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RICS matrics t i UK C Council il 2007 08 2007-08

“…the the view from the Chair… Chair ”

National AGM: 8 June 2007

• Ch Charles l Fifield Fifi ld takes k the h reins i from f Michelle Mi h ll Bernhardt for our 119th year • Work commences on RICS matrics Marketing Plan for overall strategy to raise profile of RICS matrics

RICS matrics UK Council: 2007/8 • Offi Officers: Charles Ch l Fifield Fifi ld (Ch (Chair), i) A Ashley hl C Cooper (Vi (ViceChair/Hon Sec), Sam Cowley (Junior Vice-Chair/Hon Tres) • LT members: Mark Humphries (England), (England) Michael Jones (Scotland), Simon Lloyd (Wales), Andrew McKeown (N.Ireland) • Regional Reps: Rebecca Best, Nicky Calasse, Adam Dodd, Mark Evans, Ewen Galloway, Daniel Hasler, Helen Loney, Lucy Preston, Preston Richard Russell, Russell Fiona Small Small, Gavin Smith, Smith Adam Varley Co-Opted: Opted: Michelle Bernhardt (Immediate Past Chair), • Co Emma Dakin (S. Ireland), Richard Parry (Local Liaison), Becky Roswell (CoEngland), Fred Slater (Sports & Social) • RICS matrics Staff Team: Karen Rogers and Andrew Muckle

LionHeart AGM: 14 June 2007

• C Continuing ti i the th Chairman’s Ch i ’ Challenge Ch ll off “Under “U d 35’s” raising £35,000 (total @ 31.07.07 = £18,897) • RICS matrics LionHeart Trustee: Tr stee: Charles Fifield hands over to Ashley Cooper • Photo: Derek Sayers (Chairman of LionHeart) and Charles Fifield

Football: 14 July 2007

• RICS matrics UK National 5-a-side Football Finals for 2006/7 Session • Organisers: Phil Cooke and Fred Slater • Regional Heats leading into National Finals in Manchester • Winners: Copping Joyce (London) • Runners Up: Bruntwood (Manchester)

Governing Council AGM: 16/1 July 2007 16/17 200

• RICS matrics Representatives: Charles Fifield and Ashley Cooper • Former Chairman Justin Armstrong represents South East Region • Former Chairmen: John Williams, Fiona Grant and Michelle Bernhardt all step down from IGC at AGM

Yorkshire Charity Ball: 18 July 2007

• 400+ attendees in Leeds • Adam Ad Varley, V l CF andd Local L l Chairman Ch i Chris Ch i Harrap H • Monies raised for Local Charities

Cumbria Inter-Professional Cruise: 18 August 2007

Behind the scenes: Summer 2007 • 16 June: Governing Council Workgroup on proposed new Regulations and Bye-Law Changes (CF attended) • 29 June Diploma Ceremony (Michelle Berdhardt attended) • 30 June: Leadership Team meeting in Manchester • 16 August: Leadership Team Conference Call • 21 August: Chairman meets Legal Advisors regarding Age Limit Ruling

1913 Wilderness Club Dinner: 6 September 2007

• • • •

Awards for 2006/7 Session: Local Branch Award: Devon & Cornwall (Tom Palmer) Special Award: Mark Humphries (Bristol & West Country) Individual Award: Gus Simpson (UK Council)

RICS matrics UK Council: 7 September 2007 • RICS matrics Marketing Plan finalised • Hard copy Student Membership Forms re-introduced re introduced alongside website applications g Limit discussed,, legal g advice • Issue of Age acknowledged and accepted to move RICS matrics from Under 35 Years to 10 years PQE after EGM 2008. 2008 • Call for more volunteers to become APC Assessors • APC & Student Events discussed

Manchester Charity Ball: 19 October 2007

• • • •

400+ attendees in Manchester Local Chairman Rebecca Best £12 000 raised for Barnardo £12,000 Barnardo’ss National Chairman enjoys the Moulin Rouge theme

Nottinghamshire Charity Ball: 9 November 2007

• • • •

200+ attendees tt d iin N Nottingham tti h £1,640 raised for LionHeart and Wish Upon a Star Local Chairman Jenny Walkerdine National Chairman and Vice Chairman attend

Governingg Council Assembly: y 19/20 November 2007 • C Corporate R Responsibility ibili issue i raised, i d RICS matrics i work in relation to raising money for Charity highlighted • Ensuring competency and standards in the profession. • Assessing Professionals and the potential greater use of technology in the assessment process • Ashley Cooper and Charles Fifield Attended

Birmingham Charity Ball: 23 November 2007

• 275+ attendees in Birmingham • Local Chairman: Paul Arnell • National Chairman attends

Behind the scenes: Autumn 2007 • • • • •

27 September: Diploma Ceremony 6 October: Leadership Team meeting in Bristol 9 October: UK Planning meeting (CF +KR) 10 October: RTA Meeting (CF +KR) 12 November: RICS Remembrance Service (CF reading on behalf of RICS matrics) • 14 November: Student Member Recruitment presentation in Cirencester (CF feels his age) • 23 November: Education Department Coventry (CF +KR)

RICS matrics UK Assembly: 30 November N b /1D December b 2007

• Venue: Cardiff Castle Dungeon g and Cardiff Mariott • Attendees from UK Council and Local Groups • Workshops discussed helping Students progress to Membership, better preparing APC candidates and Broadcasting the Benefits of RICS matrics.

Scotland West Region B Burns S Supper: 24 January 2008

• 120+ attendees in Glasgow • Regional Chairman: Frank Malcolm • National Chairman attends and gets to do the Selkirk Grace (badly): “Some Some hae meat and cannae eat..”

