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Danger Ahead, written by Charles Morehouse Brief Introduction: As two outstanding families get together on a glorious evening of December 23, 1977 something happens. George J. Carter, he was an honest man! As he said he was from the beginning. He has a record that surprises the detectives In Detroit Michigan; they were surprised when they received a disturbing phone call from the victim’s motherin-law. Her name was popular in the town and she was well-known. Sarah Pickens, she called police when she found her daughter in the bath tub cut up and covered in blood. She had marks of struggle. The police have no motive and no person of interest. The last person saw her

alive was her boyfriend. He was seen fighting 1

and arguing with him. He was quickly brought down to the station for questioning. He denied involvement with the victim. He was asked to give a PolyGram test to see if he is lying, he agreed to take one. He failed the test and was asked to give DNA to match against the victim herself! He was very overwhelmed with the offer and such. He again! Agreed to take a DNA testing to see if they have a match, and he agreed to do so. As the interview took place, he denied about everything. He had nothing to do with the murder. 2

As he was walking out of the station and was walking to his car, he made a wrong and brutal comment. He commented that he killed her! He also said he would help with the search to locate the person who may have done this horrible crime. He also said he might know who have done this. He named a bunch of names that might be of interest. He was finally arrested and held in contempt. He was mostly held for further questioning. He knew how her body ended up in that bathtub and he was the person of interest. He was cuffed and put in 3

the back of the police car and took downtown. He was also held without bond. He will not get out! - What a mystery! As the story reveals that young George J. Carter, he was the guilty man, your honor! He was taken into custody and was charged with first degree murder, capital murder, at that! He was the man and he was very jealous of her. He stalked her! He waited for the right time to strike! He is 4

transferred to a federal prison and was prepared to suffer just like poor and young Sarah Pickens. She was prepared to finish school and go to college, but was murdered in a cruel and foul play. She was alive when she was found and died four ½ minutes later. He has a record so long that he was eligible to receive the death sentence. This story is fiction! It is an action and breathe taking story that will 5

shake you. I am Charles Morehouse; I bring to you, Danger Ahead! Danger Ahead! Written by Charles Morehouse

Chapter one: Demon in awakening, 6

Dallas Texas, Building 1234A 12:45 P.M 1976 As two minutes at the old building on 4th street alerted for piles of danger, it shocked everybody in Dallas Texas. Two men, Frank Powers and forty five year old Thomas L. Baker, he was the two wealthiest business men in Dallas Texas. They were big time men in Dallas. They owned every block on the east part of town. 7

They had it made! As they were walking to their car, they were knocked in the head with a metal pipe and fell to their knees. They were took to the alley and cut up and put in a trash bag and placed in a box and mailed to the police station with a fake mailing posting address. That was there so that they can never be traced by the police. A dangerous man, Jake Peirce and a big-time felon the same guy that processed the package that was sent to the police received the box with human remains; they were very 8

shocked and very worried. They knew that they had a dangerous man on their hands. They then contacted the FBI. The FBI, they talked to the Dallas PD. They told them what to do regarding this particular case. They were ordered to examine the whole town, they were told to go door to door and request a DNA sample from each person in Dallas. The chief of police, Paul Dunkin, he was shocked and did as he was told by the FBI. He knew that the killer had to be found and to be taken off the streets of Dallas. He set up a 9

meeting with his officers and staff. He told them what to do. He set his men on an assignment to swab every person in the city. He gathered the SWAT unit, he ordered them to get the sample and if refused to hold them in containment until they do so. The chief was serious about this case. He had body parts of two people who have been killed and cut up into pieces. He knew something was up! He was going to find out! As the case went on, the police came into the sight of luck. The 10

police found out some good vital information. He found out about a man who has the tools to pull off the crime we are looking at. His name is well known felon, Tommy� Jay� Burner. He has resources to have somebody killed and contaminated and cut up and the power of a post office employee to mail it strictly to the police. He was on trial for murder in (66) for killing his uncle and got off! He pleaded not guilty for reason of insanity. He was placed in a state hospital for the maximum sentence of five years. He was approached 11

and agreed to give a blood (DNA) sample to confirm his and the victim’s DNA match criteria. His DNA came up as a match. He was arrested! He was then charged with second degree murder. He again! Pleaded not guilty reason of insanity and his plead was granted! He was scheduled to appear in a trial hearing in two years. He was transferred to a sic ward in Huston Texas. He was said to remain there to his hearing. He was caught! He was also getting away with murder. He had no diagnosis of any kind! He was 12

