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But whether you're new to the adult side of the web or you're a seasoned visitor, you've probably asked yourself, "Why pay for a dating membership when I can surf sites like MySpace for free? I mean come on. You simply create a profile on the site to "find friends" and within minutes, you have twenty friend requests from drop dead gorgeous men and women. Sounds like heaven doesn't it? If you need even more of a selection to choose from, you just have to type in an age, gender, sexual orientation, and a zip code and you are on your way to pages full of members. All for free! That’s the premise behind Truly Social’s innovative new dating apps, Flirt Planet Meet and Flirt Planet Play, as users looking for love can now use their iPhone or iPad to practice their smooth moves on computer-controlled characters before actually interacting with other humans through the app. Inside Mobile Apps sat down with Sebastian Coman, Truly Social’s founder and creative director, to find out how it all goes down. Today, for good or for bad, the internet is one of the most popular communicating channels for humans. Many young people use free online dating as the main way to meet new friends. If you look at the numbers it is impressive at how quickly Internet matchmaking sites have caught on with Web users. A few major singles sites have been around for many years but it is recently that they have really taken off. This can be attributed to a few factors including social networking, the increase of people that are online, and the efficiency that these sites provide for their clients. The first thing you need to do is think of the type of person you are looking for. Write down a complete wish list of your ideal mate. Include every detail you can think of and really be specific. At the end of the event, you have the opportunity to choose who you would like to get to know some more. Some places allow you to talk to each other directly, while some organizers use notice boards, notes in envelopes and even text messages so that people do not feel intimidated or embarrassed. Most participants are often professionals. Most of them don’t have time to go out and interact with other people due to their hectic schedule. Some also lack the opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex who happen to be single and looking for love. Speed dating provides a safe environment to meet like individuals. The reason which makes many people believe in dating is because it gives them a chance to realize their love excursions. If you have never been involved in dating, there is a high probability that you have never enjoyed what love has to offer. Love is what makes many things to have a meaning in life. Dating is the reason that makes love to have some form of meaning. You consider the art of dating when you have been involved in socialization antics that are after giving you the best that this life can offer you.

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