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Design Brief Band name: Prestige Album name: Edinburgh Song names: 1. Duty 2. Transfigure 3. Clare 4. City 5. Augustus 6. Wall 7. Seven 8. High 9. Barrier 10. Gravity Target Audience Demographics: 21-35 Listen to Marcus Miller, Red Hot Chili Peppers and SMV Interested in quiet festivals, gigs and music (jazz) cafe, old classic records, books and films and play an instrument like the bass guitar or saxophone Wear brogue boots, dark denim jeans and colourful/ patterned t-shirts Imagery and colour schemes: Black and white photograph background Album title integrated with main photo background Splashes of colour Band name not integrated with main photo with colourful bold font Type Face/ Font styles: Colourful font used in contrast with black and white photograph Bold round edged font

CD Cover Design Brief  

A brief description of the influcences and target audiences for my new CD Cover

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