playing and beating the system at full speed. The sic ward was comfy and very relaxing to him and was proud to be a killer and wrote the following. Journal Entry: 40012 as I sit in shame doing the same thing kill and care less about everything. I love what I do. Why must I stop? When my life goes on and yours goes on home, it means nothing to me and will never will. I feel good when I see another human bean bleed cover their neck and their whole portion of their 13

knees. It is a shame when they die when I do not cry as they head from the cemetery to the sky. I care for none! Evil and sincerely, Tommy” Jay” Burner As the note got to the public from the police, it hurt like hell! Why would a human want to kill another person for the heck of it? It was an evil deed that waited around the victim’s corner and ran over the way of thinking and awareness. The victim, she was taken from the pleasures of earth. Why? The 14

man who committed the act was early diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar. He was not even stable enough to stand trial. He was sure not be on the outside and inside society for the rest of his days. He did paint a picture of evil and very much demon based spirits and thinking based actions that nobody will ever understand. He is sitting in the most deadly state institution that will frighten him for years to come. He is scared to be in front of a judge because he is scared to hear the comments that were 15

thrown at him at his first hearing. His own family is afraid to go see him, why? His actions, they scare everybody! He is set to appeal in court in the year 2015. He is set to be at least 78 years of age. His family finally had the guts to see him in the year 2000. He was surprised and asked if they could speak with the judge to lighten his sentence, they said No! He was mad and angry. He asked if they would leave.

Chapter Two, Mistake in justice 16

As the time begins to get rough! The judge makes a shocking decision. She lightens his sentence to be released in the year 2001, that summer to be exact. His family was surprised for her to make that decision. She was given instructions from the family to know that he has changed! He was set for an appeal on the following week. He was happy! He was set to destroy the family of the victim to have the same execution style of Sarah Pickets. He wanted to do the same style of murder. He planned it out for years. He wrote it down and rehearsed it, as well! He was prepared to execute her! He called his friend on the streets, T-L17

Parker. He was his friend on the street. He arranged the murder of the first victim Sarah Pickets. He was prepared to make her suffer like her child, which he murdered first. He called up his friend and told that he might be getting out! He explained that he wanted to arrange and kill her mother. He replied, Man are you sure you want to do this? You got caught the first time! Tommy� Jay� Burner, he was serious and was not letting up. His friend warned him that if he got caught again! He was not doing any more business of that sort, tommy agreed! He explained the plan of the killing. He covered all the areas to have the murder pulled off and un18

noticed. He explained where to meet when released from the prison. T-LParker, he explained that he needed something in return. Tommy, he agreed! He gave him the banking account which he had in his house or personal account at that. He explained at his house that he had over one million dollars of drug money from selling crystal Meth and other drugs. He explained that he would pay half, at first! Then he said that he will pay the other 2.6 million dollars after the murder is complete. His friend, he agreed! He understood the plan and agreed to supply the fire power. He agreed to supply several rifles and pistols and ambition. He paid him; he then hung 19

up the phone. He made sure he was not recorded while on the phone. He was serious, above all serious! He was never recorded or anything of that sort. He took a shower and headed to his room and went to sleep the remaining of the night. He woke up the next morning and prepared for his court hearing. He had an important day ahead of him. He was possibly going home. It was like he got away with murder. He was ready and prepared to plan and execute another gruesome based murder. He cared less about the person who he was going to kill. He was planning it the whole time in prison. He had nothing to do, but kill and remove individuals from the face of the 20

earth without a trace. As he gradually got himself ready for court and to be released, he remembered what he did and cried for a minute and wiped his tears off his face. He knew that he was going to fail! He did know that he had to stay cool. He brushed his teeth and combed his hair and put deodorant on and waited for the guard to take him to court. He had a burden on him that was killing him. He knew he had to get it off his shoulder. He said nothing because he wanted to go home. He knew if he spoke of such a thing that he was not going home. What is going on, as he replied in a suspicious form of speech? He was then brought to the point that they had enough 21

evidence to throw the book at him. As the court session begins, he was met with his attorney, attorney Phillips Banks. He was a public defender for Dallas county public defenders unit. He was warned that this might be a winning battle. Tommy� Jay� Burner, he responded with so much laughter. He laughed and had no sign of heart and the losses of the multiple lives which he sacrificed. He sat down and the judge was staring him down like she knew what was about to happen. Judge Tammy M.C.-Carter. She was the presiding judge for the trial that was happening at the moment. She then ordered the court to start and was now in session. As they court went on about the 22

