Square, Ramsgate, Kent CT11 9LN.

Tel: 0843 289 4951 Email: Website:


Furniture Assembly  

Flat Pack is one of the renowned companies for flat pack furniture assembly in UK. Our assembly experts offer quick and efficient services....

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