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Hold Me Tights is an exclusive brand of tights and hosiery created for individual women, who look for new ways of creation.Our products will satisfy the most demanding women, they are of the best quality and reflect the latest trends. Yarns from renowned companies which are used in production of our goods ensure great comfort of use. The patterns are designed especially for our brand by creative graphics. The whole process of applying a pattern is hand made in limited editions, which guarantees a unique feature of our product. Extraordinary style, surprising place - Hold me tights - Makes Some Noise !

1.0 Tights

Golden Zippers - black

Hexagon - light grey

Integrated Circuit - green

Integrated Circuit - black

Origami Birds - black

Origami Birds - white

Rich Bitch - white

Rich Bitch - black

Love - white

Love - beige

Key to My Knee - light beige

Aztec Tattoo - grey

Linear Faces - yellow

Linear Faces - red

Cut it! - grey

Pixel Invaders - graphite

Lost in Space - black

Eyes of Flowers - grey

Hang On! - grey

Hang On! - fuchsia

Feathers - grey

Feathers - beige

Love Life - black

Live Life - white

Love Under Construction - red

Puzzle - grey

2.0 Leggings

Frightened Birds

Coloured Cubes


Neon Lines

Origami Birds

Rich Bitch

Integrated Circuit

Lost in Space

Golden Zippers

Louis XIV

Linear Explosion

Like Clockwork

No Signal

Organic Matter





165-172 172-180

96-100 100-104

Tights thickness - 60 DEN Leggings thickness - 230g/m2 Black leggings thickness - 100 DEN

Catalogue 2014