suspect, Tommy� Jay� Burner. That he was the suspect of the crime and the reason for the deaths of twenty police officers. He was a trained assassin and a serial killer without an inch of heart within his soul. He did not care about the innocence of all his victims. He wanted all of them to suffer to the full extent. He murdered them in cold blood. He was the suspect. He was followed and thought he got away and was the image of the channel 5 news in Dallas news image network of the century. He was among us for years, and now he is being brought to justice and will most diffident get the death penalty. He will have to pay just like his victims. Paul 23

Wesley, a young teenager who was riding his bike when a fatal bullet went clearly through his head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Prosecutor John Smalls, he was the lead of the defense of the whole case. He argued among his attorney of the fact that he was the suspect and not innocent of the crime. They argued for days. He and his attorney wanted him to walk free but that did not happen. He was escorted back to jail to his holding cell. He was scheduled to appear in court to receive the vitric and sentencing. He tried to play as innocent, but the defense attempt failed! As he returned to his cell, he was released of the shackles and cuffs and the doors shut! He 24

was depressed! He knew by the shout of a doubt that he was going down for twenty counts of 1st degree murder. He slept and awoken by a dream that struck him like ten thousands needles. He then awoken covered in sweat and terrified. He had to think of a way to get out of this damage to his life and reputation. He was going to break out of jail! He made a phone call to his friend after pleading to make a call while out of his cell. He finally got it! He made a private UN traced call to his gang related friends upstate. They were going to bring hundred or more to break into the jail and retrieve him. He was determined to break free of the bondage of which he was living. His plan worked! 25

Two hours after the call, there was a big explosion and left a hole in the wall of the jail. The guards called for backup, nobody came. They reached out to the Dallas PD. As the call was made, the dangerous man was out of reach. He caught a plane to Asia. He joined a terrorist group, called Hashish Terror INC. time went by and no sign of the terrifying inmate and the citizens of Dallas County were getting worried and were not secure. After the idea came to mind, the Dallas County state officials, as wells as federal officials. They gathered a search party, including air and ground support. They deployed all military officials, including the Army National Guard. They deployed 26

over a thousand men and women on this particular operation. It was serious operation. Days went by, the search came clean. They had to find this guy and his crew. He was rolling with a crew that is officially with the Russian government operation and before the break out of jail thing. Two Russian officers were found dead with their throats slit. This was a world based crime and issue, to the public and to the world. This individual could start a nuclear war and the end to humanity. The FBI and party of five, they got a break in the case. The phone ring on the night of November 15th 2000 and it was a murder in Japan related to the crimes happening at home. Something 27

was up! Agent Carter McClain, he quickly contacted his boss, Chief Ben O’Neil. He was eating dinner at home. (Phone ringing) hello, the chief replied. What can I do for you? As the chief got the information of might be their guy. The serial killer who slanged two Japanese police officers, he knew he got a break in the case. He rushed and got dressed and headed to the office and gave the word to fly to Tokyo Japan. He was certain that it might be the works of Master mind, serial killer, Tommy” Jay” Burner. He has struck once again! As the plane finally landed early the next morning, the dictator of Japan, he met them at the airport. He was concerned of the 28

situation. He quickly asked if they visited the family of the victims. As I was understood, the agents get a ride to the home which was the family of the victims. It is shocking and big tragedy, replied ten year veteran agent Parker Mecosta. He was worried! He looked to their boss, Chief Ben O’Neil, in his dark black suit and Stacy Adams shiny shoes. He was the man who did not care what color you were, you do the crime, you do the time. He was a straight up dude. He wanted justice to be handed out and the massacre to end. A lot of people have shed blood for no reason. Then out of nowhere, a van shoots through the parking lot which the agents were standing and threw out a 29

dead Chinese officer out of a moving van, he was dead! It was a man who was missing for months out of Hong Kong. He was an innocent man! He had two little girls and one boy. His wife had passed away, years before. Ezra Casa Chung and She was a school teacher in a small school in a small village two miles from Hong Kong. She was traveling to work and a drive by shooting caught her! She was killed from a blow to the chest and pronounced dead! They quickly ran the licensed Plate and it came up to the guy they were looking for. He was quickly posted for a warrant for his arrest. He was spotted by a train station next two miles from ben Jing, china. He then flew 30

to Havana Cuba. He again, got away. The authorities, they caught up with his hommies, gang buddies. They were questioned on which he was going, no answers. The police contacted the United Nations and warned them to start a world search; they responded with yes I will do that. As the word went out! Two Cuban residents went fishing and located two bodies, it looked to be an American. They called the Cuban police; they then saw a warrant for man which saw walking around the local villages. They contacted the United States, they are aware of something suspicious going on. They had a jail break of an inmate who escaped and has not been seen for months. The 31

