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Ideas To prepare and update your SEO for 2014 Created By Charles K. Martinez

Introduction  In 2013,Google can updates the algorithm

for nearly 14 times.  There are 3 major updates roll out in last

year including Panda , Penguin, Humming Bird.  So, consider some compilation of useful

suggestions for the SEO professionals and website owners to prepare your SEO for these Google updates.

Captivate your content ď‚— In 2014,content is definitely continue to be

an very important for ranking. ď‚— Search engines like Google will also

provides the users with the most relevant result. ď‚— So ,you must use relevant content to your

website. That helps you a lot to increase the ranking.

Proper Promotion  After creating content to your website,

you should curate and marketing your content in proper ways.  A great article does not reach well to

intended readers for sometimes.  So, you should spend time to market your

content in proper channels.

Social Media ď‚— Social Media services always plays the major

role in Digital marketing. ď‚— Facebook and Twitters are the great platform to

promoting the business online. ď‚— Get from here some recommendations for

preparing your Social media strategy for 2014.

Made Easy Your Social sharing ď‚— Adding Social sharing Buttons to your website like Twitter, Facebook

is to give some additional advantages to your website to share your content in social media.

Link Building  Link Building is very important for SEO

and Search engine penalize the many popular sites for obtaining links from the bad route.  In 2013,Google updates the algorithm to

give lower rank to the website who get back-links via black-hat techniques.  So , avoid those techniques to get high


Conclusion ď‚— These are the some effective suggestions for the SEO professionals and

website owners to prepare your SEO for these Google updates. ď‚— It helps to save your website from Google updates.

Ideas To Prepare and Update your SEO for 2014  

Here you find some top suggestion to prepare and update your SEO for 2014.For more info,click here:

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