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Use of Grid to organise layout

The grid can be used to organise the layout of images and text boxes etc. To overlay the grid onto your pages by going to the View menu and then the Show submenu and click on Grid.

Applying Effects to Text To apply effects such as drop shadow or outer glow firstly you must double click on the layer. This will bring up the layer style box. Then you can select different styles to apply to the layer instantaneously.

Applying transformations

Firstly you must go to the Edit menu and then the Transform submenu. From this submenu you can make many transformations to layers. In my magazine I used the rotate tool on the rounded rectangle box and the flip tool on the main image on the front cover. The flip tool is automatic but the rotating tool can be manually adjusted by clicking and dragging to rotate the item selected.

Changing font colour, style and size

To change the font colour, firstly you must select the text you want to change and then click on the font colour selector. This opens a select text colour dialogue box which allows you choose a specific colour or choose the levels of red, blue and green. To change the font size, you must again select the text you want to change and then click the font size selector. This opens a menu from which you can select a text size or enter one of your own. To change the font style, such as underlining or emboldening, you must select the text you want to change and then click on the Text Format selector and then choose any options to change your text.

Creating shapes Select the create a shape tool button. Then select the shape you want to create. Then drag until it is the size you want. You can then change the colour by using the Fill tool.

Linking and Duplicating Layers To link layers, you must click one layer, then press Ctrl and another layer you want to link to. You can do this many times as you want. Then you can right click on one of the layers you want to link and click Link Layers. The Layers are now linked. To duplicate layers, you must right click on the layer and click Duplicate Layer... You will now have a copy of the the layer in the same position as the old layer. You can now move it to any position you want.

Image editing 1. Select the image you want to edit 1


2. Select the Magic Wand tool and select the part of the image you want to edit out. This will produce a line of ‘marching ants’. 3. Then you right click on the image and select Inverse. 4. Now you can now Layer Via Cut and you can delete a Layer you don’t want and you’ll finish up with your edited image.



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