Cuban police official, he gave the description which matches the image of the person whom escaped from jail months before. He asked the Havana Cuban police dept. can you bring him to us or do you want us to come get him? The police were very puzzled! So they agreed to meet at the American military base In Cuba. They police in Havana Cuba, they Surveillance the whole republic of Cuba. Days go by‌ as later on the surveillance pick up an image which is familiar to them. It is the serial killer, he coming out of a food mart. They have a group of officers surround him, to where he can’t get away. As he tries to get away, he is caught! He has twelve guns 32

pointing at him. He finally surrenders! He is placed in cuffs and transported to a facility and held in detained, waiting to be picked up by US. Government Officials pick him up. He is charged with multiple counts of 1st degree murder. He is being held without bond and in the process in receiving the possible result of the death penalty. He is responsible for many deaths. He is the sorrow of many people around the world. As he realizes the hurt he brought to people around the world. He is ten hours later escorted to a maximum security prison in Palm Beach, FL. He is held without the possibility of bond. He will seek justice! Tommy� Jay� Burner\, he opened his eyes in a prison 33

waiting for his trial. He knew he was probably going to die! He also knew he was taking lives to his grave with him. He was a sicko beyond nature. He had no heart. As he got the word for trial, he started laughing... wow! He replied. I may die, but I took lives with me. The heart is to take human souls; I will take that to my trial. As he rambled and laughed, he still had a picture of his daughter, who was took from him because of his criminal activity. He said over and over, I wished I choose a different road. He knew his daughter was out there! His ways blocked her from him. His trial was probably being watched by her on live television. He was going to 34

be a shame to his own flesh in blood. The time drew nearer by the minute. As the bars begin to rattle by the keys opening up the cell walls and the sound of shackles and handcuffs, he knew it was for real! He shakes his head and begins to shed tears for the first time. He knew he was going to be going to his grave, real soon! His life was falling and coming apart. He felt sad and depressed by the way his life has turned out. He waited for the door to open and to be cuffed down and escorted to the courthouse inside the prison. He was going to be accounted for all of the murders he had committed. He then five minutes later, the guard came in and cuffed him! He was searched and 35

transported to the courtroom and was going to his first hearing. He will have additional charges against him. He killed twenty more people; he started out with two counts of murder, now! He has twenty two counts of murder. He is ran over of his charges and scheduled for the last hearing and scheduled for a murder trial for all the murders he had committed. He is looking at, either the electric chair or life behind bars. He will be tortured and killed, if tried in Japan or China. His sentence will be lighter in the US. If he is tried elsewhere, he will die a horrible death. His name will be a frightened name that will go down in history. The province of China has seven 36

counts of murder against him, while Japan has twenty two. He has enough that if tried they will torture and hang him. He needs to prey!!! As time moves on, the time and pressure and revenge and hard detective work of the Dallas PD has paid off! The detectives have been waiting for this moment. As the days go by, the calendar has been counted of steps for justice for people who were killed in the tragedy of the individual which is being tried. He has killed several law enforcement officers. I hope he has thought and understood about what may happen in your trail, Mayor James Ponds replied as he addressed the media. This man, he deserves to die or rot for what he 37

done to these innocent families. He is a danger and a risk to all communities around the world. I will address in court the danger for him to roam the streets ever again, as the mayor explained the damage to his community, the community of Dallas County Community. He laid out some good tips on why did they let him escape in the beginning?? He wanted to know why he was not secure. He was not secure and put danger to our community and the world. We need to give him the death and punish him like he did to the citizens of our community. He does not deserve to live, as he argues to the prosecutors of the courtroom in the first hearing. He wanted to know they let him 38

get away the first time, why? He replied! He had a community that wants answers. He spoke to the sheriff of the Dallas County Jail. He asked him how an inmate took over the jail and escaped? He had no comment. He was questioned on the fact of helping the inmate escape? As he closed him in, the fact he will also be tried. He was scared! He quickly escaped trial, saying he was not on duty that day of the escape. He had a solid alibi that he was not there. He was excluded off the suspect list. He was off the list and headed back home. He got with the judge and pulled up the history of the inmate and found out that Tommy� Jay� Burner, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia and 39

