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Consumer Behavior is a field that covers a lot of ground! It is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires. A large organization deciding on a billion dollar computing system, to a 10 year old child begging her mother for a doll are just a few of the forms that consumers can take. Canned carrots, haircuts, dining out, classical music are only a hand full of the items we consume. Spiritual fulfillment, status, a hunger and thirst for love are just some of the needs and desires that many people seek to fulfill. It's also important to know that people get passionate about a vast range of products. For example, you may be a person who only drives Nissan and when I say only drive Nissan I mean, you won't step foot (or buttock) in another car even if they held you by your ankles and blood began to rush to your brain and even then you'll probably only consider getting a 2012 instead of a 2013. On the Marketplace Stage, Consumers are the Actors Consumers resembling actions in role play is generally the sociological perspective of role theory. To put on a good performance, each consumer wears costumers, has lines and props as if it were a real play. Depending on the particular "play" the consumer is at that time and because of the different roles they play, they sometimes change or alter their consumptions decisions based on these factors. The roles that the consumer carries, brings along with it the consumer evaluating the products differently. Consumer Behavior: Is It a Process? The interaction between consumers and buyers at the time of purchase is generally referred to as buyer behavior which could be considered the early development stage of the consumption process. What is beginning to surface is now marketers are realizing that consumer behavior is an ongoing process which generally doesn't end when cash or a credit card is handed over. One of the most integral parts of marketing is the exchange or the process by which two or more organizations or people give and receive something of value. The issues that influence the buying process before, during and after are all part of the consumption process. Consumer Behavior: The Many Roles How To Earn More Money

Build a Business Build a Life During the consumption process we generally define a consumer as a person with a need or desire, who makes a purchase, then disposes of it. During this sequence of events, however, different people are involved. For example, the person purchasing the product may not be the person utilizing the products using the example of gift shopping. You may also act as an influencer providing recommendations and opinions without having used the products yourself. Keep in mind that all these concepts are important and none should be overlooked. Marketers today need to understand the buying behavior of its target market and that includes understanding to a great degree the psychology of buying

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What is Consumer Behavior  

During the consumption process we generally define a consumer as a person with a need or desire, who makes a purchase, then disposes of it....