Behind the scenes: Winter 2007/8 • 7 December D b Di Diploma l Ceremony C (Sam (S Cowley attend) • 10 D December: b UK B Business i Pl Planning i • 26 January: Leadership Team Meeting Bi i h Birmingham • 31 January: Diploma Ceremony • 6 February: IGC Regulations & Bye-Laws workshop • 29 February: Diploma Ceremony • February: 2008/9 Financial Planning

RICS matrics UK Council: 7 March M h 2008

• • • • •

Venue: Belfast Europa Hotel YCS Ch Chairman i also l attends d Supported Local Event Discussed best practice for Charity Events Discussed greater support for Local Group Chairmen

RICS matrics London Dinner: 3 April 2008

• • • • •

450+ attendees in London c.£2,000 £2 000 raised i d for f LionHeart Li H Local Chairman: Richard Russell Vice-Chairman & Dinner Secretary: Fiona Small National Chairman, KR and Simon Lloyd attend

Governingg Council: 6/8 April 2008

• • • • • •

Venue: Krakow,, Poland Report on Property Market in Poland and Central Europe Key issues discussed include 21st century Professions Final touches on proposed new Regulations and Bye-Laws Elect 2008/9 President: Peter Goodacre Ashley Cooper and Charles Fifield attended

RICS matrics Liverpool Ball: 19 April 2008

• • • •

120+ attendees tt d ffor fi firstt Li Liverpooll Ball B ll in i 6 years Local Chairman: Fred Slater £500 raised for LionHeart and Heart UK Charities National Officers: “Scouse Jedi & Princess Leias”

Chartered Surveyors (1938) Club • Dinner/AGM: • Liverpool 24 April • Best APC Submission Prize won by Andrew Crossley • 1938 Club Challenge: Cumbria 31 May • Annual Competition between Cumbria Lancashire Cumbria, Lancashire, Liverpool & Manchester • 2007/8 Clay Cl Pigeon Pi Shoot Sh t Hosted &Won by Cumbria

RICS matrics Bristol Ball: 1 May 2008

• 400+ attendees tt d iin B Bristol it l • c.£1,800 raised for LionHeart and Local Charity • Local Chairman: Claire Stuckey

Vice-Chairman’s Briefing 2008

• • • • •

Reps from Local Groups hosted by Ashley Cooper Leicester 9/10 May y Further sessions May/June Planning for 2008/9 Session CF gets the weekend off

Derbyshire Charity Ball: 30 May 2008

• • • •

150+ attendees tt d ffor fi firstt D Derby b A Annuall Di Dinner £2,000+ raised for LionHeart and Local Charity Local Chairman: Sally Lewis National Chairman and Karen Rogers attend

1913 Wilderness Club: 2002


• 95th Anniversary Dinner: Landsdowne, London 15 April • 1913 v RICS matrics Golf: Wimbledon Park GC 30 May • AGM/Dinner: London 3 June Chairman: Ken Morgan (JO 2002/3) Hon Sec: John Williams (JO 2000/1) Our hosts this evening at Aston Rose • 2007/8 Awards Dinner date: L d 18 September London S t b 2008 • Please encourage Local Reports

LionHeart AGM: 12 June 2008

• Finalising the Chairman’s Challenge of “Under 35’s raising £35,000 £35 000” (total @ 01.06.08 01 06 08 = £27,901) £27 901) • £6,000+ of monies in transit, estimated total = £34k • Formal F l endd date d t off 31 July J l 2008 • Ashley Cooper and Charles Fifield attend

Behind the scenes: Spring 2008 • 19 April: Final 2007/8 Leadership Team Meeting Liverpool • 28 April: CF attends Strategy & Resources Board • 23 May: Diploma Ceremony (CF) • 6 June: J Di Diploma l Ceremony C (CF + AC) • 12 June: CF attends Strategy & Resources Board

AGM: 13 June 2008

• Annual General Meeting: g Election of New Committee and Officers for 2008/2009 • Venue: Radisson Radisson, Tottenham Ct Rd, Rd London • Ashley Cooper takes the reins for our 120th year

Spreading the Word: • Annual Report for 2006/7 completed & distributed • Annual Report for 2007/8 being compiled (make sure your Local Groups send their reports in!) • Coverage in Regional Newsletters • Coverage in Graduate “Elevate” • RICS matrics E-News: Oct’07, Jan’08 and May y 08 • Encouraging greater use of • Local Networking Events • Schools Careers Evenings & University Visits • National Chairman: APC Enroller & Passer letters • RICS matrics Business Cards (get yours today!)

“THANK YOU Very Much” RICS matrics t i UK Council C il 2007/8: 2007/8 Ashley Cooper, Sam Cowley, Mark H Humphries, h i Mi Michael h l JJones, Si Simon Lloyd, Andrew McKeown, Rebecca Best Nicky Calasse, Best, Calasse Adam Dodd, Dodd Mark Evans, Ewen Galloway, Daniel Hasler, Helen Loney, Lucy Preston, Richard Russell, Fiona Small, Gavin y Michelle Smith, Adam Varley, Bernhardt, Emma Dakin, Richard Parry, Becky Roswell, Fred Slater. K Karen R Rogers and dA Andrew d M Muckle kl 2002 and thank you to all the RICS matrics Local Groups

RICS matrics: Working together for the good of the membership

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RICS matrics UK 2007-08  

RICS matrics UK 2007-2008. Presentation at 2008 AGM by outgoing Chairman Charles Fifield