Bipolar Mixed together. He is now proof made to be mentally retardation; he then was not in true mindset aware of the crimes he committed. His mindset was disturbed! He will not be tried with the murders and possibly sentenced to the maximum of ten years in a state hospital. He then will be free! This information the media received of being dropped as a suspect and a free man in ten years, Chapter Two, Court Hearing:


It was very disturbing. People got access of the way to see the trial. The media was shocked and as the prosecutors gathered up their evidence and reached a verdict and came back to read it. (All arise) has the jury reached its verdict? The jury then read the verdict. We the defendant, not guilty! 1st degree murder, and as the judge received the information he then threw out the sentenced for reason of insanity. The sentencing will be ordered to serve ten years in a state hospital. (Courts Injured) the people exited the courtroom with fear in their heart. The inmate Tommy� Jay� Burner, he was burned like tar in a fierily furnace. He knew he was going down! He quickly smiled as he 41

looked at his attorney. The courtroom turned to complete silence as the jury returned to the room. The judge looked towards the jury, he quickly asked! Jury do we have a verdict? They quickly said, yes! We find the defendant Tommy” Jay” Burner, guilty! The courtroom begins to become quiet. The judge quickly ordered the guards to remove the inmate, Tommy” Jay” Burner. The judge responded that the sentencing will be in thirty days. As the inmate was taking away, he shoved the officer and quickly removed his gun while shooting at his attorney with terror. The attorney who was appointed to him that day, he was in critical condition. Ten minutes later, the 42

ambulance was on the scene. He was shifted off to the Carterville Medical Center. He was in bad shape. The inmate was added a new charge against him, attempted murder. When the news was brought to him, he was terrified! He knew the crazy act of getting off; it was gone with the wind. He was looking at more time then he could actually imagine. He will never get out and back in society. He had his whole life to worry about in the big house. (Why??? He begins to ask himself? He was screwed completely. He returned to his cell sex minutes later! He was stripped from his clothing and placed in a paper type uniform, as well as his covers and sheets. The same night he was 43

freezing cold. He wonders how he could make another escape. He begs and pleads for another phone call. The guard allows it for a maximum of two minutes. He calls his home boy and asked for help for a possible escape. Why you wanna do that, dog? He responded, I can’t take this shit no more. The attorney fucked me over, so I shot his ass. He deserved it! He fucked my life up! Now, he will have a fucked up life, if he survives! Yea! I shot him in various places, six shots. You are going to help me? The young man, he wanted out for something he caused. J.B Walker, the man he was calling. He was going to help him but there were detectives on him. The detectives wired 44

his phone. He could not afford to be in his same shoes, which he is in, jail! (Son, I said two minutes, the guard replied! He was escorted to his cell with force. He had no idea what he was getting his self into. Get the fuck off me! Tommy� Jay� Burner, he replied to the guard with anger and aggression. The guard, he radioed for backup! Ten minutes, he had a load of officers and all with stun guns and they were ready to use them, any means necessary. He fought, he did not win! He was tased to the ground and placed in his cell. He was told by Officer Todd Henderson, a veteran NYPD detective. Son, I am trying to be nice, get the hell in your cell! He continued to refuse! He was 45

tased, again! He was down on the ground and the cell closed right behind him and locked shut. He was in a war that he will ever win! He had to understand that! He was warned that if he gave anymore problems that he will be in the hole of the jail for ninety days. He understood and behaved himself from that day on. He was a saint! He was not joking about his little freedom, which he obtained! He was in a war, again he want win! As time grew near, he was in the process of being transferred to a state hospital for the remaining of his time before he is decided on his sentence. He will remain there to his sentence is up! He will be treated as a sick one. His diagnoses were fatal. He was years ago 46

diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar. He has been sick ever since. He got worse and worse! His parents gave him up then he is blaming other mankind for their mistakes and engaging in a violent act. He don’t internally hurt people, he is confused! He thinks in his mind that people are out to get him. He is more of condemned! Chapter Three, Court Sentencing: November 4th 1999 Carterville Court House 3:23 PM


