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Even though weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery is considered more of a last resort for most doctors and patients, it is still a viable option for those who need it. Obesity statistics have been on the rise for quite some time, and when all else fails, weight loss surgery can help to reverse the situation and restore a patient to better health.


There are only a few real options for weight loss surgery, each with its good and bad points. Your doctor will present all the options and ultimately the

Reasons 

Generally, just being slightly overweight isn’t enough of a reason to pursue weight loss surgery. However, there are reasons why having a surgical intervention is your best or sometimes only option. Obesity may be the primary problem, but it does have the ability to spawn many additional health problems that are quite severe. Weight loss surgery can help you sustain a healthy weight so that you can improve or resolve some conditions that presented itself when you were at an unhealthy weight.

Adjustable Gastric Banding One of the main options forweight Click to edit the loss surgery is called adjustable outline text format gastric banding. Most people  Second Outline would recognize one of the moreLevel popular brands of gastric band, − Third Outline called the ‘Lap Band.’ Level  Fourth  In adjustable gastric banding, an Outline Level inflatable band is placed around − Fifth the stomach to create two sections. Outline The upper section is smaller and 

Gastric Bypass 

Another weight loss surgery Click to edit the option that most people have outline text format likely heard of is called gastric Second Outline bypass. This kind of surgery is Level usually more invasive than − Third Outline gastric banding, as the Level stomach and small intestine  Fourth itself is actually rearranged. Outline Level In a gastric bypass surgery, the − Fifth surgeon divides the stomach Outline into two sections and then seals

Sleeve Gastrectomy 

 A lesser-known form of Click to edit the restrictive weight loss surgery outline is text format called sleeve gastrectomy. This Second Outline is a relatively new Level laparoscopic surgery where − Third Outline roughly 75 % of the patient’s Level stomach is removed. The  Fourth remaining 25% is in the form Outline Level of a narrow sleeve that connects directly to the − Fifth intestines. A lot of the time, Outline

Biliopancreatic Diversion 

Biliopancreatic diversion is basically a more drastic gastric bypass. With this surgery, up to 70% of the stomach is removed and the surgeon bypasses even more of the small intestine.


Biliopancreatic diversion usually results in even greater weight loss than gastric bypass, with up to 80% of excess weight being lost. The remaining stomach is usually larger than what is formed with gastric bypass or gastric banding, so larger meals can be eaten.

Which Surgery Is Best? 

Choosing the ideal weight loss surgery depends on several different factors. Your current state of health, your past abdominal surgery history, and your weight loss objectives will all play a role.

In some cases, minimally invasive surgeries like adjustable gastric banding won’t be possible, while in other cases it will be the only real option. It’s important to sit down with your doctor and discuss all of the options that are available to you.

Weight Loss Surgery _ Comparing Your Options  
Weight Loss Surgery _ Comparing Your Options  

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