As the time went on, Tommy� Jay� Burner, he became confused. As he appeared in a confused mind set and was awaken and was cuffed and shackled down! He was preparing for his court day and sentencing. He was already convinced to the jury that he was not in a normal mind set. He knew now! He was spending ten years in a state hospital, which he is doing time at the moment. He walked into the court room with a confused look on his face. He knew where ten years of his life will be spent at. The judge 48

then, he was now in session.all rise! As the judge walked in and was ready to hand out the sentence. He took the podium. Son, I now! Sentence you seven years in a state intuition. You will be there and will be legible for parole in no longer then two years. Do you understand your sentence, son? Tommy, he quickly said yes! He understood and was escorted back to the hospital and placed back in his cell. He got less time then he expected. He had to 49

serve at least two years to regain his freedom in society. He was proud of himself! He quickly took a nap. He arose two hours later! Ah! What a good nap! I already served two months of my time so what do I have to worry?? He happy what he saw in the nursing department and it made him more motivated. He saw an angel. She was a certified Nursing Assisted. She was dark skin with dark hair and thick as hell! She was just right! She fell in love with me and I did the 50

same. She tucked me in and did freaky shit to me, as well! We

fucked! I stuck my wood in her. Well! I did it

so much! She got pregnant, by me! She never got in trouble and I was happy about that and she was mine! As my sentence became closer, she would

bring me

food and sweets. She made me lunch on the days she worked and brought it and shared it with me. She was the best thing that happened to me. I wish I was in her life, world and mind soul earlier. She made my stay at Parker National State Hospital very easy and relaxing. I had nothing to complain about, anytime of the day. I can’t say about her and her name?? Crystal Harper. She made my world go crazy! I feel gud when she is around.

December 25th 2003 7:30 AM 51

Parker National State Hospital As I awoke from the smell of roses and a glass of cocktail and lemon moraine pie, I was surprised by a beautiful woman. He name was crystal parker; she surrounded me with gifts and a variety of things. It was amazing! As I begin to open the gifts, I was struck with the power of her love. She sat by my bed and it felt well! It was very define. She was shined up with a value of more diamonds I could ever imagine in front of me. 52

She filled my heart with so much love. She made life make sense. As we chattered and shared Christmas together and it was just great! As my life unfolded, Tommy� Jay� Burner, he was scheduled to meet with the parole board, next week. He was nervous but excited while determined get back to society and make his 2nd chance worth wild. He was happy but knew he had someone to spend his life with. Crystal Harper, she was scheduled and wanted to be the one to take him home. 53

She was excited to have that honor. She had a lot of things to discuss with him. She had his baby inside of her and she wanted his help and support to help raise it. She knew by evidence that it was his baby. She just wanted him and only had sex with him, she before was a virgin. Before she did it with him, she had never sex before. As he was alarmed that he needed to get dressed and be prepared to meet with the parole board. He then got dressed and prepared himself! 54

(Cell Unlocks) he was ready and shackled down and put in cuffs and escorted to the conference room where the parole board was waiting to meet. (Parole Board Member – Carlos Butler) sit down son. You have served two years of a seven year

sentence; do you feel you

have fully rehabilitated

Tommy” Jay” Burner, he nodded his head and was quickly approved with parole. He was happy! He was then escorted to his cell and was told to pack up! His girlfriend, Female 55

Nurse- Crystal Harper, she was happy! She was told that she was found on his relative records, she said yes! She told the people that she was his BF. She agreed to take him home, she was granted to do that. She gathered his things and packed them in her Mercedes Coupe Sedan convertible. She was luxury maxed out. She was rich because of her troubled past. Her ex-boyfriend, he sold dope and other narcotics. She did not actually sell them, but collected all the money and mainly the profit. She then bought houses and expensive cars, and lived pretty well. Paid for her school and graduated and got a job as a nurse. She was pretty good at it. She knows that Tommy� Jay� Burner got money. 56

He was a big-time druggy. He sold a lot of dope over the years. He had money, large amounts hidden somewhere. He was rich and nobody knew the money existed. He was dangerous; he wanted the world to be scared! He was a crime mastermind. He knows how to play the system and knows it real good!

As you read the first part of my amazing crime based book series, I know you will like the second part of the series. It will be soon, or I would say A.S.A.P. My name is Charles Morehouse

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